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Hello Fellow Xenites and Herk Fans!!!

This page will have Various Contests Listed that can be entered either Online or otherwise to Possibly win a PRIZE connected to the TV shows: Xena: Warrior Princess or Hercules: The Legendary Journeys!!! Good Luck!!! : )

These are the Following Contests Listed on this site:

ALWheaties Summer Re-Run Blues, 10,000+ Page Hit Celebration Contest

I was So HAPPY that my ALWheaties Tube Watch Update Page has gone OVER 10,000 Hits that I wanted to Celebrate with a CONTEST!!! I will have Several different Prizes listed and let YOU choose which 1 YOU would rather win!!! Being a Big Fan of BOTH Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys TV Shows...I tried to come Up with Prizes that you'll ALL would like!!! : )

Please Read: I decided to have 2 contests...The 1st part of the Contest is a "Create a Banner Contest" and the Second is a "Trivia Contest"...This way: Everyone can enter!!! You can enter Both Contests if you like, but Please enter the Trivia Contest ONLY once!!! You may enter the Banner Contest more than once as long as it's a different entry...The Contest Begins: Wednesday, August 12 and Ends: Wednesday, September 9th...

Create A Banner Contest: I would like you to Create a Banner for me!!! Look at my Main Page which is: ALWheaties Tube Watch Update Page and my other various pages and Create a Banner promoting my site. The 1 who makes the Best Banner will Win a PRIZE of Your choice listed below!!! Please make sure that the size of the Banner is: Width=400 and Height=50. Also, be sure that the Banner either shows or mentions that my site: "ALWheaties Tube Watch Updates" is about BOTH the Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: Legendary Journeys TV shows, it's Stars, Guest-stars and anything Related to these GREAT shows... : )

The Winning Banner will be used in the future as a Banner for others to use to link to my site or also in the Hercules & Xena Banner Exchange. You will always be given Credit as to being the Creator of the Banner and will be listed as the Winner on this page and on my Main ALWheaties Page!!! : )

All Banner entries will be put on a page for 2 weeks and there after Only the winning entry will be shown and used...You may enter as many times as you want as long as Each Banner is Different and Original...

Please send in Your Banner Entry Via E-mail at: Please put "CONTEST" in the Subject Line and be sure to include your Name, Where you're from: State or Country, Your website URL if you have 1(so I can put a link), AND your #1 and #2 Choice of Prizes listed Below...You Can also add the answers to my "Trivia Contest" as well if you want, but only enter the "Trivia Contest" once...Many Thanks!!! Good Luck!!! : )

Trivia Contest: Just in case some of you don't have a Program to be able to Create a Banner...I thought I would also have a Trivia Contest!!! : ) All the answers to the following Questions Can be found on my Various Web Pages. Please enter this Trivia Contest Only Once. 1 Winner from the Trivia Contest will be chosen Randomly from all Entrants that answers the Following Questions Correctly:

1. What is the name of the play that Tony Todd(Cecrops/Gladius) has Currently been in?
2. How Many Webrings are on my Kevin Smith(Ares/Iphicles) Webpage?
3. Who is in the picture in the Disclaimer Section of My Wizards of the Coast TCG Page?
4. What was the Date of the Night I went to see Lucy Lawless(Xena) in Grease?
5. And Just for fun...What is my FAVORITE Animal? It's at the bottom of my Index Page.

Please send in the Answers to these Questions Via E-mail at: Please put "CONTEST" in the Subject Line and be sure to include your Name, Where you're from: State or Country, website if you have 1(so I can put a link), AND your #1 and #2 Choice of Prizes listed Below...You can also enter the Banner Contest if you'd like....Many Thanks!!! Good Luck!!! : )

The Answers to these Questions and the Winner's Name will be listed on This Page and on My Main ALWheaties Tube Watch Page!!! : )

Prizes: Click on each image for a larger picture...Here are The Prizes to Choose From:

Callisto Action Figure Gabrielle Action Figure Here are the LATEST Most Sought after Xena Action Figures from Toy Biz!!! It's Your choice of the Gabrielle Action Figure On the Left, Or the Callisto Action Figure on the Right!!! BOTH are Hard to get, but the Gabrielle 1 is slightly Rarer than the Callisto 1...Also, if you want, you Can Choose either the Original Hercules Action Figure or the Hercules Xena I Action Figure!!! : )

Xena TV Guide Cover Renee TV Guide Cover On the Left, Lucy Lawless is on the Cover of TV Guide as Xena from May 3, 1997. On the Right, Renee is on the Upper Right hand corner of a Hanson Cover TV Guide dated: June 27, 1998. This is a Rare TV Guide as There were Several Variation TV Covers and Not too Many TV Guides had Renee on the Cover...Also, That week had a Short Run and Shelf Life due to the July 4th Holiday...

Topps Xena Trading Cards Wizards Xena TCGs Your choice of the complete 72 Card Basic set of Topps Xena Trading Cards; or 4 Cards from the Wizards of the Coast TCG(Trading Card Game). The 4 cards are: #11 Priest of Morpheus(Common), #122 Trap in the Woods(Common), #146 Spring-Loaded Dagger(Uncommon), and #150 Spike Trap(Uncommon).

Xena + Herk Callisto Your Choice of an 8x10 Color Glossy Photo of Lucy Lawless and Kevin Sorbo(as Xena and Hercules) from the X:WP episode "Prometheus" shown On the Left; Or An 8x10 Color Glossy Photo of Hudson Leick as Callisto shown on the Right.

Autolycus Ares Your Choice of An 8x10 Color Glossy Photo of Bruce Campbell as Autolycus from the X:WP episode "Royal Couple of Theives" shown On the Left; Or An 8x10 Color Glossy Photo of Kevin Smith as Ares shown on the Right.

Herk Book - The Eye of Ram Xena Book - Empty Throne Your Choice of the Hercules: Legendary Journeys Paperback Novel: "The Eye of The Ram" by Timothy Boggs shown On the Left; Or the Xena: Warrior Princess Paperback Novel: "The Empty Throne" by Ru Emerson shown On the Right.

Thanks for Entering and Good Luck Everybody!!!

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Pepsi Pop Culture Contest

This Summer, We've ALL been Drinking Pepsi and Mountain Dew in hopes that we Win the Trip to New Zealand to Visit the Xena Set!!! Check out the Pepsi World website for more info...Well, we're still in the Home Stretch of the Contest and I wish you all LUCK!!!

There are a Total of 11 Phrases for Various different prizes...I compared notes with Beth(Rate-A-Xena) as to which was the Rarest Word of each phrase...I have ALL the words except the Highlighted ones...Anybody want to trade caps or share in the prize!?! E-mail me at:

Here are the 11 Phrases(and Prizes) with the RAREST word highlighted in RED:

1. "DON'T Go There". (New Zealand trip to see the Xena Set)
2. "I'm Outta Here". (Million Air Miles)
3. "It's All Good". (MTV Music Awards Show)
4. "You Talkin' To Me"? (30 Minute Phone Card)
5. "Let's Get Ready to Rumble". (See a Boxing Match in Las Vegas)
6. "Talk To The Hand". (Talk Soup TV show appearance)
7. "Shop Til You Drop". ($20,000 Shopping Spree and Meet Alyssa Milano)
8. "As If". (Jeep Wrangler)
9. "Been There Done That". (Colorado Ski Trip)
10. "Hasta La Vista Baby". (Dinner with the Terminator at Planet Hollywood)
11. "In It For The Benjamins". ($1,200)

Again, Good Luck Everybody!!! : )

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Wizards of the Coast "Path to Adventure" Contest

Aphrodite TCG Card The Wizard's of the Coast are Having an Online "Path to Adventure" Contest in which you're "Challenged by the mischievous goddess Aphrodite"!!! You must complete 4 Levels of Challenges to Win a Trip for two to Universal Studios Florida theme park to experience the Hercules and Xena: Wizards of the Screen Live-Action Event, Cards and Autographed Items!!! Click HERE to take you directly there!!! Good Luck!!! : )

I have a Page called: ALWheaties Report on Wizards of the Coast Xena/Hercules TCG!!! This is a Page containing Links, Info and Press Releases concerning the Wizards of the Coast Xena/Hercules TCG(Trading Card Games). A photo gallery of the cards is in the works... : )

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MTV Video Music Awards Sweepstakes

CDNow is having a "MTV Video Music Awards Sweepstakes" where the Grand Prize is a $7,000 Toshiba Home Theater Plus there are Weekly Prizes of one JBL Radio/CD player each week courtesy of our friends at You can enter once Every Day to increase your Chances!!! Click HERE or on the Banner Below to take you Directly to the Contest!!! Good Luck!!! : )

CDNow's Home Theater Contest Banner

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