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I try to keep the online listings and chat links current. The articles in print listings provide resources such as back-order information for some of the earlier issues, and contact numbers for others when available, but that section is no longer being maintained. For the most current magazine information, please link to Joe Inman's Xena Print Notices Page.

Online Article Websites

Tom's Xena Articles Index
The full text of several articles is posted at Tom's site

Renee O'Connor Articles Online
Articles posted at the Renee O'Connor International Fan Club Website

Robert Trebor Articles

Lucy Lawless/ Xena Articles - Interviews - Chat Transcripts Page

Online Article Links

Rolling Stone (Australian edition) Oct. 1998
Dark Angel: Xena's Lucy Lawless
Photos and article, posted at MaryD's site.

TV Guide, Aug. 22-28, 1998
Cheers & Jeers
Small photo of Lucy Lawless as Xena

TV Guide, Sept. 5-11, 1998
Returning Favorites in Syndication
Short write-up and photo of Lucy Lawless as Xena

TV Guide, Feb.21-27, 1998:
"Lawless in Love," Insider section.
Photo and short article.

People 1997 Yearbook 25 Most Intriguing People (Dec. 1997):
Lucy Lawless

TV Guide, Dec. 20-26, 1997:
The Best of '97
Performers of the Year
Lucy Lawless #6, p. 30

TV Guide, Dec. 13-19, 1997:
Small photo of Lucy Lawless on Cover, "Xena Blows Her Top."
Insider, p. 7, "Eye to Eye With Xena"
Star Style, p. 12, "The Big Bang Theory." Includes small photo of Lucy Lawless; The Year in Jeers, p. 24, "Oh, Say, Can You See." Includes small photo of Lucy Lawless

"TV's Favorite Amazon Warrior To Wed," E! Online, Oct. 8, 1997.

"Xena's Lawless Gets Engaged," Mr. Showbiz, Oct. 8, 1997.

Esquire, August 1997. Photo and small article about Lucy Lawless.

Warrior's Princess. People Online article about Renee O'Connor.

TV Times Star Story by Gill Pringle, July 12-18, 1997

Story-Telling Sidekick. Starburst. Issue #228.
Article about Renee O'Connor.

Tampa Tribune, Baylife Section, July 15, 1997. "Sword Play," about the opening of the Wizards of the Screen attraction in Orlando.

"Xena Shoves Rachel Aside," New Zealand Woman's Weekly, July 7, 1997. Article and cover photo.

"Xena Does Macintosh,"MacUser, July 1997.
Photo of Xena, Gabrielle, and Argo on the cover

Crimson's interview with Tyldus, the Writer/Supervising Producer of Xena: Warrior Princess

"Singing a Different Tune," direct link to TV'Guide's Insider of June 28-July 4, 1997. Photo and short article about the Hercules and Xena animated musical.

"Lucy Lawless Down Under On Top," People Online profile of Lucy Lawless (6/16/97) Also includes several related links within the article.

"Warrior's Princess," People Online article about Renee O'Connor (6/16/97)

"A Car Fit For A Princess," New Zealand Woman's Day, June16, 1997

Total TV's Web-Wide Warriors, top ten Hercules / Xena web sites.

Yahoo Internet Life, "Xena, Web Princess." Vol. 3, No. 5, May 1997

Playboy, May 1997. "20 Questions" interview of Lucy Lawless.

How Xena's Getting It Right, April 1997
Special to the Star by William A. Hynes
Article and html coding courtesy of Carson Court. Thanks!

Entertainment Weekly #369.March 7, 1997

"Warrior Sidekick"
Article about Renee O'Connor
Starlog. March 1997 #236

Axcess Magazine, March 1997 article on Hudson Leick.

February 17, online TV Guide "Short Circuits," "Xena vs. Hercules." There are also other links within the article that might be of interest to fans

TV Guide, February 1, 1997, issue: "Kevin Sorbo: The Man Behind the Myth" This is also posted online at TV Guide's Online website.

January 28, 1997, Lucy Lawless interview with Mr. Showbiz, a service of Starwave (source: 1/27 forum post by Brent, aka whitecat)
Note: description from the Mr. Showbiz website: "Lucy Lawless, the star of TV's Xena: Warrior Princess and role model to fantasy fans talks about her show, getting right back on the horse, and more."

Online TV Guide article by John Walsh, January 15, 1997, with some news about Lucy Lawless and Kevin Sorbo

"Hercules and Xena" (Cover Story)
TV Guide (Canadian Issue). December 14-20, 1996. Vol. 20, No. 49. Issue 1041. (Same text as "Mything Links" in the United States' November issue, which was not the cover story) To see the cover photo, article, and photos, go to Gabbygab's excellent
Xena: Warrior Princess page.

SFX Magazine Photos Page
Tom scanned some of the great photos that illustrated the December 1996 SFX magazine article about the Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules, The Legendary Journeys series.

iguide (TV Guide Online)
"Mything Links," November 9-15, 1996.
Illustrated with two photos.

CNN Interactive
Hollywood Minute, October 18, 1996

"What Puts the Punch in Hercules and Xena?"
Black Belt. September 1996. Vol. 34, No. 9.

UTV News
"Xena Will Ride Again." Illustrated with four photos.

San Diego Union Times
Five archived articles, including a very long article just published on October 15, 1996. You must first register at this site (free), then select the archives button and search using the keyword Xena.

People Daily
"Smoochin' Warrior," Sat., Sun. June 29-30, 1996
Scroll down to this short paragraph to find out what MCA had to say about Lucy Lawless's steamy role in "Peach."

To read a review of the June 19, 1996, premiere of Xena: Warrior Princess in New Zealand, go to Mogul--New Zealand's On-line Entertainment Magazine. Illustrated.

People Magazine
"Xena-Phile: New Zealander Lucy Lawless conquers dastardly foes--and American audience--as Xena: Warrior Princess." April 8, 1996. You can also search for other news of Lucy that has been published in People.

New York Times Television News.
"She's a kick: Xena, Warrior Princess, is TV's toughest sister."
Jan. 31, 1996, article by Jennifer Weiner of Knight-Ridder Newspapers.

Text of TV Guide article by Glenn Kenny. September 30, 1995.

"Xena bursts into prominence"
GT OnLine Lifestyle

Essays, articles, commentaries, and various analyses of the Xena: Warrior Princess.

XMR News
XMR is a periodic annotated world press review of reports regarding the internationally syndicated television show XENA: Warrior Princess (1995-) and castmembers Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor. Go to XMR News to see the most complete list of published media coverage. For a free e-mail subscription send "subscribe XMR" to or go to

Chat Transcript Links

Susan Ward Yahoo Chat Exerpts - 4/29/98: Relating to her role Psyche on Hercules: Legendary Journeys

Steven Sears, Universal Studios Chat, 4/14/98
Steven Sears is the co-executive producer of Xena: Warrior Princess

Renee O'Connor on KTLA Morning News, Los Angeles, 3/31/98

Robert Trebor TV Guide Chat, 3/31/98

Ted Raimi TV Guide Chat, 3/24/98

Hudson Leick, People Online Chat Transcript, 2/19/98

Tony Todd, AOL Chat Transcript, 2/2/98

Bob Bielak Universal Chat Transcript, 8/5/97
Bob Bielak is the Supervising Producer/Co-Executive Producer of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Bruce Campbell, 7/20/97
In Real Audio (a free Real Audio player is available at that website)

Rob Tapert Universal Chat Transcript, 6/25/97

Renee O'Connor AOL Chat Transcript, 4/23/97

Lucy Lawless AOL Chat Transcript, 12/6/96

Articles In Print List/Links

Xena: Warrior Princess Comic
TV Guide, pages 40-44. August 9-15, 1997. Vol. 45, No. 32, Issue #2315.

"6 Degress Of Xena"
Cinescape. July/August 1997. Vol. 2, No. 7.
Illustrated, p. 60-63, plus full-page photo in index.

Realms of Fantasy. August 1997.
Kevin Sorbo on cover, "Kull the Conqueror" article.
*Issue number not available.

"She's A Woman, She's A Warrior, SHE IS Xena"
Parade (Sunday newspaper supplement), July 27, 1997
This is James Brady's "In Step With Lucy Lawless" feature.
Two cover photos of Lucy Lawless

"Playing With Fire"
Starlog #239. June 1997.
Article about Flat Earth Productions' special effects wizadry in Hercules and Xena.

Femme Fatales. June 1997.
*Issue number not available.

"Lucy Lawless"
People Weekly. May 12, 1997. Vol. 47, No. 18.
50 Most Beautiful People in the World 1997
Special Double Issue

"Xena: Web Princess"
Yahoo! May 1997. Vol. 3, No. 5.

"Lucy Lawless: The Woman Behind the Warrior"
TV Guide. May 3-9, 1997.Vol. 45, No. 18. Issue #2301.
Cover photo is Lucy Lawless as Xena.
Article sidebar is "Xena's Naughty Nymph" (Hudson Leick)

"Xena: Warrior Princess"
4-pg. illustrated article.
Starlog. April 1997 #237

"Lucy Lawless"
(Section of "Ten Women Who Said 'I Can'")
Cooking Light. April 1997 Special Anniversary Issue.Vol. 11, No. 3

dreamWatch (UK)
April 1997, #32. Pages 48-51.
A look back at Xena's first season and her rise from infamy.

"Warrior Sidekick"
Article about Renee O'Connor
Starlog. March 1997 #236

3-pg. article, not including 2-pg. photo
Entertainment Weekly #369. March 7, 1997
(My thanks to Carson Court for providing this link to EW's article)

"Coming on Strong," Interview with Kevin Sorbo
Starburst #222. February 1997. Volume 19, No. 6.
Illustrated, including caption erroneously identifying Salmoneous as sidekick Iolaus. Also in same issue, "TV View" section on p. 53 concerns the Hercules and Xena series.

"Xena First-Season Episode Guide--Addendum"
Spectrum. January 1997. Vol. 1, No. 8

"Hercules: The Man Behind the Myth" (Cover Story)
TV Guide. February 1-7, 1997. Vol. 45, No. 5. Issue #2288

"The Legend of Hercules Continues..."
3-pg. illustrated article
"Kevin Sorbo: Hercules Reincarnated"
5-pg. illustrated article (interview)
TV Zone. Issue #86

"The Secret Power of Hercules and Xena"
Cover photo of Hercules, with smaller photo of Xena on cover. Nearly a full-page photo of each on pages 4 and 5; approx. 17 photos illustrating the article.
Inside Karate. February 1997. Volume XVIII, No. 2

"Salesman of the Gods"
4-pg. illustrated article about Robert Trebor (Salmoneus)
Starlog. February 1997 #235

"Herc is a Softie Compared to Xena Warrior Princess"
Femme Fatales. February 1997. Volume 5, No. 8.
Most back issues available for $8.00.

"Xena First-Season Episode Guide--Addendum"
Covers "Death Mask" and "Is There A Doctor In The House"
Spectrum. Vol. 1, No. 8. January 1997.

Title unknown.
One-page article about Xena on p. 65 with a photo on the facing page
Sci-Fi Universe Year In Review
. January 1997

"I Fought the Lawless"
2-pg. article and 1 full-page photo of Xena. Also 2 other photos (1 Xena, 1 Hercules).
Cult Times. December 1996. Issue #15

"Hercules and Xena" (Cover Story)
TV Guide (Canadian Issue). December 14-20, 1996. Vol. 20, No. 49. Issue 1041.
(Same text as "Mything Links" in the United States' November issue, which was not the cover story)
To see the cover photo, article, and photos, go to Gabbygab & Mariner's excellent
Xena: Warrior Princess page.

"TV U.S. 96"
Starburst Yearbook. December 1996. Special #30.
The article mentions Xena: Warrior Princess in a couple of places in the 4-page article and includes a half-page photo of Lucy Lawless as Xena.
British publication; U.S. Distributor: Visual Imagination 818-980-1727; e-mail
(source: 12/1/96 forum post by Lunacy)

"Hip Or Myth?" SFX Behind The Scenes -- p. 52-61.
SFX. December 1996. #19
Includes short sections: Bruce Campbell, Autolycus; Michael Hurst, Iolaus; Lucy Lawless, Xena; Renee O'Connor, Gabrielle.
Illustrated (34 photos)
SFX is published in the UK; back issues are available from the publisher, Future Publishing, online. Go to
SFX Online (FutureNet), and after registering (free), scroll to and click on "Where to Get It" on their home page.
I have not verified the information, but I have read that this issue is now sold out.

SFX Magazine Photos Page
Tom scanned some of the great photos that illustrated the December 1996 SFX magazine article (listed above) about the Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules, The Legendary Journeys series.

"Sexy Stars 1996" p.164; short paragraph on Lucy Lawless, Kevin Sorbo, with photos of each on p. 156 (Lucy Lawless photo is one of the standard Xena promotional photos)
Playboy. December 1996. Vol. 43, No. 12.

"Mything Links" p. 34-39.
TV Guide. Nov. 9-15, 1996. Vol. 44, No. 45. Issue #2276.
Illustrated (has more photos than the online version)
Note: I have a limited supply of this issue available for $4, which covers the cost of the TV Guide, postage, and padded mailer. If interested, please e-mail me at

"Sexy Xena Fights For Her Career" p. 3.
National Examiner. November 5, 1996. Vol. 33, No. 45.

"Brave Xena Vows to Ride Again" p. 26.
Star. October 29, 1996. No. 350.

"Recovering..." p. 18, short paragraph under the heading "MONITOR," with small photo of Lucy Lawless.
Entertainment Weekly. October 25, 1996. No. 350.

"Who Are You Calling Princess?"
Time Out New York. October 3-10, 1996. Issue No. 54.
General Inquiries: 212-460-8744

"More Standout Sidekicks" -- Michael Hurst, p. 30
"Cheers"--Two sentences mentioning Lucy Lawless's appearance on the Rosie O'Donnell show
TV Guide. September 7-13, 1996. Vol. 44, No. 36. Issue #2267

"Hercules: Solving Mythical Dilemmas"
Cinefex. September 1996. No. 67.
Although the article is about Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, it gives insights into special effects (such as the centaurs) seen on both shows.

"Hercules And Xena: Greek Mythology Meets Hong Kong Action"
Sci-Fi Flix. September 1996. Vol. 2, No. 1.

"What Puts the Punch in Hercules and Xena?"
Black Belt. September 1996. Vol. 34, No. 9.

"Savage Sword of Xena" (Lucy Lawless)
"Heroic Relief" (Michael Hurst)
"The Labors of Hercules" (Kevin Sorbo)
Starlog Yearbook. August 1996. Vol. 14.

"Xena: She's Big, Tall, Strong--And Popular"
Ms. Magazine. Special Anniversary Issue
July/August 1996. Vol. VII, No. 1.

"XENA A Warrior Princess for the 90s"
Uptown Magazine. July 1996.

"Hercules & Xena: The Comic Book Begins"
TV Guide. June 15-21, 1996. Vol. 44, No. 24. Issue #2255.

"Xena: Warrior Princess (Part 2 -- Episode Guide)"
Reviews twelve episodes, from Black Wolf to Callisto.
Spectrum. June 1996. Vol. 1, No. 6.

"Xena: Warrior Princess (Part 1 -- Episode Guide)"
Reviews the first ten episodes, plus the three-part Hercules episodes that introduced Xena.
Spectrum. May 1996. Vol. 1, No. 5.

"Xena: More Than a Warrior Princess"
M.A.I.N. April/May 1996. Vol. 1, No. 1.
*Please note that M.A.I.N. stands for Mature Audience Industry News. Must be 18 yrs. or older to order according to information printed on the cover

"Xena-Phile: New Zealander Lucy Lawless conquers dastardly foes--and American audience--as Xena: Warrior Princess."
People Magazine. April 8, 1996.

"Hercules and Xena: Introducing Two Television Legends." A Starburst interview by Joe Nazzaro. 6 oversized pages with 10 photos from both shows.
Starburst TV Sci-Fi Special Issue. April 1996. Issue #27.

"Hercules and Xena put a new face on fantasy legends in their most ancient forms"
Realms of Fantasy. April 1996.

"Hercules and Xena: The legends continue..."
Sci-Fi Entertainment. April 1996.

"Savage Sword of Xena"
Starlog. January 1996. #222.

"Lucy Lawless -- Xena: Warrior Princess"
Femme Fatales. January 1996. Vol. 4, No. 5.
Single copies when purchased from the publisher: $8
Toll Free 800-798-6515 (updated phone number courtesy of Rachelle)

"Xena vs. Hercules"
TV Guide Sci-Fi Fantasy Issue. January 20, 1996. Vol. 44, No. 3. Issue #2234.

Back Ordering Addresses/Information

Addresses and phone numbers for back issues of many of the following magazines are now listed on the Back Order Page and represent all that I am aware of at this time.

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