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                   Ask Shamu: About Alligators
                   Birmingham Zoo: Alligators
                   Save The Wildlife, Inc.: AMAZING ALLIGATOR FACTS
                   Swamp Talk: About Alligators and Crocodiles
                   UF/IFAS AgriGator: The American Alligator

                   Bats: GREAT website with A LOT of pictures!!!
                   Bats Bats Everywhere: Bat GAMES and More!!!
                   The Buzbee Bat House Temperature Plot
                   Save the Wildlife, Inc.: AMAZING BAT FACTS

                   Big Dave's Cow Page
                   Cow Stuff
                   CrOsTa'S CoW WoRLD
                   Monica's Moo-Moos

                   DUCK CENTRAL
                   Quackers: About Ducks
                   Waterfowl: Info and Pix of MANY Ducks!
                   Wood Duck Facts

                   Elephanteria: Excellent website on Elephants!!!
                   Elephant Facts
                   ELEPHANT FACTS: South African Bush Elephant
                   Larger than Life(Movie): GREAT Info on Elephants!!!
                   Laura's Elephant Facts Page: Ivory Haven Farms

                   Ask Shamu: About Fish
                   Atlas of Mediterranean Fish: Neat Fish Illustrations!
                   Fish FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Fish
                   The Nu Tech NSAPI WebCam: See Fish Live!
                   Stream Net: About Fish

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