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12/9/98: Hello Everyone! Kathy Doerr(the Creater of this Page) was so WONDERFUL as to give me my start in the web world and I wanted to do something for her...In my small part, I wanted to preserve her WONDERFUL Work and preserve her webpage back on the Net...Please Note: Some of the Links May Not work...Also, If anyone wants to send a Message to Kathy or wants me to change any information on this Page...Please write me at: angela.wheaton@snet.net. Many Thanks!!! ALWheaties

Last Message from Kathy: Hi everyone. I regret to inform you that Resource Central will be going offline for good soon. There will be no further updates. It's been my pleasure to be a part of the Xenaverse, and I thank everyone for all the wonderful support.
Please bookmark any links here that you don't want to lose.
With best wishes to everyone, Kathy

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  Resource Central's Alerts Page
Tracks current and upcoming TV and movie appearances of several of the Xena: Warrior Princess cast members.
Xena Print Notices
Alerts you to current and recent articles, books, and comics relating to Lucy Lawless and/or the Xena:Warrior Princess series. If you want to be sure to get a magazine before it disappears from the shelves, make it a point to check here regularly.
ALWheaties Tube Watch Updates
The definitive guide to appearances and news about the cast of both Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys...and so much more!
ALWheaties Report on Young Hercules
A website dedicated to the Young Hercules TV Show and Movie!!!
Bruce Campbell Projects
The Lawless Alerts

TV, print, and other Lucy Lawless alerts on MaryD's Xena Information Page.
Robert Trebor Appearances Page
Thebes: Seer's Corner

XWP actors upcoming TV appearances and information page

TV Schedule Searches

  Xena/Lucy Lawless Resource Central TV Schedule Search Page
Here you'll find links to Ultimate TV Search, Click TV, TV Guide Listings, WGN-TV Local and National Program Listings, Canadian TV Guide Website, E! Program Guide, NBC Homepage, Sci-Fi Channel Program Guide, Fox Network, and many more.


  REEL LogoXena/Lucy Lawless Resource Central Videos Page
Videos for sale and/or rent. Several are listed now with more to come soon. All proceeds help defray the cost to rent space on Simplenet for this site.


  Neilsen Media Research
Weekly ratings for programs in syndication, which includes Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Cast your vote to rate Xena episodes and characters, and "see how your favorites fare with everybody else." Peer into the future with the Rate-A-Xena Crystal Ball.
Amazon Poll
Let your voice be heard by the Xenaverse! Cast your vote at the Amazon Poll for your favorite episodes, subtext moment, and many other survey topics about Xena: Warrior Princess.


  Xena Online Resources
This excellent Web site provides over 1,100 links to Usenet articles, mailing lists, Web sites (including but not limited to sites featuring Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor, Hudson Leick, Kevin Sorbo, Michael Hurst, Bruce Campbell, Kevin Smith, Robert Trebor, and Ted Raimi), chat rooms, and other online resources of interest to fans of Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. Total TV ranked Xena Online Resources as one of the top ten Xena/Hercules Web sites.


  The Xena NetForum FAQ
The Xena: Warrior Princess FAQ
The Lucy Lawless FAQ

The Lucy Lawless Info Site
A FAQ for Subtext Fans and the Loyal Opposition
The Clan MacGab GabFAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about Renee O'Connor


  The Official Universal Xena: Warrior Princess Web Site
This is the internet address given at the end of each episode. Go here for: Current U.S. Broadcast Schedule / Episode List / Jo LoDuca Profile / Xena Scrolls / The Story of Xena: Warrior Princess / Cast Pages (Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor) / Production Credits
The Official Universal Gabrielle Web Site
The Official Universal Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Web Site


  Universal Studios' Xena: Warrior Princess NetForum
Universal Studios' EZ Streets NetForum
Xena fans might also want to check out this forum...many Xena-related posts, with an emphasis on Callisto/Hudson Leick.
Universal Studios' Hercules: The Legendary Journeys NetForum
The Coliseum Forum
at Cochise's Website
Features include message sorting, e-mail to Xenites, and a daily spraying of "Troll-B-Gone"
Xena/Hercules World Order Forum
TV Guide's Xena Zone
Xenite Forum
Request for help...does anyone have a new URL or information about the status of the Xenite Forum? If so, please email me at angela.wheaton@snet.net. Thanks!

Message Centers &

  ALWheaties Young Hercules Message Board
A place to talk about the TV Show, it's stars and anything in between!
AXDB (Alternative Xenites Discussion Board)
Updated URL
HBKid's Message Board
Xena, Hercules, and Sinbad
The Medieval Tavern
The Poteidaia Scroll
A message board by Xenites for Xenites
TV Guide's Television Bulletin Board
Xenite Message Board (InterSite Forum)
Xenite Message Center

Note: Temporary address is http://ansa.simplenet.com/xmc/message.hts

Fan Clubs

  Official Xena Fan Club (Creation Entertainment)
Official Hercules Fan Club (Creation Entertainment)
Renee O'Connor Official International Fan Club
Official Hudson Leick Fan Club Web Site
Kevin Smith Official Fan Club
Bruce Campbell International Fan Club
Robert Trebor International Fan Club (Palindrome Pals)
Danielle Cormack Official Fan Club
Xena/Lucy Lawless Resource Central Fan Club Page
Gives more details about the fan clubs, including e-mail and postal addresses.

Fan Clubs

  Bare Naked Argo
The unOfficial Argo fan club site
International Xena Club Homepage
International Fan Club: Xena Warrior Princess
Xenaversity of MN Fan Club

A unique site! Check it out...

the Stars

  E-Mail Bruce Campbell
E-Mail Renee O'Connor

E-Mail Robert Trebor


  Renee O'Connor Un-quarterly Newsletter Highlights
Hudson Leick Newsletter

Articles & Chat Transcripts

  Xena/Lucy Lawless Articles and Chat Transcripts Page

 Xena Fests & Conventions

  Creation Entertainment
The Lucy Lawless Con Chronicles
Xena Information Page's information on convention dates, prices, reviews, and photos.
The ROC Con Chronicles
Xena Information Page's information on convention dates, prices, reviews, and photos.
Sci-Fi Channel's Convention Listing
Tom's Festivals and Conventions List
V.I.P.'s Xena Convention Links
Xena Online Resources Conventions & Fests Page
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 Foreign Language Xena Pages

  Dutch Xena Information Pages
Finnish Xena Homepage

Xena Online Resources International Xena Web Sites
Contains links to established and emerging Xena web pages from around the world.

Contests & Awards


Current and/or Ongoing:
ALWheaties Contest Page

You'll find several contests here.
ROCstock '98 (ends August 31)

Open to creators of Gab/ROCentric art, computer graphics or icons, props or costumes.
For details, please link to forum post of Aug 17
All work submitted to the ROCstock '98 Art Exhibit will be displayed at the MetROCpolitan Museum of the Bard ROC Cafe, website of Clan MacConnor
Xena/Warrior Princess Emmy Nominations
1997-1998 Primetime Emmy Awards Nominations
Outstanding Music and Lyrics
Song Title: Hearts Are Hurting
Joseph Lo Duca, Composer; Dennis Spiegel, Lyricist
Song Title: The Love of Your Love
Joseph Lo Duca, Composer/Lyricist
TV Guide's PHOTOPLAY "You Sexy Thing"
Lucy Lawless vs Jeri Ryan
TV Guide's PHOTOPLAY "You Sexy Thing"
Lucy Lawless vs Peta Wilson
USA Celebrity A List
A ranking of the hottest celebrities around; includes Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor, Kevin Sorbo.
StatsMaster's Hottest Actress of the Web Top 20

Past Contest Results:
People's 3rd Annual Most Beautiful People Poll

Voting ended May 8, 1998; results posted May 11.
People Magazine's Most Intriguing People of the Year (1997)
1/14: Voting has ended and results should be posted by the end of the week.
1997 Argo Awards Results
2nd Xenite Bard Contest
Solstice Bard Contest

Voting closed at midnight CST on December 24. Can link to the site to view the entries.
People Magazine Online Poll Results




  Adventures of Hercules & Xena
Hercules & Xena: Alliance of Heroes

Hercules and Xena Solitaire Game Link not active...
Universal Studios "Xena Online Adventure"
Xena and Hercules PhotoFlip at TV Guide Online
Herc & Xena: The Role-Playing Game

A site dedicated to the Hercules and Xena Role-Playing Game by West End Games.


  Battle On! Comics
The Topps Company, Inc.

Topps home page for information on Topps comics, magazines, and trading cards, as well as a distributor locator.
Xena Comic Books Website
Comprehensive list of all the Xena comics, including variant covers; provides information for future, past, and current Xena comics.
Xabkonshus: Mind Games
For "mature, alternative Xenites"


  Xena/Lucy Lawless Merchandise Resources Page
Your guide to finding Xena and Hercules merchandise of all kinds, online or locally.
Resource Central Book & Video Store
Provides an easy way to order Xena and Hercules books, videos, and CD's online...find them conveniently listed here, eliminating tedious searches through a large database. All proceeds help defray the cost to rent space on Simplenet for this site.
The Topps Company, Inc.
Topps home page for information on Topps comics, magazines, and trading cards, as well as a distributor locator.
Xena Merchandise Central Market
Catalogs new and old Xena merchandise with photos, links, and information on where to find/order it.
ALWheaties Report on Wizards of the Coast Xena/Hercules TCG

Selling Web Pages

  Xena/Lucy Lawless Merchandise Resources Page
Lists several other trading/auction sources that sometimes offer Xena-related items.
OzTrade: The Trading Page for Australian Xenites
Xena: Warrior Princess Trading Post
ALWheaties Trading Card Message Board
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Episode Credits

  BethD's Cast Index
Indexes the actors who have appeared in Hercules, the Legendary Journey's episodes.
Logomancy's Credit Guide Menu
Want to know who appeared in an episode? Find out here. This comprehensive site offers not only cast credits for each episode, but also dedications, production credits, and more.

Movie & TV Credits

  The Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
Renee O'Connor Movie & TV Credits

Ted Raimi Filmography
Robert Trebor Filmography

Episode Guides

  Aeolus's Xena: Warrior Princess Episode Guide
Buumzer's Xena: Warrior Princess Episode Guide

Gabbygab & Mariner's Episode Descriptions
Whoosh Episode Guide

Episode Bloopers

  Crimson's Blooper Page

Episode Disclaimers

  Buumzer's Xena: Warrior Princess Disclaimer List
Gabbygab & Mariner's Disclaimer List
John Novak's Xena: Warrior Princess Disclaimer List

Script Adaptations

  Xena: Warrior Princess Script Adaptations

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Fan Fiction/


The Xenaverse Codex: The Bardeyes & Xenabat Library
(formerly Xenos' Xena: Warrior Princess Fan Fiction Index)
Links by Genre, Focus, Authors, General Titles, Alternative Titles; also Writers' Aids, and more.
Buumzer's Xena: Warrior Princess Fan Fiction
Chris's Sci-Fi Central
Democratus' Foolish Xena Page
Starwarrior's Xena: Warrior Princess Page
Susabelle's Hercules/Xena Fan Fiction Pages
Tim Wellman's Fan Fiction Page

Tim Wellman's Poetry Page
General and Alternative Poetry
Tom's Xena Fan Fiction Site
Xena Verse
Xena: Warrior Princess Information Page
Zander's Fan Fiction Pages

Indigo's One Woman--One Bard XWP Subtext Site

Jane's X:WP Alternative Fan Fiction Site
Once in a Lifetime (XWP Alternative Poetry and Art by XJ)
Updated URL
Scroll of Roses (Alternative Fan Fiction)
Xena Alternative Fan Fiction at LynKa's Web Site

Fan Art

  Xena Fan Fiction Characters Portrait Gallery
All drawings by Barbara Maclay.
Q-pids Xena: Warrior Princess
Travers Dow Xena Fan Art
Xena Artwork by Saul Trabal

Xena Fan Fiction Characters Portrait Gallery
The Xena Fantasy Artwork Archive

Several artists are featured here; also submission guidelines for prospective artists.
Xena: Warrior Princess Artwork
The work of several artists resides here at MaryD's Xena Information Page website. You can also submit your own artwork .

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Wizards Of The Screen

  Callistolv's Home Page
Evy's Xena Page
MsMoo's Kevin Sorbo Photos Page
Orlando Universal Studios Pics by Melite

Orlando Universal Studios Pics by NannyBoo


  Amazons at the Con
Apollena's Convention Report & Photos

Gabbygab & Mariner's GrailQuester Convention Photos
Gabbygab & Mariner's Look At Xena: Warrior Princess Page
January 1998 Xena/Hercules Convention Photos

January 1998 Xena/Hercules Convention Photos by Breathless
MsZees Burbank Con '98 Pics
Skeezix Burbank Con '98 Pics
Skeezix Burbank Con Pics of Kevin Smith
ALWheaties Oct '97 VF Con Pix
Pix of Renee O'Connor and Ted Raimi at the Oct '97 Valley Forge Creation Convention.

January 1997 Xena Convention--Lucy Lawless--Reviews & Photos
The Lucy Lawless Con Chronicles
MsMoo's Kevin Sorbo Fan Page

The ROC Con Chronicles
Susan & Ned's Convention Photos

The Unofficial Hercules and Xena Convention Photo Gallery


  Lucy Lawless through the Lens of Saul Trabal
Two pages of photos, preceded by Saul's Grease report.
Lucy on Broadway Images at Mainlander's Website
ALWheaties Grease Photos
This page has several pix of Lucy outside of Grease taken by ALWheaties and her friends in October '97.


  Angie's Cure for *XWS*
Wedding photo montage

Photo Fan Club Pics

  Creation's Photo Fan Club
May 1998 Photos


  Chris's Sci'Fi Central
Cochise's Xena Page
Dee's Xena: Warrior Princess Pix Page
Gabbygab & Mariner's Themed Photo Gallery
The Gallery

Lucy, Naturally

Photos from a collection of vivid portraits in a book by Sally Tagg
LynKa's Sneak Peek Theater
MaryD's Montages

Episode montages; character montages; autographed montages.
Mele's Macadonian Montage
Miscellaneous Lucy Lawless Photos at New Xenaland Website

MommaROC's Photo Album
SFX Magazine Photos Page
Tom's Xena Images Archive
TV Guide's Xena Zone
The Ultimate Lucy Lawless Picture Page

The Xena Galleries
Xena: Warrior Princess Photo Gallery
Zepgirl's Kevin Smith (Ares, God Of War) Page

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  Buumzer's Electric Scrolls
The Macintosh Xena Conversion And Screen Saver
Xena: Warrior Princess Bonuses


  "Bitter Suite" at Tom's Web Site
Buumzer's Xena: Warrior Princess Sounds

Dee's Xena: Warrior Princess Sounds
Gabbygab & Mariner's Sound Gallery
Tom's Xena Sounds
Xena: Warrior Princess Sounds
Zepgirl's Kevin Smith (Ares, God of War) Sounds Page

The Animated Movie

  Hercules and Xena Animated Movie: The Battle for Mount Olympus
The animated movie features the voices of Kevin Sorbo as Hercules and Lucy Lawless as Xena. This official website offers a description of the movie along with special links: sights and sounds, a behind-the-scenes look, photos from the country-wide truck tour, and the Hercules & Xena solitaire game. Link has been inactive for some time now.
Richi's Hercules/Xena Animated Movie Website
Nice photo gallery.

Wizards Of The Screen

  "Hercules and Xena: Wizards of the Screen" Attraction

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The Scrolls Chat (for Alternative Xenites)
Updated URL
Universal Chat Site
UTV Chat
Xena Chat at DeMars Designs Chat

Xena: Warrior Princess Chatroom at Real Hollywood
Join fellow warriors around the campfire and chat about Xena's latest adventures in the Xena: Warrior Princess Chat Room at Real Hollywood!!!
Xena: Warrior Palace
A graphic chat environment.

Mailing Lists

  Chakram. Please go to Venator's Home Page for details.
Hudson Leick Mailing List Digest Archive
Xena & Hercules Guest Stars Mailing List HomePage

Xena And Hercules E-Mail
Post Cards

  Barbara's X:WP Postcard Service
Poteidaia Post Office: Xena E-Mail Post Cards

TV Guide Classic Cover Gallery and Post Cards
Many post cards to choose from, including Xena and Hercules.
TV Guide's Xena Zone
XIP (Xena Information Page) Postcard Shoppe

Very nice selection of post cards to choose from.

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Guest Cast Web Sites

  Bruce Campbell:
Autolycus: The Man, The Myth

The Bruce Campbell Gazette Online
Justin's Bruce Campbell Page
Melinda Clarke:
Valeska, Goddess Of Chaos Page
Michael Hurst:
Astraea's Michael Hurst Website
Jacqueline Kim:
Christine's Jacqueline Kim Web Site

Hudson Leick:
Callisto/Hudson Leick (Unofficial) Resource Page

Hudson Leick Information Section
Kevin Smith:
ALWheaties' Kevin Smith Page

Tony Todd:
ALWheaties' Tony Todd Page
Karl Urban:
Caesar's Palace: The Unofficial Karl Urban Site

Links to Links Pages

  Many Xena fans have done an excellent job in compiling links to other Xena pages they've liked and found useful:
Buumzer's Links

CSX [Centers for Scholars of Xena]...Presents Links to Other Sites
Dee's Links
The Definitive Xena Site Links Page
Gabbygab & Mariner's Lots-of-Xena Links
MaryD's Xena/Lucy Lawless/Renee O'Connor Links Page

V.I.P.'s Xena Links
Xena Online Resources
Xena: Warrior Princess Information Page
Xenafan's Links

Xena Web Ring

  The purpose of the Xena Web Ring is to connect web pages relating to Xena: Warrior Princess in a big circle so visitors can surf from one to the other very easily.

Michelle Calvert

  The "Return of Callisto" episode is dedicated to the memory of Michelle Calvert, a stuntwoman who was the riding double for actress Hudson Leick (Callisto). Michelle Calvert was killed in a boating accident unrelated to the filming of Xena: Warrior Princess. In May 1998, the case has since be reopened and investigated as a possible homicide.


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Kathy's Page

  Kathy's Page
Kathy's (Non-Xena) Poetry Page

MegaLinks Page

An ongoing non-Xena links list on a variety of topics and categories.



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