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Hello Fellow Xenites and Hercules fans!

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I TRULY APPRECIATED ALL the letters and Support I've gotten!!! You all are GREAT!!! It's nice to know that if a Xenite needs help, that there are MANY people more than willing to help!!! Look at the bottom of this listing for a section Thanking MANY of you!!!

For those of you who don't know, Kathy Doerr of Xena Resource Central is no longer in the internet business. Unfortunately, between computer and health problems, it was too much for her to keep up with. MANY THANKS go out to Michael Martinez of XOR(Xena Online Resources), who was GRACIOUS enough to take both websites under his wing!!! I will do MY best to keep up with the duties behind Kathy's site and if you have a message you'd like to send to her, I'll GLADLY send it to her via Snail mail!!!

The New URL for Kathy's Resource Central is:

Xena Online Resources has an index of over 600 Web sites, mailing lists, chat rooms, and other online resources.

Also, a HUGE THANKS to Mich for doing the HTML and Wesser for providing the space!!! And a SPECIAL THANKS to my younger sister Jillian who helped type A LOT of this info, without her help, this Update would never have gotten Updated!!!

The Adventures of Hercules and Xena: The Journey Continues Online.

Find out about the game!

These Tube Watch reports follow the stars and guest-stars of the 2 best shows on TV: Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: Legendary Journeys. There is A LOT of upcoming information of when they will be on TV, movies in the theaters, and otherwise. I try to fill these reports with trivia, spoilers, and MORE. I hope you enjoy and please feel free to write to me to let me know how you liked it or how I could improve. I welcome all feedback and hope you will write if there is anything missing or if I had any info wrong. Thanks!

Each Tube Watch Update is New and Different!!! Some of my older ones still have info in them that will never expire, so if you want to check out some of my past reports: Sept. 27th, Sept. 7th, July 18th, July 1st, and June 17th.

Most of the <<spoilers>> either came from TV Guide Online, Click TV or a Cable movie guide and the Internet Movie Database. There is a What's on Xena/Herk section, various actors sections and other Herk and Xena related/linked topics, Convention and Club section, Merchandise Section, Spy Game sections and will be at the bottom of this listing. Also, at the bottom of this listing (after my sig line) I have a little bit about the rewarding trip I took to Washington D.C. to help the homeless.

The following two sections include the names of everyone I research. The first secton contains links to all the sections of the report and all the stars and guest-stars with upcoming appearance info included within this report. And the second section includes the remaining names of guest-stars who do not have any upcoming appearance info included in this current report. Please inform me if there are any guest-stars you want included in my research, but are not currently listed below in either section. Thanks!!

The names and topics in this section are listed according to their order of presentation in this current report:

Top of Page / Introduction / Xena:WP / Hercules:TLJ / Articles Section / A Tribute to Nathaniel Lees / Lucy Lawless (Xena) / Kevin Sorbo (Hercules) / Renee O'Connor (Gabrielle) / Melinda Clarke (Velaska) / Charles Siebert (director, Sisyphus) / Cynthia Rothrock (Enforcer2) / Nick Kokotakis (Darius) / Roma Downey (Hippolyta) / Tawny Kitaen (Deianeira) / Bobby Hosea (Marcus) /// An Angel At My Table: K.J. Wilson (Xerxes), Willa O'Neill (Lila/Phoebie), Andrew Binns (Hippocrates) /// Peter Needham (Village Elder) / Paul Norell (Fallafel, Statius) / Alison Bruce (Melosa, Postera) / Bruce Campbell (Autolycus) / Ted Raimi (Joxer) / Jeremy Roberts (Thercidese, Derk) / Bridget Hoffman (Echidna) / Tim Thomerson (Meleager the Mighty) / Cory Everson (Atlanta) / Tony Todd (Cecrops, Gladius) / Robert Trebor (Salmoneus, Walin) / Teresa Hill (Nemesis) / Scott Garrison (Perdicas) ///// Topless Women Talk About Their Lives: Willa O'Neill (Lila, Phoebie) - Ian Hughes (Diomedes, Melas) - Andrew Binns (Hippocrates) - Joel Tobeck (Strife) - Danielle Cormack (Ephiny) ///// Karl Urban (Cupid, Caesar) / Kevin Smith (Ares, Iphicles) / Susan Ward (Psyche) / Hudson Leick (Callisto) / Jay Laga'aia (Draco) / Jeremy Callaghan (Palaemon) // Michael Hurst (Iolaus) - Jennifer Ward-Lealand (Voluptua, Boadicea) // Marley Shelton (Iole) / Jacqueline Collen (Penelope) / Alexandra Tydings (Aphrodite) / Related/Linked Topics / Convention and Club Section / Merchandise Section / Spy Game / Thanks Section / Kathy Doerr Appreciation / Closing Section /

Guest-stars listed in this section were researched, but info is not presented for them within this current report:

Karen Witter (original Nemisis) / Claire Yarlett (Thera) / Sam Jenkins (Kiran, Serena) / Jodie Dorday (Solari, Io) / Simon James Prast (Nemos) / Mark Ferguson (Dagnine, John Smythe, Krykus) / Elizabeth Hawthorne (1st Alcamene, Queen Omphale) / Patrick Smith (Dolas, Glauce) / Christine Bartlett (Philana) / Nigel Harbrow (Basculis, Koulos, Turkos) / Teresa Woodham (Zora) / Kristie O'Sullivan (Ophelia) / Chris Ryan (Virgilius) / John Aquino (Ulysses) / Cynthia Rothrock (Enforcer2) / Ebonie Smith (M'Lila) / Paul Norell (Falaffel) / Kim Michalis (Scilla, Leah) / Jeffery Thomas (Jason) / Erik Thomson (Hades) / Lisa Chappel (Dirce, Lydia, Princess Melissa) / Norman Forsey (Princess Diana's father) / Liddy Holloway (2nd Alcamene) / Peter Daube (Petracles, Spiros) / Tanya Dignan (Eponin) / Rebekah Mercer (Terreis) / Emma Turner (Flora) / Julian Garner (Hephaestus) / Karen Shepherd (Enforcer) / Jim Rawdon (Flora's Father?) / Geoff Barlow (Storekeeper) /

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A GREAT web site that has HELPED me know the guest-star's names and characters on Xena is at: http://logomancy.simplenet.com/XENA/EPISODES/

Another GREAT web site that has HELPED me A LOT is the Internet Movie Database!!! You can search for info on anyone and they will give you their Filmography! To make a search for an actor/actress/movie/or TV show, go to: http://us.imdb.com/search

This week's Xena: Warrior Princess is if the episode "Deliverer" <<Xena and her former enemy Boadicea (Jennifer Ward-Lealand) join forces to battle Caesar (Karl Urban); Gabrielle must fight for her own life against evil spirit worshippers.>> <<Xena, Gabrielle and the first priest (Marton Csokas) of a monotheistic cult head for Britannia to battle their common enemy Julius Caesar---who promptly captures Gabrielle. Meridian: Catherine Boniface. Ares: Kevin Smith.>> I CAN'T WAIT to see this!!! This is the ep. that starts to show us what all the "rumors" that have been going around the net are all about…regarding Gabrielle and continues on to next week's episode.

Next week's Xena: Warrior Princess is of the episode "Gabrielle's Hope" <<Gabrielle must make a difficult decision regarding her allegiance to Xena after she gives birth to the daughter of Dahak, the Evil One.>> I CAN'T WAIT to see this!!! The "rumor" about Gabrielle's birth has been speculated about for a LONG time!!! And also the "rumor" about the Upcoming rift between Xena and Gabrielle is supposed to be shown as well…

Thanks to Diva for posting what she saw in TV Guide about Gabrielle's Baby: "Gabrielle gives birth to the "Daughter of Darkness." The warrior's fiery encounter with Dahak, the "Force of Darkness," left her more than shaken - it left her nauseous. Before long, three evil Banshees materialize, worshipping Gabrielle and calling her "The Source." Both she and Xena suspect that something strange is going on, and sure enough, Gabrielle's belly begins to grow at a rapid rate. The birth of a beautiful baby girl soon follows, and Gabrielle names her Hope, hoping for the best. But when Xena looks at the child all she sees is despair -- which doesn't bode well for the friendship of the two warriors."

The week of 11/03/97, has X:WP's "Betrayal"(according to the Universal Xena episode site. The next episode is "Debt II". I believe "Betrayal" is "Debt I". Click TV has this episode listed as "The Debt" Part 1 of 2.) <<A dying Chinese warrior sends Xena (Lucy Lawless) back to her treacherous past with a message to kill the Green Dragon. With Renee O'Connor.>> This is supposed to be a TREMENDOUS episode, not for just the sheer beauty of the countryside of China, but also the storyline!!! >From the VF Con, Sharon tells us that "the X:WP ep. "The Debt" was shot in China and produced by Rob Tapert. It is like "Destiny" in that they have flashback to when Xena was a 'Destroyer of Nations' and has a reference to "The Price" where Xena has plans for the 10,000 Dead. Xena is One Bad Chick in this one"!!! When Lucy called to talk to Renee, Lucy said, "Now, Don't hate anybody during the China episode." Renee said that she's more comfortable with Gabrielle now that she's grown up some, but she's very uncomfortable with some future episodes. Someone asked what her hardest episode was. She says it's coming up and that she didn't agree with Gabrielle's choices. "You have to have a balance in life". All in All…This is one NOT TO MISS!!!

Whoosh! has info on all past Xena eps. and upcoming!!! It can be found at: http://www.thirdstory.com/whoosh/epguide/index.html

GREAT behind the scenes pix of the Upcoming Xena ep. "King of Assassins" can be found at: http://www.bccentral.com/uxena.html

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This week's Hercules: The Legendary Journeys is of the episode "Web of Desire" <<Hercules and Iolaus join forces with the beautiful pirate Nebula (Gina Torres) to battle the deadly spider-woman Arachne (Josephine Davison).>> <<Hercules, Iolaus and a beautiful pirate seek refuge from a storm in a cavern. Bad luck---it's home to a killer cocoon. Paxxon: Craig Ancell. Cercetes: Hemi Rudolph. Bromius: Doug McCaulay. Monicles: Derek Judge.>> I CAN'T WAIT to see this one!!!

Next week's Hercules: The Legendary Journeys is of the episode "Stranger in a Strange World" <<Herc and Iolaus find themselves in parallel worlds, each saddled with lookalikes of the other who act very differently. Meanwhile, Zeus appears to be dying. Xena II: Lucy Lawless. Ares: Kevin Smith. Aphrodite: Alexandra Tydings. Joxer II: Ted Raimi. Gabrielle II: Renee O'Connor.>> <<Following a fierce battle with Ares, Hercules races to rescue Iolaus from a cutthroat parallel universe and save the life of his father, Zeus.>> I CAN'T WAIT to see this!!! I LOVE cross-overs!!! And with a line up like this… this is 1 I don't want to miss!!! At the VF Con, Sharon(Creation) said, "Ares is the God of Love and it is an homage to Star Trek with Herk having a goatee just like Spock's".

The week of 11/03/97, has H: LJ's "Two Men and a Baby" << After finding out he's a father, Hercules (Kevin Sorbo) engages in a fierce battle with Ares (Kevin Smith) over the life of the magically endowed baby. With Michael Hurst.>> This is going to be a GREAT episode!!! Also, it's NICE to see Kevin Smith more often!!!

Thanks to Michael Martinez for posting this info from-- Kevin Sorbo, as interviewed in Universal Pictures Press Release: "You came up with the story for the episode Two Men and A Baby that is set to air this season. What's the show about and will you be developing additional stories?

"Yes, Two Men and A Baby was my idea, but I worked very closely with John Hudock who actually wrote the episode. Once we broke the mythological barrier in Hercules, I thought it would be great to adapt a Biblical tale like the Moses story. In this show, Hercules and Iolaus stumble across a baby floating down a river, which ends up being Nemesis' child and possibly Hercules' own son. There's a lot of humor in the episode since the baby has various powers. But there's also a good deal of soul-searching Hercules must do in considering the possibility that he may be the baby's father. I do have story ideas for additional episodes but it's very hard to find time to develop them."

For some GREAT behind the scenes pix of H:LJ's "Beanstalks and Bad Eggs"at:

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Check out XENA MEDIA REVIEW (XMR) at: http://xenafan.com/xmr

Hey Everybody! Whoosh! is celebrating this month with their FIRST ANNIVERSARY ISSUE!!! October marks Issue #13 in Whoosh!'s publication. Hey! With a Online Magazine this GREAT...Who said 13 is an "Unlucky" number!?! ;)

There are MANY GREAT articles this month!!! As for the Interviews: Kathleen M. Cummings brings us: An Interview with Charles Siebert (Sisyphus in "10 Little Warlords", voice of Poseidon, and director of "Orpan Of War" and "Comedy Of Eros"). Bret Ryan Rudnick brings us: An Interview with Chris Ryan (Virgilius from "10 Little Warlords") and An Interview with Bernadette Joyce (Coordinating Producer for both X:WP and H:LJ) Check out WHOOSH! at:

My review of MY VF Con. and Grease Experience will be in Next Month's Issue!!!

WGA had an E-mail interview with Steven L. Sears, who is currently the co-executive producer of "Xena" at:
There's also a link to see some pages from X:WP "Orphan of War" Script!!!

Thanks to Beth Gaynor who posted that we can: "Listen to Auckland radio. the web site http://www.91.8fm.co.nz is an Auckland pop radio station that sends its broadcast over RealAudio on the web. If you have a decent connection speed (mine plays pretty well at 28.8), you can listen to Auckland radio." Her site Rate-A-Xena is at:

Thanks to Pallen for posting an item from The Associated Press, By ERIC R. QUINONES, NEW YORK (AP) - Home Shopping Network's parent company is buying most of Universal Studios' television operations, including the USA Network and Sci-Fi Network, for $4.1 billion, the companies said today. HSN Inc., headed by entertainment mogul Barry Diller, will change its name to USA Networks Inc. and combine the cable networks with HSN's broadcast stations and controlling interest in Ticketmaster.

The deal comes a month after Seagram took sole control of USA Network in a $1.7 billion buyout of partner Viacom Inc., ending a long legal battle between the two companies. The HSN purchase also includes 50 percent of USA Network's international operations and Universal's U.S. television production and distribution business, which includes the shows ``Law & Order,'' ``Xena: Warrior Princess'' and ``Sally Jesse Raphael.'' It does not include Universal's television library or international TV operations. Both companies' stocks jumped this morning. HSN shares were up $4.37 1/2 at $43 on the Nasdaq Stock Market, while Seagram shares rose $1.50 to $33.93 3/4 on the New York Stock Exchange.

Universal will get a 45 percent stake in HSN and Liberty Media's stake will shrink to 15 percent. Liberty, the programming arm of giant cable operator Tele-Communications Inc., will have the right to boost its stake to 25 percent. HSN, based in St. Petersburg, Fla., was a pioneer in 24-hour televised shopping programs in 1982. The company also owns 25 broadcast stations and a controlling interest in Ticketmaster Group Inc., the world's leading computerized ticketing service. Diller was the longtime head of Paramount Pictures and a force behind the creation of the Fox network. AP-NY-10-20-97 0957EDT Copyright 1997 The Associated Press.

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Highlight on Nathaniel Lees:

At the VF Con, I "Stumped the Experts" with a question!!! My Question was: "What is the actor's name that appeared on 'Hercules And the Lost Kingdom', X:WP's "Destiny", and X:WP's "Dreamworker"? The answer is: Nathaniel Lees, but they said Daniel Lees!!! I won a script of the X:WP ep. "The Quest" that has a GREAT 8x10 picture of Renee and Michael!!! Very EXCITING where I haven't bought it…YET!!

! In Hercules and the Lost Kingdom, Nathaniel played the Blue Priest, who kept following Deianeira (a pre-Gabrielle Renee O'Connor) and tried to sacrifice her to Hera. He reappeared as the Blue Priest on H:LJ's "Wedding of Alcamene" to cause even more mayhem and he brought along the same monster from H:TLK too!!! He plays Cyrus, the immigrant who is enslaved, only to escape and take on Herk in H:LJ's "The March To Freedom". The IMDB says he was an "Emissary" in the H:LJ ep. "The Gauntlet".

On X:WP's "Dreamworker", he played Manus, the Mystic High Priest trying to get Gabrielle to loose her "Blood Innocence". In X:WP's "Destiny", he played Nicklio, whom M'Lila (and later Gabrielle) takes Xena to, so that she can be healed.

Nathaniel is a VERY TALENTED actor!!! He is no stranger to the world of H:LJ and X:WP. He has been on NUMEROUS episodes, but in each one he is a different character, so you NEVER know where he might turn up next…And as what!!!

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Lucy Lawless played Sarah McFee in an episode of the TV show Adventures of the Black Stallion called "Riding the Volcano". The Odessey channel airs the Adventures of the Black Stallion every Mon-Fri at 3PM, Oct. 25(12PM), then Mon-Fri at 4PM, Nov. 1(1PM). They don't have an episode guide, but sooner or later it is bound to be aired.

CONGRATUATIONS to Lucy and Robert!!! They recently got engaged!!! Here's a simple card my family made for you both!!!
Also, There's an Announcement about their engagement on E! Online at:
There is also a link about her run on Grease and the other Rizzo's that have had the role.

Lucy just finished starring as Rizzo(or as someone put it on one of the mail lists: Rixxo) in the Broadway production of Grease!!! She has been doing 8 shows a week from Sept. 2 until Oct. 19!!! Boy! What a schedule!!! My mom, sister, a friend and went to see her on Oct. 7 and was LUCKY enough to get FRONT row Center stage seats!!! I even got to meet Lucy!!! I waited for 2 hours and as she was signing my picture I said, "THANKYOU LUCY"!!! She said in her BEAUTIFUL kiwi accent, "It's My Pleasure" and smiled!!! I was so EXCITED, but got tired of being pushed, so I left my prime spot and to my dismay... Renee and MommaROC came a short time later. I should've stayed where I was!!! Oh, well!!! The SHOW WAS GREAT!!! I hope you all had a chance to see it!!!

Thanks to Rich for letting me know that TV Guide Online: "talk about the box office take for Grease at: http://www.tvguide.com/dish/1001b.htm And Thanks to Vesper for posting: "there is a very short quicktime video of LL singing in Grease at the CNN Interactive site. It can be found at:

Sharon(Creation) lets us know: "I hope no one minds, but I'm the one who thought of asking Lucy if she would like to call Renee and when we asked her, she loved the idea. There was no phone line installed in that area. Creation had a line put in especially for the call. And I gave Lucy the time and phone number to call. Renee knew the call was coming, but Lucy disguised her voice so effectively, that even Renee was unsure until the yell who it was The Ryans had been scheduled to attend that performance of Grease for some time.

Marener was the LUCKY one who bought lot #4 and got to go back stage to meet LUCY on the historical Oct. 7th show!!! "If you remember back a few weeks, The 11th annual Broadway Flea Market an Grand Auction was held on Sat. Sept. 27th in the Shubert Alley, Sponsored by Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids (BC/EFA). The 4th lot up for auction was "Rizzo, The Warrior Princess" and included: meeting Ms Lawless, a photo with her, a backstage tour, tickets to Grease, a poster of LL as Rizzo signed by the cast and dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe.

"The cast of GREASE have made BC/EFA "their charity" and are working to continually raise money for it!!! Although Ms. Lawless is a guest in this country and doing GREASE while on her "holiday" from her work on X:WP, SHE HAS LENT BOTH HER NAME AND HER TIME to raise money for this charity !!! If you can help the cast of GREASE with their fund raising, it would be a wonderful way to say "THANK YOU" to Ms. Lawless for her personal efforts on behalf of this charity. Tax deductable Donations may be made to BC/EFA and mailed to: BC/EFA, ATTN: Mr. Smith, 230 W. 49th St., Eugene O'Neill Theatre, NY, NY 10036

>From Sharon(Creation): LUCY LAWLESS LENDS HER VOICE TO OPPOSE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE; AUSTIN, Oct. 3, Ellen Rubenstein Fisher, director of the National Domestic Violence Hotline, announced today that Lucy Lawless has added her voice to the many others speaking out during October, Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Lawless, star of the hit syndicated series "Xena: Warrior Princess," filmed a 30-second public service announcement that aired during the broadcast of the third season premiere of "Xena." In the PSA, Lawless says: "On 'Xena,' our battles are make believe and no one gets hurt. At the end of the day, we take off our costumes and we go home. In real life, domestic violence injures and kills. But you can get help -- and you don't need Xena's superhuman powers. You have a weapon that she doesn't -- the telephone. If you or someone you know needs help, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline, 1-800-799-SAFE. Your call will be answered day or night, in English or Spanish. Xena would want you to call. So do I."

"We appreciate Lucy's generosity in donating her time and talents to help us publicize the Hotline number and services," said Fisher. "Lucy is an incredibly strong role model who inspires women to take positive actions in their lives. We felt that she could deliver our message in a way that would increase public awareness of the Hotline."

"As a celebrity, I've been asked to support many causes," Lawless said. "I feel that my role as Xena can be most effectively used to empower people to take charge of their lives. People need to know that they have choices and that the Hotline is there for them."

"The Hotline is here to help callers plan for their safety and that of their children," said Fisher. "If they need to talk about a violent relationship or their growing fear of a partner, I urge them to call the Hotline or their local domestic violence program. People who care are standing by to answer the phones." The Hotline also assists callers who are family members or friends with concerns about a loved one. The Hotline may be reached by calling 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or, for the deaf, 1-800-787-3224 (TTY).

Since the opening of the Hotline on Feb. 21, 1996, staff and volunteers have answered 141,760 calls (through Sept. 25, 1997). The staff and volunteers who answer the phones are trained to provide crisis intervention, information and referrals to local programs. The Hotline has the largest database of local domestic violence programs in the nation. The National Domestic Violence Hotline was established under the Violence Against Women Act and is funded by governmental, foundation, corporate and individual support."

Sharon (Creation) writes: "I'd like to do a couple pages of fan-shot pics of Lucy at Grease (i.e. the autographing outside) in the next issue of the newsletters. If anyone has any they would like to submit, please let me know. Did anyone happen to videotape one of those autograph sessions outside the theatre? We're looking for a copy for the office files. Lucy has requested that all fan mail for her be sent to the Official Xena: WP Fan Club rather than New Zealand, Universal or Renaissance. Xena/Hercules Official Fan Clubs web page:

Lucy will be in an Upcoming book entitled: 'The Women of Xena'!!! See Hudson's section for more info. Also, Lucy has been nominated for some awards in NZ!!! For more info, see the 'Topless Women Talk About Their Lives' Section.

Thanks to Sekhmet for posting Lucy's Sept. 22nd AOL Chat:

Pomond: Hello Everyone! Welcome to the chat with actress Lucy Lawless, who plays the mythical heroine of the hit show "Xena: Warrior Princess" ... as well as Betty Rizzo in the Broadway production of "Grease!" I (Pomond) will be your host today; my co-host is onstage under the screen name of Demigod446. Lucy is chatting via screen name: LucyLawls from the WPIX-TV studios in New York City.

Demigod446: For those who don't know, Lucy is a native of Mt. Aukland, New Zealand, who first caught the imagination of television viewers with her portrayal of the statuesque Xena in the hit series, "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys." Almost six feet tall, the 29-year-old Lucy is the fifth of seven children. Until the age of eight, she was very much a tomboy, following in the footsteps of her four older brothers. After high school, Lucy attended Aukland University for a short time before her passion for adventure took her to Europe. When her money ran out, she headed back to Australia and worked for a gold-mining company in Kalgoorie as one of the very few women miners. She did the same grueling work s the men - digging, mapping and driving trucks. She later returned to Australia and married, where her now nine-year-old daughter Daisy was born. Lucy's a natural for the difficult physical challenges that the role of Xena demands. She trains with martial arts master Douglas Wong for the intricate martial arts moves, sword play and stunt work on the show. In additon to her physical prowess, Lucy also has an aptitude for languages - she speaks English, German, French and some Italian. She's also studied opera for several years and reportedly has a passion for jazz music.

Pomond: Lucy, welcome to this chat!

LucyLawls: hey everyone

Pomond: How are you doing today?

LucyLawls: box of birds

Pomond: Sounds like a "can of worms" :-)

LucyLawls: it means that's good I am feeling great$done

Pomond: Lucy, before we go directly to questions and comments from your fans, we wanted to ask you a question or two of our own ...Lucy, we understand that you're currently playing the role of Rizzo in the musical "Grease!" through Oct. 19 at the Eugene O'Neill Theater in New York City. How did you originally land

LucyLawls: yes

Pomond: this role?

LucyLawls: a producer spotted me on Rosie O'Donnell and offered me the part even though at that stage they had not seen Xena before

Demigod446: She just can't get away from those bad girl roles!

Pomond: :-)

LucyLawls: Who'd want to

Pomond: :-0 OK, I've got another question for ya ...The character of Xena has been called a feminist icon for the 90s. How do you feel about being cast in the position of a role model, especially for girls and young women?

LucyLawls: whoa. it is an honor to be a part of something that has such a positive influence on other people, especially young women and women in their forties who are perhaps re-entering the work force or breaking away from an abusive relationship, but I am just as pleased that young men are at last seeing a new paradigm of women in television

Pomond: Many people may not realize that you had a big say in Xena's original appearance and character (for instance, your push for Xena to have black hair, rather than the original blond.) Do you feel that your career and the popularity of Xena have changed attitudes in the TV industry about how heroines are portrayed?

LucyLawls: I think it may have encouraged a swing towards some sort of equality in terms of who stars in a show but they are still reluctant to follow us into the female action hero realm

Pomond: You're definitely blazing a new path.

Demigod446: Brunettes are better than blondes anyway!

LucyLawls: I personally feel that women are the largest growing…I know this sounds silly but power base in terms of who is holding the remote in the home whether they are Hispanic African-American, gay... women are starting to find themselves represented

Demigod446: well put :)

Pomond: Lucy, we have A TON of people here to see you. ...Let's go to some questions from users! "Gabby8457" would like to know...
Question: What is it like to be a single mother and have to raise a young daughter?

LucyLawls: I am not raising her alone, she has an excellent father with whom I share custody

Demigod446: She's a mum of all trades!

Pomond: OK, here's another question from a user; this one from "Trellopa"
Question: Can we purchase a recording of Grease with you singing on it?

LucyLawls: not at this stage

Pomond: I've got a question about your musical tastes ...We've heard that you're a big fan of music, especially jazz and opera. If you could master one musical instrument, what would it be and why would you choose it?

LucyLawls: I sing on the animated feature coming out in January. hmmmm

Pomond: That's yet another singing excursion.

LucyLawls: I guess the violin because it can make you cry

Pomond: It DOES sound a lot like the human voice ...

LucyLawls: or the piano- i'd like to play honky-tonk piano

Demigod446: A warrior psrincess who's sensitive, too!

Pomond: All right -- we have another user question, this one from "Aryella9"
Question: Hi Lucy! Have you found Grease fun? And what, if any, challenges have presented themselves in playing the character of Rizzo? Also, I hear there is to be a costume change in the 3rd season for your character Xena. Do you like the new or the old costume?

LucyLawls: yes Grease is fun, especially now that I am not spending every waking moment in fear and trembling that I have to go on stage every night

Demigod446: I'll bet you were a natural for a the fast-talking part of Rizzo!

LucyLawls: I like the old costume but its not audience friendly

Pomond: ... after you got over your stage fright, that is. LucyLawls: it is not a hero's costume…it's for a bad ass chick

Pomond: :-0

LucyLawls: but don't worry Xena hasn't thrown it out yet

Pomond: Remind me to have Xena on my side the next time I'm in a fight :-) All right, "RLD1963" would like to know ...
Question: how long does it take to film a episode?

LucyLawls: on average, eight days…we film thirty-two weeks a year

Pomond: Lucy, "Mansuetud" would like to know ...

Demigod446: I'll bet you're glad it's close to your home and family in NewZealand.
Question: I am a 13 year old girl, have a brown belt in karate, and Xena is my hero. I collect your comics, and am wondering if you are coming out with a movie.

LucyLawls: hmmm…it would have to be a REALLY great premise and I would have to be able to have a holiday as working 18 months-solid would kill me

Pomond: All right, here's another question from a user ...This one comes from "Lycanthra":
Question: Lucy, Do you have any input into the scripts and development of your character? If so, how much?

LucyLawls: ummm, my input into scripts is negligible apart from on the day of filming when we can ad lib but really the writers and producers don't need my help, frankly, I am too busy trying to uphold my end of the bargain as an actress to worry about tooling around in their business…my job keeps me plenty busy

Pomond: All right; we have another question. "Rugrat206" would like to know...
Question: Lucy would you be offended if I told you I loved you? :)

Demigod446: I'm sure you have a lot of fans who feel that way! :)

LucyLawls: thank you very much

Pomond: Onward to the next question! "JudyWN" asks:
Question: Hi Lucy, you are doing a great job in Grease I was wondering if you have been able to enjoy New York while you have been there or is it all bussness?

LucyLawls: I am beginning to now…I can relax because I know what my job is now, my daughter and her cousin have arrived, so I am having excellent quality family time with them which always relaxes me

Pomond: Here's another user question ...This comes from "Animorph1"...
Question: What similarities do you have with Xena warrior Princess?

LucyLawls: hmm…Xena comes out of me, but she is not the whole story

Pomond: Let's move on to a question from "ErthCross"...
Question: Lucy- Do you believe in Greek Mythology?

LucyLawls: The older I get the more like Xena become, I am becoming testier more taciturn and I only say what I think…NO!

Pomond: (Folks, she's referring to the question from "ErthCross") All right, Lucy. I wanted to ask you a question...As I'm sure you're aware, "Xena ..." has a huge following in the lesbian community. How has this attraction affected the show, and do you and the show's producers try to address it within the Story?

LucyLawls: go head…not really…when it was brought to our attention we thought it was an amusing parallel and had a bit of fun with it, but the show is not about sexuality and it relies on great stories with heart, it is about friendship and love

Demigod446: How sweet :)

LucyLawls: we leave it to the audience to make what they want of it…it is their show

Pomond: All right. Let's go back to user questions...This comes from "Animorph1" ...
Question: How does the Bid work???…Oops; sorry -- wrong question. Let's move on. This question comes from "TTholl 42"...How many seasons do they plan to continue airing XENA

LucyLawls: as long as we make it…at least until the year 2000

Demigod446: Great! :)

Pomond: Hey, with ratings like "Xena," you could make it to 3,000... :-)

LucyLawls: LOL

Pomond: Here's another question. This one comes from "Mchakram"...
Question: Which do you like doing better, Xena or Broadway?

LucyLawls: Xena, I love Broadway but the constant challenge of Xena means that I will be anxious to get back to New Zealand

Pomond: I'll bet! Your homeland...Actually, we have a New Zealand-esque question for you from "Adora96"...
Question: What is your favorite New Zealand food?

LucyLawls: Hmmmm…New Zealand Cadbury's chocolate, vegimite

Demigod446: I'll bet you love croisus, too.

Pomond: vegimite? Sounds pretty dubious to me...

LucyLawls: our food is exactly like the food you have here it is no different

Pomond: OK. Here's a question for you from "E2JORL":
Question: Hi Lucy! Can I touch your chakrum? :D Please describe your off-screen relationship with Renee O'Connor. Good? Bad? Indifferent? Selling tickets to the cat fights?

LucyLawls: Renee is the best friend that have on the set, she rang me before my first performance on Grease she is often the first person I think to call when I am about to do something…scary... like the first time I went on Letterman

Pomond: did you call her before that appearance on Leno? (the one where you injured yourself)

LucyLawls: no perhaps I should have things might have turned out differently

Pomond: All right. Here's another user question. This comes from "Clarkerx" ....
Question: Will Xena have anymore episodes with Hercules this season? I love those

LucyLawls: YES but I crossed over into Herc…I play a type of gangster's moll in an alternative universe where is Aries is the God of LOOOOOOVE

Pomond: That's weird! Love and war going hand in hand ...

Demigod446: :)

LucyLawls: where Herc is evil and Xena is an even more low-rent version and nasty version of Meg

Pomond: Awwww, I wouldn't call Xena "low rent"!!!!! :-)

Demigod446: low rent but loveable

LucyLawls: It is Xena 2: In an Alternative Universe

Pomond: Lucy, we're running out of time, unfortunately. Let's go to one more user question ...This question comes from "FoodSrvEq" ...
Question: Is it uncomfortable being so physical in those outfits you have to wear in character?

LucyLawls: no they are perfectly crafted fighting togs…we worked out all the bugs

Pomond: Lucy, it has truly been a pleasure having you here with us. Do you have any final comments?

LucyLawls: Thanks very much hanging around… I know I have only answered a few of your questions

Pomond: BTW, thousands of users came to this event. The online universe loves you!

LucyLawls: but I appreciate you taking the time to logon…God Bless, see you on the Box

Pomond: THANK YOU Lucy!

Demigod446: Thanks for stopping by Lucy! We wish you the best.

Pomond: Let's have some applause for Lucy!

Demigod446: More applause!

Pomond: Everyone, thanks for coming to the chat with Lucy Lawless! We hope you enjoyed this event, and that you come back soon for more great online programming!

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Kevin Sorbo: From a Sept. 9th post on the Hercules Netforum: Olympiana tells us: "As many of you know Kevin suffered from an aneurysm in his left shoulder which sent some blood clots down into his left arm. He did not suffer a stroke as some publications have reported. I've also heard they are blaming steroids and that is not true because Kevin does not use them. Kevin is almost back to his old self. I've been told he looks good. If you would like to send cards, flowers, etc. Kevin has requested that you send them to his manager Beverlee Dean at her office, 8924 Clifton Way, Suite 103, Beverly Hills, California 90211

From a Sept. 27th post, Michael Martinez posted: "It was reported on Usenet from Atlanta tonight that after 2 days of filming Kevin was again taken to the hospital. All that was said was that he would be all right."

>From a Sept. 30th post, Michael Martinez posted: "Last week it was reported on Usenet that Kevin Sorbo had gone to the hospital after filming only two days on the movie "Black Dog" in Atlanta. What I have now heard from two sources, both with reasonable contacts at Universal Pictures, is that Kevin Sorbo has withdrawn from the movie but will return to New Zealand as scheduled in November to resume work on HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS. Only one source confirms that Kevin went into the hospital. BOTH SOURCES insist that he is fine by all accounts and not in any serious condition."

Sandi-J wrote to MCA/Universal and got this reply: "Kevin dropped out of the movie from physical exhaustion. It was just too much going from our hectic production schedule, to Kull, back to ours, then straight onto another project. He'd head back onto our show completely spent. His body was feeling some wear and tear, and he decided to pull out of the film and take some time off. I'm glad he did. He'll be better in the long run for it."

Thanks to Nannyboo for posting on Oct. 15 what she saw on CNN's Hollywood Minute: "They reported that Patrick Swayze was 'considering' taking the role in Black Dog after Kevin passed on it to recover from a 'shoulder injury'.

Thanks to Newscat for posting on Oct. 16, Subject: From People Online: "SWAYZE FOR SORBO; The Hollywood Reporter claims "Dirty Dancing" and "Ghost" leading man Patrick Swayze is in final negotiations to replace "Hercules" TV star Kevin Sorbo in the movie "Black Dog." Sorbo was forced to drop out of the project last month because of exhaustion complicated by an aneurysm in his shoulder. Swayze's taken his lumps recently, too: Last year he broke his leg while filming a stunt. He's now said to be fully recovered."

Thanks to Rich for letting me know: "TVGuide Online has an article on Kevin's injury status and the movie he was supposed to do at:

This from Sharon(Creation): "Kevin was asked to do a number of cons with us during his hiatus, but he needed to wait until his movie plans were settled. That is always a first priority with actors and Creation is aware of this and supportive whenever an actor has to pull out of a show because of film work. Unfortunately, at some point, we have to finalize a con and the Minneapolis one was the only one he could confirm. We will continue to try and have him as a guest in various parts of the country when he is available. I'd like to do a couple pages of fan-shot pics of Kevin during his KULL PR tour in the next issue of the newsletters. If anyone has any they would like to submit, please let me know." Xena/Hercules Official Fan Clubs web page:

Thanks Again to: Michael Martinez for posting Hercules Fourth Season Info: "In the episode called...And Fancy Free, I wind up ballroom dancing in a sort of matador outfit. I really got a kick out of that. There's a parallel universe episode in which I get to play both Hercules and a guy known as The Sovereign, who's a really nasty piece of work. Now that we're in our fourth season, Rob Tapert and the writers are really stirring things up. It'll be an interesting mix of both comedy and drama."
-- Kevin Sorbo, as interviewed in Universal Pictures Press Release

A GREAT web site devoted to Kevin/Hercules is at:
Also, check out Lady Pegasus' site for REALLY GREAT pix of Kevin!!! at:
Another, Great site for both shows is at:
Another web site is Allison's Hercules and Xena Links at:

Kevin Sorbo International Fan Club, PO Box 410, Buffalo Center, IA 50424 sorbofanclub@worldnet.att.net hotline 612-953-4179 "Be Strong in a World That's Weak"

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Renee O'Connor plays Laurie Brinkman in the movie Darkman II: The Return of Durant shown on MAX2 on Oct. 27(8:30PM). Kim Delaney(NYPD Blue) is also in the movie as a journalist.<<Scientist Peyton Westlake once again battles his arch nemesis, who was presumed dead in a helicopter crash.>> I think that this is a really good movie! Renee was GREAT in it!!! She played Dieneira in the movie Hercules and the Lost Kingdom. They liked her so much they asked her to do this movie which then became the role of Gabrielle on Xena! I'm so GLAD they chose Renee!!! I can't think of anyone else who could play her role nearly as well as she does!!!

Thanks to Griller for posting a message from Kelly: "Hi, I'm from WB 17 (WPHL-TV) in Philadelphia. I thought all of the local Xena fans would love to know that we will be airing exclusive interviews with Renee O'Connor and Hudson Leick on Thursday October 30 on WB 17 News At Ten. You will not want to miss this. We will also air a piece on the devoted fans on November 21st."

Thanks to Bello for letting me know that in his area, his local Dallas WB station is re-running NYPD Blue episodes. With this info, I checked into it and looked in future weeks. From the looks, they will be showing the eps. In order!!! My local WB station is not showing it, but my ABC(WTNH) is on Sat. nights at 12:30am, my estimation is that Renee's ep. "Oscar Meyer Wiener" will be shown on Nov. 29th!!! The last time I did an estimation like this was when FX started airing the eps. and I was only 1 day off, so I'll keep you posted as it comes closer!!!

Renee was on the Regis and Kathie Lee show on Oct. 6, but her interview was cut WAY TOO SHORT!!! To make it up to Renee, she was supposed to be on the Oct. 13th show, but was cut AGAIN!?! If you'd like to write to them to let them know how much we TRULY want to see a decent interview…Their E-mail addy is: http://www.tvplex.com/Mail/ Here's Their SNAIL MAIL Address: LIVE! WITH REGIS & KATHIE LEE, 7 Lincoln Square, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10023

I had a GREAT front row seat to see Renee at the VF Con!!! I was so EXCITED to be there!!! Renee was GREAT!!! When I met Renee, I just kept talking about a mile a minute and before I left, I apologized as I am not usually like this. She said, "That's OK" and smiled an understanding smile at me, so I didn't feel so bad about the whole thing. Well, not Quite so bad, still a little embarrassing… I was so GLAD I was able to go!!!

Sharon(Creation) lets us know: "I hope no one minds, but I'm the one who thought of asking Lucy if she would like to call Renee and when we asked her, she loved the idea. There was no phone line installed in that area. Creation had a line put in especially for the call. And I gave Lucy the time and phone number to call. Renee knew the call was coming, but Lucy disguised her voice so effectively, that even Renee was unsure until the yell who it was Ted is the one who thought of visiting Renee on stage and when we told her about what he wanted to do, she didn't just *like* the idea, she *loved* it. It added to the fun she could have on stage cuz they are very good friends and also helped to alleviate her nervousness. She's an actress and this gave her something to play off."

This in From Rocweb: "Rocweb is putting together a special scrapbook for both Renee and MommaROC. We plan to document the first two convention appearances of Renee. In order to do this - we need your help and generosity. We are requesting donations of fan snapshots from both Valley Forge and San Francisco. Photos covering the ENTIRE convention experience -people enjoying themselves -people with MommaROC -snaps of Renee. Also, please do not e-mail these photos as attachements-we need the real photos we can scan for either web or print. These photos need to be copies that the fan club can keep and use in the scrapbook, or on the website or newsletter. Of course, we want to include complete photo credits - so be sure to write or type your full name or your screen name and your e-mail address (optional) on a label and attach it to the back of each picture. Don't write directly on the back of the pictures or the scanner will pick up the pen impressions. We also want to include some written comments and impressions from the fans about their convention experiences."

Please everyone - send those photos and comments to: ROC Fan Club, P. O. Box 180435, Austin, TX 78718-0435, Attn: CONVENTION STUFF FOR ROCWEB
Obviously we cannot use every photo or comment we receive, but we will do our danged best! :-)

Also from Rocweb: Renee will be in a TEXAS MONTHLY MAGAZINE short article to run in the October 1997 issue. While Reneé was on the East Coast, we understand that interviews were conducted with the following: The World of Hibernia magazine, TVGuide Insider, Associated Press TV, Associated Press Radio, Seventeen Magazine, The New Paper (Singapore) (Singapore Press Holdings), Keep an eye on future issues of People Magazine for pictures of Reneé and Lucy at the Grease performance."

Thanks to Michelle for posting the URL for Renee's recent interview for The New Paper (Singapore)!!! It has 3 pictures(2 of Renee and 1 of Lucy) and audio clips so that you can hear parts of the interview!!! at: http://web3.asia1.com.sg/tnp

The Handpuppet posted: "The product # for the new Gab poster is 50241297. Apparently there won't be any bookmarks , but I left a suggestion for them to produce some! So make sure you also make a plea for bookmarks when you order the Gab poster. The posters will cost $8.00 each. Shipping costs are as follows: Up to $20, there is a $4.00 shipping charge. $20-50, there is a $6.00 shipping charge $50-$100, there is an $8.00 shipping charge. You can order the poster by calling the ALA (American Library Association) at 1-800-545-2433, then press 7. Thanks to Lunacy, who adds: "The Gabrielle poster is FANTASTIC!! It's about 34"h x 17"w, features a full-body shot of the bard telling stories to some kids. The Gabster is wearing her usual brown skirt with the BGSB and looks very pretty. At the bottom of the poster you can see the backs of the kids she's telling the stories too. On top it reads SHARE with the second line reading THE STORY on one side and THE LEGACY on the other. Around the middle of the poster, off to one side in smaller letters it says GABRIELLE FOR AMERICA'S LIBRARIES. Proceeds from this poster go to a good cause guys - ALA is the premier library organization in the country. I'm a librarian so I know :) They are VERY active in promoting literacy and education."

This in from Rocweb: ROC Article in Gemstone Publication: "The good folks at Gemstone Publications have done a "Special Xena Report" (in Arnold Blumberg's Ground Control Column), from the recent Valley Forge Convention. Their Con report is pretty darn good - check it out!!"

Renee will be in an Upcoming book entitled: 'The Women of Xena'!!! See Hudson's section for more info. Also, A transcript of Renee's Aahs World Radio Interview is at: http://members.aol.com/Rocweb/aahs.htm

There is a GREAT chat Transcript from her Sept.22, '97 People Online Chat at:
There are also 5 pictures from Xena!!!

The Official ROC Fan Club can be found at:
Another GREAT web site is Room for Renee at:
Another REALLY GREAT web site is The Ultimate Renee O'Connor Appreciation Page at:

This in from Lunacy: "They've posted several publicity shots - several of which I had never seen before and including perhaps the best shot to date of the Gabster holding her staff. The Xena WDZL page is at: http://www.wdzl.com/entertainment/xena/xena_fans.htm Also, Thanks to Pam for the Threadgills URL: http://www.threadgills.com/

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Melinda Clarke has WOWed us Xenites as her portrayal of Velaska!!! She plays Margo Vincent in a TV show called Soldier of Fortune, Inc. Also in the cast is Brad Johnson as Major Matthew Quentin Shepherd. He was so GREAT as Ned in the 1993 television series "Ned Blessing: The Story of My Life and Times"! I was sorry to see that show cancelled!!! The Official SOF site is at: http://www.rysher.com/soldier/ There is a BIG Contest tied into the show at:

Soldier of Fortune, Inc. on Oct 25(7pm), 26(10pm) on WBNE. On Nov 1(6pm) on WWOR. Check your area for listings. <<When grunge mercenaries set their sights on a computer-game programmer, the team is called in to protect the brilliant inventor. Matt: Brad Johnson. Benny: Tim Abell. Chance: Real Andrews. C.J.: Mark A. Sheppard. Trout: David Selby.>>

Soldier of Fortune, Inc. on Oct 25(6pm) on WWOR(UPN Affiliate). <<The team targets a secret mint in Iran, where a counterfeiting operation is threatening the world economy by producing billions in fake currency.>>

Melinda will be in an Upcoming book called: 'The Women of Xena'!!! For more info, see Hudson's Section.

Thanks to Waitangi for letting us know that Melinda Clarke has a feat. in Fangoria: "In the current October issue of "Fangoria" there is a 4 page article on Melinda Clarke (about her film career) on pg. 47 - 50."

Thanks to Rich, who wrote: "I was looking at an issue of "Soldier of Fortune" magazine and they had some coverage on the TV series of the same name. Apparently they will have action figures so Melinda Clarke will have another one out besides Spawn."

Check out a GREAT website for Soldier of Fortune at:
Also, check out this one: http://www.filmzone.com/rysher/soldier/vincent.html

A GREAT web site to find out more about Melinda/Velaska is at:
There is a web site that has several pictures of Melinda from the movie Killer Tongue which is not yet released in America at:

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Charles Siebert was GREAT as Sisyphus in X:WP's "10 Little Warlords"!!! He is also the voice of Poseidon in X:WP's "Ulysses" and "Lost Mariner". He was the director of X:WP's "Death in Chains", "The Reckoning", "Orpan Of War" and "Comedy Of Eros". He plays Dr. Stanley Riverside II on the show Trapper John, M.D. Every day at 7am until Oct. 26, from then on it will be at 8am on FX.

Charles plays Jerry Block in the movie White Water Summer shown on HBO on Oct. 28(8am), on PLEX on Oct. 30(10:37pm). <<A demented outdoors man (Kevin Bacon) teaches young urbanites the ways of the wilderness.>>

Charles plays a Reds Catcher in the movie Eight Men Out shown on Showtime on Oct. 29(2pm). Also stars John Cusack, Charlie Sheen, D.B. Sweeney. <<Based on the infamous "Black Sox" scandal, in which Chicago White Sox players accepted a bribe to throw the 1919 World Series. Written and directed by John Sayles.>>

Charles plays Assistant D.A. Keene in the movie …And Justice for All shown on ENCRORE on Oct. 30(12am). Also stars Al Pacino, Jack Warden, John Forsythe. <<An embittered lawyer, contemptuous of what he believes is a corrupt court system, is forced to defend a judge accused of rape.>>

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Cynthia Rothrock was GREAT as Enforcer2 on H:LJ!!! She plays Tina in the movie Eye for an Eye shown on Cinnemax on Oct. 29(2:50am). Also stars Sally Field, Kiefer Sutherland. <<After her daughter's brutal killer is released from jail on a technicality, a vigilante mother(Sally Field) decides to dispense her own brand of justice.>>

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Nick Kokotakis played Darius, the handsome farmer father who took Xena in when she was injured on XWP's "Chariots of War". Thanks to Mona for letting me know that Nick will be in the Oct. 22(11PM) SILK STALKINGS ep. "DEAD ASLEEP"!!! He plays Det. Michael Price. <<Holly and Michael (Nick Kokotakis) try to save a young junkie who's suspected of murdering her sister's business partner. Meanwhile, Rita tells Lipschitz that it's time for her to move on. Holly: Tyler Layton. Lipschitz: Charlie Brill. Rita: Mitzi Kapture. Chris: Rob Estes.>>

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Roma Downey was TRULY GREAT as the Amazon Queen Hippolyta in the movie Hercules and the Amazon Women!!! She plays Roxy in the movie The Last Word shown on The Movie Channel 2 on Oct. 31(4:50PM). <<Timothy Hutton is a writer who learns his bizarre life has been scripted for setup by a stranger.>>

There's more Trouble on the Angelic front…I saw Touched By An Angel co-star Della Reese on TV saying how upset she is that Roma was given a 100% raise and she was only granted a 12% raise…that until then, they ALWAYS got the same pay raise…Boy! I sure hope things work out as it would be terrible to see this show come apart!!!

Roma plays the Angel Monica on Touched by an Angel shown on CBS on Nov. 2(5pm). <<Four HIV-positive girls---including a teen (Thora Birch) who has fallen for Andrew---agree to commit suicide at a summer camp where the angels are supervisors. Tess: Della Reese. Andrew: John Dye. Guest star: Alexis Cruz.>>

Touched by an Angel shown on CBS on Nov. 2(8PM). <<Monica finds a note written by a boy, now a cynical journalist (guest star William Devane) 50 years older, asking God to save his dying mother (guest star Estelle Parsons). Jack Riley also guest stars.>>

AliKit was LUCKY enough to get an Autographed picture of Roma!!! She wrote to: Roma Downey, PO Box 5617, Beverly Hills CA 90210. Here is a copy of the letter she received: Dear Friend, This letter is to answer your questions and keep you up to date with what I'm doing. The question I am asked the most is "Where does my accent come from?" Well, I was born in Derry City, N. Ireland, the youngest of 6 children. Both my parents passed away when I was much younger but my sisters and brother still live in Ireland. I try to go home once a year. I miss Ireland, and when it rains I get a bit homesick, however, I love America and my new home has been very good to me.

My husband, film director, David Anspaugh, is American. (he is from Indiana), and my own wee angel, Reilly Marie, is Irish American, born in Utah, June 3, 1996. I also, have a lovely step-daughter, Vanessa and she is 18. This past year has been a very exciting one for all of us on "Touched By An Angel", as we watched our ratings grow and grow. Now we are a permanent fixture on the top 10---thanks to you. From your letters I know that the show is not only entertaining you, but touching your hearts and offering you hope. I am very proud to be part of the show that sends out such a positive message to the country and as a mother, myself, I know how important it is to have a family program you can trust.

During the hiatus I went to Toronto and filmed a TV Movie for CBS, called "Borrowed Hearts". It's a charming, romantic comedy set during the holiday season. It will air on CBS either Sunday, November 23rd or 30th, right after "Touched By An Angel". Please watch it if you can, it's a lovely story and it'll put you right in the holiday spirit! I should be doing more promotions and press this year so you can look for appearances on the "Tonight Show" and a cover of "Ladies Home Journal" later in the year.

My co-star, the wonderful Della Reese and I are very excited about being nominated for Emmy's... so wish us luck...We are now back filming our 4th season of "Touched By An Angel" and all new episodes will be on the air late September. Again, thank you *so* much for your continued support, love and prayers. May God Bless and keep you safe always. Lots of Love, [signed] Roma Downey "Monica" P.S. Yes, I do love decaf mocha lattes!"

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Tawny Kitaen was GREAT as Hercules' first wife Deianeira!!! Tawny plays Sara Burgess in the movie Playback shown on TMC on Oct. 27(2:15AM), on HBO2 on Oct. 29(3:50AM), on Showtime 2 on Nov. 1(11:45PM).<<An ambitious couple attract all kinds of attention when a steamy home movie they made falls into the wrong hands.>>

Tawny plays Nola in the movie Dead Tides shown on the HOT CH on Oct. 24(5:30PM), 25(10AM), 26(3AM, 5PM), on VC6 on Oct. 27(8:30AM, 10:30AM, 12:30PM, 2:30PM, 4:30PM, 6:30PM, 8:30PM, 10:30PM), 28(12:30AM, 2:30AM, 4:30AM, 6:30AM), on HOT CH on Oct. 29(6:30PM), 30(8AM), 31(2AM), on Nov. 1(9AM), 3(6AM, 5PM), 5(2:30AM). <<An ex-Navy SEAL gets caught under the spell of a crime lord's beautiful wife after piloting her boat to Mexico.>>

Tawny plays Debbie Thompson in the movie Bachelor Party shown on FXM on Nov. 4(11:01PM). Also starring Tom Hanks and Adrian Zmed <<A man's last night as a swinging single turns into a wild blast that includes a transvestite, a donkey and fire engines.>> A Really Nice Deinera web site is at: http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Academy/1538

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Bobby Hosea was REALLY GREAT as Marcus in XWP ep.s "The Path Not Taken" and "Mortal Beloved"!!! He plays Steve in the movie Boiling Point shown on TNT on Oct. 24(10:10p), 25(2:05am). Also stars Wesley Snipes, Dennis Hopper. <<A U.S. Treasury agent is given one week to find his partner's killer, or be reassigned to a new position.>>

Bobby plays a Commanding Officer in the movie Independence Day shown on Cinnemax on Oct. 25(10pm), 28(5:30pm). <<The 1996 megahit pitting humankind against an alien invasion---is propelled by a hotshot fighter pilot (Will Smith) and a combat-vet President (Bill Pullman)>>

Bobby plays MANTIS in the show M.A.N.T.I.S. shown on Oct. 26(8PM), Nov. 9(8PM), 16(8PM), 23(8PM), 30(8PM) on the Sci-Fi Channel.

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An Angel At My Table on FLIX on Oct. 29(3AM). <<The bizarre life of New Zealand's most famous novelist is handily brought to the screen.>> This is a VERY STRANGE movie, but who said that anyone's life is ordinary right!?! There are A LOT of X:WP and H:LJ alum in this movie, but if you blink you might miss some of them…The film was made in 1990, so some of Our favorites are Quite young in it and might not be noticed.

K.J. Wilson was GREAT as the Evil ruler Xerxes from X:WP's "The Black Wolf"!!! He played Janet Frame's Father. He has a pretty good role in the 1st half of the movie.

Willa O'Neill is GREAT as Gabrielle's older sister Lila on X:WP and also as Phoebie of the Argonauts on H:LJ!!! She is a Teenager in the movie and plays Edith who trys to do something with Janet's hair. Andrew Binns was GREAT as Hippocrates in X:WP's "Is There A Doctor In The House?"!!! He was also a teenager in the movie!!! He plays Bruddie. They are also listed in the Topless Women Talk About Their Lives section.

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Peter Needham was the Village Elder in X:WP's "Death Mask". He plays Dr. Palmer in the movie. Jim Rawdon played a Father(Flora's?) in X:WP's "The Black Wolf". He plays Wilson in the movie. Geoff Barlow was the Storekeeper in X:WP's "Remember Nothing". He played the Headmaster in the movie.

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Paul Norell is GREAT as H:LJ's Fallafel!!! He was also on X:WP as a Street Vendor in "Cradle Of Hope" where the people overturned his cart looking for the baby. He also played Statius in "Prometheus"!!! He plays a Bohemian in the movie, but is only seen when Janet is with the other "artists" in London.

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Alison Bruce was really GREAT as Melosa on X:WP!!! Thanks to Mona for pointing out that Alison Bruce also plays Postera in H:LJ "Gladiator"!!! Alison plays Dora in the movie. Dora is the American's girlfriend while in Spain. Thanks to Bret Rudnick for letting me know: "It turns out that Alison Bruce hasn't done much since Xena. She's been in a few local (NZ) commercials. But she is also a new mom, and that's a pretty demanding role. (: " It sure is!!! Congratulations Alison!!! And Good Luck to you and you're family!!!

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Bruce Campbell is such a GREAT GUY!!! I got an E-mail message from him a while ago!!! In the past I have written to him asking for upcoming info for these reports and he has been more than gracious in sending me some!!! He told be the best site to find out info on him is at:
Most of the following info in his section and more can be found on this site.

Bruce plays Bill Church Jr. in LOIS & CLARK episode "We Have A Lot To Talk About" shown on TNT on Oct. 24(7:00pm). <<Everything hinges on Lois's answer to Clark's marriage proposal---and the question of whether she knows his dual identity. The question lingers while Metropolis becomes strangely crime-free.>>

Bruce plays Ash(Ashley J. Williams) in the movie Evil Dead 3: Army of Darkness shown on USA on Oct. 24(11PM), 25(4PM). <<A powerful book whisks a discount store clerk back to a Medieval time where he grapples with a battalion of the dead. This is the third part of director Sam Raimi's Evil Dead series.>>

Bruce has an uncredited cameo as a generic henchman in the movie The Demolitionist shown on The Movie Channel 2 on Oct. 25(12:40AM), 30(5:45PM). <<A near-fatal attack convinces a sexy undercover agent to enter a secret experiment that will turn her into a healthy cyborg bent on ridding her futuristic society of all crime.>>

Bruce plays Brisco in TV series the Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. every Saturday at 10am on TNT. This was a very funny show where the old west was still wild and some of the characters were even wilder. : ) On Nov. 1, the ep. "Steel Horses" also stars Cory Everson(H:LJ's Atlanta) as Katrina!!! The Nov. 8 ep. "Mail Order Brides" also stars Jeremy Roberts (H:LJ's Derk, X:WP's Thercidese) as Bill Swill!!!

Thanks to Jan(fan Club Prez) for letting us know the BAD NEWS about the cancellation of Time Cop. "According to the people who handle Timecop's publicity, the last episode is going to air this coming Monday, 10/27 - that is a total of 6 episodes aired. Unfortunately, it is not going to be Bruce's. So, I guess we'll never know how good it was..."

For those in and outside the US who would like to see Bruce's movie Running Time on the Big Screen can check out:
http://www.bccentral.com/uruntime.html Oct. 17 - 31 -- Sao Paulo, Brazil. http://www.mostra.org/

McHales Navy is NOW on videocassette!!! I saw this movie in the theater and it was GREAT!!! Bruce played Virgil the "skirt-chaser." It is also on Pay-Per-View this month on REQ1/PPV1 on Oct. 27(9am, 3pm, 9pm), 28(1am), 29(8am, 2pm, 8pm) , 30(5am).

Thanks to Rich letting me know that "TVGuide Online currently has a Q&A with Bruce Campbell at: http://www.tvguide.com/sci-fi/qa/q100897a.htm

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Ted Raimi plays Lt. Tim O'Neill in the TV show SeaQuest DSV shown on the Sci-Fi channel in Sept. and Oct. The show airs on Monday-Thursday evenings at 8pm and midnight. Thanks to Rogue for letting me know that John D'Aquino(Ulysses on X:WP) who plays Lt. Benjamin Kreig "was only in the first season of seaQuest, and the Sci-Fi channel has finished the first season and is now showing the second, so John isn't on anymore."

I was so EXCITED to be able to go to the VF Con!!! When Ted came out, he was playing up the Ultimate Stooge act by bumbling and falling A Lot. Ted was GREAT on stage!!! When I got to Ted in the autograph line, I told him that "I" was HIS favorite...I meant to say that YOU are 1 of my favorites!!! He looked at me kinda funny and smiled…How Embarassing!!! Oh, well!!!

Sharon(Creation) lets us know: "Ted is the one who thought of visiting Renee on stage and when we told her about what he wanted to do, she loved it. It added to the fun she could have on stage cuz they are very good friends and also helped to alleviate her nervousness." She didn't just *like* the idea, she *loved* it. She's an actress and this gave her something to play off.

>From the Con, I learned his Upcoming projects are: a movie called Between the Sheets which is a "sexy farce comedy". He's also working on another movie project of his own. He's working on a script for X:WP in which people are being kidnapped from a town and no one cares and that it's up to Xena and Gab. to find out what's happening and that it's Not a comedy. The Full Report will be in November's Whoosh!

Ted has a small role in the horror movie WishMaster which was out in theaters!!! To see reviews of the movie, go to Tony's section.

The TRIFIC website is found at: http://www.stgenesis.org/~inga/TedRaimi/
Visit Rogue's Ted page at: http://www.icomnet.com/~rogue/rogue.html

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Jeremy Roberts was GREAT as Thercidese in X:WP episode "Fist Full of Dinars", he also played Derk in an episode of H:LJ "The Mercenary".(Thanks again Titanium!) He plays Slick on Peter Gunn shown on PLEX on Oct. 24(5:30pm), 31(5:30pm).

Jeremy plays in the movie Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country shown on Cinnemax on Oct 28(8pm). <<Kirk (William Shatner) and his enterprising crew are assigned to escort a Klingon leader to peace talks. Directed by Nicholas Meyer.>>

Jeremy plays Bill Swill in the Adventures of Brisco County Jr. episode "Mail Order Brides" on Nov. 8(10am) on TNT!!!

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Bridget Hoffman is GREAT as Echidna "The Mother of all Monsters" on H:LJ! She plays Mrs. Panos in the movie The Taking of Flight 847 shown on PLEX on Oct. 25(10:37pm). <<A courageous flight attendant intervenes between terrorist hijackers and passengers during a 17 day siege. Based on a true 1985 incident.>>

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Tim Thomerson is in the movie Terraces shown on PLEX on Oct. 25(5am).<<The lives of high-rise neighbors with adjoining terraces intertwine.>>

Tim is in the 21 Jump Street episode "God Is a Bullet" shown on FX on Oct. 28(7PM). <<A tough new principal (Tim Thomerson) wields a big stick in trying to clean up a drug and crime-infested school, but he may be wiping out students' civil rights..>>

Tim is in the movie Take This Job and Shove It shown on TBS on Oct. 29(3:35AM), on TNT on Nov. 5(12am). <<A young corporate executive runs into resistance when he returns to his hometown to revitalize a company brewery.>>

Tim plays Barnes in the movie Who's Harry Crumb? shown on STARZ! on Nov 1(11:30am) and on Cinnemax on Nov. 1(6:30pm), on STARZ ! on Nov. 5(4:15pm).<<He's John Candy, a clueless sleuth looking for a kidnapped heiress. Helen: Annie Potts. Paul Flaherty directed.>>

Tim plays Pittsburgh Police Sergeant Buddy Zunder in the TV show Sirens shown on USA on Nov. 13(4AM). I really liked this show!!! It aired in '93 and followed 3 rookie female cops as they learned the ropes. Tim's character was tough, but loveable! I was pleasantly surprised to see him in his first appearance on X:WP in the ep. "The Prodical"! Meleager the Mighty is so different from the Sirens role that I remember him for. Just shows what a GREAT actor he is!!!

http://members.aol.com/TimThomFC A GREAT Tim Thomerson site that has a lot of info on him and even pix from his Baby Ruth commercial as the Blur:
http://members.aol.com/timblur/ Another great Tim Thomerson/Meleager the Mighty web site is at:

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Cory Everson is GREAT as Atlanta on H:LJ! Apparently she is very big in the body building competition scene(no pun intended). Among other titles she has won, she was a 6 time winner of Ms. Olympia from '84-'89. Every Monday-Friday morning at 7AM and 11AM on ESPN2, the show Gotta Sweat is <<Gym fitness, free-weight training and aerobics with Cory Everson>> Cory has her own personal web site devoted to personal fitness! If you check out the "Cory In Action" section, you'll see a GREAT picture of Cory arm wrestling Hercules and another picture of her as Atlanta! Check the Home page out at: http://www.coryeverson.com/

Cory plays Katrina in the Adventures of Brisco County Jr. episode "Steel Horses" on Nov. 1(10am) on TNT!!! << Brisco and Lord Bowler search for a gang of motorcycle thieves who are looking for the magical orb. With Don Michael Paul.>>

Cory is also a very TALENTED artist!!! If you would like to view Cory's artwork and possibly buy it, please visit Athlete & Artist at:

A site devoted to her modeling/body building is at:

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Tony Todd was really GREAT as Cecrops on the X:WP ep. "Lost Mariner" and also as Gladius on the H:LJ ep. "Gladiator"!!! Tony plays Ben in the movie Night of the Living Dead shown on TNT on Oct. 26(3AM). <<Zombies trap seven terrified people in an old farmhouse in producer George Romero's remake of his 1968 horror classic.>>

Tony plays a minister in the Law & Order episode "Sanctuary" shown on A&E on Oct. 28(2PM, 8PM). <<Racial tensions explode into violence after a middle-aged Jewish man (guest star Michael Constantine) leaves the scene of an accident involving a 12-year-old African-American boy. Guest star: Tony Todd.>>

Jana lets us know that Tony is in Soldier of fortune: "Tony is in this… he thinks it might be the third or fourth episode (if you haven't seen him yet, I guess it's the fourth or after) He is a drug-addicted revolutionary type...I guess another badguy." See times in Melinda Clarke's section.

Tony plays Johnny Valentine in the movie Wishmaster, which was out in theaters not too long ago. Also stars Ted Raimi and Robert Englund(Freddy Krueger)!!! http://www.wishmaster.com/

I couldn't find any favorable reviews of the film. I personally won't be seeing it where I don't like Horror movies, so here are what some fans thought of it:

Thanks to Bon for giving me his review of the movie Wishmaster!!! "I saw the movie opening weekend. I liked it. It had a neat concept. And boy was it gory. I consider myself to be a horror movie connoisseur and let me tell the first 15 minutes actually made me turn away a couple of times. Maybe it is just different from when I was a kid, but this blood guts and gore look REAL. (Not that I have seen anyones flesh peel of the bones before but I'm sure it would look like that.) But I liked the Movie"

Thanks also to Jenn who gave me her view of the movie: "If you want to see Joxer die watch wishmaster. I am not a horror fan either, but I saw this movie any way. It isn't scary. There are a few jumpy parts, and a little bit of gore, but it isn't all that scary. It is about as scary as Bram Stoker's Dracula."

Also Thanks to Gene for letting me know that: "First of all it was aweful, but my friend Dave (the guy who did the Argo Awards) and I went to see it for Tony Todd. All he had was a over-glorified cameo. What's better though is that Ted Raimi was in it. He's in for one scene and gets crushed by a big crate. :)"

Thanks to Rich for letting me know: "I am on the American Entertainment mailing list and they interviewed Tony Todd. The article is at:
The full interview is at:

I'm not sure if this info is outdated or not, but in his IMDB bio it says "Tony Todd is (1997) Appears at Hasty Pudding Theater, Cambridge MA, in Cry Me a River". If you know where this theater is, it might be worth looking into!!!

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Robert Trebor is so GREAT as Salmoneus!!! I first saw and truly liked Robert as Walin in Hercules and the Lost Kingdom!!! Robert plays a copyboy in the movie Turk 182! shown on Encore on Oct. 27(9:15am, 4pm). <<A man becomes a graffiti artist to protest NY City's lack of support for his brother, a fireman who was injured on the job.>>

Palindrome Pals: The Official International Robert Trebor Fan Club is found at: http://www.cyberramp.net/~lnmorris They say that " Topps Comics has released its XENA Warrior Princess 1st Issue which is 1 of 2 issues and features part one of Bob's story "Theft Of The Young Lovelies." Part two continues in XENA #2. This first issue of XENA also has two alternate covers. Check it out!"

I was so Sorry that I missed him at the VF Con!!! I hope that I'll be able to meet him at another one in the future!!!

Robert will be at some upcoming Creation Cons, see the bottom section of this listing for details. A truely funny website devoted to the character Salmoneous can be found at:
Another Robert Trebor/Salmoneus web site is at:

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Teresa Hill was GREAT on H:LJ as Nemesis! Teresa plays Jan in the movie Bio-Dome shown on TMC2 on Oct. 24(9:25PM). Also stars Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin. <<This film from the creative team that produced Dumb and Dumber, gives viewers an inside look at the advanced technologies produced by science and just how easily they can be undone by the shenanigans of two clueless misfits.>> snipped from Showtime online.

Here's the URL for the Teresa Hill Homepage, it also has info on how to get an autographed picture!: http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/7750/

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Scott Garrison, you either LOVED him or HATED him as Perdicas on X:WP!!! He plays Will Kipp in the TV series Swamp Thing shown on the Sci-Fi channel on Oct. 24(6PM), on Nov. 1(1:30PM), 7(6:30PM), 8(1:30PM), 14(6:30PM), 15(1:30PM), 21(6PM), 21(6:30PM), 29(1:30PM).

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TOPLESS WOMEN TALK ABOUT THEIR LIVES is a New movie coming from New Zealand and it stars MANY X:WP actors!!! You can see some pictures from this movie at Danielle Cormack's site listed in this section!!! According to Bret Rudnick, "I doubt it will be widely released, but you might be lucky to see it at some local artsy theatre if you're near a big metropolitan area. And it will more than likely be on video one of these days soon, if it isn't already."

Willa O'Neill is GREAT as Lila, Gabrielle's sister on X:WP and as Phoebe of the Argonauts on H:LJ!!! She plays Prue in the New Zealand movie!!!

Ian Hughes was GREAT as Melas, the mournful father who wanted Callisto Dead in the XWP ep. "Callisto" and as Diomedes, the second in charge in the XWP ep. "The Black Wolf"!!! He plays Ant in the movie!!!

Andrew Binns was GREAT as Hippocrates in the X:WP ep. "Is There A Doctor In The House?"!!!! He plays Geoff in the movie!!!

Joel Tobeck plays Strife on H:LJ and he's also in the movie Peach with Lucy Lawless in which he played the jerk boyfriend Mog!!! He plays Neil in the movie!!!

Danielle Cormack is REALLY GREAT on X:WP as the Amazon Ephiny!!! She also did a GREAT job as the Charteuse Fox on H:LJ!!! She plays Liz in the movie!!!

>From the IMDB: "The plot of the movie Topless Women Talk About Their Lives is: Liz(Danielle Cormack/Ephiny+Fox) has missed an appointment to have an abortion. She has to keep her child, and neither her boyfriend Geoff(Andrew Binns/Hippocrates) nor child's father Neil(Joel Tobeck/Strife) are too happy about it. She can not decide which partner is better for her, and Neil makes a proposal to her when they attend the wedding of her best friend Prue(Willa O'Neill/Lila+Phoebe) and Mike. She probably prefers Geoff, but he is preoccupied with his girlfriend Bryony, who returned from abroad. Another friend, Ant(Ian Hughes/Diomedes+Melas) has written a script for documentary film, which is directed by a German and in which topless women, well, talk about their lives.

Joel Tobeck also plays Lance in the movie Shrimp on the Barbie shown on Showtime on Oct. 31(1:05PM), Nov. 1(5:05AM).<<A down-on-his-luck American in Australia agrees to masquerade as an heiress' fiance in exchange for $5,000 to save his faltering restaurant.>> Also in this movie is Cheech Marin and Emma Samms. I saw this movie sometime ago and from what I can remember, it was pretty funny!

Danielle Cormack will be appearing as Ephiny in the Upcoming X:WP ep. "Maternal Instincts"!!! She will also be appearing in a brief scene as Ephiny in an Upcoming H:LJ episode!!! She is also going to be in the Upcoming Universal spin-off Amazon High!!! This in from Bret Rudnick: "AMAZON HIGH began production on Sept. 8, and will continue until the middle of October. We *can* say that this is pre-Xenaverse in the timeline. Oh, and Karl Urban has a minor role in it as well. He plays a cannibal. For those who might be interested, the Official Danielle Cormack fan club is online! at:

Danielle will be in an Upcoming book called: 'The Women of Xena'!!! See Hudson's section for more info.

For those without web access, you can get information by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to: The Official Danielle Cormack Fan Club, 297 Boston Post Road, Suite 141, Wayland, MA 01778

Thanks to Always Wonder for posting: "Topless Women dominates film and TV award finals, The Dominion, Sat, Sep 27 1997. THE film Topless Women Talk About Their Lives dominates the list of finalists in the TV Guide Film and Television Awards, with 14 nominations. The film category of the awards, to be presented at a gala dinner in Wellington in November, feature two finalists in each category this year instead of the usual three. The Film and Television Awards Society board said that reflected the low output of the film industry during the past year, with most categories receiving only four entries, and some just three. In contrast, non-drama television categories had high numbers of entries.

Topless Women features the same characters who starred in the original late-night five-minute episodic television programme, and lead actors Danielle Cormack and Joel Tobeck and director Harry Sinclair are finalists in both film and television categories. The series is a finalist for the Avalon Studios best television series, along with Shortland Street and Coverstory II.

Up for television best actress are Lucy Lawless (Xena Warrior Princess), Katie Wolfe (Coverstory II) and Danielle Cormack. Best actor contenders are Joel Tobeck, Tim Balme (Coverstory II) and Oliver Driver (Citylife). Michael Hurst has been nominated in various categories -- as supporting actor for his role as Iolaus in Hercules the Legendary Journeys and as best director for an episode of Hercules. He was also lead actor in A Moment Passing, directed by Charlie de Salis, a finalist in short films. New categories this year are best Maori language programme, best graphics or computer effects and best craft in short form drama (including commercials and short films)."

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Karl Urban is the Truly gifted actor that plays Cupid on H:LJ and X:WP!!! He has also played Mael in X:WP's "Altared States" and Julius Caesar in X:WP's "Destiny". In the Universal Chat Rob Tapert said that we would see more of Caesar in a future episode!!! I Can't wait!!! I have received MANY letters asking me to add a section for him, but I don't have too much upcoming info on him where he was only in 1 movie. : ) But, this isn't stopping me from starting a section at least you can have links and if I find anything I'll regularly add it. : )

Thanks to Bret Rudnick who let me know that "Karl Urban has a minor role in Amazon High as well. He plays a cannibal." This is GREAT news!!!

Thanks to Scott Peterson for his post on Julius Caesar and Xena: "A&E's Biography told the story of Julius Caesar, citing an anecdote told in Plutarch's Lives about him. According to it, Caesar was captured by pirates near the island of Pharmacusa and held for ransom. He taunted the pirates for only asking for 20 talents, saying he was worth 50. He made friends with the pirates and laughed and joked with them. After he was ransomed he returned and captured them and had them all crucified. Xena fits into this history much better than I thought."

Oshram added: "Not only that, but Caesar used the incident for his personal gain-not only did he lead the force that wiped out those pirates, but he used this force to wipe out many others in the name of Rome. Caesar referred to this pirate hunting for many years to follow, qand got as much p.r. out of it as possible. I'd have to say, after reading a few biographies of JC, that Karl Urban portrayed him dead on."

Karl's Bio can be found on my last Report. See Top Section for the link to the Sept. 27th Update…Check out Caesar's Palace at:

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Kevin Smith was so GREAT as Ares on both Xena/Herk and as Iphicles on H:LJ!!! This in from ZepGirl(Kevin's fanClub prez): "Kevin has the lead in the upcoming Universal spin-off YOUNG HERCULES!!! Also, Kevin landed a guest spot on the show "FX"!!! He'll be playing a bad guy in leather...LOL! Filming was delayed until mid October. It films in Vancouver, but don't know when it will air." If anyone finds out the Air date before I do…Please let me know!!! Thanks!!! Zepgirl's Kevin Smith Official Fan Club site at: http://www.inetworld.net/zepgirl2

Thanks to Mich for posting: Kevin Smith (Ares) has a new child...." So if you enjoy the entertaining way Kevin Smith portrays Ares, you may wish to *congratulate* Kevin & Sue for their new child...Please send a message welcoming the new child, and congratulating Kevin & Sue. You may also want to mention something to Kevin about his portrayal of Ares (who definitely is my favorite male character on X:WP & H:TLJ). Send these messages to Arete nickmann@worldchat.com Thanks!!!"

Another GREAT web site is Lessa's Smithsonian Page at:

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Susan Ward was GREAT as Psyche, wife of Cupid in the Hercules episode "Green Eyed Monster"! She plays Meg Cummings on the soap opera Sunset Beach every weekday at noon on NBC. See her Bio at:

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Hudson Leick: Thanks to Griller for posting a message from Kelly: "Hi, I'm from WB 17 (WPHL-TV) in Philadelphia. I thought all of the local Xena fans would love to know that we will be airing exclusive interviews with Renee O'Connor and Hudson Leick on Thursday October 30 on WB 17 News At Ten. You will not want to miss this. We will also air a piece on the devoted fans on November 21st."

There are some references to Hudson in this Month's issue of Whoosh! In Brett Rudnick's interview with Chris Ryan at:
Another mention at: http://thirdstory.com/whoosh/issue13/isie1.html
Kathleen M. Cummings brings us: An Interview with Charles Siebert (Sisyphus in "10 Little Warlords")

Thanks to Waitangi for letting us know that Hudson Leick has a feature in Femme Fatales: "In the current December issue of "Femme Fatales" there is a four page article on Hudson Leick titled - Xena vs. Callisto - pg. 40 - 43." Nitefal adds: "Well, after having just experienced the Hudson Leick phenomenon at the VF CON, I had no choice but to buy this latest issue of Femme Fatales (Vol. 6 No. 6 - US$5.99) . The article by Dan Scapperotti is four pages long (which includes five previously seen pictures). It covers Hudson's transition from modeling to acting (which included a years stint as a Clinique makeup girl at stores). It also alludes to her 'adventurous' spirit, as Ms Leick recalls her solo trek through Nepal. Hudson also mentions her daily routine for keeping in shape. The article then briefly mentions some of her other acting credits, then gets down to the business of Xena:WP."

Thanks to Debbie-1st Fire(Hudson Leick Official Fan Club Liaison) for posting: A Message From Hudson...(VF Con)!!! "Hudson called this morning and asked that I please relay the following message to everyone. She said that she had a wonderful time at the Valley Forge convention and really enjoyed meeting the various members of the HLOFC. She also said that it was, one of, if not her favorite convention, so far, and that she was just amazed at how warm and giving everyone was. It made her feel really appreciated and she wishes to thank everyone for making her feel so warm and welcome.

She also wants to thank everyone who contributed to the "appreciation letter". Yes, she did read every, single letter and said that she thought they were especially considerate, thought-out and very heartfelt. She wants everyone to know that she was very touched by their messages and that they gave her a very "warm" feeling.

One last thing, for those people who were sorry that they missed Hudson in Sacramento last weekend, at the supposed breakfast she was to be attending. Not to worry, Hudson was *not* there. Just another false rumor that got blown out of proportion. So, nope, no Hudson sighting here... :)

That's about it...Hudson will be gone to New Zealand for the month of November, to film another episode of Xena and take a much needed, and deserved, vacation. She isn't yet sure what her convention schedule will be for next year, but she will let us know just as soon as she finds out."

Wesser's Hudson Leick Official Fan Club web site at:
The Appreciation Letter that was given to Hudson is at:

Someone posted this letter on the Hudson List: Re: HUDSON LEICK BOOK: "Hudson was great of course. She was relaxed and not at all like she was at the con. Her appearance and attitude at the con was the way she felt the fans wanted to see her. Though she does curse a lot she is funny and smart. Now this is were I'm sure everyone including myself will disagree with her. She feels she isn't that pretty and doesn't think many men (and women) would love to have her in their living room.

Because this is for a book, we can't disclose the interview details to you. However, I will say that we have gotten information about Hudson that you've NEVER seen or heard anywhere else before. This is all new and exclusive stuff folks. Very exciting as well. And the best part is, because we were having so much fun and kidding around we didn't get around to all the questions we had, we have yet another interview set up with her in Dec. So be prepared for yet more new and cool info on her.

The only thing was she kept yawning and you know how once you hear someone else yawn you have to. It was with all our strength that we stopped ourselves from yawning. Don't get me wrong, Hudson was yawning in the sense that she was bored. Just it was 9am for her. We really can't get into anymore about the interview except that she was fantastic and a good sport about some of the tough and rather personal questions we asked her.

As far as the book itself goes: It is tentatively titled: The Women Of Xena and will include Danielle Cormack, Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor, Melinda Clarke, and of course, the one and only, Hudson Leick. Because a lot of the actors and actresses are now filming (as Hudson will be in Nov) we will have to figure on the interviews won't be done until Feb or a little later. We're taking into consideration that we will be attending the con and nitpicking more brains. Also, the book will contain a FANDOM FUN section. This section will include funny and interesting things found on the net from you, the fans. If you have anything original that you'd like us to consider please set it with the subject line reading (all in caps please): FANFUNSUB. LLROCHL@aol.com We're also thinking about adding a short fan fic story in there. So if you have a GREAT story that's 10-20 pages and don't mind us possibly editing some of it for space reasons, please send it with the same FANFUNSUB subject line."

If you've missed anything that Hudson starred in, or have a lot of copies of Hudson's TV shows/Movies: think about helping other Hudson fans at Kevin Saput's Hudson Leick Video Exchange at:
I'm listed here, but please know that I am backlogged by requests, so it might take me awhile, but am willing to help out when I can. : )

Gillian G. Gaar has an interview with Hudson at Whoosh! at:

>From Debbie(1st Fire): "there has been some questions regarding how many Xena/Hercules episodes Hudson will be in next year. Hudson says that she taped one episode of Xena in June and is scheduled to go back to New Zealand for a second episode in November. No Hercules episodes are planned at this time. "Callisto" episode, to air on Xena this coming up season, Hudson says, "You can dance to it"! :) (sorry, that's all I could get out of her) The address for the fan club is: Hudson Leick Official Fan Club, P.O. Box 775, Fair Oaks, CA 95628

Also, it has come to Hudson's attention that there has been some speculation about whether, or not, she had done a "Bar None" commercial. Yes, she has! (and was extremely surprised that anyone had even noticed) She says that she has also done a coffee commercial. (she doesn't drink coffee, so she can't remember which brand it was) A Dr. Pepper commercial. And a commercial for an Italian named hair care product, (neither of us could figure out how to spell it, sorry) when she was just 16. The hair care commercial was only shown locally, in the N.Y. area, but if *anyone* can find a copy of any of these commercials Hudson would *really* like to see them. Please let me know. Thanks... If you have any questions please write email me. Debbie-1st Fire fire.ice-sac@worldnet.att.net Hudson Leick Official Fan Club Liaison. Thanks Debbie/1st Fire!!! You are doing a GREAT JOB!!!

Thanks to Melissa Meister we know a little more about 2 of Hudson's other commercials: these commercials are about 10 years old...a commercial for a now defunct, Rochester, NY hair salon "Astetica" located on Monroe Ave.; and a commercial for International Coffee in which Hudson played a ballerina.

>From Mich: There's an extremely interesting Hudson article at URL
and the *outstanding* associated comprehensive Hudson interview at URL
These are a MUST read for all Hudson fans!! :-) You won't be disappointed!

Please HELP continue the Hudson fan tradition of *winning* the popular StatsMaster Actress poll for Hudson! Many popular actresses receive avid fan support at this poll. Voting for Hudson is quick and *easy*. Get your friends to vote too! :-) Just visit URL

Hudson on UTV's Who's Hot!!! at
: http://www.ultimatetv.com/news/w/a/97/07/29leick.html

The Hudson Leick Crusade at http://www.hudsonleick.com/campaign/crusade.htm has LOTS of links to talk shows, entertainment shows, magazines, and MORE...all to benefit Hudson by trying to het her a s guest on these shows or an article about her, etc.

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Jay Laga'aia is Really GREAT as Draco on X:WP!!! He also plays Senior Constable Tommy Travita in the Australian TV show called Water Rats. Thanks to Mona for sending me the URL:

Jeremy Callaghan was GREAT as Palaemon in the X:WP ep."Blind Faith"!!! He is also in the show Water Rats as Kevin Holloway and you can go to the same website to learn more about him:

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Michael Hurst is the loveable Iolaus on Hercules: Legendary Journeys!!! Michael was nominated for some Awards in NZ…See Topless Women Talk About Their Lives Section.

Michael will be on The RAY BRADBURY THEATER episode "THE TOYNBEE CONVECTOR" on Nov. 20(2:30PM) on the Sci-Fi Channel!!!

Nanaea tells us of a MICHAEL HURST INTERVIEW! "The November issue of the U.K. magazine STARBURST features a really cool interview with Michael Hurst. It begins on page 44 and is titled "Hercules' Headstrong Hero" by Joe Nazzaro. The interview runs to 4 pages, and contains 5 photos with Michael, plus a nice photo of Renee O'Connor (whose acting talents Michael speaks quite highly of in the interview). I don't think that anyone who reads this interview will fail to be impressed by Michael's earnest appreciation for his fans, as well as his enthusiastic regard for his fellow actors. I can't remember when I've enjoyed reading an interview with any actor, as much as this one. Starburst is also sold in both the U.S. and Canada, but if your local magazine or sci fi shop doesn't carry it, you can order it from the publisher, Visual Imagination, in London. The e-mail address for Visual Imagination is: star@cix.compulink.co.uk

A GREAT site devoted to Michael is at:

Jennifer Ward-Lealand is Michael's wife. She played Voluptua in H:LJ's ep. "All That Glitters", and Boadicea in this week's X:WP's "Deliverer".

Jennifer plays Simon's Mother in the movie The Ugly. According to IMDB: The Release Dates for the movie will be shown in Germany on November 6, 1997. <<Simon is a confessed serial killer who spent the last five years in a mental hospital because of his state. Dr.Karen Shoemaker wants to get through to him and starts visiting him in the hospital, and his previous life comes to us in flashbacks.>>

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Marley Shelton was really GREAT as Iole in the Action Pack Movie Hercules in the Underworld!!! A GREAT website devoted to her is at:

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Jacqueline Collen was GREAT as Penelope in the H:LJ episode "As Darkness Falls"!!! She played a bride to be who was kidnapped by a Centaur who was in love with her. Herk was trying to rescue her, but was blinded by a drink that Lucy Lawless gave him in her role as Lyla. Jacqueline used to play Maeve in the show Adventures of Sinbad.

Jacqueline made her debut as Charlotte for 2 weeks on in Beverly Hills, 90210. Thanks to Pam for letting me know that: "From what I hear..JC's gig on 90210 is only like 2 episodes long. I believe this weeks ep might be her last, but you never know.." Also, Thanks to Xena Torres for letting me know that: "I also did see Collen on 90210 last week, but she's not in the opening credits as a regular. Then again, she could play a regular GUEST. No way to know besides watching!"

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Alexandra Tydings is REALLY GREAT as Aphrodite in BOTH X:WP and H:LJ!!! She played Kerry in an episode of Party of Five that was shown on Oct. 1. Thanks to Xena Torres, Pam and Bon for letting me know that: Alexandra was not in the season premiere of Party of Five!!!

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Groundhog Day shown on Showtime 2 on Oct. 31(11:45AM, 7:15PM). <<Bill Murray gets a chance to do it over again (and again and again) in this hilarious love story.>> If you REALLY liked X:WP's "Been There, Done That", then you'll like this movie!!!

The movie Hercules in New York is shown on TNT on Nov. 2(1:35am). Performers: Arnold Strong (Schwarzenegger) <<The son of Zeus leaves Mount Olympus and becomes a professional wrestler in modern-day Manhattan.>>

From the Sept.13-19 TV Guide, pg.138, "Jim Henson's Greek Myths (HBO, November 3 at 7:30 P.M.) One of the Muppet master's final projects was this four-part dramatization of Hellenic legends."

Also from Kathy Doerr…Disney is having Hercules on Ice go on tour!!! Watch for it as it might come to a town near you!!!

Xena and Hercules the Animated Movie is due out on video in January!!! Read more about it at the end of Sept. 7th Update.

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Convention and Club Section:

A GREAT site to check for fan clubs, conventions, and merchandise updates is at the Creation site: http://www.primenet.com/~outback/
MANY stars from both shows are scheduled at various Creation Conventions!!!

This in from Sharon(Creation): Videotaping and audiotaping at the conventions is not allowed as per the actors' request. Still photography is allowed. RE: Music Videos: "The exact quote of what I said to many people that night was, "Universal can allow us make and show them, but because of legal reasons, they cannot allow them to be sold."

Sharon (Creation) writes: "I'd like to do a couple pages of fan-shot pics of Kevin during his KULL PR tour and Lucy at Grease (i.e. the autographing outside) in the next issue of the newsletters. If anyone has any they would like to submit, please let me know."

About the Xenite Club!! From: (Jetthead) Posted Oct 7 on the Netforum: "Yes it is true, we are no longer taking any more members we are shutting down. Now to all the Members of the club this means you will still receive all your newsletters, etc at the time we promised you they would be. We have never tried to lie, cheat, etc anyone and are not about to start now, contrary to what some people have posted here(Netforum). To all members a statement will be made in the Jan 98 newsletter as to why we made the decision to shut down the Xenite Club will be made. So for anyone to post and assume they know the reason why would not have a clue!! There are only two people that know why that is my VP and myself. As for those who think we should have gave the club to someone else to run I don't think so we started this club and we will finish it. When the last newsletter is mailed out to the last member the address list will be destroyed, out of respect for the members who trusted us with their names, and address. It is not going to be sold or given away. And for you who have emailed asking if we have anything left over from the club can you have it NO!! This is the last time I will post here(Netforum) so to all members if you have a question you can email me at icount4u@iquest.net To you the members of the Xenite club I want to say thank you for helping us make a huge difference in peoples lives. To you who went out of your way to run us down and flame us every chance you got, have a good life. I hold no animosity toward you, life is to short and I need to get on with my own. So with my head high and very proud of what My VP and I have done. I say goodbye!! JETTHEAD

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Merchandise Section:

>From the VF Con, I heard the Upcoming Merchandise will be: A Dance CD with re-mixes of Joe's songs and Lucy will sing on it!!! There will be no Grease CD with Lucy. It would cost too much for them to re-mix it with her voice…Don't they know that Us Xenites are willing to buy it no matter the cost!?! In the Spring, 12 inch Xena and Gabrielle doll twin packs will be sold. In July, 6 inch Gabrielle and Callisto dolls will be sold…It's ABOUT TIME!!! More comics, character comics based on Callisto/Autolycus and so on are going to be coming out. Making of…Books; The Animated Movie is coming out Jan. 6!!! In July, The Xena/Herk Trilogy will be coming out on video, with Callisto trilogy and so on coming out later. Limited 500 Chakrams made from the same people who make them for the show are coming. T-shirts: Warrior…Princess…Tramp; Bard of Potidia; Amazon Princess; Ultimate Evil; Iolaus shirt; Xena and Gabrielle friendship shirt; Rein of Comedy shirt with Joxer and Autolycus. Also, the Home Shopping Club is going to be Live at the Upcoming Burbank Con. with some exclusive stuff!!!

This in from Sharon(Creation) about the Chakrams from NZ Update: "We have received two samples of possible packaging and neither was satisfactory. Back to the drawing board. The first batch of chakrams is on its way to us from NZ. So when the packaging is ready, it will move swiftly and I will be able to post the ordering information. For any newbies to the lists, here's the info on the chakrams: CHAKRAMS FROM NEW ZEALAND!! "Forged by the Blacksmiths at Pacific Renaissance Studios, New Zealand" We will have for sale officially licensed chakrams made by the same folks who manufacture the ones used on the show by Lucy Lawless. These will be produced only by Creation in a limited numbered run of 500. And because they are produced by the actual craftsmen who do the props for the series, they will be identical in every way to the ones Xena uses to dispatch evildoers, warlords and fish The packaging will be unique for both collecting and display purposes. Pricing and availability will be announced. Please give me your street address if you would like to receive a flyer as soon as they are ready. Subject: chakrams; outback@primenet.com

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Thanks to Sarah who told me: The remaining 4 eps of SG will not be seen(from what I can tell, The Practice is going to be taking our time slot).

At the Universal Chat with Rob: choco123 asks "What are the chances that Spy Game will be renewed for a 2nd season?" Rob_Tapert says "About as good as American Gothic coming back. I'd like to say that Spy Game is another example of a show being on the wrong network. ABC has done nothing to promote Spy Game."

Linden Ashby played Spy Game ex-agent Lorne Cash, he will be a new doctor in the first new fall episode of Melrose Place! I saw a piece on it on Access Hollywood on June 25. He has somewhat of a new look with blonde hair. I almost wouldn't have recognized him. I guess with this piece of news, it is truly official that Spy Game is no more. Thanks to Sarah for this info: Linden will be playing Dr. Brett "Coop" Cooper and will befriend Michael Mancini. I thought that he was honestly going to reprise his role as Charles Reynolds, Jo's ex-hubby.

Allison Smith played Spy Game spy expert Max London. She played Charlotte Byrne in the movie A Reason To Believe shown on The Movie Channel 2 on Oct. 26(12:15AM), on Starz! on Oct. 29(2:30am). << Sobering story of a young coed who is raped at a drunken frat party by a supposed friend. Jim Current: Jay Underwood.>> Allison plays Rhonda Glick in the movie …At First Sight shown on STARZ! on Oct. 24(11:30pm), 28(1:31am). Also stars Jonathan Silverman, Dan Cortes. <<A pickup artist coaches his unworldly friend about love and women.>>

A GREAT web site devoted to Allison is at:

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Thanks Section:

There are SO MANY people I need to THANK, but am worried that I might have missed someone, so if you don't see your name here…Don't feel bad!!! I truly Thankyou all, but here are the ones I remember: Gary Thompson, Linda Parham, Kieran, Del, Mich, Griller, Mike, Pam, Chrissy/Warrior Artist, Danielle/Lessa, Jhin Hie Yu, Mark, GrayMare/Mary, Steph, ~XenaCrazed (Wendy), Deedra aka Wite Dwarf:
Splinter at Westwood Storyboard Internet(WSB) at: http://www.story.com
Tknight: http://www.spiritone.com/~taylork/index.html
Gabriel Knight: http://people.zeelandnet.nl/bginc/xenindex.htm and http://www.dahx.demon.nl

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A few months ago we had A BIG WELCOME BACK for Kathy Doerr!!! and Many THANKS to those of you who signed a "Welcome Back!" card for my friend Kathy!!! I truly appreciate it!!! Even MommaROC signed it!!! If you would like to see how our efforts came out, go to:
Kathy told me that she was TRULY SURPRISED and it meant A LOT to her that so many of us did this for her!!!

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I hope this helps you all!!! Please feel free to write me with any info not listed, etc. I welcome all the help I can get as it takes me a LONG time to put these reports together and I might have missed something or mistyped something!!! I will answer all letters sooner or later.

Happy Viewing!!!


~~Guardian of the Tube~~
Somewhat High Priestess of TV/Movie Trivia

I wanted to tell you all a little bit about the trip I took to Washington D.C. It was through the Service Station Organization. If you have a youth group that would be interested in doing a service project, find out some info at: http://www.servicestation.org/

In D.C. we did A LOT of different things every day to help a variety of people. The main focus was to help the homeless, but we also helped at a Day Camp for kids and picked up trash along a creek/park area. We worked at a Food Bank, Soup Kitchen, and passed out sack lunches to the homeless in the park near the White House. We did A LOT during the week that we were there and you could personally see the results of the hard work that you did. It was a very rewarding experience, one in which I would like to do again!

I would like to say Hi to: Jennie, Jenny, Melissa, Robin, Celio, Dee, Ruth, Karen, Jillian, Debbie, Michelle, and Pastor Brian whom I truly enjoyed getting to know much better over the week!

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