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~~Guardian of the Tube~~ Somewhat High Priestess of TV/Movie Trivia A.Y.E. <BG!>

Hello Fellow Xenites and Herk Fans!!!

Click HERE to get the Older Updates from Late April 26 on...

The Letters/Updates on this Page are dated from 1/23/98-4/26/98 from oldest to newest at the bottom. This one is From 1/23/98:

I FINALLY have my OWN website!!! This is VERY exciting to me and I hope that you all will come to enjoy this site as it comes along!!! Please continue to read this letter as I'll explain what's been going on here, why there hasn't been a recent Tube Watch Update in awhile and how this site will change in the coming weeks.

Things here have been VERY trying to say the least!!! A tree fell on my car during a windstorm and totaled it. My Grandmother was letting me borrow her car and while we were going into a Restaurant, she fell and broke her shoulder in 4 places!!! She's been staying with us while she recuperates. To make things worse…my mom was also rushed to the Hospital…Well, I've been SO BUSY between work and taking care of my Grandma, that I haven't had the time to devote to my Tube Watch Updates!!! Things are getting better though…THANKGOODNESS!!! My mom is doing better and my Grandmother is going to Physical Therapy 3 times a week and is improving!!!

With what time I could find, I've been concentrating on getting pages done about the Valley Forge Creation Convention that I went to see Renee O'Connor and Ted Raimi and to see Grease with Lucy Lawless!!! These pages were A LOT of fun to put together and I HOPE that you'll enjoy them!!! They're filled with photos, music, commentary and more!!! Please go see them!!!

I still do not have the time that I used to, but plan to do Updates to this site every day, so that it will be the latest info that I can find and I encourage you to write me with any info that you can find as it keeps things more interesting for fellow fans!!!

This Page will be a COMPLETE Index to everything concerned with the Tube Watch website. I will have a list of links to my other pages on this site and next to each link will be the last time it was Updated, so you can see Quickly at a Glance if there's anything new or not. All the actors and actresses that I have researched will be in Alphabetical order and will have 2 things to watch for. (1) If the page has been Updated, that could mean a new picture, new link, new background or new information. (2) If the page has Upcoming TV info, this will also be listed, so that you can look for those directly…

Here's an EXAMPLE:

Once these pages are Up, all you'll have to do is click on their name and you can view the Updated page. I hope this makes sense to you and when things get rolling, it will hopefully make things easier for you when using this site!!!

In doing my past Updates, I have done A LOT of Research and would like to share it with you, but have found myself cutting back, due to the length of my Reports!!! I have received many letters saying that the download time to my various Reports is long and is there any way I could break it up. Where I was depending upon others to do the HTML and put My Reports on Their websites, I felt as though I needed to make it more easier for them and could not do this. Now, with my own site, I can break up the different sections and put them on their own pages or some of the smaller ones would be put together on a page, so that you'd have A LOT faster download time and wouldn't have to wade through a lot of information that you're not interested in.

My Thanks goes out to MANY people who helped me to get this far!!! 1st of all, A HUGE Thanks goes to my Professor Janet Cosgrove for helping me to learn HTML in the class I took this past semester!!!

Many Thanks to Kathy Doerr of Xena/Lucy Lawless Resource Central for getting me interested in putting my Tube Watch Reports into a website!!! She did the HTML for the first few and put them on her site. Now see what you've started!?! : )

Many Thanks go out to Michael Martinez of XOR(Xena Online Resources), who was GRACIOUS enough to take both Kathy's Xena Resource Central and the older ALWheaties Tube Watch Reports under his wing while Kathy was offline!!!

Thanks to Data Spock for helping to Create the Tube Watch Calendar and Thanks to Mich for Maintaining it!!! A HUGE THANKS to Mich for doing the HTML of the Nov. 26-Dec. 11th and the Oct. 25th Reports!!! And Thanks to Wesser for providing the space at The Hudson Leick Fan Club!!!

And a SPECIAL THANKS to my younger sister Jillian!!! She has been WONDERFUL in helping me type up A LOT of the info that goes into many of the reports.

I look forward to making the BEST possible site that I can and hope that you will enjoy my efforts!!! As always, your ideas are Welcome and I will try to write you back, but sometimes it takes awhile as my time is limited, so Please bear with me!!! : )

From 2/12/89

Things have been REALLY Crazy here for me these past 2 weeks!!! I've been having trouble getting online and when I get online...I get knocked off. Grrr!!! Oh, well. I have FINALLY made some progress!!! : )

I fixed my ALWheaties Logo, so that the Download of this page will be faster...

I FINALLY have a page done for Tony Todd!!! He was GREAT on Xena as Cecrops and as Gladius on Hercules!!! There's Upcoming TV and Movie Info on him and I am hoping to have Kevin Smith's page up by tomorrow along with Renee O'Connor's Page...There's SO MANY more in the works!!!

I added 4 more pictures to my Lucy Lawless/Grease Page!!! There's more to be scanned, but again not enough time...so, I'll announce here when the other ones are up.

Mich is on Vacation, so the Tube Watch Calendar hasn't been Updated in awhile. I plan on putting some dates here for until he comes back. I'll put some together and possibly have them up tomorrow.

From 2/15/98

I wanted to wish Renee O'Connor a HAPPY 27th BIRTHDAY!!!! If you're reading Renee, I made you a Birthday Card, so Click HERE to pick it up!!! : )

I FINALLY FINISHED my Kevin Smith(Ares) website!!! I hope you like it!!! I was hoping to have it done prior to his role on F/X, but ran out of time... : (

News for 2/19/98!!!

There is a possible Ebonie Smith(M'Lila from X:WP's "Destiny") TV Appearance on the Rosie O'Donnel Show today!!! Rosie is having the cast of the Upcoming film: Lethal Weapon 4 on today at 5pm(Eastern) on channel 30(WVIT=NBC). Ebonie was in ALL 3 Lethal Weapon movies as the youngest daughter Carrie Murtaugh!!! I haven't heard if she's going to be in this movie, but am HOPING!!! BTW...Lethal Weapon 2 is going to be on Cinnemax tonight at 10:20pm(Eastern)!!!

Also...BIG HUDSON NEWS FOR TODAY!!! This news came from the HLOFC Maintenance Team Hudson Leick will be participating in PEOPLE Online's cyberchat on Thursday, February 19th at 9 PM EST (6 PM PST).

For complete details on how to participate in this 'live' online chat - YOU WILL NEED TO HAVE THE 'ICHAT' SOFTWARE INSTALLED AND CONFIGURED FOR YOUR COMPUTER PRIOR TO THE CHAT, so don't wait until the last minute - please visit the 'PEOPLE' Online Chat Site!!!

Patrizia DiLucchio, from 'PEOPLE Online' says that, "IRC users _will_ be able to access the chat but they may *not* be able to submit questions."

Tomorrow Bruce Campbell's appearance on the American Gothic episode "Meet the Beetles" will be on the Sci-Fi Channel at 8pm!!! Bruce was GREAT in this one!!!

From 3/5/98:

I was checking out A+E's website and found some GREAT things are coming in April!!! 1st off to all you HUDSON LEICK(Callisto) fans: She plays Kathy Rogers in the Law & Order episode "Black Tie" shown on Thursday, April 2(1PM, 7PM). <<When a wealthy, philandering husband is found dead, Briscoe and Logan suspect the man's bitter and greedy widow.>> Hudson had a small role in this one and it was early on in her career, so she was listed as Heidi Leick. She's so GREAT!!! : )

Also, on A+E is the Movie 'The Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior' shown on Wednesday, April 15(4AM)!!! There are a BUNCH of Xena/Herk people in this movie: LUCY LAWLESS plays Jane Redmond, ALISON BRUCE(Milosa) plays Leslie Holbrook, and MORE!!! I'll give a full synopsis later...<<Docudrama about French agents sinking a Greenpeace ship as it tries to block nuclear testing. With Jon Voight and Sam Neill. (1992)>>

NEW FOR 3/18/98!!!

Hey Gang!

I'm REALLY SORRY I haven't put anything NEW up in awhile!!! I've been Quite sick!!! I FINALLY got over the bug that was going around, but then came down with an Inner Ear and Sinus infection!!! :( I've been laying low and am almost back to normal!!! YEAH!!!

I had FINALLY finished another NEW webpage!!! It's called: What's Up On Xena and Hercules!!! On this page I have Info on:

I tried to keep download time to a minimum, so I tried have as few graphics as possible...The main ones are in the Games setion.

Well, I have MANY things that I'm hoping to get online between today and tomorrow!!!

There are several pages that I need to Update. The 2 Pages that I have for Kevin Smith and Tony Todd haven't been Updated since Feb. 25, 1998 and I have A LOT of NEW Info for BOTH!!! Plus, Tony Todd has personally written to me and I'll have a snippet from his letter!!! : )

I'm almost done with Jay Laga'aia (aka Draco)'s Page!!! He is a GREAT guy!!! : ) He still writes to me and the interview we did will be in an Upcoming issue of Whoosh! I'll keep you updated as to when...

I'll be putting up some more TV times and channels soon. For now...I'll leave this info:

March 20: Quick Note:

It's LATE=2AM and I'm off to bed!!! I did add a picture of Lucy to my Xenites Helping Others page and also put some New TV Info on Tony Todd's Page, but it's not the COMPLETE Update...Make sure you check it out though as it has info for today about some of Tony's movies and his appearance on Law&Order!!!

March 24: Quick Note:

Hey All! Thanks to Barbara for the following info: Check your local listings for when Hard Copy will be on TODAY!!! Hudson Leick(Callisto) will be on!!! It's on at 7:30pm on my local NBC, but times and channels vary for different areas. : )

Thanks for all the letters!!! I'm HOPING to get more caught up this week!!! I've Updated my What's On Page and added an Online Chat section, but haven't had a chance to finish the rest...but will try to soon!!! : )

March 25/Early 3/26 Update:

I added a section to my Xenites and Herk Fans Helping Others Page, so if you're in the Huntington Beach, CA area...You'll want to check out a GREAT Charity Auction they'll be having for the Ada E. Clegg Elementary School!!! : )

I got to Bruce's Online Assylm Chat, but was unable to hear it!!! :( Too bad I didn't think ahead and download Real Audio 1st!!! I had never been to that site before and didn't realize that they didn't print the transcript as it happened...well, I downloaded Real Audio, so I won't miss it the next time!!! : ) I was able to grab these 2 pix from the Chat though. : ) I'll hopefully get some more done later... : )

Goodnight all!!! : )

March 26/Early 3/27 Update:

Thanks to Alex for letting me know the URL for the Asylum Chat with Bruce Campbell!!! You'll need to have Real Audio downloaded first...It's free, so click on the little box in the left hand corner on their website to get plugin. I FINALLY had a chance and listened to the interview!!! : ) It was pretty good!!! I only wish I could've heard it while I was there that night!!! Oh, well! : )

Thanks to Rich for letting me know that Melinda Clarke(Velaska) will be on Vibe tonight at 11pm on WB Channels(TXX, WWOR) and at midnight on WSBK!!! Check your area for times and channels...it's 1 not to miss...Melinda's GREAT!!! : )

Also, Thanks to Rich for letting me know that Kevin Sorbo will be on Politically Incorrect on Wed 04/01/98(12:05am on ABC channels WTNH, WABC, WGGB) 12:36am on channel 7 WJLA!!! Check your area for times and channels...

March 29/Early 3/30 Update:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lucy!!! If by chance you actually read this...you can pick up your Birthday Card by clicking HERE!!! : )

I Updated the What's on Hercules and Xena Page and hope to do some more later today!!!

I hope you all had a GREAT weekend!!! : )

Early 3/31 Update:


To Lucy and Robert: If by chance you're reading this...Click HERE to get your card!!! : )

From Sharon(Creation): "Lucy and Rob are now Mr. & Mrs. :) Lucy and Rob were married Saturday in Santa Monica. There will be an official announcement. If I find out about any coverage, I'll let you know. But I may not have any advance notice. And, yes, Kevin Sorbo was there :) Yes, Renee was there. People Magazine will have exclusive coverage of the wedding. Also check out ET..."

Thanks to Barbara for letting me know that ET will show the Wedding pix TODAY, March 31!!! TV Times and channels vary, but in my area ET is shown on NBC at 7pm(Eastern). Check your area for times and channels...

Thanks to Tom of Tom's Xena Page for posting about a brief article at the Washington Post that talks about the wedding!!!

Thanks to 3-D for posting about a TV Guide Online article about the wedding!!!

Thanks to Beth from Rate-A-Xena for posting about a Mr. Showbiz story about the wedding!!! Click HERE to go directly to the story!!! : )

Early April 8 Update:

Hello All! Sorry I haven't been around lately, I've been housesitting and have had no computer access... :(

Here's some Odds and Ends that I've found and hope to have more done by tomorrow: GREAT NEWS!!! Sharon(Creation) posted that "The USA cable channel will start broadcasting Hercules and Xena 5 days a week in the 6 and 7 PM slots starting August 3. That probably refers to NY and Calif time." I CAN'T wait!!! I guess this means I'll have to get Extended Cable in August though!?! : )

Gina Torres played Cleopatra on X:WP's "King of Assassins", Nebula in H:LJ's "Web of Desire" and a casting director in H:LJ's "Yes, Virginia, There is a Hercules". She WILL play Jenna in an Upcoming La Femme Nikita episode called: "Open Heart". Shown on USA on April 10(1:30am) Eastern. <<To find a terrorist who's been surgically implanted with a powerful bomb, Nikita goes undercover at a prison confining a forceful woman who's in on the explosive plot. Nikita: Peta Wilson. Birkoff: Matthew Ferguson. Michael: Roy Dupuis.>> Makes you wonder if Gina is the "forceful woman" <VBG!!!> Thanks Jana for the heads Up on this one!!!

Tom Simpson of Tom's Xena Page made a RealVideo of Lucy's ET Wedding Photos!!! E! Online News has an article entitled: "Xena Plays Blushing Bride"... : )

In case you missed Kevin Sorbo's 3/31 appearance on Politically Incorrect...You can read the Word for Word Transcript!!! The movie Black Dog (put out by Universal) is being released on May 1. <<Patrick Swayze is an ex-con hired to drive an 18-wheeler up the east coast, not knowing that it's full of guns. Randy Travis, Meat Loaf and Gabriel Casseus also star in an action movie from the director of Fled.>> Clipped from Rough Cut...Kevin was supposed to be in it instead of Swayze, but had to pull out due to an aneurism in his shoulder. Oh, well...At least we can console ourselves with the fact that Kull is on VIDEO!!! : )

Early April 14 Update:

Hello All!!! I'm in the works of Updating all my pages and getting some NEW ones done!!!

I got this from my Real Hollywood newsletter: "STEVEN SEARS Chat - Tuesday, April 14 @ 6pm PST-9pm EST!!! Steven is the Co-Executive Producer for Universal Television's hit series, "Xena: Warrior Princess." He has Written/Story Edited/Produced such shows as "The A-Team," "Hardcastle & McCormick," "Walker, Texas Ranger" and "Swamp Thing." If all goes well...I'll see you there!!! : )

The Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior!!!

A+E is showing the Movie 'The Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior' on Wednesday morning, April 15(4AM)EST!!! There are a BUNCH of Xena/Herk people in this movie!!! Here's the full synopsis I promised you...<<This film tells the true story of the sinking of the Greenpeace ship, the Rainbow Warrior (commanded by Jon Voight), in Auckland Harbor in 1984, and the subsequent investigation by the New Zealand Police (led by Sam Neill) which revealed French government responsibility. The ship was on its way to protest French nuclear testing in the Pacific.>> Clipped from the IMDB...

LUCY LAWLESS(Xena) plays Jane Redmond in the movie!!! Her role isn't that big, but it's GREAT to be able to see her in another role!!! : )

Alison Bruce plays Leslie Holbrook in the movie!!! She was Melosa in X:WP's "Hooves and Harlots" and H:LJ's Postera from "Gladiator"!!!

Michael Mizrahi is in the movie, but the IMDB does not mention which role...He was Metion in the Herk movie "Hercules in the Underworld" and Castor in H:LJ's "Eye of the Beholder"

Nigel Harbrow plays Fernando Pereira in the movie!!! He was Koulos in X:WP's "The Black Wolf" and Basculis in the "Lost Mariner"!!!

Greg Johnson plays Bert White in the movie!!! He was Idas in the Herk movie "Hercules in the Underworld"!!!

Simon James Prast plays Louis Deschamps in the movie!!! He was Nemos in X:WP's "Cradle of Hope"!!!

Stig Eldred plays Steve Sawyer in the movie!!! He was Belus in H:LJ's "March to Freedom" and a Minion Leader in the Herk movie "Hercules in the Underworld"

Ken Blackburn plays Gerard Curry in the movie!!! He was King Menelaus in X:WP's "Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts"!!!

Bruce Allpress plays Hec Crene in the movie!!! He was Skouros in H:LJ's "Not Fade Away"!!!

John Sumner plays the Judge in the movie!!! He was Lord Claron in X:WP's "Here She Comes...Miss Amphipolis"!!! He also played an Inn Owner in the Herk movie "Hercules and the Lost Kingdom"; Broteas in H:LJ's "Road to Calydon"; Domesticles in "Once a Hero" and "Wedding of Alcmene"!!!

Bruce Phillips plays Dr. Nicolas Legrange in the movie!!! He was Jacobis in H:LJ's "The Power"; Atticus in "Under the Broken Sky" and Palamedes in "Reign of Terror"!!!

Grant Bridger plays a Police Specialist in the movie!!! He was Sinteres in X:WP's "The Royal Couple Of Thieves"

Martyn Sanderson plays Uncle Emile in the movie!!! He was Thespius in the Herk movie "Hercules & the Circle of Fire" and King Menelaus in H:LJ's "The King of Thieves"!!!

Lawrence Wharerau plays Logger #2 in the movie!!! He was a Mystic Warrior in X:WP's "Dreamworker"; Klonig in "A Fistful Of Dinars" and Barfly #2 in "Warrior...Princess...Tramp"!!! He also played Thug #1 in the Herk movie "Maze of the Minotaur"!!!

Nancy Schroder plays an Airline Representative in the movie!!! She was Thespius' Daughter in H:LJ's "Wedding of Alcmene"!!!

Nigel Godfrey plays a Yachtsman in the movie!!! He was Tynus in X:WP's "Chariots Of War"!!! He also played Syrus in the H:LJ's "Headless Hearts"!!!

Stephen Hall plays a French Naval Officer in the movie!!! He was Hector in X:WP's "Sins Of The Past" and Thelonius in "The Quill Is Mightier..."!!! He also played Minion #2 in the Herk movie "Hercules in the Underworld" and Purces in H:LJ's "The Fire Down Below"!!!

Mark Ferguson plays Det. Neil Morris in the movie!!! He played Dagnine in X:WP's "Orphan of War", John Smythe in "Xena Scrolls", but is probably best known for his role of Krykus in "Hooves and Harlots" and "Remember Nothing"! He was also in 2 Herk movies: Hercules in the Underworld as Hades and Hercules and the Circle of Fire as Prometheus!!! I watched this movie again recently and couldn't help but notice him! He actually questioned Lucy about the bombing. : )

This info was culled from the IMDB; Logomaniac's Actor Cast Credits Summary; BethD's Cast Index and Sorsha's Hercules Credits Page.

April 26 Update:

Sorry, I haven't done Updates lately, I've been on Vacation...(I saw 'Soul Man' in person!!! I'll give a full update on the GREAT time I had later!!! : ) I just Updated my Helping Others website and hope to have some time later to update my other pages!!! I'll keep you posted!!! : )

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