This AlphaBites website was the Final Team Project for
                    the HTML Development Class at Nortwestern Connecticut
                    Community College.  The Idea was to make a website that
                    Kids could Enjoy, and Have Fun with!  And in the Process...
                    Learn about Animals and the Alphabet.  : )  We had A
                    LOT of Fun putting this website together and hope that
                    you ENJOY it!!!  Right Now...Only the Sections A-F are
                    completed, but I(Angela Wheaton) plan to complete the
                    other sections at a later date.  Many Thanks to those who
                    helped us in Our Project!!!

                    Angela Wheaton: Created the Home Page, Backgrounds,
                          Paw Bullet and PawLine, Quiz Page, About Us Page,
                          Fish Aquarium Page, Hints Pages(either made, altered
                          or borrowed Many of the images on the Hints Pages),
                          Links Page, Uploaded everything and troubleshooting
                          with Links, etc.  I will continue to maintain the
                          AlphaBites Website.  Please Contact Me if there
                          is any problems with links or anything.  Thanks!!!
                    Penni Martorell: Created the Fact Pages for sections:
                          A-F, Logos for each Page, the AlphaBites Form and
                          Certificates.  Helped to troubleshoot compatibility
                          with Netscape and Microsoft Explorer.
                    April Richard helped with some sound and picture files.
                    NCCC: My Teacher's Page.
                    Gert Anderson helped us to come up with the Name
                          "AlphaBites" for Our website.
                    Paws and Claws Pet Store in Winsted, CT helped to
                          verify some of the Animal Facts.

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Angela Wheaton I have 2 Associates Degrees: 1 in Business Administration and 1 in Marketing and Retailing and have decided to go back to school to get a degree in the Computer Field. I truly enjoy the Internet and have had a FUN time learning HTML!!! : ) I would like to get a job being a Webmaster for a Company once my schooling is completed. Currently, I am working as a Nurse Aide in a Nursing Home which I have been at for almost 10 years. In the past, I have worked in Many various jobs to help pay for my schooling: I was an English tutor to Foreign Exchange Students, a Note taker for the Hearing Impaired, Substitute Teacher in an Elementary School, McDonalds Cashier, a Custodian for a High School and Elementary School. I enjoy Music, Movies and TV! I have always been interested in certain Performers and their Filmographies, etc. I started mixing my various favorite things and have made a website called ALWheaties Tube Watch Updates. The website is about the Xena and Hercules TV shows, but Mainly follows the Many stars and guest-star's Filmographies closely to see if their works are going to be in the movies or TV, etc. ALWheaties is my Online nickname and stands for my Initials: ALW for Angela Lesa Wheaton and Wheaties for a play on my last name... ALWheaties is kind of a silly name, but it has stuck and I decided that it's mine for keeps. : )

Penni Martorell I have been a graphic designer for 16 years, working as an art director, freelance designer, studio assistant, colorist, typesetter and prepress production manager. I have worked with small companies as well as corporate accounts such as Coca-Cola Fountain Sales, Maxwell House Coffee and West Point Pepperell. I began my graphic arts career working for a small printing company. I did everything there. This was back in the "Olden" days before computers. I did Typesetting, Layout and Design, Mechanicals, Darkroom making halftones and negatives, stripping and opaqueing, plate production and mixing ink. I did everything but run the press. Boy did I learn a lot. And I loved every minute of it. From there I worked for a Sales and Marketing company as Art Director on point of sale game programs developed for national fast food restaurants, such as Wendy's, Whataburger, Druthers and KFC. The graphic arts field has changed dramatically during my career. With the introduction of computers, I had the opportunity to grasp a whole new field of knowledge. And I was lucky enough to see and experience it from the beginnning. I shortly found my self completely immersed in computers, technically. My right side of my brain enjoys the mechanics of the machine, while my left side enjoys the creative aspect of graphic design. So now I am at mid-life, pulled in two directions. So I go back to school to learn Website Design and HTML. I absolutely love it. It is a wonderful, alive, medium to create in. A great outlet for both sides of my brain. Penni also has a website called "Pen" nache Calligraphy.

Take the Quiz Links to other Great Animal Sites