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Note: Some of the links in this report may be out of date...

Hello Fellow Xenites and Hercules fans!

I know I said I would only send one update a month, but I found out so much new info in practically all areas, so I thought I would share it with you. I am working on getting better organized so please bear with me. I have split this Tube Watch report into 2 parts because the report was getting too big to send it in one segment. I have added new names to search for as I do my searches, So I hope you enjoy!!!

These Tube Watch reports follow the stars and guest-stars of the two best shows on TV: Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: Legendary Journeys. There is A LOT of upcoming information of when they will be on TV, movies in the theaters, and otherwise. I try to fill these reports with trivia, spoilers, and more. I hope you enjoy and please feel free to write to me to let me know how you liked it or how I could improve. I welcome all feedback and hope you will write if there is anything missing or if I had any info wrong. Thanks!

Most of the <<spoilers>> either came from TV Guide Online, Click TV or a Cable movie guide. Included in this 1st half of the report are Kevin Sorbo (Hercules), Cory Everson (Atlanta), Tony Todd (Cecrops, Gladius), Ted Raimi (Joxer), John Aquino (Ulysses), Bruce Campbell (Autolycus), Melinda Clarke (Velaska), Claire Yarlett (Thera), and Jeremy Roberts (Thercidese, Derk).

callistochak.jpgIn the 2nd half of the report is Tim Thomerson (Meleager the Mighty), Scott Garrison (Perdicas), Bridget Hoffman (Echidna), Hudson Leick (Callisto), Sam Jenkins (Kiran, Serena), Teresa Hill (Nemesis), Tawny Kitaen (Deianeira), Lucy Lawless (Xena), Robert Trebor (Salmoneus), and Renee O'Connor (Gabrielle). Other related/linked topics will also be at the bottom of the 2nd part of this listing.

This weeks Hercules: The Legendary Journeys is a repeat of the episode "The Lady and the Dragon". <<There's a dragon for Iolaus to slay---a fire-breathing beast known as Braxis that barbecued his new love's old flame.>> This is somewhat a continuation of the episode "Mercenery"(I could be wrong of the title). Hercules had left him(I appolgize for not remembering his name!) on the island thinking never to see him again. Well, he's back and has a dragon for a friend!!! I really liked this episode and thought that the graphics were really GREAT!!!

This weeks Xena: Warrior Princess is a repeat of the episode "Xena Scrolls". <<In 1940 Macedonia, a determined archaeologist (Renee O'Connor) and a visitor (Lucy Lawless) to her excavation site stumble upon the "Xena Scrolls," ancient manuscripts that chronicle the Warrior Princess's adventures. Jacques/Ted: Ted Raimi. Ares: Kevin Smith.>> There is also some clips of Hudson's character Callisto! This is a GREAT episode that is in Xena and Gabrielle's future with their descendents(along with Joxer's) looking for the famed scrolls. Kind of an Indiana Jones feel to it. My thought is that these are the scrolls that Gabrielle writes the stories of Xena on. Too bad they didn't show one with a certain tear in it to be sure. :)

As for Kevin Sorbo, I entered the Hercules contest online and for doing so I got some e-mail saying that "Hercules is coming to videocassette on June 17, 1997 from Universal Studios Home Video." They are releasing the 1st 4 out of the 5 Herk movies, leaving The Maze of the Minotaurs still unreleased. The movies cost around $15 with a $3 rebate if you buy 2. "For more scoop on these movies and some exclusive photos of Kevin and others taken at the Los Angeles Hercules and Xena Convention, check out our web site at:http://www.universalstudios.com/home/hercules/

Kevin stars as Kull in the movie Kull the Conqueror which is due out in theaters August 29 or by the latest Labor Day!!! It was filmed in Slovakia and Croatia. It is bound to be a GREAT movie!!! (How could it not?) : ) This was taken from Entertainment Weekly's Summer Movie Preview: "Kull the Conqueror: In an Arnold Schwarzenegger-like career move, Kevin Sorbo, TV's Hercules, leaps to the big screen in a role from the author of Conan the Barbarian. A warrior-turned-king, Kull searches for a legendary weapon and beats the stuffing out of a slew of mythical bad guys. Sorbo spent weeks in weapons training for Kull's battle scenes. "We shot fight scenes anywhere from two to five days long," he says. "They covered every possible angel. I was waiting for the anal cam." Considering the film's kid-targeted appeal, chances are he's still waiting. (Aug. 29)"

A GREAT web site devoted to Kevin/Hercules is at:

As for Cory Everson, she is GREAT as Atlanta on H:LJ! Apparently she is very big in the body building competition scene(no pun intended). Among other titles she has won, she was a 6 time winner of Ms. Olympia from `84-'89. Every Monday-Friday morning at 7AM and 11AM on ESPN2, the show Gotta Sweat is <<Gym fitness, free-weight training and aerobics with Cory Everson>> A site devoted to her modeling/body building is at: http://www.solace.mh.se/~alpha/ceg/ceg.htm

She plays TV Mallory in the movie Natural Born Killers shown on HBO on 19(9pm), 25(1:35am). <<Oliver Stone directed and co-wrote this satirical look at contemporary society's fascination with mass murderers and their glorification by the media.>>

According to Robert Trebor's fan club, "Bob took off for New Zealand on June 10 to film a Hercules episode which also features Cory Everson "Atalanta." See URL in Robert's section in 2nd half of report. Does anyone have a site devoted to her role as Atlanta? Please let me know. Thanks!

As for Tony Todd, he was recomended to me by Jana Peterson, he plays Bridger in the movie Keeper of the City shown on E! on June 17(1PM) <<A homicide detective takes a stand against a popular serial killer who's been targeting Chicago's underworld leaders.>>

Tony plays Sherwood in the movie Sabotage shown on HOT CH(I am not familiar with this channel, but thought I would list it for those who might get it) on June 17(5PM), 19(10:30AM), 20(3PM). <<A bodyguard uses his Navy commando taining to track the killers of an arms dealer he was hired to protect.>>

Tony plays CANDYMAN in the movie Candyman: Farewell To The Flesh shown on Showtime 2 on June 20(9PM), 26(10:45PM). <<The hook-handed spirit returns to his New Orleans birthplace to seek revenge on the desendents of his girlfriend, whose family was responsible for the gruesome death a century before.>>

Tony plays Captain Darrow in the movie The Rock shown on Starz! on June 21(8pm), 25(8pm). <<Being the only person to have ever broken out of Alcratraz, a crafty criminal is forced to assist a impenetrable island prison and stop a disgraced war hero from unleashing a deadly nerve gas on San Francisco.>>

I'm not sure if this info is outdated or not, but in his bio it says "Tony Todd is (1997) Appears at Hasty Pudding Theater, Cambridge MA, in Cry Me a River". If you know where this theater is, it might be worth looking into!

Congrats to Tony for winning the best guest-star award as Cecrops on the X:WP ep. "Lost Mariner" at the ARGO awards celebration!!! He was also really GREAT as as Gladius on the H:LJ ep. "Gladiator"!!! Does anyone have a site devoted to him? Please let me know. Thanks!!!
As for Ted Raimi, he plays Lt. Tim O'Neil in the TV show SeaQuest DSV shown on the Sci-Fi channel in June, the show airs on Monday-Thursday evenings at 8pm and 12am. Also staring on this show is John D'Aquino(Ulysses on X:WP) as Lt. Benjamin King.

Ted plays Hal in the movie Stuart Saves His Family shown on Cinnemax on HBO on June 18(1:15pm), 28(2pm). <<After his cable access show is cancelled, an overly optimistic self-help guru goes home to solve all his dysfunctional family's problems.>> This movie is based on a character from Saturday Night Live.

Ted plays a waiter in the movie Crimewave along with Bruce Campbell and Bridget Hoffman(H:LJ's Echidna). See times in Bruce's section. Joxer will be on a X:WP episode called "King of Assassins" due in the Fall. For more info, see Bruce's section.

Ted plays Johnny Appleseed in the Alien Nation episode "Chains of Love" shown on the Sci-Fi channel on June 29 at 11am.

Ted plays a CIA Satellite Technician on the movie Patriot Games shown on Cinnemax on July 5(8PM), 20(10:10PM), 24(11:45PM). <<A CIA agent and his family become the targets of a radical Irish terrorist group after he thwarts an assassination attempt in England. Based on Tom Clancy's best-seller.>> A GREAT web site to find out more info on Ted is:

As for John D'Aquino, he was GREAT as Ulysses on X:WP ep. "Ulysses"! He plays Lt. Benjamin King along with Ted Raimi who plays Lt. Tim O'Neil in the TV show SeaQuest DSV shown on the Sci-Fi channel in June, the show airs on Monday-Thursday evenings at 8pm and 12am.

John will be in a re-run of Seinfeld on June 18(7:30pm on FOX; 11pm on WB) There are conflicting times and stations. Check if you get re-runs of Seinfeld and on which channel for your area. <<George gets his boss, Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, hooked on calzones, then loses his supplier; Kramer warms to clothing fresh from the dryer; and both Jerry and his girlfriend benefit from her beauty. Todd: John D'Aquino.>>
As for Bruce Campbell, I got a E-mail message from him alittle while ago!!! He is such a GREAT GUY!!! In the past I have written to him asking for upcoming info for these reports and he has been more than gracious in sending me some!!! I wrote him again recently when I came back online and he wrote me back!!! He told be the best site to find out info on him is at:
http://www.bccentral.com/ Most of the following info and more can be found on this site.

Bruce has a cameo in the movie Fargo shown on TMC(The Movie Channel) on June 17(10:45PM), 25(7:20PM), 29(9PM). He used to be on a soap opera called Generations which aired in `83. The bad guys in Fargo happen to be watching this show so we are treated to some clips of a younger Bruce! : )

Some Bruce trivia: he played a wedding shemp in the movie The Quick And The Dead shown on FLIX on June 18(10PM), 28(1:05AM). His entire part was cut out, but his name is still in the credits. I have no idea what the term "shemp" means can someone tell me?

Bruce is on Homicide: Life on the Street on June 18(11pm) on Lifetime <<When Munch and Russert are stumped in their search for an ex-cop's murderer, the deceased's son (Bruce Campbell), also a cop, conducts his own rogue investigation to bring in a suspect---at any cost. Part 1 of two.>> On June 19(11pm) <<Conclusion. Kellerman has the unpleasant task of investigating fellow officer Jake Rodzinski (Bruce Campbell) when the man who was acquitted of killing Jake's father turns up dead after the trial.>>

Bruce plays Brisco in TV series the Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. every Saturday at noon on TNT. This was a very funny show where the old west was still wild and some of the characters were even wilder. : )

Bruce plays Charles Travis in the movie Congo shown on Cinnemax on June 22(8:30am), 26(10:35am). <<On an expedition to undercover the source of some extremely valuable diamonds, a team of reasearchers stumble across a mythical lost city of killer gorrillas.>>

Bruce is the co-producer and co-stars as Renaldo "The Heel" in the movie Crimewave shown on Starz! on June 22(8:45am). <<2 maniacal exterminators rage through the streets of Detroit on a robbery/killing spree.>> Also in the movie is Ted Raimi and Bridget Hoffman(H:LJ's Echidna).

Bruce has an uncredited cameo(as a generic henchmen) in the movie The Demolitionist shown on Cinnemax on June 24(10:15pm), 29(3:10am), on Showtime 2 on June 14(10:35PM), 18(12:45AM), 23(9PM). <<A near-fatal attack convinces a sexy undercover agent to enter a secret experiment that will turn her into a healthy cyborg bent on ridding her futuristic society of all crime.>>

A Sony Playstation game called Broken Helix from Konami just hit the stores recently and Bruce lends his talented voice to the game for the character Jake! I can't wait to try this one!!! A review of the game will be in an update soon to come. : )

Bruce headed back to New Zealand in May to film another H:LJ episode called "Beanstalk and Bad Eggs". In this episode Autolycus is "Jack" in a "Jack and the Beanstalk" type story. Autolycus steals the magic beans and the giant is mad at him, etc. It is due to air in the Fall! I can't wait! It is bound to be another GREAT episode!!! He is so funny!!!

While in New Zealand, Bruce also did an episode for Xena!!! The episode is called: "The King Of Assassins". Bruce had his hands full since he is acting as Autolycus as well as being the Director for this episode! This is the first time he has directed "himself." Joxer will also be on X:WP "King of Assassins". Bruce and Ted have been in several movies together, but this is the first with Joxer and Autolycus. This is going to be a GREAT episode!!! I can't wait to see it!!!

Bruce will be in a new TV series pilot called Missing Links!!! This show is loosly based on the movie Tin Cup and Bruce has the lead role as Ray, a golfer. This show was stated for the ABC Fall lineup, but they did not choose it. They are considering it for a mid-season replacement. I sure hope so, Bruce is so great and it will be wonderful to see him in a weekly show again!!!

Lets all write to ABC at: http://www.abc.com/vvoice/talk.html to tell them how much we love Bruce and that they should choose Missing Links as a mid-season replacement!

To those who have not seen the movie Tin Cup yet, it is being shown on HBO on June 28(8pm), 29(4:15am). This movie stars Kevin Costner and Rene Russo. <<Having ruined his professional career, a down-on-his-luck golfing instructor seeks to impress the sexy therapist he's currently tutoring to winnning the U.S. Open.>>

As for Melinda Clarke, she will be in the movie SPAWN due out in theaters in August. I have conflicting dates: Aug.8 or Aug.22. SPAWN is an Action movie which is a comic book adaptation. For those who are familiar with the comic(I'm not), Melinda will play Priest which is the female version of the character Chapel. >From the sounds, this movie is bound to be great with special effects galore!!!

To get a head start and to create some interest in the comic book and upcoming movie, HBO is showing an animated adaptation series called Todd McFarland's Spawn shown on June 18(2:15am), 21(12am), 24(12:30am), 25(1:05am). This is for adults only due to violence, etc. <<Al Simmons, a special government agent who returns from the dead with incredible super powers to find his killers and lead a war against Heaven itself.>>

Melinda wowed Xenites in her portrayal of Velaska! Did anyone recognize her as Alisandra, a hybrid in the May 16th episode of Sliders? Also as I was doing my searches I found out something. I knew that Melinda was in this TV show called Heaven Help Us that aired in `94. I looked it up and was so surprised to see that I have actually seen this show!!! It was a long time ago and I didn't realize this was the title of the show I had seen or that she was in it! I liked it, but we couldn't get it in our area. So, when we were away we'd see it on at 1am or so. It also stared John Snider of Dukes fame and Ricardo Montibon from Fantasy Island fame. It was kind of like a Touched By an Angel story line about a couple who were married and were angels sent on missions by Montibon. If anyone out there has any episodes on tape, I LOVE to hear from you!!!

A great web site to find out more about Melinda/Velaska is at:
http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/~ghouse/ka.htm This is also a great site for other stars from both shows!

As for Claire Yarlett, she was GREAT as Thera in H:LJ episode "The Apple"! She plays Tanya Sloane in the movie Perry Mason: The Case of the Fatal Fashion shown on TBS on June 20 at 1:05pm. <<The sophisticated legalist comes face-to-face with gangsters and fashion industry barons.>>

Claire plays Jenny in the movie Black Out shown on HBO on June 18 at 4:20am. <<An amnesiac heads to L.A. after his wife is killed and tries to remember what happened before the cops get to him.>> Jeremy Roberts(X:WP's Thercides)

As for Jeremy Roberts, he was GREAT as Thercidese in X:WP episode "Fist Full of Dinars", he also played Derk in an episode of H:LJ.(Anybody know which one?) He plays Gus in the movie the Marrying Man shown on Showtime on June 24(10pm), July 1(3:15am). <<Neil Simon wrote this screenplay about a mismatched couple who experience 4 marriages and divorces with each other!>>

Jeremy plays a Guard in the movie Money Train shown on Cinnemax on June 19(10pm), 24(11:45pm), 30(1am). <<2 foster brothers who grew up to be transit cops scheme to steal the money from the subway car that carries the system's revenue.>>

Robert plays Scar in the movie Black Out along with Claire Yarlett. See times in Claire's section.

Robert will be in a re-run of Seinfeld on June 28(7:30pm on FOX; 11pm on WB) There are conflicting times and stations. Check if you get re-runs of Seinfeld and on which channel for your area. <<Jerry and George take a limo meant for someone else, whose agenda includes more than just getting in from the airport. Chauffeur: Jeremy Roberts>>

Hello Fellow Xenites and Hercules fans!

xenagabtv.jpgHere is the 2nd half of my Tube Watch report. In this report are: Tim Thomerson (Meleager the Mighty), Scott Garrison (Perdicas), Bridget Hoffman (Echidna), Hudson Leick (Callisto), Sam Jenkins (Kiran, Serena), Teresa Hill (Nemesis), Tawny Kitaen (Deianeira), Lucy Lawless (Xena), Robert Trebor (Salmoneus), and Renee O'Connor (Gabrielle). Other related/linked topics will be at the bottom of this listing. Most of the <<spoilers>> either came from TV Guide Online, Click TV or a Cable movie guide.

Included in this 1st half of the report are: Kevin Sorbo (Hercules), Cory Everson (Atlanta), Tony Todd (Cecrops, Gladius), Ted Raimi (Joxer), John D'Aquino (Ulysses), Bruce Campbell (Autolycus), Melinda Clarke (Velaska), Claire Yarlett (Thera), and Jeremy Roberts (Thercidese, Derk).

As for Tim Thomerson, he plays Ken in the movie Car Wash shown on TNT on June 20 at 2am. <<A Day at this L.A. establishment takes the boreborm out of waxing your fenders.>>

Tim will be on 21 Jump Street on June 21(7:pm) on FX <<A tough new principal (Tim Thomerson) wields a big stick in trying to clean up a drug and crime-infested school, but he may be wiping out students' civil rights.>>

Tim plays Pittsburgh Police Sergeant Buddy Zunder in the TV show Sirens shown on USA on June 27(4am), July 3(4AM), 17(4AM), 24(4AM), 31(4AM). I really liked this show!!! It aired in '93 and followed 3 rookie female cops as they learned the ropes. Tim's character was tough, but loveable! I was pleasantly surprised to see him in his first appearance on X:WP in the ep. "The Prodical"! Meleager the Mighty is so different from the Sirens role that I remember him for. Just shows what a GREAT actor he is!!! Also, to those of you who are fans of the Aron Spelling show: Pacific Parasades, you will also see Joel Wyner on Sirens as Det. Springer.

Tim plays Ted in the movie Iron Eagle shown on the Starz! channel on June 23(3:30am, 3:45pm), 28(1:30pm). <<An Air Force pilot's gutsy son (Jason Gedrick) plans his father's rescue from an Arab country, with help from a retired officer (Louis Gossett Jr.) and an F-16. Defense Minister: David Suchet.>>

A great Tim Thomerson/Meleager the Mighty web site is at: http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/~ghouse/mel.htm This site also has pages on many other stars from both shows

As for Scott Garrison, you either LOVED him or HATED him as Perdicas on X:WP!!! He plays Will Kipp in the TV series Swamp Thing shown on the Sci-Fi channel on June 21(12PM), 23(6:30PM), 28(12PM), July 11(6:30PM), 12(12PM), 25(6:30PM).

As for Bridget Hoffman, she is GREAT as Echidna "The Mother of all Monsters" on H:LJ! She plays a Nun in this movie Crimewave with Bruce Campbell and Ted Raimi! Now we can see what she truely looks like! :) See times in Bruce's section in the 1st part of this listing. Does any one have a site devoted to her? Please let me know. Thanks!!!

As for Hudson Leick, Fellow Xenite, Pandora wrote "unless I miss my guess, Melrose on E! will be hitting the Hudson era shortly. Probably the week of the 19th will be the best place to start looking. So, stock up on tapes now. :)"

From what I've been able to gather from my searches. I believe that Hudson's first appearance in the episode "Blind Ambition" will be on E! on June 23 at 7pm, midnight and 10 am the next day. Melrose Place re-runs air on E!, Monday-Fridays at 10am, 7pm, midnight. The "new" episode usually airs in the 7pm time slot and repeats twice after. So, if you missed an episode once, you have 2 chances to get it again! <BG!> And for at least those 2 weeks, you can be in Hudson Heaven!!! : )

Hudson plays Kathy Rogers in the Law & Order episode "Black Tie" shown on A&E on June 27(1PM, 7PM). <<When a wealthy, philandering husband is found dead, Briscoe and Logan suspect the man's bitter and greedy widow.>> This episode originally aired on 10/20/93. This is one of Hudson's earlier roles, but still a GREAT one! She has a small part as the wealthy man's mistress. In the opening credits, she is listed as Heidi Leick.

Even if you already have these shows on tape, think about helping other Hudson fans at Kevin Saput's Hudson Leick Video Exchange at: http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Set/7006/

There was a question weither or not Hudson would be in an upcoming episode of Touched By An Angel in the Fall. She has been in 2 other episodes in TBAA as an angel Celeste! I had read somewhere that a 3rd episode was in the works. I have heard from several people who went to the latest convention and they said that she told everyone that there was not a 3rd episode and there was no plans to ever do one. So, I guess that puts that rumor to rest! Personally I am disappointed! I really liked her on the show!!!

Thanks to Max and 1st Fire who let me know that: Hudson will be going back to New Zealand on June 14th to do another episode of Xena!!! I can't wait to see what mayhem our Goddess Callisto will create now!!! She's so GREAT!!!

Fellow Xenite 1st Fire was truly lucky! and was able to interview Hudson At the recent Sacramento convention. She wrote: "She is currently working on a new movie called "Denial". It's a comedy written and directed by Adam Rifkin. ("The Chase") Hudson, unfortunately, was not given the lead role in the movie, but her character does "have a lot of substance" and "is a woman who owns her sexuality - REALLY owns it.""

"Hudson also says that it's a "very sexual" movie and that she does have a "love" scene with one of the leading male characters. She is currently working on "Denial", but a "release" date has not yet been set. I guess we'll just have to keep a "look-out" for it. You will be able to read more from my inverview with Hudson in the next issue of the Hudson Leick Newsletter which can be viewed at Sturm's Callisto/Hudson Leick Resource Page at: http://www.accessone.com/~regards/HLNEWS1.html

"Since the June Newsletter just came out, it will probably be at least a month or so before I do another one, which will include my interview with Hudson." Feel free to check out 1st Fire's Hudson Newsletter in the meantime. She does a GREAT job!!!

Pandora also said that the E! Gossip Show had a segment on Hudson's part in the movie: Denial. "Rod Dovlin, the same guy that did the interview with Hudson back in the March issue of Axcess, mentioned her anxiety about doing her first nude scene on screen. He also metioned a couple of the co-stars in "Denial": Christine Taylor (Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!) and Jason Alexander (no, she doesn't do the nude scene with Alexander). Dovlin didn't say the name of the actor that she does the scene with but they only had about 20 minutes to get acquainted before she was to act like she was passionately in love with the guy."

Congratulations to Hudson for winning the Argo award for Best Villanous Turn as Callisto in the X:WP episode "A Necessary Evil"!!! You are such a TRUELY EXCEPTIONAL actress to be able to play roles as evil as Callisto and as angelic as Celeste and do so connvincingly!!! It is fun to see what you will do next!!!

A really GREAT site to find out more about Hudson is Sturm's Callisto/Hudson Leick Resource Page at:http://www.accessone.com/~regards/callisto.html

As for Sam Jenkins, she plays Dr. Carole Eggert on Chicago Hope on June 23(10pm) and possibly later, the TV listings don't go further.

Sam was really great in both roles as Kiran "Prince Hercules" and Serena/Golden Hind in a 3 epiosde arc on H:LJ where she became Herk's 2nd wife!!! Max was kind enough to write me to let me know the reason why she did not return as Serena in the ep. "The End of the Beginning"? "Sam Jenkins: The producer of Ren. Pic's said that she was wanted to do the other ep. with the Hind, but she couldn't due to the fact she was already doing something else, and they needed to do the shoot, but couldn't get her. It's not like she didn't want to, she just couldn't." Thanks Max!!!

Possibly she was doing a certain Special K commercial? I usually don't pay too much attention to commercials, but that's going to change! <BG!> In the commercial, a man is waiting for his wife who is trying on a dress in the dressing room. He goes to the store clerk and says, "Is she STILL in there?" He goes to the dressing room door and says, "Are you alright in there honey?" She says, "Uh huh!" She says this quite a few times as she checks herself in the mirror, looking at how "great" her body looks in this dress thanks to Special K cereal. Her husband, now very bored is sitting in the waiting room along with another bored husband. She comes out and says, "Honey, Do you like the dress?" Both men's jaws drop and he kind of says "Yeah". Now you too can look as good as Sam if we all go out and buy Special K!!! <BG!> I was really surprised to see her in this commercial!!! Maybe I am wrong in thinking it was her, but it looked so much like her!!! Did anyone else see this? Is it her?

Also does anyone have a web page devoted to her? Please let me know. Thanks!!!

As for Teresa Hill, she was GREAT on H:LJ as Nemesis! She plays Jan in the movie Bio-Dome shown on TMC(The Movie Channel) on June 24(6:15AM, 10:40PM). <<This film from the creative team that produced Dumb and Dumber, gives viewers an inside look at the advanced technologies produced by science and just how easily they can be undone by the shenanigans of two clueless misfits.>>snipped from Showtime online.

As for Tawny Kitaen, she was GREAT as Hercules' first wife Deianeira she will be on a re-run of Married With Children on June 24(4:30pm on NBC; 6:00pm on UPN) There are conflicting times and stations. Check if you get re-runs of Married with Children and on which channel for your area. <<Nostalgia brings fortune to Al and Jefferson after they stumble onto a crate of fashionable shoes from the '70s. Meanwhile, exotic-insect bites force Kelly to tell the truth. Terry Murphy ("Hard Copy") has a cameo. Dominique: Tawny Kitaen.>>

As for Lucy Lawless, she will be on Broadway in the play Grease as Rizzo from Sept.2 to Oct.19!!! I hope that I am able to go!!! The opportunity to see her in person is something I don't want to miss!!!

Congratulations to Lucy for winning an Argo Award for her best role as Xena/Diana/Meg in the X:WP ep. "Warrior... Princess... Tramp"! You deserve it!!! You certainly worked your butt off in this episode!!! It is definately one of my favorite episodes!!!

A great site to find out more about Lucy/Xena is: http://www.xenafan.com/ Another great site is at: http://gab.simplenet.com/xena/#alert

As for Robert Trebor, Palindrome Pals: The Official International Robert Trebor Fan Club is found at: http://www.cyberramp.net/~lnmorris They say that "Bob took off for New Zealand on June 10 to film a Hercules episode which also features Cory Everson "Atalanta." I can't wait to see this one!!!

A truly funny website devoted to the character Salmoneous can be found at: http://cctr.umkc.edu/user/salbert/salmoneus.html Another Robert Trebor/Salmoneus web site is at: http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/4965/page4.html

As for Renee O'Connor, Congratulations to you for winning an Argo Award for your best episode as Gabrielle in X:WP's "The Quest"! You are TRUELY GREAT and deserve it!!! This was a really hard episode and you did so excellently!!!

A GREAT web site to find out more info about Renee is: http://members.aol.com/rocweb/index.htm Another GREAT Renee site is: http://www.acs.appstate.edu/~dm9262/oconnor/renee.html

RELATED/LINKED TOPICS: Ancient Mysteries with Leonard Nimoy shows Dragons: Myths and Legends on June 26(9pm), 27(1am) on A&E <<Explores the mysterious lair of dragons to discover why they appear in the legends of so many cultures. Plus, there's a look at scientific evidence that dragons once actually existed.>> I thought I would list this due to the repeat of H:LJ's "The Lady and the Dragon". :)

A GREAT mythological based movie is The Clash of the Titans shown on TNT on June 27(8pm). <<Zeus' mortal son, Perseus, faces a variety of challenges to win the love of Andromeda.>> Another GREAT mythological based movie will be shown on June 27(9pm), 28(2:30am=letterbox version, 8am), AMC will air the 1959 classic Italian-made movie Hercules starring Steve Reeves. <<The King of Colchis sends the strongman on a series of missions hoping to dampen Hercules' passion for his daughter.>>

Hercules: Power of the Gods Biography on July 1(8PM), 2(12am) on A&E. <<Story of how the mighty son of Zeus became one of the most enduring legends of Greek mythology. Includes saga of Hercules' twelve labors which included battles with the awful nine-headed Hydra serpent and the Ceryneian stag with golden horns.>> Possibly, they might show a clip of our favorite show? Let's hope!!!

The Disney animated movie Hercules is due to air on June 27 in movie theaters! Some of the Cast who lend their vocies include: Danny DeVito as Phil (Philoctetes), Tate Donovan as Hercules, James Woods as Hades, and Charlton Heston as the Narrator. A GREAT website to find out more info on this movie is at: http://www.disney.com/Hercules/

Events related to the animated movie are: `Hercules' Strikes Manhattan June 17(8:25pm) on the Disney channel. <<Highlights from the New York premiere of the film "Hercules" are scheduled to include a parade on Fifth Avenue and a performance by singer Michael Bolton.>>

'Hercules' Extravaganza June 18(8pm), 19(11am) on E!

Hollywood & Vinyl June 19(7:30PM, 10:30PM) on VH1 <<Music from animated movies, including ``Beauty & the Beast'' and ``Hercules.''>>

Hercules: From Zero to Hero June 20(9:30pm) on ABC <<Clips from the upcoming animated Disney feature film augment this tale of two explorers (Matt Frewer, Bobcat Goldthwait) who discover the story of Hercules' transformation from mortal to strongman as they search for his secret treasure. Also: "Go the Distance" is sung by Michael Bolton, and "I Won't Say" is performed by Susan Egan of Broadway's "Beauty and the Beast.">>

Making of `Hercules' 21(4pm), 26(8:30pm) on the Disney channel. <<A behind-the-scenes look at the production of Disney's animated fantasy about the mythic hero. Interviewed are actors who provided voices for the film, including Tate Donovan, Danny DeVito and James Woods>>

Hercules' Conquers New York June 21(6pm) on E! <<Highlights from the New York premiere of the Disney animated film are scheduled to include a celebration along 42nd Street and interviews with actors who lent their voices to the movie.>>

Xena and Hercules the animated movie is due out on video in the fall!!! The cast from both our favorite shows lend their voices to this film.

A GREAT site to check for fan clubs, conventions, and merchandise updates is at the Creation site: http://www.primenet.com/~outback/

Also, A BIG WELCOME BACK to Kathy Doerr!!!! She truely does GREAT work on Xena/Lucy Lawless Resource Central at: http://www.xenite.org/kpdoerr/xena.htm

My personal favorite site for TV Alerts is at: http://www.xenite.org/kpdoerr/xena_alerts.htm

I'm so glad you're BACK!!!

I hope this helps you all!!! Please feel free to write me with any info not listed, etc. I welcome all the help I can get as it takes me a long time to put these reports together and I might have missed something or mistyped something!!! I will answer all letters sooner or later.


Happy Viewing!!!


ALWheaties angela.wheaton@snet.net

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