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Ares from X:WP's The Furies Iphicles on Hercules: Legendary Journeys

Kevin Smith Is SO GREAT as Ares on Both Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: Legendary Journeys and as Iphicles and Jerry on H:TLJ!!!

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Kevin's TV Times

Kevin plays Ares in a repeat of the Xena: Warrior Princess episode "The Bitter Suite" shown on July 30(9pm) on channel 20(WTXX) <<Xena and Gabrielle's (Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor) bitter conflict reaches its climax when both are transported to the dream world of Illusia to settle their mutual differences. With Ted Raimi and Hudson Leick.>> <<Xena and Gabrielle, now mortal enemies, tumble over a cliff while fighting and land in a dreamworld called Illusia in this musical-fantasy episode. Callisto: Hudson Leick. Ephiny: Danielle Cormack. Khrafstar: Marton Csokas. Caesar: Karl Urban.>>

Bitter Suite CD Cover Xena and Ares from X:WP's The Bitter Suite

Thanks to Beth(Zepgirl) for letting me know that "Of "Bitter Suite" Kev says, "I sing a couple of songs in the upcoming X:WP ep "The Bitter Suite:" Although beware; in one number I am forced to dance definitely my most modest talent - wafer thin in fact. " : ) Sharon(Creation) let us know that "There will be a Bitter Suite CD released by the same company that does the soundtracks." I got my CD from CDNow!!! It's GREAT!!! Click HERE If you want to order it... : ) A part of the purchase goes to Charity!!! CDNow

Kevin plays both (Ares AND Jerry Patrick Brown, head writer) in the repeat of the Hercules: The Legendary Journeys episode "Yes, Virginia, There Is a Hercules" shown on July 25(6pm) on channel 61(WTIC). <<The writers and producers of "Hercules" panic when the star of the show (Kevin Sorbo) is nowhere to be found following an earthquake in modern day Los Angeles. With Hudson Leick, Robert Trebor and Michael Hurst.>>

Kevin on FX: The Series Thanks to Rich for letting me know that Kevin will be on the 'F/X: The Series' repeat of the episode #213 "Vigilantes" during the week of July 27!!! In my area, it comes on Saturday night on August 1(12:30am) on ABC(WTNH). In Rich's Area(Washington DC metro area), it comes on Aug. 2(12:35am 09 WUSA; 5pm 45 WBFF). Kevin played Ricky De La Cruz in the episode which 1st ran on Feb. 14, 1998!!! <<A suspected killer (Kevin Smith) acquitted on a technicality goes after Rollie, who tried to bring him to justice. But Angie winds up the man's unfortunate victim. Helen: Allison Hossack. Angie: Christina Cox. Rollie: Cameron Daddo. Mira: Jacqueline Torres.>> Check out The Rysher Official F/X: The Series website!!! Also, Thanks to Maria for letting us know that there is a promo for the F/X episode "Vigilantes"! "The promo is 30 sec. and 1.6 Mb. There are a few scenes with our favourite Mr. Smith, including a very quick glance of him in a suit and tie." Click HERE for the direct link to the Promo Page!!! Kevin was ABSOLUTELY GREAT in this episode!!! He plays an EVIL Drug Warlord...Kinda like a Present Day Ares, but with a Gun!!! : )

Kevin plays Ares in a repeat of the Hercules: The Legendary Journeys episode "Armageddon Now -- Part I" shown on August 1(3pm) on WTIC ch. 61 <<Callisto (Hudson Leick) joins forces with Gabrielle's evil daughter, Hope (Amy Morrison), in an effort to go back in time and prevent the birth of Hercules (Kevin Sorbo) by killing his mother. With Michael Hurst and Liddy Holloway.>>

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Kevin's Upcoming Movies/TV Shows

Thanks to Beth(Zepgirl) for letting me know that Kevin has "finished filming on "Channeling Baby" about a month ago. This is a feature film, but probably won't be released until at least April or May of next year, and who/where it is distributed is still in the works. Some big distributors are interested though", in a past report...Beth said, "Kevin just landed a lead role in a new NZ film who's working title is "Channeling Baby" He will be starring with Danielle Cormack, and the title may wind up changing." From the Official Danielle Cormack Fan Club website, they mentioned that filming started in Mid April and that "This is a period love story spanning the 1970's, 80's, and 90's. Danielle plays a character who loses her sight." I CAN'T wait to see it!!! : )

Kevin will also be in the upcoming Universal spin-off YOUNG HERCULES as Ares!!! Beth(Zepgirl) told me that "He's filming on Young Hercules now, On Young Hercules, he tells me that Ares is going back to the original menacing, evil character that he used to be, not quite so much comedy stuff. Strife is in it too, and apparently Strife gets to do the comedy." I CAN'T WAIT to see these new episodes!!! : ) Check out MsMoo's Kevin Smith Page!!! She has a GREAT poster of 'Young Hercules' with Kevin!!! : )

Thanks to Beth(Zepgirl) for letting me know "that Kevin did indeed do an interview for the Sci-fi channel and So did Ted Raimi. :)" These interviews are set to be on the Sci-Fi Channel in a show called 'Sci-Fi Entertainment'. As far as I could find out...it has not aired yet, but I'm trying to find out when they will be aired and I'll let you know!!! : )

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Kevin's Hercules and Xena Episodes

Back in late November, Jay Laga'aia (Draco) mentioned Kevin in a letter to me!!! "kevin sorbo has strained his shoulder so bad that he will have to take at least a month off. so they have been using the young hercules in a couple of episodes and also kevin smith will feature heavily in upcoming shows." He was RIGHT!!! Kevin has been a VERY BUSY Guy and in almost every week of Hercules and Many episodes of Xena as well!!! : )

Kevin as Ares - Creation Picture Here's the Run-Down of ALL the episodes that Kevin has played Ares on Xena: Warrior Princess and the episode #...106 "The Reckoning", 120 "Ties That Bind", 207 "Intimate Stranger", 208 "Ten Little Warlords", 210 "The Xena Scrolls", 301 "The Furies", 303 "The Dirty Half Dozen", 304 "The Deliverer", 310 "The Quill Is Mightier...", 312 "The Bitter Suite", 317 "Forget Me Not", 321 "Sacrifice", and 322 "Sacrifice II"!!!

As for Hercules: Legendary Journeys: 203(Iphicles) "What's in a Name?", 221(Iphicles) "Wedding of Alcmene", 312(Iphicles) "Surprise", 313(Ares) "Encounter", 314(Ares) "When a Man Loves a Woman", 315(Ares) "JUDGMENT DAY", 319(Ares) "The End of the Beginning", 405(Ares/God of Love) "STRANGER IN A STRANGE WORLD", 406(Ares) "TWO MEN AND A BABY", 410(Ares) "HERCULES ON TRIAL", 413(Ares) "ARMAGGEDON NOW, Part 1", 414(Ares) "ARMAGGEDON NOW, Part 2", 415(Ares/Jerry Patrick Brown, head writer) "YES VIRGINIA, THERE IS A HERCULES", 416(Ares) "PORKULES", 417(Ares) "ONE FOWL DAY", 419(Iphicles) "WAR WOUNDS", (Ares) "Reunion"!!!

Also, Check out the Whoosh! Epidsode Guide for more Behind the Scenes info on BOTH Xena and Hercules!!!

Whoosh! Banner

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Kevin's Cards from Wizards of the Coast

Temple of Ares Card Ares Card

The Wizards of the Coast have made a Xena Role Playing Card Game(TCG)!!! They also have an Online Demo so you can see how the Game is played!!! "A quick-to-learn game of strategy, the Xena TCG can be played in 10-15 minutes. Competitors face off in battle where one player prevails by emptying his or her opponent's deck of cards." It sounds FUN and Best of All...It has ALL our Favorite Characters(and some we love to hate)!!! : )

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Kevin's Movies on Video

Hercules and Xena: The Battle for Mount Olympus Kevin lent his voice for the Animated Character Ares in the Hercules and Xena - The Animated Movie: The Battle for Mount Olympus!!! It's FINALLY on Video!!! Check out the Official Universal website!!! There's various photos, audio clips, and MORE from the movie!!! There's even a Animated Hercules and Xena Shockwave Solitaire Game!!! Click HERE to Get Shockwave if you don't already have it. Click HERE to get the movie from Reel. A part of the purchase goes to Charity!!! Reel Logo

Kevin and Jennifer on Desperate Remedies Thanks to Danielle of Lessa's Smithsonian Page for letting me use this GORGEOUS picture of Kevin as Lawrence Hayes from the movie "Desperate Remedies"!!! With him is Jennifer Ward Leland(H:LJ's Voluptua and X:WP's Boadicca). <<A 19th Century woman becomes involved in a mysterious romance which is deeply rooted in her relationship with her sister and their family fortune.>> MsPooh did an EXCELLENT job in doing the Screen Captures from the movie!!! : ) Click HERE if you want to get this movie from Reel or just see what the cover of the video looks like!!! : ) A part of the purchase goes to Charity!!! Reel Logo

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Kevin's Shows in New Zealand

Thanks to Beth(Kevin's Fan Club Prez) for passing along the following info..."Kevin has been appearing on New Zealand TV1's "Kiwi Comedy Playhouse". He was in a show called "Double Booking" a couple of weeks ago, and this week (Sat, July 18th) is appearing in "Flatmates"."...Ok, I know this is a little outdated, but I'll leave this info here in case they re-run it...Also, You can check out the Kiwi Comedy Playhouse website to see who will be on each week!!! : )

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Kevin's Convention Photos

Check out Kiari's Kevin Smith Corner!!! She has some GREAT pix of Kevin during the KSOFC(Kevin Smith Offical Fan Club) Brunch, January 1998!!!

This is an EXCELLENT site that has photos of Kevin from Burbank 1998!!! Here's another site that has some GREAT photos of Kevin from the Burbank, California Hercules and Xena Convention from January 18, '98!!!

Here is a GREAT site that has some pictures of Kevin From WarriorCon!!!

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Kevin's Mail Lists, ICQ List and Postcards

Want to send an Ares Post card to some one!?! Well, Go to Lessa's Smithsonian Postcard Page and Have FUN!!! : )

Click HERE To join the KiwiKev Mailing List and put "subscribe kiwikev" - for instant, and "subscribe kiwikev-digest" for the digest...Thanks to Lessa for the info!!!

Click HERE To join the Ares Mailing List and Put "subscribe ares2" - for instant, and "subscribe ares2-digest" for the digest...in the text of your message.

There is an Ares/Kevin Smith ICQ List where you can find other Fans to talk with!!! Do you ICQ!?! ICQ(I SEEK YOU) is a GREAT tool that you can download for FREE!!! You can chat with others and MORE!!! If you don't have it...ClickHERE to get it!!! : )

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Kevin's Links and More Info

Check out Zepgirl's Kevin Smith Fan Page and Kevin Smith Official Fan Club!!! The Snail mail to the address is: Kevin Smith Offficial Fan Club, 9880 Magnolia Ave., #201, Santee, CA 92071

Another GREAT web site is Lessa's Smithsonian Page!!! Also, Check out Kevin Smith Online for Links To All Things KEVIN!!! Also Check out KatGyrl's Kevin Smith Resources!!! Also, Check out Trouz's Ares, GOD of War! page!!! Also, Check out Ped's Ares Page!!! There's also a page called Ares: So Good In Leather which has Kevin links.

IMDB Check out Kevin's Filmography at the Internet Movie Database!!! Another GREAT website is Kevin's page at the Kiwi Lounge !!! It's a GREAT place to find out Kevin's Filmography and MORE!!! : )

Whoosh! Bret Rudnick had an interview with Kevin Smith for the July '97 issue of Whoosh! that has some GREAT pix of Kevin!!!

Kevin made People Online's List of The Most Intriguing People of 1997 as #55 with 150 votes!!! Also, Check out WB39's Downloads for Xena: Warrior Princess!!! There are a couple REALLY GREAT promo photos of Kevin as Ares!!! 1 has him holding a sword and in the other picture, he has a head lock on Gabrielle!!! : ) Kevin is also in 1 of the Foto Flips at the TV Guide Online site!!!

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Thanks and Credits...

TV Guide Logo clickTV Logo Many of the TV Descriptions came from TV Guide Online and Click TV.

Tom's Xena Page Many Thanks to Tom of Tom's Xena Page for allowing me to use pictures from his site!!! It helped A LOT to have these pictures, so that I could create the different wallpaper designs and use many other pictures to help enhance my site!!!

Thanks to Beth(Zepgirl) for allowing me to use the Picture of Iphicles from her Kevin Smith Fan Page!!! Also, THANKS to Ceallach, who made the screen capture!!!

Xena/Lucy Lawless Resource Central

Many THANKS to Kathy Doerr of Xena/Lucy Lawless Resource Central for helping me get started and for creating the original ALWheaties Movie Theater graphic for me!!! I altared it slightly to fit this page...

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