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Note: Some of the links in this report may be out of date...

Hello Fellow Xenites and Hercules fans!

These Tube Watch reports follow the stars and guest-stars of the 2 best shows on TV: Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: Legendary Journeys. There is A LOT of upcoming information of when they will be on TV, movies in the theaters, and otherwise. I try to fill these reports with trivia, spoilers, and more. I hope you enjoy and please feel free to write to me to let me know how you liked it or how I could improve. I welcome all feedback and hope you will write if there is anything missing or if I had any info wrong. Thanks!

Most of the <<spoilers>> either came from TV Guide Online, Click TV or a Cable movie guide and the Internet Movie Database. There is a what's on Xena/Herk section, Highlights of the Rob Tapert section, various actors sections and other Herk and Xena related/linked topics, Convention section, Spy Game and Roar sections and will be at the bottom of this listing. Also, at the bottom of this listing(after my sig line) I have a little bit about the rewarding trip I took to Washington D.C. to help the homeless.

I got some letters saying, "Why don't you have this person or that person". When in fact I had researched them, but found no upcoming info. So to let you all know who I research, I have 2 paragraphs: one of those with sections of upcoming info and one of those without. If there is anyone that I don't have listed in either that you would like me to check into, let me know.

Included in this report are: Bruce Campbell (Autolycus), Ted Raimi (Joxer) /John Aquino (Ulysses), Claire Yarlett (Thera), Jeremy Roberts (Thercidese, Derk), Bridget Hoffman (Echidna), Tim Thomerson (Meleager the Mighty), Willa O'Neil (Lila, Phoebie) /Danielle Cormack (Ephiny) /Joel Tobeck (Strife), Cory Everson (Atlanta), Susan Ward (Psyche), Tony Todd (Cecrops, Gladius), Marley Shelton (Iole), Robert Trebor (Salmoneus, Walin), Scott Garrison (Perdicas), Teresa Hill (Nemesis), Melinda Clarke (Velaska), Tawny Kitaen (Deianeira), Alison Bruce (Melosa) /Elizabeth Hawthorne (1st Alcamene /Queen Omphale), Renee O'Connor (Gabrielle), Kevin Sorbo (Hercules), Hudson Leick (Callisto), Karen Shepherd (Enforcer) /Cynthia Rothrock (Enforcer2), Lucy Lawless (Xena), Kevin Smith (Ares, Iphicles), Michael Hurst (Iolaus), and Sam Jenkins (Kiran, Serena).

Some info on Karl Urban(Cupid/Caesar) is in Rob Tapert's Chat section and Alexandra Tydings(Aphrodite) is mentioned in The Herk/Xena Animated movie section. Other people searched for, but did not find at press time: Kim Michalis (Scilla, Leah), Jeffery Thomas (Jason), Paul Norell (Falaffel), Lisa Chappel (Dirce, Lydia, Princess Melissa), Erik Thomson (Hades), Norman Forsey (Princess Diana's father), Liddy Holloway (2nd Alcamene), Jay Laga'aia (Draco), Peter Daube (Petracles, Spiros), Ebonie Smith (M'Lila), Tanya Dignan (Eponin), Jodie Dorday (Solari), Rebekah Mercer (Terreis), Karen Witter (original Nemisis), and Emma Turner (Flora).

A GREAT web site that has HELPED me know the guest-star's names and characters on Xena is at: http://logomancy.simplenet.com/XENA/EPISODES/

Update 7/21:
As for Renee O'Connor, she plays Tinsel Teeth in the movie Stone Cold shown on TBS on July 24 at 8:05pm. Thanks to Michael for this info! <<An undercover cop recruited by the FBI infiltrates a gang of outlaw bikers and orchestrates a drug deal to bring them in.>> Renee is in the first few minutes of the movie where the bad guys hold up a grocery store and hold her hostage. The main bad guy has her in a headlock and refers to her as Tinsel Teeth where she has braces. She has no lines, just a lot of whimpering. According to my friend Donna, they even misspelled her name in the credits as: Rene O'Connor. Personally, I thought the movie itself was terrible, but it is worth seeing to see an early role of our beloved Renee! I'm so GLAD that we have her as Gabrielle!!!

As for Tim Thomerson, he plays Ken in the movie Car Wash shown on TBS on July 31 at 2:20am. <<A day at this L.A. establishment takes the boredom out of waxing your fenders.>>

As for Robert Trebor, he plays Dierks in an episode of Miami Vice shown on FX on August 1 at 12am. <<The ritual killings of two cops on the take lead to the priestess (Eartha Kitt) of a cult that deals in drugs.>>

I recently saw a commercial that the movie Spawn (with Melinda Clarke/Velaska) will be in theaters, opening 1 week earlier on Aug. 1!!! See more info in Melinda's section.

This week's Xena: Warrior Princess is a repeat of the episode " A Necessary Evil" <<In order to stop the evil, and now immortal, Velasca (Melinda Clarke) from hunting down Gabrielle, Xena must unleash an even more depraved immortal to vanquish her---Callisto (Hudson Leick). Ephiny: Danielle Cormack. Solari: Jodie Dorday.>> This ep. was really tough on Gabrielle! To save her life, they have to enlist Callisto's help, the very one who killed her husband and makes fun of it during a game of Truth and Dare. This is TRULY a GREAT episode!!! We see both Velasca and Callisto as Gods and fighting it out!!! Definitely not one to miss again!!!

Next week's Xena: Warrior Princess is a repeat of the episode "A Day In The Life". <<Xena has 24 hours to prevent a warlord from plundering one village, and the world's biggest giant from destroying another. Ah, all in a day's work. Hower: Murray Keane. Minya: Alison Wall. Gareth: Jim Ngaata.>> What a FUNNY episode!!!! This ep. was directed by Michael Hurst(Iolaus) and is one of the best ones yet! Xena and Gabrielle let the irritations of their life together show in many hillarious situations! If you haven't seen this one yet, you CAN'T miss it AGAIN!!!

This week's Hercules: The Legendary Journeys is a repeat of the episode "Encounter" <<Playful action, fantasy and self-effacing humor are on display in this three-parter from February, in which Our Hero becomes a husband, a widower---and a murder suspect. In Part 1, Herc becomes enamored of a creature that is half-woman, half-deer. (When she has two legs, her name is Serena; when she has four, she's known as the Golden Hind.) Unfortunately, Serena owes her life to Herc's evil half brother Ares (Kevin Smith), who plans to use her in his plot to kill Hercules. Sam Jenkins, Sorbo's real-life girlfriend, plays Serena. Hemnor: David Mackie. Nestor: Steve Hall. Strife: Joel Tobeck.>> These are a really GREAT storys, certainly shouldn't be missed again!!!


Next week's Hercules: The Legendary Journeys is a repeat of the episode "When a Man Loves a Woman". << Herc goes weak in the knees after he proposes to his new love, Serena (Sam Jenkins)---a half-woman, half-deer creature called the Golden Hind, who's a virtual slave to Herc's evil half-brother, Ares (Kevin Smith). Joxer: Ted Raimi. Deianeira: Tawny Kitaen.>>


Inside Hercules and Xena will be on E! on July 24 at 8pm! <<A backstage look at the two syndicated sword-and-sorcery series includes interviews with actors Kevin Sorbo and Lucy Lawless, and a glimpse of the production processes. Also: episode clips; comments from the producers. Todd Newton hosts.>> This is a repeat of their special, but it is truly GREAT!!! It also has a small interview with Hudson Leick(Callisto)!!! It's really NEAT to see some behind the scenes of our favorite episodes and to see how the actors are so different being themselves vs. on the set during filming! There were some disappointing factors though. Bruce Campbell who in addition to playing Autolycus has also directed several episodes of Hercules, but this was not mentioned. Also, not mentioned was Robert Tebor(Salmoneus) and Ted Raimi(Joxer) even though they showed clips of them. They showed Robert Tapert, but did they show Sam? Over all, it is still worth seeing yet again or for the first time!!!

Thanks to Sharon(Creation) for letting us know: The issue of TV Guide that will have the Xena comic in it is August 9.

CHECK OUT: http://www.tvguide.com/fotoflip/xenaherc/ While doing my searches at TV Guide Online, I saw a picture of Xena at the top of the page. It said RESCUE XENA - Become her savior. Of course I had to see what it was all about! Among other things there is a Herk/Xena Game, photo galleries and more!!!

Also Thanks to Serge for letting us know that: West End Games has acquired the rights to produce a Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess Role Playing Game. It is expected to hit Game shops in early '88. Thanks to Oshram for adding: The game West End has in mind is most closely associated, from those choices, with D&D, where you make up your own character who would then exist in the Herc/Xenaverse. No doubt they will give stats for the heroes too. Usually one person crafts adventures, and the others play the characters who solve them. West End usually runs a little slow in development, so this should probably hit late spring of '98.

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The transcript of the Universal Chat with: Rob Tapert 6/25/97 from: http://www.universalstudios.com/unichat.30/transcripts/robtapert1.html

Here are some of the Highlights:

Moderator says "Here's a question we received from Lunacy in Miami: In creating the character of Xena, were you inspired by any actual historical figures, such as the Celtic queen Bodiccea who fought Rome?" Rob_Tapert says "No, I was inspired by a character in a Hong Kong movie called Asia the Invincible and a series of Hong Kong movies called Swordsmen I, II & III"

BGaynor asks "If you could get any actor/actress to be a guest star on Xena or Herc, who would you love to put on the how?" Rob_Tapert says "Well, because of right this second I'm in a casting bind...it would be an actress Bridgette Lin who was as a character, the inspiration for Xena She was a character in a movie and I'm doing an episode where Xena goes to China."

Jinxed asks "Any more A Day In The life Ep's coming? I Really LOVED that one." Rob_Tapert says "Uh, yes. There will be."

macdaddyjax asks "Will Karl Urban Have More Of A Xena Presence This Upcoming Season?" Rob_Tapert says "Yes. Julius Caesar returns."

Irulan asks "What about the ambiguity in the characters? Will that remain in the future episodes?" Rob_Tapert says "Yes, to what people will call ambiguity will remain. As I said before, Xena and Gabrielle certainly share a loving relationship and this love will be challenged in the upcoming season. They certainly have exhibited that they like men thoughout the series and any other sexual preferences are their own businesses."

Irulan asks "Will the Xena episodes ever be released on video tapes that we can purchase? if so, when?" Rob_Tapert says "Currently there are no plans to release the Xena episodes on videos." "However, after this coming year, there will be natural pairings of episodes which will go together as 2 or 3 episode releases."

kenshin asks "Has Xena aired in Japan? If it is how popular is it?" Rob_Tapert says "No, neither Xena or Hercules airs in Japan. It's one of those histories I can't figure out why. The Japanese don't believe that Xena will play in their markets. Hercules is about Greek gods and there's a belief that it will not play in Japan also. However, the French buyers told us Xena would never play on French television because the French were not interested in a woman warrior who could beat up men. Now, it's one of the most popular shows on French television."

Haphaestus asks "Is there any plans to release a second Xena Soundtrack?" Rob_Tapert says "I have plans and the composer has plans. We certainly have new music especially with what we're doing this season. The record company has been slightly slow to respond. There's also talk of doing dance mixes to some of the theme music to Xena."

SailorSerenity asks "Will Xena and Hercules ever be romantically involved?" Rob_Tapert says "They already have been. And let me put it this way. Good Hercules and Good Xena will most likely not be romantically involved However, this coming season Bad Hercules and Bad Xena may have a little fling The fans will get to see that the first week in November"

RONTUARU asks "Do you see a long run for Xena and Hercules?" Rob_Tapert says "This is a bit of a tricky question. With regards to Xena, I see that that could have a very long run Because it is about the relationship and the changes in the two lead characters Hercules can have as long a run and possibly longer if the show can be retooled so that it becomes more about characters and less about events. That said, I believe Hercules and Xena are right now scheduled to be on the air through May 2000. So you can watch them welcome in the New Millenium. Although I believe the Millenium really starts in the year 2001."

Sideus asks "How long does it take to film a show?" Rob_Tapert says "Generally it takes 8 days of first unit, 8 days of 2nd unit. The 2nd unit completes all the fight portion that don't have our principles in it"

Mystri asks "Is it terribly expensive to film Hercules or Xena? Which is more expensive?" Rob_Tapert says "Hercules, and by network television standards, no, it is not incredibly expensive however, for the syndicated world, it is one of the more expensive series aside from Star Trek."

Kryton asks "Why was Anthony Quinn not re-cast as Zeus?" Rob_Tapert says "The character of Zeus was actually a handicap to good storytelling. He would come and solve Hercules' problems and therefore it was easiest to take him out of the series and make Hercules have to solve his own problems."

Shawntius asks "What ever happened to those classic Hercules things...Like the Hera eyes, etc." Rob_Tapert says "I grew tired of them."

Mariah asks "May we except to see more beast intrusions and a female traveling company for Hercules?" Rob_Tapert says "Yes. We will see a female companion on Hercules. And we will continue to see Beast, but not necessarily as Hercules' foil."


As for Bruce Campbell, I got an E-mail message from him a while ago!!! He is such a GREAT GUY!!! In the past I have written to him asking for upcoming info for these reports and he has been more than gracious in sending me some!!! I wrote him again when I came back online and he wrote me back!!! He told be the best site to find out info on him is at: http://www.bccentral.com/ Most of the following info in his section and more can be found on this site.

Bruce will be in Columbus, OH at an ORIGINS Convention on July 17-20, 1997 at the Hyatt Regency. To find out more info go to: http://www.wizards.com/Leagues_and_Tournaments/Andon/Welcome.html

This in from Jan Holbrook(BCCentral fan club President): BRUCE'S LIVE CHAT FROM THE CONVENTION ON SUNDAY, JULY 20TH WILL BE CYBERCAST IN REAL AUDIO AT 10:00AM (Eastern) 7:00AM (Pacific) Please go to: http://www.wizards.com/Leagues_and_Tournaments/Cybercast/Origins.htmlto listen in on the chat.

Bruce plays Brisco in TV series the Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. every Saturday at noon on TNT. This was a very funny show where the old west was still wild and some of the characters were even wilder. :)

Bruce has a cameo in the movie Fargo shown on TMC(The Movie Channel) on July 20(7:20PM), 25(9PM). He used to be on a soap opera called Generations which aired in '83. The bad guys in Fargo happen to be watching this show so we are treated to some clips of a younger Bruce! :)

Some Bruce trivia: he played a wedding shemp in the movie The Quick And The Dead shown on Showtime on July 20(11:45PM), 29(3AM). His entire part was cut out, but his name is still in the credits. If you are curious as to what a "shemp" is (I was), check in Ted Rami's section for an explanation.

Bruce is the co-producer and co-stars as Renaldo "The Heel" in the movie Crimewave shown on HBO on July 21(6:35am), on the Encore channel on July 22(11pm), 23(6:45am), 28(2pm), on PLEX on July 22(11pm). <<2 maniacal exterminators rage through the streets of Detroit on a robbery/killing spree.>> Also in the movie is Ted Raimi(Joxer) and Bridget Hoffman(H:LJ's Echidna).

Bruce plays Ash(Ashley J. Williams) in the movie Army of Darkness shown on STARZ! On July 22(12am), August 1(12am). <<Third entry in the "Evil Dead" series, in which Ash (Bruce Campbell) tries to escape from zombie-ridden medieval England.>>

Bruce wrote the story for the movie The Nutty Nut as Roc Sandstorm!!! It is showing this month on Starz! See Robert Trebor's section for times.

On SEPTEMBER 9th, McHales Navy will be released on videocassette!!! I saw this movie in the theater and it was GREAT!!! Bruce played Virgil the "skirt-chaser" and in one part of the movie I thought that they were making reference to Bruce's character Autolycus (when they were spying on the bad guys). Bruce is truly GREAT and it was nice to see him on the big screen again!!!

Apparently Bruce was supposed to be in the movie Men In Black that is out in theaters now! The role that Bruce was supposed to be in MIB was that of an exterminator who got killed early on in the movie. It was a very small role and he declined the role to play Jake Thorne in the TV movie Tornado! which came out last year just prior to the movie Twister's release to theaters. Also, the IMDB lists Bruce as playing Chris in the movie Resident Evil which is due out in theaters in 98. This is yet again another Bruce rumor that has proved to be false.

A Sony Playstation game called Broken Helix from Konami just hit the stores recently and Bruce lends his talented voice to the game for the character Jake! I can't wait to try this one!!! Thanks to Titanium for the following review of the game!!! Here's his review: Broken Helix uses Bruce Campbell as the title character Jake Burton a demolition specialist for the government. Scientists at Area 51 have taken over the base and set high explosives around it. The mission is to deactivate the explosives without being seen by the cameras and of course with out getting blown up. I recommend this game to people who like mystery/shoot 'em up type games with a little, okay a lot, of humor usually when people get shot. Typical responses to shooting somebody are "London bridges falling down", quot;What do you expect, its fun to abuse you", "Does it hurt when I do this?", and "I didn't get a harumph out of this guy" For fans of Bruce who either aren't good at this type of game or don't like this type you might not want to buy it but may want to rent it just to hear some of the lines.

Bruce headed back to New Zealand in May to film another H:LJ episode called "Beanstalk and Bad Eggs". In this episode Autolycus is "Jack" in a "Jack and the Beanstalk" type story. Autolycus steals the magic beans and the giant is mad at him, etc. It is due to air in the Fall! I can't wait! It is bound to be another GREAT episode!!! He is so funny!!!

While in New Zealand, Bruce also did an episode for Xena!!! The episode is called: "The King Of Assassins". Bruce had his hands full since he is acting as Autolycus as well as being the Director for this episode! This is the first time he has directed "himself." Joxer will also be on X:WP "King of Assassins". Bruce and Ted have been in several movies together, but this is the first with Joxer and Autolycus as Auto gets caught in the middle of Joxer and his evil twin Jett!. This is going to be a GREAT episode!!! I can't wait to see it!!! See Ted Raimi's section for a little more info on this episode.

At the Universal Chat with Rob: _Byron_ asks "Do you, Sam Raimi, And Bruce Campbell intend on making another Evil Dead movie?" Rob_Tapert says "Sam, Bruce and I would love to another Evil Dead movie however, nobody wants to finance it. The entire Evil Dead franchise was a theatrical failure in America"

Bruce will be in a new TV series pilot called Missing Links!!! This show is loosely based on the movie Tin Cup and Bruce has the lead role as Ray, a golfer. This show was stated for the ABC Fall lineup, but they did not choose it. They are considering it for a mid-season replacement. I sure hope so, Bruce is so great and it will be wonderful to see him in a weekly show again!!!

Lets all write to ABC at: http://www.abc.com/vvoice/talk.html to tell them how much we love Bruce and that they should choose Missing Links as a mid-season replacement!!!

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As for Ted Raimi, he plays Lt. Tim O'Neil in the TV show SeaQuest DSV shown on the Sci-Fi channel in July, the show airs on Monday-Thursday evenings at 8pm and midnight. Also staring on this show is John D'Aquino(Ulysses on X:WP) as Lt. Benjamin King.

As for John D'Aquino, he plays Tony in an episode of Renegade shown on USA on July 23 at 6pm. <<Reno and Cheyenne pretend to take the plunge in order to flush out their latest bounty: ruthless mobster Tony Spano, who's hiding out in a hotel---right above the honeymoon suites.>>

Ted plays a waiter in the movie Crimewave along with Bruce Campbell and Bridget Hoffman(H:LJ's Echidna). See times above, in Bruce's section.

Ted plays Pac Man in the movie Shocker shown on USA on July 19(4pm), 20(12:30am). <<An electrocuted killer transforms into pure energy form, inhabits other bodies-and continues killing! Written and directed by Wes Craven.>> Also in this movie is Mitch Pileggi(Skinner) from the X-Files and Peter Berg(Dr. Billy Kronk) from Chicago Hope.

Ted plays Steve Bales in the movie Apollo 11 shown on the Family Channel on July 20 at 7pm. <<3 astronauts take an historic ride to the moon and make the first lunar landing..>>

Ted plays a CIA Satellite Technician on the movie Patriot Games shown on Cinemax on July 20(10:10PM), 24(11:45PM). <<A CIA agent and his family become the targets of a radical Irish terrorist group after he thwarts an assassination attempt in England. Based on Tom Clancy's best-seller.>>

Thanks to TRIFC maintenance for sending me the URL: http://www.stgenesis.org/~inga/TedRaimi/tedfaq.html This site is a GREAT place to go if you have a question about Ted! Mine was:

12. What, pray tell, is a Shemp? A more detailed explanation is available in Raimi-Zine #2. Simply put, "Shemp" is Sam Raimi's term for an extra. There were a dozen actors listed as "Fake Shemp" in the Evil Dead (several of them co-incidentally with the last names of Raimi and Tapert). Josh Becker also credited Shemps in his recent flick Running Time (starring Bruce Campbell). The term dates back to The Three Stooges (if you've seen any of Sam's work, it's fairly obvious that he idolizes these guys) when several Stooge shorts were completed when Shemp was out of commission due to a heart attack using substitute actors with their faces obscured.

At the Universal Chat with Rob: Shawntius asks "Will Ted still be a regular on the show? He is so cool." Rob_Tapert says "Ted will certainly be a regular on the show in spite of the group of fans who don't like him. I personally find Ted very funny and a very fine actor."

Thanks to Titanium for sending me Ted's AOL Online Chat!!! Here are some exerpts:

PenandSwr asked: Joxer has matured a lot in two seasons. Will we see more progress in the season ahead? TRaimi: I am very fortunate that I've got some very creative writers on my side, and they have been developing his character quite well. It's unusual to have such a buffoon like Joxer to be so well developed in a TV show. In this 3rd season, you'll see Joxer becoming a little more fleshed out but no less stupid or imbicilic, I don't think. But there's lots of surprises. We're going to start meeting members of Joxer's family.

At the Universal Chat with Rob: cyberkathy asks "Will we find out anything about Joxer's family in the nest season?" Rob_Tapert says "Yes. Joxer has a very large family.And Joxer and his brother will be appearing with Autolycus, the King of Thieves in an episode that starts shooting tomorrow." See Bruce Campbell's section for more info about "The King of Assassins" as Auto gets caught in the middle of Joxer and his evil twin Jett!

GabBardXW asked: How does it feel getting beat up by Gabrielle? TRaimi: It's always fun because Renee is always very careful not to really hurt me. I'd say probably out of the 100 days I've ever worked on that show, 75 of which Gabrielle had to poke me in the eyes, hit me in the nose or kick me in the shin. She's only hurt me once during the Comedy of Eros episode where she pulled my ear with her teeth.

Mchakram: asked: Are you going to do any Hercules episodes this season? TRaimi: Yes, I am. I just completed one where it's yet untitled but I will tell that Eolis goes into a negative universe and meets Hercules' counterpart, Xena's counterpart and Joxer's counterpart. At the risk of being clobbered by the studio, I'm not going to say much more about it but it's going to be a blast. It's going to be on in another 2 months.

Ted will be at an Upcoming Creation Con. See bottom section for details. A GREAT web site to find out more info on Ted is: http://www.stgenesis.org/~inga/TedRaimi/


As for Claire Yarlett, she was GREAT as Thera in H:LJ episode "The Apple"! She plays Jenny in the movie Black Out shown on HBO2 on July 19 at 3:15AM. <<An amnesiac banker flees to L.A. in hopes of regaining his memory and proving his innocence in his wife's murder.>> Jeremy Roberts(Thercidese, Derk) plays Scar in this movie.

Claire is in the movie The Disappearance of Christina which is shown on USA on July 21 at noon. <<A businessman, wrongly accused of murdering his wife, must find out what really happened to her before a case is built against him.>>

Claire is in an episode of Renegade shown on USA on July 30 at 6pm.<<Reno gets himself hired as a bodyguard for Hound Adams' lawyer (Claire Yarlett)---a wily attorney who has possession of the elusive tapes that could clear the Renegade's name once and for all.>> Does anybody have a web site devoted to her? Please let me know. Thanks!!!


As for Jeremy Roberts, he was GREAT as Thercidese in X:WP episode "Fist Full of Dinars", he also played Derk in an episode of H:LJ "The Mercenary".(Thanks again Titanium!) He plays scar in a movie called Black Out with Clair Yarlett(Thera). See times in Claire's section.

Jeremy plays Gus in the movie the Marrying Man shown on Showtime 2 on July 25(1:15PM, 9PM). <<Neil Simon wrote this screenplay about a mismatched couple who experience 4 marriages and divorces with each other!>>

Jeremy plays Slick on Peter Gunn shown on PLEX on July 25(5:25pm).

Does anyone have a website devoted to him? Please let me know, Thanks!


As for Bridget Hoffman, she is GREAT as Echidna "The Mother of all Monsters" on H:LJ! She plays Mrs. Panos in the movie The Taking of Flight 847 shown on PLEX on July 19(10:51am, 9pm), 27(3:20am). <<A courageous flight attendant intervenes between terrorist hijackers and passengers during a 17 day siege. Based on a true 1985 incident.>>

Bridget plays a Nun in this movie Crimewave with Bruce Campbell and Ted Raimi! Now we can see what she truly looks like! :) See times in Bruce's section. Does any one have a site devoted to her? Please let me know. Thanks!!!


As for Tim Thomerson, he plays Charts in the movie Uncommon Valor shown on TBS on July 20 at 9pm. <<Gene Hackman as a hard-bitten marine leading a privately financed foray into a Laotian prison camp to free American MIAs. Robert Stack, Fred Ward, Reb Brown. Scott: Patrick Swayze. Ted Kotcheff directed.>>

Tim plays Black in the movie Brain Smasher... A Love Story shown on HBO on July 22(2pm), 28(8am). It also stars Andrew Dice Clay and Teri Hatcher. <<A model and a bouncer tangle with evil Chinese monks over a red lotus that holds the key to the future of the world.>>

Tim is on the Golden Girls shown on the Lifetime channel on July 23 at 5pm. <<Sophia strikes out when she plays a joke on Rose, but Blanche hits a homer coaching an impressionable baseball player (Tim Thomerson).>>

Tim plays Pittsburgh Police Sergeant Buddy Zunder in the TV show Sirens shown on USA on July 25(4AM), August 1(4AM). I really liked this show!!! It aired in '93 and followed 3 rookie female cops as they learned the ropes. Tim's character was tough, but loveable! I was pleasantly surprised to see him in his first appearance on X:WP in the ep. "The Prodical"! Meleager the Mighty is so different from the Sirens role that I remember him for. Just shows what a GREAT actor he is!!! Also, to those of you who are fans of the Aron Spelling show: Pacific Parasades, you will also see Joel Wyner on Sirens as Det. Springer.

Tim plays Ted in the movie Iron Eagle shown on the Encore channel on July 25(7pm), 26(8am, 3:45pm). <<An Air Force pilot's gutsy son (Jason Gedrick) plans his father's rescue from an Arab country, with help from a retired officer (Louis Gossett Jr.) and an F-16. Defense Minister: David Suchet.>>

Tim plays Barnes in the movie Who's Harry Crumb? shown on WSBK(check your area for channel) on July 26 at 11am. <<He's John Candy, a clueless sleuth looking for a kidnapped heiress. Helen: Annie Potts.>>

Tim plays Jack Deth in the movie TRANCERS 5: SUDDEN DEATH shown on the Sci-Fi channel on July 26 at 7PM. <<Time-traveling cop Jack Deth battles the villainous ruler of a medieval society.>>

Tim plays Liam in the movie Escape from Atlantis shown on Starz! on July 27(12pm). <<Leaving the Bermuda Triangle and the Strange world of Atlantis is not easy for a divorced father and his three children.>> This is a Starz! Pictures Original.

Tim plays the Westerner in the movie Natural Causes shown on Lifetime on July 28 at 2pm. <<A female reporter becomes involved in a Southeast Asian nation's plot to assassinate a political figure.>>

Tim will be at the upcoming Warrior Con in Washington D.C. See at the bottom of this listing for details. A GREAT Tim Thomerson site that has a lot of info on him and even pix from his Baby Ruth commercial as the Blur: http://members.aol.com/timblur/ Another great Tim Thomerson/Meleager the Mighty web site is at: http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/~ghouse/mel.htm This site also has pages on many other stars from both shows!

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As for Willa O'Neil, she was GREAT as Lila, Gabrielle's sister on Xena and as Phoebe of the Argonauts on Hercules!!! She plays Prue in the New Zealand movie Topless Women Talk About Their Lives (1997).

Also in this movie is Danielle Cormack as Liz. She is truly GREAT as the Amazon Ephiny on Xena!!! She will be at the upcoming Warrior Con!!! See below for details.

Also in this movie is Joel Tobeck as Neil. You know him as Strife on Hercules and also from the movie Peach with Lucy Lawless in which he played the jerk boyfriend Mog!!!


The plot of the movie Topless Women Talk About Their Lives is: Liz (Danielle Cormack /Ephiny) has missed an appointment to have an abortion. She has to keep her child, and neither her boyfriend Geoff nor child's father Neil (Joel Tobeck /Strife) are too happy about it. She can not decide which partner is better for her, and Neil makes a proposal to her when they attend the wedding of her best friend Prue (Willa O'Neill /Lila+Phoebe) and Mike. She probably prefers Geoff, but he is preoccupied with his girlfriend Bryony, who returned from abroad. Another friend, Ant, has written a script for documentary film, which is directed by a German and in which topless women, well, talk about their lives.

As for Joel, he plays Lance in the movie Shrimp on the Barbie shown on Showtime on July 21(10:30am), 29(1:45pm). <<A down-on-his-luck American in Australia agrees to masquerade as an heiress' fiance in exchange for $5,000 to save his faltering restaurant.>> Also in this movie is Cheech Marin and Emma Samms. I saw this movie sometime ago and from what I can remember, it was pretty funny!


As for Cory Everson, she is GREAT as Atlanta on H:LJ! Apparently she is very big in the body building competition scene(no pun intended). Among other titles she has won, she was a 6 time winner of Ms. Olympia from '84-'89. Every Monday-Friday morning at 7AM and 11AM on ESPN2, the show Gotta Sweat is <<Gym fitness, free-weight training and aerobics with Cory Everson>> Cory has her own personal web site devoted to personal fitness! Check it out at: http://www.coryeverson.com/

She plays TV Mallory in the movie Natural Born Killers shown on Cinnemax on July 25(10pm).<<Oliver Stone directed and co-wrote this satirical look at contemporary society's fascination with mass murderers and their glorification by the media.>>

Thanks to Buckeye for letting us know that: This is an FYI for all you action figure collectors, ToyBiz just released the next set of four Hercules figures and one of them is Atalanta!!! These figures should turn up in stores who chose to/have room to carry them in the next few weeks.

According to Robert Trebor's fan club, "Bob took off for New Zealand on June 10 to film a Hercules episode which also features Cory Everson "Atalanta." See URL in Robert's section. A site devoted to her modeling/body building is at: http://www.solace.mh.se/~alpha/ceg/ceg.htm Does anyone have a site devoted to her role as Atlanta? Please let me know. Thanks!!!


As for Susan Ward, she was GREAT as Psyche, wife of Cupid in the Hercules episode "Green Eyed Monster"! She plays Meg Cummings on the soap opera Sunset Beach every weekday at noon on NBC.


As for Tony Todd, he plays CANDYMAN in the movie Candyman: Farewell To The Flesh shown on The Movie Channel on July 22(3:15AM), 31(1:45AM). <<The hook-handed spirit returns to his New Orleans birthplace to seek revenge on the descendents of his girlfriend, whose family was responsible for the gruesome death a century before.>>

Tony plays Captain Darrow in the movie The Rock shown on Starz! on July 25(8pm). <<Being the only person to have ever broken out of Alcratraz, a crafty criminal is forced to assist a impenetrable island prison and stop a disgraced war hero from unleashing a deadly nerve gas on San Francisco.>>

Tony will be in a movie called Wishmaster due to air in '97/'98 with Robert Englund of Freddy Kruger fame!!!

I'm not sure if this info is outdated or not, but in his bio it says "Tony Todd is (1997) Appears at Hasty Pudding Theater, Cambridge MA, in Cry Me a River". If you know where this theater is, it might be worth looking into!!!

Congrats to Tony for winning the best guest-star award as Cecrops on the X:WP ep. "Lost Mariner" at the ARGO awards celebration!!! He was also really GREAT as as Gladius on the H:LJ ep. "Gladiator"!!! Does anyone have a site devoted to him? Please let me know. Thanks!!!


As for Marley Shelton, she was really GREAT as Iole in the Action Pack Movie Hercules in the Underworld!!! She plays Tricia Nixon in the movie Nixon shown on Showtime 2 on July 22(2:30PM, 9PM). <<The major events of Nixon's political rise and fall are chronicled, with an emphasis on understanding the man behind the public figure.>>

To learn more about Marley and her character Elysia from the movie Warriors of Virtue go to: http://www.warriorsofvirtue.com/f_Characters.html

Following WARRIORS OF VIRTUE, she completed a starring role in the upcoming film Rescue Me, directed by George Huang for producer Chuck Gordon. She is currently filming Pleasantville, in which she co-stars with Jeff Daniels and Joan Allen. Pleasantville is due to air in movie theaters on May 22, 98. Plot: Two teenagers (Maguire and Reese Witherspoon) find themselves in a 1950's sitcom.

A GREAT website devoted to her is at: http://members.aol.com/fanforvm/marlee/index.htm


salmoneus.gifAs for Robert Trebor, he is so GREAT as Salmoneus!!! I first saw and truly liked Robert as Walin in Hercules and the Lost Kingdom! He plays a copyboy in the movie Turk 182! shown on Encore on July 23(5am, 1:45pm <<A man becomes a graffiti artist to protest NY City's lack of support for his brother, a fireman who was injured on the job.>>

Robert plays Buddy in the movie The Nutty Nut shown on Starz! on July 23(8am, 6:30pm), 31(3:15pm). <<A man escapes a mental institution to find his twin brother who is running for office.>> This is kind of a crazy movie that is similar to Jim Carey's The Mask. It is pretty funny in places and it was FUN see Robert in a different role! Bruce Campbell wrote the story for this movie under the name Roc Sandstorm!

Thanks to Buckeye for letting us know: This is an FYI for all you action figure collectors, ToyBiz just released the next set of four Hercules figures and one of them Is Salmoneus!!! These figures should turn up in stores who chose to/have room to carry them in the next few weeks.

Palindrome Pals: The Official International Robert Trebor Fan Club is found at: http://www.cyberramp.net/~lnmorris They say that "Bob took off for New Zealand on June 10 to film a Hercules episode which also features Cory Everson "Atalanta." I can't wait to see this one!!! They also say that Bob has written one of the stories for Topps Xena comic scheduled for release in August!

Robert will be at the upcoming Warrior Con and Creation Cons, see the bottom section of this listing for details. A truely funny website devoted to the character Salmoneous can be found at: http://cctr.umkc.edu/user/salbert/salmoneus.html Another Robert Trebor/Salmoneus web site is at: http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/4965/page4.html


As for Scott Garrison, you either LOVED him or HATED him as Perdicas on X:WP!!! He plays Will Kipp in the TV series Swamp Thing shown on the Sci-Fi channel on July 25(6:30PM).


As for Teresa Hill, she was GREAT on H:LJ as Nemesis! She plays Claire on re-runs of Melrose Place coming up on E! on July 25(7pm), 26(12am, 10am). On the July 28(7pm) episode<<Amanda ignores orders and assigns a keynote speech to Alison instead of Billy, who steals client Julie Newmar (appearing as herself) from another agency. Meanwhile, Kimberly exhibits another personality; Bobby finds a new career and new digs; Jane learns of Jake's dalliance with Claire (Teresa Hill); and Alan is hired for a play.>> She is possibly in the old episodes airing now, but I am not too familiar with her role on this show. Could someone enlighten me? How long was her run on Melrose, etc. Thanks!

Teresa plays Jan in the movie Bio-Dome shown on TMC(The Movie Channel) on July 29(6:50AM, 9PM). <<This film from the creative team that produced Dumb and Dumber, gives viewers an inside look at the advanced technologies produced by science and just how easily they can be undone by the shenanigans of two clueless misfits.>> snipped from Showtime online.

Here's the URL for the Teresa Hill Homepage, it also has info on how to get an autographed picture!: http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/7750/

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As for Melinda Clarke, she plays a Cigarette Girl in the movie Mulholland Falls shown on Showtime on July 25(8pm), 30(8pm). <<In 1950s L.A., 4 men in a maverick police unit find themselves deeply entrenched in a harlot's murder case that not only endangers their squad leader's marriage and career and threatens national security as well.>> I haven't played it yet, but a game based on this movie is at: http://www.hollywood.com/mulholland/main.html

Melinda will be in the movie SPAWN due out in theaters on August 8. SPAWN is an Action movie which is a comic book adaptation. For those who are familiar with the comic(I'm not), Melinda will play Priest which is the female version of the character Chapel. From the sounds, this movie is bound to be great with special effects galore!!!

Thanks to Oshram/Ed for clearing up the release date and giving some info concerning Melinda's character: "As regards Priest, the character Melinda will be playing, she is the one who killed Spawn when he was a human. Originally this character was (in the comics) an assassin named Chapel, but the person who owns Chapel's copyright has left the comic company that publishes Spawn, and taken his character with him. Todd McFarlane, Spawn's writer and creator, changed the character to Priest, and is revealing in the comic book that when Spawn thought Chapel killed him, he thought wrong (Priest made her first appearance in this month's Spawn). Just for curiosity's sake, Priest will have an action figure made by McFarlane Toys, who have made a name for themselves in the industry for producing high quality pieces. The prototype of the toy they have advertised actually looks like Melinda!" Being the collector that I am, I certainly can't wait to buy this doll!

Melinda will play Margo Vincent in a TV show called Soldier of Fortune due to air in the Fall. Also in the cast is Brad Johnson (II) as Major Matthew Quentin Shepherd. He was so GREAT as Ned in the 1993 television series 10."Ned Blessing: The Story of My Life and Times"! I was sorry to see that show cancelled!!! I truly look forward to this new show!!! It is bound to be GREAT!!!

Melinda wowed Xenites in her portrayal of Velaska! Did anyone recognize her as Alisandra, a hybrid in the May 16th episode of Sliders? Also as I was doing my searches I found out something. I knew that Melinda was in this TV show called Heaven Help Us that aired in '94. I looked it up and was so surprised to see that I have actually seen this show!!! It was a long time ago and I didn't realize this was the title of the show I had seen or that she was in it! I liked it, but we couldn't get it in our area. So, when we were away we'd see it on at 1am or so. It also stared John Snider of Dukes fame and Ricardo Montibon from Fantasy Island fame. It was kind of like a Touched By an Angel story line about a couple who were married and were angels sent on missions by Montibon. If anyone out there has any episodes on tape, I LOVE to hear from you!!!

A great web site to find out more about Melinda/Velaska is at:http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/~ghouse/ka.htm This is also a great site for other stars from both shows!


As for Tawny Kitaen, she was GREAT as Hercules' first wife Deianeira she plays Debbie Thompson in the movie Bachelor Party shown on Encore on July 26(12:45am). <<A man's last night as a swinging single turns into a wild blast that includes a transvestite, a donkey and fire engines.>> A Really Nice Deinera web site is at: http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Academy/1538


As for Alison Bruce, she was really GREAT as Melosa on X:WP!!! She plays a Female Journalist in the movie Alex shown on PLEX on July 27 at 1:45am. <<A swimmer vies for a spot on New Zealand's Olympic team while dealing with a death of a friend.>> I've seen this movie and I really LIKED it!!! It has a real feel to it. It is worth taping!

You might recognize Alison from the movie The Rainbow Warrior, which also stars our Beloved Lucy Lawless! Alison plays Leslie Holbrook in the movie! Thanks to Jessica for mentioning her to me for this site


As for Elizabeth Hawthorne, she played Queen Omphale in the movie Hercules and the Lost Kingdom and she also played the 1st Alcamene(Herk's mom) on a couple episodes with H:LJ. She plays Mrs. Benton in the movie Alex along with Alison Bruce


As for Renee O'Connor, she plays Laurie Brinkman in the movie Darkman 2: The Return of Durant shown on HBO on July 27 at 3:55am. <<Scientist Peyton Westlake once again battles his arch nemesis, who was presumed dead in a helicopter crash.>> I think that this is a really good movie! Renee was GREAT in it!!! She played Dieneira in the movie Hercules and the Lost Kingdom. They liked her so much they asked her to do this movie which then became the role of Gabrielle on Xena! I'm so GLAD they chose Renee!!! I can't think of anyone else who could play her role nearly as well as she does!!!

From the Universal Chat with Rob: Moderator says "Can you tell us something exclusive for your internet fans???"

Rob_Tapert says "What can I tell you.... well, in this coming season the character Gabrielle has a child."

Becky Lutzke was truly lucky to be able to have dinner with Renee's mom Sandra Wilson aka MommaROC!!! They talked for almost 2 hours and "Sandra told us that Renee had just recently finished filming a 3 part episode story Arc, and said it was the hardest thing she has ever done acting wise. She was very happy it was over. She loves working on XWP set, but some of the story lines this next year are very dark.

We asked Sandra if Renee would take time to make sure everyone would have an autograph at Con and she said she believed so. She excused herself briefly to go talk to her Treeman, and when she came back 20 minutes later she said that Renee said Yes she would make sure everyone got an autograph. Yes, she called Roc up. *G*

We also found out that Renee's first acting started even younger than the caterpillar rendition in grade school. It would seem that She also acted as a Cute Pink Bunny at the age of 19 months. Sandra said she had these cute pink Bunny jammies with ears and would put her hands under her chin and hop around like a bunny. *snickering*

Sandra told me to relay to you that Renee has just finished an interview with People Magazine and we should keep an eye out for it. She has Pic's of her growing up in it and the article is well done. Oh and by the way, Renee never knew Sandra put up the baby pics at the Fanclub site until after it was done. Sandra said she called her and said..."Awwww Mom" *snickering* "Thanks Becky for filling us in!!!

This is from Rocweb: In honor of ROC's first ever convention appearances, the ROC Fan Club is planning to prepare a special ID Badge for the members who attend the cons. Hopefully, when Renee looks out onto the crowd and sees all of us goofy looking fans, wearing a little picture of HER stuck to their person - this should eliminate any further doubts that she does, indeed, have MANY supportive fans.

Visit the ROC Fan Club web site for all the details on obtaining your special, sure to be a hot collectible, one-of-a-kind ROC Convention ID Badge.

The ROC Fan Club is staking out a picnic area in the Valley Forge National Historic Park for a BYOB Picnic in the Park (That is a Bring Your Own Breakfast Picnic) on Sunday morning, October 5 from 8 a.m. 11:30 a.m. The intent is to give the ROC fan club members an opportunity to mix and mingle, tour the historic park sites, eat, play games and generally get psyched up to see ROC at the Creation Convention later that day. Renee will NOT be there, but MommaROC will make every effort to come and visit for a while with all of ROC's fans.

This picnic is not limited to ROC Fan Club members only and anyone is welcome to stop by and join the merriment. We will be posting on the ROC Fan Club Web site, a map of the park showing the proposed picnic area and the location of the Convention Center. Visit the ROC Fan Club web site for more detailed Information at: http://members.aol.com/rocweb/index.htm This is exciting and I hope to meet MommaROC and many of you there!!! I can't wait until October to FINALLY be able to meet Renee!!! She is so GREAT!!!

Renee won an Argo Award for the best episode as Gabrielle in X:WP's "The Quest"! You are TRULY GREAT and deserve it!!! This was a really hard episode and you did so excellently!!! Congratulations!!!

A GREAT web site to find out more info about Renee is:http://www.acs.appstate.edu/~dm9262/oconnor/renee.html A really nice article with some pictures of Renee is at: http://www.pathfinder.com/people/sp/renee/renee.html


As for Kevin Sorbo, the 1st 4 out of the 5 Hercules movies have been released, leaving The Maze of the Minotaurs still unreleased. The movies cost around $15 with a $3 rebate if you buy 2. Some stores like Target sell the tapes considerably cheaper so it pays to comparison shop! For more info on these movies and some exclusive photos of Kevin and others taken at the Los Angeles Hercules and Xena Convention, check out: http://www.universalstudios.com/home/hercules/

From the UTV Chat with Kevin and Lucy: Scott says, "Kevin, are you going to participate in the running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain?" "K: You know what... I wouldn't do it. Spain... you have a beautiful country... but that's a dumb thing to do. If I'm in front of the linethat's fine. As Hercules... he would just stand in front of the bull and stop it. As KevinI would just stay home and watch it on TV!"

Scott says, "Kevin, what kind of episodes can expect for this coming season?" "K: It's going to be quite a different season this time. The first 7 episodes...are... pretty much comedy. I want to get back to more...dramatic episodes with Hercules... and get back to more mythological arena of where he came from. We are doing a lot of comic strips sort of show right now. I find 5 of the first 7 series very entertaining. The other 2... are very different. You'll see me dancing. Think of that! <laughs> We'll do a "Jack and Beanstalk" sort of episode. It's going to be an interesting Fall season." See Bruce's section for more info on this episode.

Scott says, "How do you feel about having the Mound Park named after you?"
"K: Oh...to have a park named after you..."
"L: did you really?! <laughing>"
"K: Yesyes..."
"L: Fantastic!"
"K: I go back... Aug 23rd <laughing>"
"L Is it like a... "scungy" (?) park?"
"K: No...it's a really cool park. It's where I grew up... I used to go there as a kid...I knew about this since Xmas...The Mound city council...is...I always talk about it. I'm very grateful...it's a beautiful park. It's a nice little town outside of Minnand I'm grateful my parents brought me up there. That's where I played sports...and now...they named it after me... <laughing> Remember, Aug 23rd. I would be there for the actual ceremony. I told the mayor, "You didn't have to name the whole park after me...you could just have given me a "BIG STATUE <laughing>"

Kevin stars as Kull in the movie Kull the Conqueror which is due out in theaters August 29. It was filmed in Slovakia and Croatia. It is bound to be a GREAT movie!!! (How could it not?) <BG!> There is a GREAT article with a lot of pix titled Kevin The Conqueror at: http://www.tvguide.com/movies/intervus/ksorbo.htm

Here's an article about Kull from a Coming Attractions web site. It is worth checking out! There is a GORGEOUS picture of Kevin as Kull as well as a QUICKTIME Preview of the movie!: http://www.kulltheconqueror.com/COMINGATTRACTIONS.html

"Kevin Sorbo of Universal TV's phenomenally successful syndicated series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys makes his motion picture debut as Kull the Conqueror, an epic fantasy adventure based on the Robert E. Howard pulp fiction hero of the 30s, which later inspired the popular Marvel Comics character of the 70s. Sorbo stars as a dynamic warrior who, through a twist of fate, rises from the ranks of a soldier-slave to become king, only to be overthrown by corrupt nobility. He must then embark on a perilous journey in a world where magic is the most powerful weapon of all. His quest: find the legendary weapon that will enable him to reclaim his crown, secure the freedom of his people and reunite him with the woman he loves."

Thanks to Buckeye for letting us know: This is an FYI for all you action figure collectors, ToyBiz just released the next set of four Hercules figures and one of them is Discus Hercules!!! These figures should turn up in stores who chose to/have room to carry them in the next few weeks.

Kevin is scheduled to appear at a Minneapolis Creation convention on August 23. See below for more info. A GREAT web site devoted to Kevin/Hercules is at: http://msmoo.simplenet.com/sorbo/sorbo1.htm

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As for Hudson Leick, she plays Kathy Rogers in the Law & Order episode "Black Tie" shown on A&E August 5(11PM), 6(3AM) <<When a wealthy, philandering husband is found dead, Briscoe and Logan suspect the man's bitter and greedy widow.>> This episode originally aired on 10/20/93. This is one of Hudson's earlier roles, but still a GREAT one! She has a small part as the wealthy man's mistress. In the opening credits, she is listed as Heidi Leick.

Thanks to Max and 1st Fire who let me know that: Hudson went back to New Zealand on June 14th to do another episode of Xena!!! I can't wait to see what mayhem Our Goddess Callisto will create now!!! She's so GREAT!!!

From the Universal Chat with Rob Tapert:

Moderator says "Here's a question we received from Fiona in London: I was wondering, during your work on Xena, has there been one episode or scene that you have been most proud of? Did it turn out the way you wanted?"
Rob_Tapert says "On Xena there have been quite a few episodes that we're proud of and turned out better than we originally thought. I give a lot of this credit to the guest stars that we cast the character of Callisto played by Hudson Leick brought a villain to life greater than anything we ever imagined and this coming season we have some episodes that introduce new villainesses and those we're very happy with."
cyberkathy asks "Will the character Callisto be back for the 3rd season???"
Rob_Tapert says "A few times, yes. But her mission will be completed. She will be very unhappy." Now, if Callisto's mission is to destroy Xena and she succeeds...I wonder how they are going to handle this in terms of the show. My question did not get asked.

:( I asked if there were any plans for an upcoming spin-off for Callisto or a new show using Hudson in another character. Oh, well!

There was a question whether or not Hudson would be in an upcoming episode of Touched By An Angel in the Fall. She has been an angel Celeste in 2 episodes in TBAA that the re-runs aired the past 2 weeks! I had read somewhere that a 3rd episode was in the works. I have heard from several people who went to the latest convention and they said that she told everyone that there was not a 3rd episode and there were no plans to ever do one. So, I guess that puts that rumor to rest! Personally I am disappointed! I really liked her on the show!!!

Even if you already have these shows on tape, think about helping other Hudson fans at Kevin Saput's Hudson Leick Video Exchange at: http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Set/7006/

Fellow Xenite 1st Fire was truly lucky! and was able to interview Hudson At the Sacramento convention. She wrote: "She is currently working on a new movie called "Denial". It's a comedy written and directed by Adam Rifkin. ("The Chase") Hudson, unfortunately, was not given the lead role in the movie, but her character does "have a lot of substance" and "is a woman who owns her sexuality - REALLY owns it.""

"Hudson also says that it's a "very sexual" movie and that she does have a "love" scene with one of the leading male characters. She is currently working on "Denial", but a "release" date has not yet been set. I guess we'll just have to keep a "look-out" for it. Her first Hudson Newsletter is at Sturm's Callisto/Hudson Leick Resource Page at: http://www.accessone.com/~regards/HLNEWS1.html You will be able to read more from my inverview with Hudson in the next issue of the Hudson Leick Newsletter which can be viewed in August at Wesser's Hudson Leick Official Fan Club web site. Fellow Xenite Pandora said that the E! Gossip Show had a segment on Hudson's part in the movie: Denial. "Rod Dovlin, the same guy that did the interview with Hudson back in the March issue of Axcess, mentioned her anxiety about doing her first nude scene on screen. He also mentioned a couple of the co-stars in "Denial": Christine Taylor (Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!) and Jason Alexander (no, she doesn't do the nude scene with Alexander). Dovlin didn't say the name of the actor that she does the scene with but they only had about 20 minutes to get acquainted before she was to act like she was passionately in love with the guy."

Congratulations to Hudson for winning the Argo award for Best Villianous Turn as Callisto in the X:WP episode "A Necessary Evil"!!! You are such a TRUELY EXCEPTIONAL actress to be able to play roles as evil as Callisto and as angelic as Celeste and do so convincingly!!! It is fun to see what you will do next!!!

A really GREAT site to find out more about Hudson was always at Sturm's Callisto/Hudson Leick Resource Page at: http://www.accessone.com/~regards/callisto.html I sure hope that he will continue to keep up the GREAT Work!!!

Another GREAT site for Hudson/Calisto info is at Wesser's Hudson Leick Official Fan Club web site at: http://www.hudsonleickfan.com


As for Karen Sheperd(Enforcer) and Cynthia Rothrock(Enforcer2), Thanks to Rich for letting us know that: Karen Sheperd is in Femme Fatales, Sept. 1997 Vol. 6 No. 3. There are 3 color photos of her as the Enforcer, alone, with Iolaus, with Hercules (small). The rest of the pictures are bw. It is about her martial arts background and her acting career. She talks about her latest movie. Be aware that there is quite a bit of nudity in the other articles. She and Cynthia Rothrock are also in Black Belt Yearbook, Fall 97, Yearbook 1996 Vol.33 (contradictory notation and it states Yearbook 97 on the bottom of the table of contents page by the page number) as martial arts pioneers. The articles are not current, one a reprint and the other probably. Still it gives some information on their backgrounds.


As for Lucy Lawless, she was in an episode of the TV show Adventures of the Black Stallion called "Riding the Volcano". The Odyssey channel airs the Adventures of the Black Stallion every Monday through Friday evening at 7pm. They don't have an episode guide, but sooner or later it is bound to be aired.

Lucy will be on Broadway in the play Grease as Rizzo from Sept.2 to Oct.19!!! I hope that I am able to go!!! The opportunity to see her in person is something I don't want to miss!!!

Thanks to Gntlmn1220 for sending me the announcement about XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS THE OFFICIAL MAGAZINE!!! from Topps! The magazine will have two alternate variant covers for collectors!; Cast and Crew interviews; Special coverage of the Toy Biz Xena toy line; Special Effects secrets behind the shows classic monsters; Episode Guide for the first seasons 24 episodes; Profiles of Xena's most infamous villians; Color pin-ups; Original six page Xena comic story; Plus exciting contests, giveaways, convention coverage, and the latest hottest Xena news. This first spectacular issue will feature exclusive interviews with Lucy Lawless, and her ever faithful companion Renee O'Conner. Find out straight from the heroes mouths what it's like on the set, off the set, and everything inbetween. As an added bonus for all you Xenite collectors out there, we have included a giant gatefold XENA poster, with the episode guide on the reverse side. The Magazine will cost $4.95, and will hit the stands in the beginning of October.

From the Universal Chat with Rob: MoonDancer asks "Is the Xena Staff working overtime to deal with Lucy's appearance in Grease?" Rob_Tapert says "No, the Xena staff worked overtime last year because of Lucy's injury on the Tonight Show. They shined like the golden scribes they are"

MoonDancer asks "Has there been a decision to limit use of horses since Lucy's accident? Argo's been m.i.a. for a while" Rob_Tapert says "There was a long period of time where physically Lucy couldn't get on a horse and then it committed to numerous scripts that took place on a boat and there was no place for Argo However, this coming year, Xena will return to being on Argo and other horses on a regular basis."

Thanks to Ralf for the transcript of the UTV Chat with Lucy and Kevin! Apparently there was trouble during the Chat, but here are some of the highlights:

Scott says, "Lucy, we all know that you and Gabrielle are friends on TV. What about in real life?"
"K: You just hate her guts!"
"L: Sometimes! No...Gabrielle and I are actually very good friends. I have a kid. She has one girl...."
"K: She's got a "kid""
"L: We don't hang out on weekends that way. We spend a lot of time together. I rely on her... for... you know...girl talk."
Scott says, "(asking Lucy) Do you play golf?"
"L: Nah..."
Scott says, "Lucy, will we ever get to see Xena's past?"
"L: When I go back, immediately after this holiday...we're going back to her past...and you'll see more of Xena's illustrious beginning."

Congratulations to Lucy for winning an Argo Award for her best role as Xena/Diana/Meg in the X:WP ep. "Warrior... Princess... Tramp"! You deserve it!!! You certainly worked your butt off in this episode!!! It is definitely one of my favorite episodes!!!

A great site to find out more about Lucy/Xena is: http://www.xenafan.com/ Another great site is at: http://gab.simplenet.com/xena/#alert Check out Jill's Xena Page for lots-o-links: http://funnelweb.utcc.utk.edu/~jtdybka/xena.htm Also check out A Day in the Life...(of a Xena Addict) at: http://xena.simplenet.com


As for Kevin Smith, he was so GREAT as Ares on both Xena/Herk and as Iphicles on H:LJ!!! He will be in the upcoming Warrior Con! See below for more info. A GREAT web site to find out more about him is at Zepgirl's Kevin Smith Official Fan Club site at: http://www.inetworld.net/zepgirl2 Another GREAT web site is Lessa's Smithsonian Page at: http://ro.com/~lessa


As for Michael Hurst, he is the loveable Iolaus on Hercules: Legendary Journeys!!! He will be in an upcoming Creation Convention. See below for more info. To find out more about him, check out Astraea's Hurst Shrine at: http://www4.ncsu.edu/eos/users/j/jelenat/www/Hurst.html


As for Sam Jenkins, she was really great in both roles as Kiran "Prince Hercules" and Serena/Golden Hind in a 3 epiosde arc on H:LJ where she became Herk's 2nd wife!!! Max was kind enough to write me to let me know the reason why she did not return as Serena in the ep. "The End of the Beginning"? "Sam Jenkins: The producer of Ren. Pic's said that she was wanted to do the other ep. with the Hind, but she couldn't due to the fact she was already doing something else, and they needed to do the shoot, but couldn't get her. It's not like she didn't want to, she just couldn't." Thanks Max!!!

Possibly she was doing a certain Special K commercial? I usually don't pay too much attention to commercials, but that's going to change! <BG!> In the commercial, a man is waiting for his wife who is trying on a dress in the dressing room. He goes to the store clerk and says, "Is she STILL in there?" He goes to the dressing room door and says, "Are you alright in there honey?" She says, "Uh huh!" She says this quite a few times as she checks herself in the mirror, looking at how "great" her body looks in this dress thanks to Special K cereal. Her husband, now very bored is sitting in the waiting room along with another bored husband. She comes out and says, "Honey, Do you like the dress?" Both men's jaws drop and he kind of says "Yeah". Now you too can look as good as Sam if we all go out and buy Special K!!! <BG!> I was really surprised to see her in this commercial!!! Did anyone else see this?

Also does anyone have a web page devoted to her? Please let me know. Thanks!!!

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The PBS Children's show Wishbone on July 25(4:30pm or 5pm) check your area for time, will have a show where <<Wishbone imagines he's the mythical Hercules.>>

A GREAT mythological based movie will be shown on July 26(9am), AMC will air the 1959 classic Italian-made movie Hercules starring Steve Reeves. <<The King of Colchis sends the strongman on a series of missions hoping to dampen Hercules' passion for his daughter.>>

The Disney animated movie Hercules is now in movie theaters! Some of the Cast who lend their voices include: Danny DeVito as Phil (Philoctetes), Tate Donovan as Hercules, James Woods as Hades, and Charlton Heston as the Narrator. A GREAT website to find out more info on this movie is at: http://www.disney.com/Hercules/

Events related to the Disney animated movie are: Hollywood & Vinyl will be on VH1 on July 19 at 8:30AM <<Music from animated movies, including ``Beauty & the Beast'' and ``Hercules.''>>

Also, thanks to Titanium for letting us know that: Disney released a playstation Hercules game based on the movie and Lucasarts is also putting one out.

Xena and Hercules the Animated Movie is due out on video in the fall!!! The cast from both our favorite shows lend their voices to this film. This comes from the PR Newswire: Subject: 'Hercules & Xena - The Animated Movie(TM): The Battle For Mount Olympus' 12:07 p.m. Jul 09, 1997 Eastern, UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif., July 9 /PRNewswire/ Universal Studios Television's most powerful action heroes are joining forces in their first animated motion picture starring the voices of Kevin Sorbo and Lucy Lawless, performers who have taken the gods -- and television audiences -- by storm! "HERCULES & XENA - THE ANIMATED MOVIE: THE BATTLE FOR MOUNT OLYMPUS" will premiere on videocassette October 14, 1997, from Universal Studios Home Video for a suggested retail price of $19.98.

"HERCULES & XENA: THE BATTLE FOR MOUNT OLYMPUS" will feature the voices of Kevin Sorbo and Lucy Lawless, the stars of two top-ranking syndicated television shows, "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" and "Xena: Warrior Princess." They will be joined by the voices of co-stars Michael Hurst as Hercules' comrade Iolaus, and Renee O'Connor as Xena's loyal friend Gabrielle. Adding more fuel to the fire will be series regulars Kevin Smith and Alexandra Tydings as Ares, god of war and Aphrodite, goddess of love. The title will also feature Lucy Lawless making her professional film singing debut.

"HERCULES & XENA - THE BATTLE FOR MOUNT OLYMPUS" is Universal Studios Home Video's newest release to date in the direct-to-video market. This cutting edge, animated marvel reunites the leading characters of Universal Studios Television's "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" and "Xena: Warrior Princess." Now seen in over 99% of U.S. Households and boasting incredibly broad demographic appeal, "Hercules" and "Xena" are the #1 and #2 syndicated television shows in all family viewing, surpassing "Baywatch" and the "Star Trek: Deep Space 9" franchise. Like the live-action series, "HERCULES & XENA: THE BATTLE FOR MOUNT OLYMPUS" is executive produced by series co-creators Robert Tapert and Sam Raimi, and contains the same unconventional humor that characterizes the television shows.

The home video release of "HERCULES & XENA: THE BATTLE FOR MOUNT OLYMPUS" will be supported by cross promotions with Tropicana, Carl's Jr., and Topps Comics, Inc., a multi-city Hercules & Xena Road Adventure Truck Tour, Hercules & Xena conventions featuring appearances by the stars, and a rebate program tied to other Universal Studios Home Video releases.

For further information, contact Universal Studios Home Video Publicity at: 818-777-4315. SOURCE Universal Studios Home Video

Copyright 1997, PR Newswire



A GREAT site to check for fan clubs, conventions, and merchandise updates is at the Creation site: http://www.primenet.com/~outback/ MANY stars from both shows are scheduled at various Creation Conventions! I'm EXCITED that I'm going to be able to meet Renee and Ted at the Oct. 5 Con. in Valley Forge PA!!! But, I'm also very SORRY that I'm missing out on meeting Hudson and Robert the day earlier!!!

Also, the Warrior Con in Washington D.C will have Danielle Cormack (Ephany), Robert Field ("Xena: Warrior Princess" Editor (a.k.a. Avicus), Michael Levine (Director), Kevin Smith (Ares), Tim Thomerson (Meleager the Mighty), Master Doug Wong (Martial Arts Trainer) and Robert Trebor (Salmoneus)!!! For information about the Warrior Con, the URL is: http://warriorcon.technomancer.com if that doesn't work, use http://www.technomancer.com/~xenacon/index.html



Thanks to Bob and Sarah for writing me to tell me: the episode title this past week was not "Go, Girl." It's "Lorne and Max Drop The Ball." Sarah also adds: The remaining 4 eps of SG will not be seen (I haven't been able to confirm this rumor yet, but from what I can tell, The Practice is going to be taking our time slot).

At the Universal Chat with Rob: choco123 asks "What are the chances that Spy Game will be renewed for a 2nd season?" Rob_Tapert says "About as good as American Gothic coming back. I'd like to say that Spy Game is another example of a show being on the wrong network. ABC has done nothing to promote Spy Game."

As for Linden Ashby, who plays Spy Game ex-agent Lorne Cash, he will be a new doctor in the first new fall episode of Melrose Place! I saw a piece on it on Access Hollywood on June 25. He has somewhat of a new look with blonde hair. I almost wouldn't have recognized him. I guess with this piece of news, it is truly official that Spy Game is no more. Thanks to Sarah for this info: Linden will be playing Dr. Brett "Coop" Cooper and will befriend Michael Mancini. I thought that he was honestly going to reprise his role as Charles Reynolds, Jo's ex-hubby.

As for Keith Szarabajka, who plays Shank on Spy Game, he plays Joey Bramlett in an episode of Miami Vice shown on FX on July 18 at 12am. <<Crockett and Tubbs wade through the Everglades after a witness who bolted from custody and must testify in 48 hours.>>

Keith plays Gorton in a repeat of a 3 part Law & Order on NBC at 10pm on July 23, 30, August 6. <<The gripping three-parter concludes with McCoy (Sam Waterston) battling a dream team of defense attorneys---and the nightmare of media frenzy surrounding the Hollywood murder case. His chances for a conviction are complicated by Gorton (Keith Szarabajka), who's suing Ross (Carey Lowell) for custody of their daughter; Curtis (Benjamin Bratt), who's being questioned in court about his relationship with Lisa Lundquist (Lauren Graham); and an accusation that the victim's psychiatrist is actually the killer.>>

As for Allison Smith, who plays Spy Game spy expert Max London, she played Charlotte in the movie A Reason to Believe shown on HBO3 on July 21(1AM) <<Friendships are put to the test after a female college student is sexually assaulted at a fraternity party.>>

Allison is in the movie How to Make an American Quilt shown on Starz! on July 28(8pm), 29(1:45pm). <<After her longtime boyfriend proposes, an indecisive graduate student spends the summer listening to stories from her grandmother's sewing circle about loves lost and gained.>> I LOVE this movie!!! The Universal bio lists her as being in this movie, but I'm not sure what role she plays and would have to watch it again more carefully to see her. I know that her co-star on Kate and Ally is in the movie, I noticed her right away. Ari Meyers who played Emma on Kate and Ally was Duff(Samatha Mathis' daughter) in the movie. The Universal bio also lists Jane Curtain's character as being Kate which is wrong, because she was Ally.

A web site devoted to Allison is at: http://www.erols.com/indigo96/allison.html



Thanks to Diane for letting me know about this show!!! I have not seen it yet, but thought I would start a section on it and catch up soon. It looks promising. I liked Shaun Cassidy's last show American Gothic. I hope this show will do well!!!

The episode of Roar is called "The Projector" and is shown on FOX on July 21 at 9 PM. <<Conor's efforts to unite with a rival tribe are interrupted by a merchant claiming to have a magic powder that can help in their fight against the Romans. Coveting the same substance is Longinus (Sebastian Roche), who believes it may help lift his curse.>>

The next episode of Roar is on July 28 at 9pm on FOX. <<Conor and his band step in when the newly chosen spiritual leader, a child named Glas, is targeted by assassins trying to prevent the boy from being crowned King of the Druids.>>

Here's an interesting article I found in the July 14th issue of the Hartford Currant on pg. E2 by Kevin McDONOUGH, United Feature Syndicate, titled: See 'Roar' not 'Robin Hood,' for good, swashbuckling fun. "The writers and producers of the new series "Roar" (Fox at 9, TV-PG) must have had a blast concocting this New Age action-adventure yarn. "Roar" is a mixed salad of myth and magic. Toss in a little King Arthur, sprinkle on some "Star Wars," cut that with Romeo and Juliet, and add just a pinch of " Braveheart." " Roar" relates the story of Conor ( Heath Ledger) , a reluctant hero being egged on by a crusty old mystic mentor who possesses magical powers and cosmic insights.

Conor is fated to lead 5th century Celts against the evil (and we mean evil) Romans who are coming to impose their legalistic ways on a land of enchantment. It's a good thing Conor has a loyal guardian (John Saint Ryan-who looks a lot like Sean Connery) to save his skin. Supposedly set in Ireland of Good Looking People. Even the peasants and slaves are gorgeous, wear stylish outfits and have perfectly permed hair. The dialogue ("that was not his destiny") is laughably profound, and the New Age mysticism and Irish music are laid on as thick as a pint of Guinness. But provided you don't take it too seriously, "Roar" still manages to be good, clean swashbuckling fun.

Which is far more than can be said for "The New Adventures of Robin Hood " (TNT at 10, TV-PG). While "Roar" reaches for the heavens, this new version of the hero of Sherwood Forest is intentionally tacky. As Robin Hood, Matthew Porretta comes on like a kick-boxing Fabio who tosses off lines like "catch you later" to willing women. From her outfit, Maid Marion (Barbara Griffin) seems to have been reduced to barmaid Marion. In fact, every woman in this season premiere is literally bursting out of her bodice. And the vulgar unleashing of all these repressed mammaries wouldn't be so boring if the performances weren't so pitiful. Even low satire requires credible acting, and this just doesn't measure up."


A BIG WELCOME BACK to Kathy Doerr!!! and Many THANKS to those of you who signed a "Welcome Back!" card for my friend Kathy!!! I truly appreciate it!!! If you would like to see how our efforts came out, go to: http://hudsonleickfan.com/kathy/

She told me that she was TRULY SURPRISED and it meant A LOT to her that so many of us did this for her!!! She has put a Thank you card to all of us on her site at Xena/Lucy Lawless Resource Central at: http://www.xeite.org/kpdoerr/xena.htm My personal favorite site for TV Alerts is at: http://www.xenite.org/kpdoerr/xena_alerts.html

I'm so glad you're BACK Kathy!!! And a SPECIAL THANKS for housing my web site and making it so GREAT!!! It is TRULY a WONDERFUL thing and I am so VERY THANKFUL!!!

Also a SPECIAL THANKS to my younger sister Jillian for helping me type some of this info!!! Without her help, this update would have taken me longer!!!

I hope this helps you all!!! Please feel free to write me with any info not listed, etc. I welcome all the help I can get as it takes me a LONG time to put these reports together and I might have missed something or mistyped something!!! I will answer all letters sooner or later.

Happy Viewing!!!

ALWheaties angela.wheaton@snet.net

~~Guardian of the Tube~~ Somewhat High Priestess of TV/Movie Trivia A.Y.E. <BG!>

I wanted to tell you all a little bit about the trip I took to Washington D.C. It was through the Service Station Organization. If you have a youth group that would be interested in doing a service project, find out some info at: http://www.servicestation.org/

In D.C. we did A LOT of different things every day to help a variety of people. The main focus was to help the homeless, but we also helped at a Day Camp for kids and picked up trash along a creek/park area. We worked at a Food Bank, Soup Kitchen, and passed out sack lunches to the homeless in the park near the White House. We did A LOT during the week that we were there and you could personally see the results of the hard work that you did. It was a very rewarding experience, one in which I would like to do again!

I would like to say Hi to: Jenny, Jenny, Melissa, Robin, Celio, Dee, Ruth, Karen, Jillian, Debbie, Michelle, and Pastor Brian whom I truly enjoyed getting to know much better over the week!

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