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Hello Fellow Xenites and Herk Fans!!!

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The Letters/Updates on this Page are dated from 4/26/98-6/26/98 from oldest to newest at the bottom. This one is From Late April 26/Early 4/27:

This was posted on the Xena Netforum concerning a Mania Interview with Renee O'Connor:

From: (Rocweb)
Date: 26 Apr 1998 20:08:43
"That Dog Won't Hunt"

ROC fans please read this carefully...

We dragged Sandra Wilson (aka MommaROC) out of her spring marathon gardening session to confirm our worst suspicions about the rather odd interview that was posted on Mania this past week with Reneé. Folks, this interview was either vastly embellished, or it's complete fiction. The obvious inaccuracies in this interview were:

1) Reneé has NEVER wanted to be a construction worker, or fantasized about "dead loads".
2) Reneé does not tell dirty jokes - particularly in an interview situation with people she barely knows.
3) Reneé is not likely to say things like: "blame the writers", "they were sufficiently impressed with my acting abilities", "all hell breaks loose", or "I don't think Gabrielle minds his crush on her so much as some of the lesbians I have talked to".

There were several other rather bizarre statements, but suffice it to say that even if she were high as a kite on canned peas, Reneé would not utter some of the comments that she is credited with in this article.

Other evidence of bogus information, or at minimum, poor journalist fact checking was the reference to MommaROC's e-mail address being MommaROC@aol.com. As most of you know, all the on-line Fan Club correspondence is handled entirely by Rocweb - who does have AOL. However Sandra Wilson does NOT have an AOL account - and neither does Renee. (Which obviously makes checking the AOL Message boards difficult for someone like Reneé to do). Sandra receives and answers all of the fan club, or personal e-mail inquiries to her or Reneé through either Rocweb@aol.com or Rocmailer@aol.com. The person answering mail at the MommaROC@aol.com address, (and they are), is clearly impersonating Sandra Wilson. Not only do we consider this to be a pathetically reprehensible thing to do, considering the many kindness' that Sandra has shown the fans - but it's also downright dishonest.

We have contacted Mania and requested their cooperation with getting this mystery fully resolved. However, in the meantime, please help us spread the word that this dog of an article, and that bogus AOL address - just won't hunt.

(AKA The ROC Fan Club)

Late April 27/Early 4/28 Update:

I'll Upload my What's UP on Xena and Hercules later...It's ALMOST completed, but I'm too tired to finish it now...but I'll leave you with the following info...

Thanks to MaryD for posting Mania's Response to the Bogus Renee Interview:

Another message from ROCWEB to everyone
It is with our sincerest regret that we inform you that we were the victims of an apparent interview fraud. We would appreciate if you would let your readers know that this is being handled and the article has been taken down and please express our sincerest apologies to Ms. O'Connor, her family and fans.

Although we have not been able to identify how the individual committing this fraud was able to find out we had contacted your official fan site regarding possible contact with Sandra Wilson, we do believe the interview to have been fraudulent.

We have tracked down who MommaROC@aol.com is and our lawyers will be pursuing every available legal recourse available to us. We would like to inform your readers in no uncertain terms that MommaROC@aol.com is definitely not Sandra Wilson and as far as we've been able to determine thus far, has no connection with Ms. O'Connor's family at all. We will keep you posted as legal developments occur.

Valarie Thorpe
Editor in Chief

April 29 Update:

I just UPDATED my What's Up On Xena and Hercules Page and have some NEAT news to tell you:

Susan WardSUSAN WARD was just at the Yahoo Chat room for 'Soap Opera Digest' and she was kind enough to answer some of my Questions about Hercules!!! : ) Susan was GREAT as Psyche=Cupid's wife on H:LJ's "Green Eyed Monster"!!! She is currently playing Meg Cummings on the popular Soap Opera: 'Sunset Beach'!!! From this chat...I was left with the impression that Susan is very nice and down to earth!!! : )

The Chat was supposed to start at 8pm EST, but there were technical difficulties and the chat was about a half an hour LATE...then it was over in about 20 minutes or less!?! Susan's boyfriend, Joe was also there chatting with us. Joe said that he was there with Susan and told us all to be patient as Susan was doing an interview on the phone and would be online soon. (No one believed that he was her BOYFRIEND until Susan mentioned him during the chat) LOL!!! : ) Joe continued to chat with us after the 'Soap Opera Digest Chat' was over and I asked him to ask Susan a Question about Hercules for me and Susan answered me herself!!! : ) She went on to answer many Questions from fellow fans!!! I tried to scribble down her answers, Many different chatters were also asking Questions, but I could remember their names(Sorry!), but here is what I can remember:

ALWheaties: Susan, are you going to be doing any more Hercules episodes?
SUSAN: Not Sure.

ALWheaties: What was your favorite episode on Sunset Beach?
SUSAN: All the Terror Island stuff.
ALWheaties: I agree!!! : )

ALWheaties: You were GREAT as Psyche on Hercules!!! What was it like to work with Kevin Sorbo? : )
SUSAN: Kevin was great!
(To this answer, there was some confusion as there was another chatter with the Online name of "Kevin_Man" or something like that and he was like..."What!?! Are you talking about me!?!" And she came back on and said no...I was talking about Kevin Sorbo...Sorry about the confusion! : )

ALWheaties: During the episode of Hercules...Did they make you up to look like an old woman or was it another actress?
SUSAN: another actress.

ALWheaties: When did you start acting?
SUSAN: 16 years old.
ALWheaties: As what? (Someone then asked what her 1st role was)
SUSAN: Acting classes then auditions.
SUSAN: AMC Camille

ALWheaties: Have you heard that even though Psyche was in only 1 episode of Hercules...she is still Quite popular? : )
SUSAN: I've heard.

ALWheaties: Would you want to go back to New Zealand to do another episode of Hercules!?! : )
SUSAN: Yes. Definately!

(Someone asked if she has either done a movie or any Upcoming movies...not sure which, but she said no movie.) I asked if she's done any commercials...but not sure if the following 2 answers are commercials or not as I haven't heard of these and they might be answers to something else:
SUSAN: 411 Beverly Hills
SUSAN: Howie Semone

After a little bit, She said that she had to go...to which we all THANKED her and Joe for staying and chatting with us!!! : )

MANY THANKS to Susan for answering our Questions!!! It was Neat to be able to talk to you and I truly appreciate your spending a few moments with us!!! : )

Sci-Fi Entertainment Magazine - June'98 Xena Cover Xena is on the cover of June's Sci-Fi Entertainment Magazine!!! Go out and buy your copy before they're all GONE!!! : ) Check out Sci-Fi Entertainment ONline in which they say "XENA FX: Without the FX folks at Flat Earth, there'd be little zing in Xena". Also check out a 4 page article called: XENA'S ZEITGEIST By Dan Perez to read "How Executive Producer R.J. Stewart and actor Ted Raimi help keep the warrior princess at the zenith of syndicated TV." There's also some Great pix of Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer, and Caesar!!! : )

Late May 18/Early 5/19 Update:

I wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister Jillian!!! And also to say THANKYOU to ALL of you who were so KIND and THOUGHTFUL in sending me Birthday wishes!!! I truly appreciate them and this helped to make my Special Day all the more SPECIAL!!! THANKYOU SO MUCH!!! My younger sister Jillian was born around 10 minutes after midnight to make it for my 11th Birthday!!! : ) We've spent every Birthday together since and this year was no exception!!! : ) We had Quite an Adventure today and it was so NICE to come home and get so MANY E-mails and GREAT messages from you all!!! You guys are the BEST and I Thankyou Very Much!!! : )

I'm Sorry this page has been without Updates lately!!! Things have been Quite Hetic here and with so MANY Projects pulling me in different directions...it's hard to know where to spend your time!!! I've been working 2 jobs with sometimes 12 hour+ shifts and been trying to get all my school projects done...I'll let you all know the URL to my latest web project when I'm HAPPY with the result as I'd like to have you all look at it!!! : )

While I'm HERE, I'll leave you with some little Updates of sorts... : )

1st) This goes out to HUDSON LEICK: Hudson, I'm SO SORRY I missed your Birthday on the 9th of May!!! I DID sign the WONDERFUL Birthday Card at your Fan Club site, but wanted to make you 1 of my own, so Click HERE to read it...I hope you LIKE it!!! : )

BTW, for ALL you Hudson Fans...Hudson is in June's issue of Starlog Magazine!!! Get it while you still Can!!! The Official Transcript for Hudson's May 11th Chat is now Online!!! Also, You NEED to check out the NEW GREAT look of the Hudson Leick Offical Fan Club!!! Wesser and Everyone involved did such a GREAT JOB!!! WTG!!! : )

2nd) On the April 29th Update...I put a little transcript of what happened after the Susan Ward Chat at Yahoo. The Official Transcript of this Chat is at the Soap Opera Digest website and I'M MENTIONED!!! : ) Due to Technical Difficulties...Most of the Chat was not Online so I didn't know MY QUESTION got through and I didn't know she answered it in the Official Chat!!! She was very kind to Chat with us afterward and answer several Questions!!! Here's the Exerpt from the OFFICIAL transcript:

ALWheaties asks: Susan, you were GREAT as Psyche on Hercules, How was it working on the show!?!
SUSAN WARD: Hercules was great! It's set in New Zealand, I flew there for 3 weeks. The cast and crew were phenomenal people... they welcomed me with open arms.. I hope to go back... until then I'll think about it a lot. I still talk to the cast and crew. It was great to be there.
Well, this was VERY EXCITING for me as I ALWAYS seem to have trouble accessing the Chat Rooms at the time of Celeb Chats and this is the 1ST time 1 of MY QUESTIONS was actually used during the actual CHAT so this was very Exciting to me!!! : )

3rd) Many Thanks to Jana for letting me know that Bobby Hosea(Marcas) will be in the movie 'Gargantua' tomorrow night at 8pm on the FOX Networks!!! Check your listings for times and Channels...

4th) In Case some of you don't know about the NEW "Xena: Warrior Palace" that was created recently...Here's a letter from Betsy:

Hi everyone,

I am happy to announce the latest Whoosh! fan project: a graphical chat environment called "XENA: WARRIOR PALACE." This is a joint venture with Tom's Page and SRT Enterprises. Many of you may be familiar with the "Palace" software from your non-Xenite Internet exploits. For those of you who aren't, take it from me--this is *really* cool stuff. If you are into online chatting and hanging out with other Xenites on IRC or AOL (I feel your pain), this is going to be your dream come true. If you have avoided chat spaces like the plague for whatever reason, now is the time to put your fears/prejudices aside. As Mikey once said, "Try it, you'll like it!"

The reason that *our* chat space is so cool is that....well...it's got lots of pretty pictures. The interface is competely graphical, meaning that each of the rooms has an illustrated setting, and each guest is represented by an "avatar." When you say something, the text appears in a balloon over your avatar's head. If you want to become a member (by shelling out some bucks to the Palace software people), you can carry objects around with you (like chakrams, perhaps) and give them to other Palace users. But you do not have to pay anything to participate--the software itself is free.

We are going to have regular Whoosh!-sponsored events in XENA: WARRIOR PALACE, like chats with authors of our articles and chats with Laura Sue Dean. Our first big event will be our virtual Grand Opening Party on Saturday, May 16 at 10:00 pm EST. For more information about how to join the fun, go to: Whoosh! XENA: WARRIOR PALACE or Tom's Xena: Warrior Palace

Hope to see you there!

Betsy Book
Whoosh! Webmaster

Well, I guess that's it for now...And Thanks Again!!! : )

June 4/Early June 5 Update:

Hello All!

I'm So Sorry I've been away, but things have been pretty Crazy here!!! :O Things are getting better though...Thank Goodness!!! : ) I am trying to get back to the Daily Updates and HAVE some Other Fun Stuff planned!!! : ) Here are some announcements and I'll try to catch up later with some more TV Times, etc. : )

I FINALLY have my school team project done!!! If you'd like to check it out, it's called AlphaBites!!! It's a Kid's website that helps you learn about animals and the alphabet at the same time. : ) OK, it's not Xena or Herk based, but we worked HARD on it and I'd like you to check it out!!! : )

I just got my Xena "Bitter Suite" CD from CDNow!!! It's WONDERFUL!!! There's LOTS of GREAT PIX from the episode as well as ALL the words to the songs!!! I ABSOLUTLY LOVE it and hope it doesn't wear out any time soon!!! : )

RENEE O'CONNOR will be on FX in the NYPD Blue episode "Oscar, Meyer, Wiener" (ep. #10) on June 5(9PM)!!! She plays the daughter of a murdered family. She has only a small role towards the middle of the episode, but it's REALLY GREAT to see her anyway!!! : )

The Deadline is ALMOST OVER to Vote for the Argo Awards...So, Better get your vote in before it's too late!!! There's going to be an Argo Awards Celebration at the Xena Palace on June 10 and I'm so Pleased to be 1 of the Presenters!!! So join in in the FUN!!! Here is the letter David sent to the Mail lists that has all the info:

Hello again everyone. This is just another shout out to all you hardcore nutballs out there to get your ballot for the 1998 ARGO Awards in! By THE FURIES, don't pull a VANISHING ACT by rationalizing to yourself, "ARGO Awards? BEEN THERE, DONE THAT!" The SACRIFICE one would make to participate is DEBT free! It's a simple process and certainly not a KING CON! Use your INSTINCTS (MATERNAL or otherwise) to either fill out and DELIVER your ballot to the address above or, WHEN IN ROME... stop by Kieran's wicked cool site at http://xena.simplenet.com/argoawards98.html and fill it out there!

Now, I know some of you have had questions like, "But what if I can't decide between THE KING OF ASSASSINS and WARRIOR...PRIESTESS...TRAMP?" No problem! We split your vote like a DIRTY HALF DOZEN! And let me tell you, the voting thus far has been TSUNAMI-like with several close races! All this will no doubt lead to an unforgettable night at The Palace at Whoosh!, June 10th (9pm eastern/6pm pacific). Our special *live* ceremony is going to be a party of BITTER SUITE proportions! And just so you know, Dahok and GABRIELLE'S HOPE are not invited! To join Kym Masera Taborn, Bret Rudnick, Beth Gaynor, Rita Schnepp, SuZilla, Betsy Book and a host of other FINS, FEMMES AND GEMS and this all-star jam, grab your software and info at this address: http://www.whoosh.org/palace/

But hurry! If you don't get your vote in before the soon-in-coming deadline, you will be considered as ONE AGAINST AN ARMY of Xena fans! Get YOUR ballot in before midnight, June 7th (pacific time) and all will be FORGIVEN.

Just remember, THE QUILL IS MIGHTIER...

and as always,
Ballot On!

DdP and Gene
Keepers of the ARGO

Here's an Announcement from Tom of Tom's Xena Page about the goings on at the Palace this week...I cut out the parts that have past...BTW...HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYM!!!

Hi everyone,

It's going to be a busy week at the Palace. Here is a list of what's going on:

**Chris/KNerys will hold another Avatar-Making Class this Friday, June 5, at 10pm EST / 7pm PST. If you can't make it or would like to study beforehand, check out her online avatar-making guide at http://knerys.simplenet.com/help/palace/index.html

**Well, the Canadians had their day (or night) and now it's time for the residents of Oz to be honored in kind. Join us this Saturday, June 6 for AUSSIE NIGHT! And yes, it will really be *night* for the Aussies this time. Come by at 11:00pm Canberra/Sydney/Melbourne time. For those of you in the U.S. who would like to attend, that means 8:00am EST Saturday morning for you!

**The Webmaster chat series continues this Sunday, June 7, at 10 pm EST / 7 pm PST), drop by the Palace to chat with Beth Gaynor of Rate-a-Xena. This event will be held in the Whoosh! Room.

**We will be hosting the ARGO AWARDS announcement ceremony on June 10(9pm eastern/6pm pacific).
- -----------------------------------
A Palace is a graphic chat enviroment where you are represented by an avatar and your speech is displayed in cartoon bubbles. Find out more about what it is and how to get there at the Palace information pages at Whoosh! and Tom's Xena Page. Hope to see you there!

If you're a Tim Thomerson(Meleager the Mighty) fan...You don't want to miss 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas'!!! It's Playing Now in Movie Theaters!!! Tim plays a Hoodlum!!! Here's a spoiler from MovieLink <<Director Terry Gilliam (12 Monkeys, Brazil) brings his wildly imaginative visual style to the long-awaited film adaptation of the classic pop culture novel by Hunter S. Thompson, starring Johnny Depp (Donnie Brasco) and Benicio Del Toro (The Usual Suspects). Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas follows journalist Raoul Duke (Depp) and his partner in high living, Dr. Gonzo (Del Toro) as they embark on a savagely funny journey down a road that runs a not so straight and narrow path into the heart of the American dream. Gilliam has assembled a sterling cast of cameo players including Ellen Barkin, Gary Busey, Cameron Diaz, Flea, Mark Harmon, Katherine Helmond, Lyle Lovett, Tobey Maguire, Christina Ricci, Harry Dean Stanton and Tim Thomerson. Ray Cooper and Tony Grisoni also play significant parts in the madness.>> Check out the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas website!!!

Thanks to Tam for letting us know: "The Herc/Xena game is going to be for Nintendo 64 and Game boy: The 1st ones will be a "Xena and Hercules set of games for the Game Boy. The plan is to use an innovative character swap system that allows players to exchange Xena and Hercules between the 2 games. When Xena is transferred to the Hercules game, she'll be able to do things and go places that were beyond Hercules, giving each game added replay value...The 1st game will be based on Xena, while the Hercules game may be a 64DD title." There is no mention of Gabrielle anywhere, but...it'll be interesting to see how this turns out."

For all of you who are having Questions about the New Xena Trading Card Game, You can check out the Wizards of the Coast website. Also, Check out the 'Oops' Page to see what mistakes and variations there are in the Game. Also, Check out Megalion's Review of the Xena TCG for more info!!! : )

June 9 Update:

Hello All!

This isn't too much of an Update of sorts, but I hope to have some time after work to do some more...I CAN'T wait until tomorrow night's Argo Awards!!! I hope you all got your ballots in on time as the voting time is closed. I'll be there Presenting an award!!! : ) I tried out the Palace for the 1st time last night. It's REALLY NEAT!!! It took me a little while to figure everything out, but I think I mainly have the hang of it now. : ) I recommend that if you haven't yet tried the Palace out...Do so before the Awards as you don't want to miss out!!! To download and use the software is free, but to do some of the neater tricks...there is a charge, but it's a 1 time charge(not some of those monthly pay forever deals)!!! For more information on the Xena Warrior Palace: Go to Whoosh! and Tom's Xena Page. Hope to see you at the Argo Awards on June 10(9pmEST)!!!

June 15 Update:

Hello All!

Check back later tonight for an Update...I'm working on it right now...been having trouble getting Online between thunderstorms, etc. I have some TV times, etc. for you and will have them up a little later. : )

June 10 Update:

Thanks to Oshram for letting us know that "Rosie O`Donnell is celebrateing 2YRS on TV..she will be showing BEST SHOWS OF THE PAST (June 10th) and Lucy Lawless`s appearance will be shown again! please check local listings for time and channel.." Also on her show was Kevin Sorbo(HERCULES)!!! So, he might be on too!!! Rosie comes on here on NBC at 5pm(EST)...Check for your channel and time!!! :)

Also, Check out the Pepsi Pop Culture Game on the web at the Pepsi World website!!! The phrase to win a trip to New Zealand to see the Xena set is: "Don't Go There"!!! We can't think of the episode where this Quote is from..."When in Rome" comes close, but not exactly...Oh, well! Good Luck Everybody!!! : )

Late June 16/Early June 17 UPdate:

Yeah! I FINALLY get through!!! I got called into work early yesterday and then we had ANOTHER thunder storm!!! Grrrr!!!! Well, I'll be putting more of an Update up in a few minutes, but wanted to let you all know the following in case there's still time:

The Lucy Lawless segment on ET(Entertainment Tonight) will be repeated tonight at 2:05amEST on NBC(Channel WVIT)!!! Check your area for channel and times...ET usually repeats itself within the same night or really early the next morning in some areas. : )

June 18 Update:

Many Thanks to Barbara for letting me know that Renee O'Connor will be on ET(Entertainment Tonight) Today!!! In my area, She will be on NBC(WVIT) at 7pm EST and ET will also be repeated at 2:05am!!! So I get 2 for the price of 1!!! : ) Apparently ET is covering Renee's photo shoot for TV Guide which will be coming out for Next week!!! So don't miss that copy!!! : )

June 24 Update:

Hello All! Sorry I haven't been able to put up an Update in a while...I'm working on A LOT of things and in a couple days you'll see... : )

1st off...Thanks to Rosebud for letting me know that Lucy was in the June 22nd issue of People Magazine and that it has a 2 pictures of Lucy!!! Pick up your copy before it's too late!!! : )

Renee TV Guide PhotoLook what came in my E-mail inbox!!! : ) TV Guide Online sent me a Newsletter to let me know that Renée's article is Online!!! The article is entitled "Action Figure" By Mark Nollinger and says "Xena and her saucy sidekick, Gabrielle, share a provocative bond. Reneé O'Connor explains the chemistry." It is a Great 4 page article with some GREAT pix of Renée!!! Renée will be in this week's TV Guide with Hanson on the Cover. It's surely 1 not to miss!!! Photo of Renée O'Connor by Michael Tighe/Beauty & Photo for TV Guide... : )

Also, in my Inbox...E! Online's Greg Agnew is doing an article about Xena called Going Hume. Apparently he got to go to NZ to see the Behind the Scenes of the Xena Set and got to interview Lucy Lawless!!! Lucky Guy!!! There's about 3 photos on this 2 page article...1 is the generic Promo shot of Xena with 2 swords blazing, 1 with Agnew and Lucy, and 1 of the wedding. Overall...A GREAT article!!! : )

Well, I have to be going...but soon I'll be back with Many Updates on my various pages: Tony Todd's page is almost done...He's going to be on Star Trek Voyager next week and More!!! Kevin Smith's page is almost done with it's Updates and will include some New photos(Gorgeous I might add!!!) and his Upcoming TV appearances...My What's On, Helping Others, etc. Pages will also be Updated...Also, some New Pages in the works: A Contest Page where you can WIN some Xena + Herk Goodies!!! Jay Laga'aia(Draco)'s Page, A Chat/Interview Page, A Fan Art Page and some others I'm working on...I've been BUSY!!! Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have some more done!!! Also, to let you know...I moved some of the Older Updates to my Letters 2 Page...Thanks for Checking in!!! : )

June 25 Update:

Hello All!

Just to let all of you who have A&E...Tony Todd(X:WP's Cecrops, H:LJ's Gladius) will be on Law & Order at 11pm(EST) and also on again at 3am tonight if you miss the 11pm time...He plays a Minister!!! It's 1 not to miss if you're a fan of Tony's!!! : )

I'm in the process of putting the Update to Tony Todd's up on the website at: http://alwheaties.simplenet.com/Tony_Todd.html

He'll be on the repeat of Star Trek Voyager next week and several movies with Tony are coming up, so this is the place to come to to get all the info!!! :) Also in the update is his AOL chat transcript and about his Upcoming movies!!! Come by in a little bit to check it out!!! : )

Happy Viewing!!!

Late June 25/Early June 26 Update:

Hello Again!

I JUST finished my Update on Tony Todd!!! Tony was GREAT as X:WP's Cecrops and H:LJ's Gladius!!! There's a couple new pix, LOTS of Upcoming TV, Movie, and other Appearances!!! Please go Check it out!!! : )

Take Care,

Angela aka ALWheaties
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