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Hello Fellow Xenites and Herk Fans!!!

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The Letters/Updates on this Page are dated from 8/25/98 - 5/21/99 with oldest to newest at the bottom. Some links on this page might be outdated...

August 25th Update:

Hello All!

I'm going to be posting more tonight after work...

Have you Entered My CONTEST yet!?! Well, Please don't miss out as there's lots of Xena/Herk goodies being offered as well as Info on other contests going on!!! : ) Click HERE and GOOD LUCK!!! : )

I received this note from Sci-Fi Online:

Thursday, August 27 at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific/2am UK Time

Even an invincible Warrior Princess has bad hair days - and in Xena's case, the villainess most likely to get under her hair is the irresistable Callisto. Part Valley Girl, part demon temptress and wholey immortal, Callisto as played by actress Hudson Leick is one of the Web's favorite sword-wielding psychotics, with dozens of website tributes to her credit. The 29 year old actress has also played small reoccurring roles as the angel Celeste on the hit series Touched By An Angel and as Shelly Hanson on Melrose Place.

To chat, visit http://www.scifi.com/chat/chatnow.html and join #auditorium on the appointed dates and times. Requires a java-capable browser. IRC chatters can connect their IRC client to .

For more information on upcoming Dominion chats, visit:

Thanks to Tonya for letting us know that Lucy Lawless(XENA) is up for a GIST TV Award in the category of 'Sexiest Female on TV'!!! Go in and Cast your Vote!!! : )

Also on the Gist TV site...They have something called Clebrity KNOCKOUTS where they show 2 different stars pictures side by side and in "3 Rounds" you choose which picture is Sexiest. In 1 of the Battles, they have Xena against Gabrielle!!! Go to the bar that says Other Knockouts and it brings you a listing of the various pairings...I voted and the winner so far is Renee!!! : )

This is a little old news, but in Case you don't know...Sharon(Creation) said that "I got an update recently that said they were unable to change the order back to the way they should be because the stations signed contracts based on the order they were originally given. Once they go through the eps, when they start from the beginning again, they will put them in the proper order."...My episode guide(is Below in August 6 Update)...You can see what I thought of the particular episodes, get some inside info and some <<SPOILERS!!!>> : )

Late August 31/Early September 1st Update:

I have some Various TV Times, articles and Announcements, but the 1st 1 goes out to Our New Zealand Xenites:

I just got home from work and was listening to the Net Connection to the New Zealand Radio Station 91.8 More FM-Auckland at: http://www.morefmauckland.co.nz/
This is My FAV Online Radio connection as I can hear the music I like and hear what's going on in New Zealand which seems a world away from Connecticut, USA!!! : )

Well, Here in CT it's 12:30am, but in NZ it's 3:30pm and I just heard an announcement that LUCY is going to be on Tonight in New Zealand!!! : )

The Announcement went something like this(bear with me as I'm tired : )
: Xena takes off her armor to bring to light a terrible problem...they go on to say that LUCY LAWLESS will be on a show that tells of people who abuse their children and I heard Lucy's voice saying to Tune in tonight at 8:30pm on TV3 for the show that's called 'Love Hurts'!!!

I hope I helped you guys catch this show!!!

Whoosh! Logo I'm so GLAD to say that My Interview with Jay Laga'aia(Draco from X:WP's "Sins of the Past" + "Comedy of Eros") is FINALLY up at Whoosh!!! Please Check it out!!! I also have been working on making a webpage for Jay, but don't have it Finished yet...If you'd like to see an enlarged picture of his Topps Card you can go to: http://alwheaties.simplenet.com/Jay_Lagaaia.html I should have it done SOON and will make the Announcement here...Check out September's Issue of Whoosh! for more Great Interviews of Catherine Boniface, Karl Urban, Tony Todd By Bret Ryan Rudnick!!!

Also, Check out a GREAT 3 page Article/Interview by Michelle Erica Green at MANIA on Jacqueline Kim(X:WP's Lao Ma) entitled "Sulu's Daughter, Xena's Mentor"!!! <<She was Sulu's daughter in STAR TREK: GENERATIONS and Xena's Chinese mentor on XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS. But those roles are just the tip of the iceberg of Ms. Kim's genre career!>> She's so GREAT as Lao Ma from X:WP's "The Debt-Parts 1+2"!!! : )

Many Thanks to Rich for sending me some Upcoming TV info!!! 1st off...Melinda Clarke plays Alex in a re-run of 'Seinfeld' called "The Muffin Tops" in the Washington DC metro area on Wed, Sept. 2(7pm WBFF - 45; 7:30pm WTTG - 5). In the CT/NY/MA area: will be on Sept. 2(7pm - 61 WTIC; WSBK; 40 WGGB; 11pm - WPIX). <<Jerry shaves his chest hair; George pretends to be a tourist to bond with a tourism worker (Rena Sofer); Elaine's former boss (Richard Fancy) steals her million-dollar idea, while Kramer promotes a bus tour about the life of Elaine's current boss.>><<Elaine's (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) new business, selling only the upper part of muffins, is challenged to dispose of the unused bottoms.>> This show was so FUNNY!!! Jerry shaves his chest because his new girlfriend=Melinda, mentioned that she likes hairless dogs....Very Funny!!! (Thanks Pandora!)

Again, Thanks to Rich for letting me know that Kevin Sorbo plays Michael Burke in a repeate of an 'Murder, She Wrote' episode called "A Virtual Murder" shown on A&E on Sept. 8(10pm), 9(2am)!!! I believe these times are EST. <<Jessica (Angela Lansbury) happens on a computerized clue to a murder while writing a mystery story for a friend's (Kevin Sorbo) interactive video game company.>> This episode 1st aired in Oct. '93. I'm so GLAD to FINALLY have a chance to see it!!! : )

I put all the Latest Past Info on my 3rd Past Updates Page...

Have you Entered My CONTEST yet!?! Well, Please don't miss out as there's lots of Xena/Herk goodies being offered as well as Info on other contests going on!!! : ) Click HERE and GOOD LUCK!!! : )

Late September 10/Early Sept. 11th Update:

Hello All!!!

I'm SORRY I haven't put an Update up in awhile!!! I've been SO BUSY now that school's back in session!!! The Contest that I was running is OFFICIALLY OVER!!! I will be announcing the winners soon!!! Hopefuly by tommorow night!!! Things are kinda crazy here as my Cousin Kevin's getting Married this Saturday, so between all my jobs/school and family doings...I haven't had Much Computer time... : ) Oh, well! I'm SORRY to keep you all in suspence!!! I have received some REALLY GREAT Entries to Both the Banner Contest and Trivia Contest and I want to have some time to sit and choose properly, but it hasn't happened yet!?! So, Hopefully soon all will be Finalized and I'll announce it here, on my Contest Page and to the Mailing lists...THANKS to All who entered!!!

Over the Labor Day Weekend, I put some things up for auction at Ebay. Click HERE if you want to check them out...I have LOTS of GREAT Xena stuff up for sale and EVEN a Lucy Lawless AUTOGRAPHED item!!! : )

It's really late now, so I'll HOPEFULLY be putting some TV Times and Announcements up later...

Take Care!

October 12th Update:

I'm SORRY I haven't put a New Update Up in awhile!!! I've been so BUSY between 4 odd jobs, taking 2 college classes and my Cousin Michelle just got MARRIED this Saturday!!! So, I've been so streched out that I haven't done what I truly LOVE...Working on this site to make it better!!! : )

I have so MANY Updates and Other things to do!!! I just put the older Updates on my 4th Letters Page...

I ALSO have a New Page called: ALWheaties Trading Card Message Board!!! This Message Board is for Fans of Trading Cards. Now you have a place to trade them!!! : ) Missing a card to finish your set or have extras and you want to trade with someone? Put a listing HERE!!! Wizards of the Coast... Topps... Merlin... Movie/TV Themed cards... Sports... You Name it... (Especially Xena and Herk cards!!! :) Go on and TRADE!!! Have FUN!!! : )

All the ALWheaties Contest Winners have been contacted and most all should have received their prizes by now!!! : ) I'll be having the page up with all the banners soon...it's about 2/3rds done...

I also have LOTS of TV Times and a really FUNNY update to my last post about the Lucy Lawless Commercial I heard on the NZ radio connection on my computer!!! : ) IF you want to read the Original post, it's at my: Late August 31/Early September 1st Update... : )

So, HOPEFULLY, I'll be able to get these done SOON!!! I'll work on it some tonight after work and some tommorrow and I'll make a post here when all is Up and Ready...

Thanks for your Support of my Page and my endevors!!!

Take Care!

Angela aka ALWheaties

October 15th Update:

I just got home from working 3-11pm and see that LUCY LAWLESS is going to be on Conan O'Brien tonight on NBC at 12:30am EST!!! YEAH!!! I hope you all were able to catch it!!! I'll be putting on another Update soon... : )

Late October 26/Early Oct. 27th Update:

Hello All!

I have Just received an Urgent Message from Cynthia Hsiung, Producer, Young Hercules!!! I've been working on a Young Hercules Page and put this Announcement on this Page...It only has a few graphics on it for now and more info and pix will be added at a later date...

I'll try to make another Update soon, but have been too BUSY to keep it up as I'd like!!! :( I am also trying to get through my mail as I have 700+ letters, so if you've written to me..I'll get to yours eventually!!! : )

Take Care!

Angela aka ALWheaties

Late November 29/Early Nov. 30 Update:


Sorry I haven't been around lately as I've been on the road for the last 3 weeks!!! We 1st went to a funeral in Vermont, then back to Connecticut(where I live)...Then to Massachusettes to get my Grandmother as the next morning we were driving to North Carolina, then to Alabama...All together it was a 3,000 mile drive from Connecticut to Alabama and back!!! :O Then we went up to Maine for Thanksgiving!!! Came back home to go to work then was off to New Jersey to see the Creation Convention with Star Trek stars Grace Lee Whitney(Yeoman from the original series), Robert Picardo(the Hologram Doctor from Voyager) AND Mirina Sirtis(Troi from Next Generation)!!! It was GREAT FUN and one of the best highlights was meeting George Strayton who did a Young Hercules Presentation!!! I also WON a signed Young Hercules script!!! Yeah!!! :) I have some news on upcoming info of the shows and will be updating everything soon when I get a chance. Also, For you Young Hercules fans...I was able to pick up Quite a few YH posters and buttons...I'll be letting you know how to get them soon, but it's already WELL AFTER my bedtime... ;)

Take Care!!! : )

Angela aka ALWheaties

December 6th Update:

Hello All!

Sorry I haven't done much here as I've been pretty sick this week. :( I have PLEANTY in the works!!! For all those of you(like me) who are MISSING Kathy Doerr's wonderful website: Xena/Lucy Lawless Resource Central...I have been in contact with her and am working on getting it back Online Very Soon!!! : )

Also, I'll be the Guest of Honor at the Xena Palace at a Webmaster Chat Tonight at 10pmEST!!! Check out the Xena: Warrior Palace Website at Tom's Xenafan site: To find out more info on how to download the software or where to go...I hope to see you all there!!! : )

Come visit the Xena: Warrior Palace
Click here to visit the Xena: Warrior Palace

December 10th Update:

Hello All!

Thanks to all who came to the Xena Palace Chat last Sunday!!! It was fun and I'll have an Update very soon on that and LOTS more!!! : )

Thanks to Bardstormy for letting us Know that Tony Todd(Cecrops, Gladius, Giglimesh) is going to be on the movie Them tonight at 8pmEST on the UPN Channel!!! : ) It is loosely based on an old movies called 'them' which is about an invasion by aliens that look like humans. Tony plays one of the invaders named 'Berlin'....he is one of the stars of the mini-series, there was quite a letter writing campaign but it didn't get picked up for some reason....he does a really good job in this piece....and no wigs or prosthetics, so you get to see what he really looks like! Enjoy!!! : )

February 19th Update:

Hello All!!!

Sorry I've been away for so long!!! I've been so Busy Between work, school, etc. that I haven't had much web time... :( I've been working on some Special Projects(like a Charity Event) in the meantime and will be unveiling them Quite soon!!! : )

For Now, Here are a Few small Updates:

1. Kathy Doerr's WONDERFUL Xena/Lucy Lawless Resource Central webpage is now on my site!!! Kathy is taking a break from the web and has Graciously allowed me to maintain her pages for her!!! Kathy was instrumental to helping me get my start on the web and I Thank Her for taking a chance with me and Also Thank her for allowing me to house her pages and not let them dissappear from the web entirely!!! : )

So far I only have 2 of Kathy's Many Pages up. I am working with Kathy on getting the rest of her pages back Online. I am looking for Volunteers to help me. If you would like to help me, Please write me at: angela.wheaton@snet.net
Basically, I would assign 1 webpage to you to check all the links to make sure they're all current and to help me keep up to date on Newer items that are in line with each web page. I would be extremely grateful for your help as I don't always have the time to check up on links. I will put a little Thank you and list your name on the page you're helping me with. : )

2. Play The Oscar Predict the Winners Game and you could win BIG Prizes like a trip to Hollywood and MORE!!! : ) Register then Join my Group which is "The ALWheaties Gang"!!! : ) Then pick who you think will win the Oscar Prize in Each Category. There are individual prizes for the people who are the closest and there are also Group Prizes, so our chances of winning are pretty Good!!! : )

3. Have you checked out my ALWheaties Trading Card Message Board? This Message Board is for Fans of Trading Cards. Now you have a place to trade them!!! : ) Missing a card to finish your set or have extras and you want to trade with someone? Put a listing HERE!!! Wizards of the Coast... Topps... Merlin... Movie/TV Themed cards... Sports... You Name it... (Especially Xena and Herk cards!!! : ) Go on and TRADE!!! Have FUN!!! I have put a post there reguarding the Xena/Herk CCG Wizards of the Coast cards that I need and hope we can trade!!! : )

4. AnotherUniverse.com wrote to me and asked me to link to them!!! : ) They're a GREAT Company and they sell Loads of Collectables of Xena: Warrior Princess, Hercules: Legendary Journeys, X-Files, Buffy, Star Trek, Star Wars, Comics, Trading Cards, Games, Videos, Graphic Novels, Toys, Calendars. HALF of any Money recieved from Linking to AnotherUniverse.com will go to a Worthy Cause listed on my Xenites and Herk Fans Help Others Page!!! So, this way you can get Some Really Cool Xena + Herk Merchandise and know that a part of that purchase is going to a good cause!!!

5. CDNow is having a $10 off sale and you can enter the CDNow Grammy Sweepstakes to BIG Prizes from meeting Shania Twain to winning Music for life!!! : )

6. The most recent Past Updates have been moved to my 4th Letter Page...

7. I also Updated the Uproar Game, but it doesn't seem to be working...It was working earlier. If you don't have the Game coming up, it's probably because they're changing the Questions or something. I put the code in as exactly as they sent it to me and for some reason it's not working now? Hopefully, it'll be working later or they'll send me the latest code for the game. : )

I'll be putting more up later and hope you all have a GREAT Weekend!!! : )

Late March 13/Early March 14th Update:

Hello Fellow Xenites, Herk and Young Herk Fans!!!

There is a Sale of Rare Promo Items (Posters, buttons, Magazines) and an Auction to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Please check out the website at: http://alwheaties.simplenet.com/Benefit.html
I just finished an Update and have LOTS added to the Auction section!!!

The Auction has Now added a T-shirt AUTOGRAPHED by WarriorCon Guests: Kevin Smith (Ares, Iphicles), Tim Thomerson (Meleager), Robert Trebor (Salmoneus), Karl Urban (Cupid, Caesar, Mael), Robert Field (Herk Movies, X:WP Film Editor), Michael Levine (H:LJ + X:WP Director), Steven L. Sears (aka Tyldus, X:WP's Co-Executive Producer), Doug Wong (Martial Arts Teacher to Lucy Lawless + Kevin Sorbo), Travis Wong...

Also, a T-shirt AUTOGRAPHED by Joel Tobeck (Strife); Xena I + Xena II Topps Card Sets; a Robert Trebor (Salmoneus) Topps Autograph card A9; Callisto Xena II Foil card XC6; and Kevin Sorbo TV Guides!!!

Other Items up for bid are Autographed photos of: Tony Todd (Cecrops, Gladius, King Giglimesh); Robert Trebor (Salmoneus, Waylin); Kevin Smith (Ares, Iphicles, Baccus); Danielle Cormack(Ephiny, Lady Marie/The Chartreuse Fox); and Ted Raimi(Joxer)...

Magazines: Axcess Magazine with Hudson Leick(Callisto) article; TV Guide with Xena article and Callisto article; TV Guide with article on Renee O'Connor(Gabrielle)...

Posters of Xena and Hercules and Fan Art of Xena, Gabrielle, Callisto are also included!!!

Please Check it out and ALL orders/auction items get a FREE Xena or Hercules CCG Wizards of the Coast Booster Pack or Deck!!! (as supplys last... :)

Many Thanks and Please feel free to post this announcement on your websites or send on to any other mailing list I missed!!! :)

Take Care!

Angela aka ALWheaties

May 21th Update:

Hello All!

Please Stay "TUNED" as I'm working on a HUGE Update!!! : )

Take Care,

Angela aka ALWheaties
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