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I wanted to take this opportunity to say how much I am SADDENED by the recent death of Princess Diana!!! I GREATLY ADMIRED her for her class and compassion for the suffering people of the world!!! I prayed for her recovery when she was in the hospital, and I now pray for her sons, that they might have some comfort in the knowledge that so MANY people around the world share in their mourning!!! It's hard to know what to say at a time like this, so I'll close this section with the brilliantly re-written song "Candle in the Wind" by Elton John:

"Goodbye England's rose,
may you ever grow in our hearts.
You were the grace that placed itself
where lives were torn apart.
You called out to our country,
and you whispered to those in pain.
Now you belong to heaven,
and the stars spell out your name.
And it seems to me you lived your life
like a candle in the wind:
never fading with the sunset
when the rain set in.
And your footsteps will always fall here,
along England's greenest hills;
your candle's burned out long before
your legend ever will.
Loveliness we've lost;
these empty days without your smile.
This torch we'll always carry
for our nation's golden child.
And even though we try,
the truth brings us to tears;
all our words cannot express
the joy you brought us through the years.
Goodbye England's rose,
from a country lost without your soul,
who'll miss the wings of your compassion
more than you'll ever know.


SPECIAL NOTE: I've been working overtime, and lately having Server Problems. : ( This Update has some outdated information, but to go through it and delete it all would take much more time than I have and thought you all would rather get an Update with some outdated info, rather none at all. : )

A SPECIAL THANKS to my sister Jillian who helped type A LOT of this info, without her help, this Update would never have gotten Updated!!!


The Adventures of Hercules and Xena: The Journey Continues Online.

Find out about the game!

Hello Fellow Xenites and Hercules fans!

Note: Some of the links in this report may be out of date...

These Tube Watch reports follow the stars and guest-stars of the 2 best shows on TV: Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: Legendary Journeys. There is A LOT of upcoming information of when they will be on TV, movies in the theaters, and otherwise. I try to fill these reports with trivia, spoilers, and more. I hope you enjoy and please feel free to write to me to let me know how you liked it or how I could improve. I welcome all feedback and hope you will write if there is anything missing or if I had any info wrong. Thanks!

Most of the <<spoilers>> either came from TV Guide Online, Click TV or a Cable movie guide and the Internet Movie Database. There is a what's on Xena/Herk section, various actors sections and other Herk and Xena related/linked topics, Convention section, Spy Game sections and will be at the bottom of this listing. Also, at the bottom of this listing(after my sig line) I have a little bit about the rewarding trip I took to Washington D.C. to help the homeless.

I got some letters saying, "Why don't you have this person or that person". When in fact I had researched them, but found no upcoming info. So to let you all know who I research, I have 2 paragraphs: one of those with sections of upcoming info and one of those without. If there is anyone that I don't have listed in either that you would like me to check into, let me know.

Included in this report are: Lucy Lawless (Xena), Kevin Sorbo (Hercules), Renee O'Connor (Gabrielle), Melinda Clarke (Velaska), Ebonie Smith (M'Lila), Nick Kokotakis (Darius), Roma Downey (Hippolyta), Tawny Kitaen (Deianeira), Elizabeth Hawthorne (1st Alcamene, Queen Omphale) /Alison Bruce (Melosa, Postera), Karen Witter (original Nemisis), Bruce Campbell (Autolycus), Ted Raimi (Joxer) /John Aquino (Ulysses), Claire Yarlett (Thera), Jeremy Roberts (Thercidese, Derek), Tim Thomerson (Meleager the Mighty), Bridget Hoffman (Echidna), Joel Tobeck (Strife), Cory Everson (Atlanta), Tony Todd (Cecrops, Gladius), Marley Shelton (Iole), Robert Trebor (Salmoneus, Walin), Scott Garrison (Perdicas), Teresa Hill (Nemesis), Cynthia Rothrock (Enforcer2), Susan Ward (Psyche), Hudson Leick (Callisto), Danielle Cormack (Ephiny), Jay Laga'aia (Draco) /Jeremy Callaghan (Palaemon), Karl Urban (Cupid, Caesar, Mael), Kevin Smith (Ares, Iphicles), Michael Hurst (Iolaus) and Jacqueline Collen (Penelope).

Simon James Prast (Nemos) and Mark Ferguson (Dagnine, John Smythe, Krykus) are mentioned in Elizabeth Hawthorne's section. Other people searched for, but did not find at press time: Sam Jenkins (Kiran, Serena), Willa O'Neil (Lila, Phoebie), Paul Norell (Falaffel), Kim Michalis (Scilla, Leah), Jeffery Thomas (Jason), Erik Thomson (Hades), Lisa Chappel (Dirce, Lydia, Princess Melissa), Norman Forsey (Princess Diana's father), Liddy Holloway (2nd Alcamene), Peter Daube (Petracles, Spiros), Tanya Dignan (Eponin), Jodie Dorday (Solari), Rebekah Mercer (Terreis), Emma Turner (Flora), Alexandra Tydings (Aphrodite), Julian Garner (Hephaestus), and Karen Shepherd (Enforcer).

A GREAT web site that has HELPED me know the guest-star's names and characters on Xena is at: http://logomancy.simplenet.com/XENA/EPISODES/

Another GREAT web site that has HELPED me A LOT is the Internet Movie Database!!! You can search for info on anyone and they will give you their Filmography! To make a search for an actor/actress/movie/or TV show, go to: http://us.imdb.com/search


This week's Xena: Warrior Princess is a repeat of the episode "The Lost Mariner" <<After a shipwreck, Gabrielle finds herself aboard the cursed vessel of the lost mariner Cycrops (Tony Todd). Soon, she and Xena are confronted by pirates and the nasty god Poseidon.>> I'm GLAD they're re-running this where I missed it the first time!!! : )

Next week's Xena: Warrior Princess is a repeat of the episode "The Path Not Taken" <<Xena faces ghosts from the past when she revisits one of her old haunts and ingratiates herself with murderous former "colleagues" in order to locate a kidnapped princess (Nicola Cliff) who is being hidden there. Marcus: Bobby Hosea.>> This is a re-run from the 1st season and the very 1st Xena episode I ever saw!!! At the time, I had never seen anything like it. A powerful woman walking into a bar an hitting every man that hit on her_I never LAUGHED so hard in my whole life!!! I was instantly hooked and I guess the rest they say is History. : )

The week of 9/15/97, Xena: Warrior Princess is a repeat of the episode "Ulysses" <<Xena and Gabrielle have a Poseidon adventure when they help the good king Ulysses (John D'Aquino) regain his island kingdom from the nasty god of the sea's pirate henchmen. Penelope: Rachel Blakely. Meticles: Tim Raby. Layos: Carl Bland.>> I REALLY liked this episode!!! Poor Gabrielle! I felt so bad for her where she was sea sick on the entire voyage!!! : )

This week's Hercules: The Legendary Journeys is a repeat of the episode "War Brides" <<A spoiled princess (Lisa Chappell) is in a snit when she's betrothed (against her will, of course) to a fat prince from a neighboring kingdom---and then she's kidnapped.>> I REALLY liked this episode!!! Lisa Chappell is Quite a talented actress!!! You might remember her as Dirce in a couple episodes and as Lydia in "Pride Comes Before a Brawl". I hope we'll see more of her in the future!!!

Next week's Hercules: The Legendary Journeys is a repeat of the episode "Reign of Terror " <<Unstable King Augeus), who thinks he's Zeus, drives gods and mortals crazy with his loony orders. Then Hera makes him really dangerous: she gives him Zeuslike powers. Aphrodite: Alexandra Tydings. Salmoneus: Robert Trebor. >> Oh, I haven't seen this one yet, but Can't Wait!!! : )

The week of 9/15/97 is Hercules: The Legendary Journeys is a repeat of the episode "The Lost City" <<Iolaus encounters a blissed-out Salmoneus (Robert Trebor) in a gold mine. He has fallen into money, but, oddly, claims that worldly riches no longer concern him. Moria: Fiona Mogridge. Regina: Amber Sainsbury. Aurora: Marama Jackson. Iolaus: Michael Hurst.>> I can't say I've seen this one either, but am GLAD for a 2nd chance!!!

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Inside Hercules and Xena will be on E! on Sept. 18(11am, 8pm). <<A backstage look at the two syndicated sword-and-sorcery series includes interviews with actors Kevin Sorbo and Lucy Lawless, and a glimpse of the production processes. Also: episode clips; comments from the producers. Todd Newton hosts.>> This is a repeat of their special, but it is truly GREAT!!! It also has a small interview with Hudson Leick(Callisto)!!! It's really NEAT to see some behind the scenes of our favorite episodes and to see how the actors are so different being themselves vs. on the set during filming! There were some disappointing factors though. Bruce Campbell who in addition to playing Autolycus has also directed several episodes of Hercules, but this was not mentioned. Also, not mentioned was Robert Tebor(Salmoneus) and Ted Raimi(Joxer) even though they showed clips of them. They showed Robert Tapert, but did they show Sam? Over all, it is still worth seeing yet again or for the first time!!!

The Sept. 6-12 TV Guide has a Special Issue about Returning Favorites. On pg. 75, "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (premieres week of September 29) Harpies, giants, pirates, Hindu deities-and a mysterious new friend-await Hercules (Kevin Sorbo) as his travels enter year four. The season opener recalls "Jack and the Beanstalk" and introduces the Harpies, half human-half bird creatures that Sorbo calls "really, really nasty." Lucy Lawless (of Xena: Warrior Princess) guest-stars as a 1930's-style mobster moll in a parallel universe episode."

On page 76, "Xena: Warrior Princess (premieres week of September 29) The Furies set their sights on Xena (Lucy Lawless) in the third season premiere, hounding her into madness for leaving her father's death unavenged. Her relationship with Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor) is jeopardized when one of them causes an accidental death. Later this season, Xena encounters Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, and Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu.

Check out XENA MEDIA REVIEW (XMR) at: http://xenafan.com/xmr

1. WHOOSH! #12 was released on 09-01-97. It's THE FIRST ANNUAL ALL-AMAZON ISSUE. There is more info about Amazons in #12 than you can shake a stick at. Check it out at http://www.thirdstory.com/whoosh

Thanks to alpha for posting NY Post transcript, Sat. 30th Aug. 1997 'Hercules' and 'Xena' renewed through 2000 -Hollywood- Syndicated TV titans "Hercules" and "Xena" have been renewed through the 1999-2000 season, producer Univeral TV said this week. The intrepid pair surpassed "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" as the top-rated weekly dramas in syndication last season, marking the first time in a decade a "Star Trek" series hasn't topped the weekly drama rankings. "Hercules" and "Xena" also have become important franchises for Universal, which has already signed long-term deals with series stars Kevin Sorbo and Lucy Lawless. In addition, a spinoff, "Young Hercules," is in the works for next season.-Post Wire Services


Lucy Lawless is RIGHT now starring as Rizzo(or as someone put it on one of the mail lists: Rixxo) in the Broadway production of Grease!!! She will be doing 8 shows a week until Oct. 19!!! Boy! What a schedule!!! My mom, sister, a friend and I will all be going to see her on Oct. 7 and was LUCKY enough to get FRONT row seats!!! I Can't WAIT!!!!!

Thanks to Sharon(Creation) for sending us A MESSAGE FROM LUCY!!! Lucy called Renaissance from backstage at the theatre at around 1:11 PM EST, just before heading into her final rehearsal before the actual show, and asked if I would post a thank you to all the fans for their massive amount of support.

"Thank you for helping make a dream come true. Your support is very much appreciated. So, wish me luck, I'm off into the big beyond. Thanks, and I'll be giving it all I've got.

Love from Lucy."

Thanks to Paiges for posting about Lucy Lawless' Appearance Sept 7 in NY City!!! "BROADWAY ON BROADWAY: Xena will be there. So will a host of real Broadway musical stars. And Times Square should be hopping as a result for the sixth annual "Broadway on Broadway" free concert at noon Sept. 7 in Times Square. Lucy Lawless, otherwise known as Xena, the Warrior Princess, has joined the cast of "Grease," as her fans already know, and she'll join the stars of such shows as "Titantic," "Chicago," "Rent," "Bring in `Da Noise" and "The Phantom of the Opera" for the New York City celebration. Marc Anthony, Ruben Blades, Faith Prince and Lillias White will be among the Broadway performers to stage scenes the belt out Broadway current hits and those of the 1997-98 shows, such as "The Capeman," "The Scarlet Pimpernel" and "Triumph of Love." An audience of more than 50,000 is expected." I'm sure it will be A LOT more than that!!! : )

Thanks to Venator for letting us know that Lucy will be on the Sept. 8th ET on NBC at 7pm. "First, a brief message about this coming Monday's Entertainment Tonight. I guess that there will be a "Fan Question" segment with Lucy, where they ask people on the street if they have any questions they'd like to ask her, and she answers them. They showed two little boys, with one asking how much she can lift, and the other asking what she considers a good date. :)"

Lucy will be appearing on The Rosie O'Donnell show on Sept. 11 at 10am on ABC and 5pm on NBC_check your area for time. Thanks to Sharon(Creation) for letting us know that this is not a rerun!!! <<Scheduled: Michelle Pfeiffer; Lucy Lawless ("Xena: Warrior Princess"); newsman Mike Wallace.>> Sorry about my last post about the re-run of Lucy's appearance on Rosie! : ( Even though she wasn't listed in the TV Guide, I thought that possibly they left her out. I remember the very 1st time Lucy was on Rosie, that she wasn't listed in the TV Guide. They listed Tipper Gore and someone else. They weren't guests that I was interested in, so I thought I'd see what else was on. I was channel surfing when I came on the channel and they said something like: "After the break, Lucy Lawless will be here." I was so shocked that I scrambled to find a tape and was TRULY HAPPY for the 8 minutes she was on!!! I couldn't remember who else was on the show besides Tipper Gore, so was not sure if they omitted her name again. : ) Again sorry for this!!!

Thanks to Sharon(Creation) for posting Lucy's upcoming media alerts -9/3 UPDATE (This is Hollywood, folks. Everything subject to change!) TV and Radio -- Grease press conference -- Sept 3 (the entertainment magazine shows/newspapers will run this footage sporadically); AP wire service radio interview -- Sept 15; Good Day New York -- Sept 16; Conan O'Brien -- Sept 18; WPIX interview -- taped --Sept 22; Regis and Kathie Lee -Sept 25 (tentative); Larry King - Oct 10; The View -- Oct 15; Howard Stern -- She will be live on the radio show Sept 12 and it will be broadcast on the E! channel about three weeks later (an edited version). Los Angeles -- KLSX 97.1 -- live 3am - rebroadcast; 6am New York -- WXRK -- live 6am. Howard Stern show phone number for those who need to track down where it airs in your part of the country is 212-314-9230. . Print --TV Guide -- returning series issue; New York Magazine; US magazine - October; Orange Country Register -- 9/7 (?); Greensburg Tribune -- 9/14 & 9/29 (?).

This also from Sharon(Creation): Lucy will be at the NY City Con. on Sept 28 and will be on stage at 10AM. This is much earlier than we usually have our main speaker, but this will give her time to get to the theatre and get ready for her matinee appearance in Grease. Guests: LUCY LAWLESS, Robert Trebor, Robert Field (Xena Editor), Brad Carpenter (Renaissance Pictures). Times for this special morning convention are 8:30am until 2:30pm. Lucy will be going straight from her convention appearance to her matinee performance in "Grease" and, therefore, will be unable to sign autographs. All other guests will be signing. Programming will include: a new blooper reel, music videos, charity auction, Behind the Scenes slide shows with scenes from Season Three, "Top Ten Villains" video, Stump the Experts, costume and True and False contests. See bottom section for URLs for Cons.

Lucy played Sarah McFee in an episode of the TV show Adventures of the Black Stallion called "Riding the Volcano". The Odessey channel airs the Adventures of the Black Stallion every Monday through Friday evening at 7pm. They don't have an episode guide, but sooner or later it is bound to be aired.

Lucy is on the cover of the September 1, 1997 issue of People magazine about TV'S 40 MOST FASCINATING STARS OF '97!!! On pg41, there is a GREAT picture of her on the beach and the title "Legends Of The Fall"(Not making fun of Lucy's accident, but relating to the seasonal change, where the title covers all the stars and not just her.) The caption reads: "TV Titans: It is good to be a king or a queen of prime time. Meet the monarchs currently enjoying the view from the top of Mt. Nielsen. "Xena is a woman who doesn't rely on a man for help," says Lawless. "And that's a good message for all." Lucy Lawless, Xena: Warrior Princess (syndicated) "Who could have expected this kind of success?" gushes New Zealander Lawless, 29, about her astral trajectory as Xena, history's most bodacious barbarian. "My daughter [Daisy, 9] tries to pretend that Mom being Xena is a bit of a burden," says the 5'10" divorcee (She's dating Xena producer Rob Tapert). "But I think she truly loves it." So do the millions of fans in more than 50 countries where the show airs. But proving that she can carry a tune as gracefully as a sword, the opera-trained Lawless is leaving the forest for the asphalt jungle. From Sept. 2 to Oct. 19 she'll be staring as-who else-tough cookie Rizzo in the Broadway production of Grease. Still, Xena remains Lawless's signature character. "People are attracted to her masculine bent," says the actress. " Finally, a woman you can have a beer with."

Here is a quote from the Aug.2-8 TV Guide, from The Family Page, pg. 40 "Rocking Robin" (Her wardrobe is quite similar to the battle gear worn by the heroine of Xena: Warrior Princess, on whom this remade Marian is clearly patterned.)" Also on pg.15 they talk about "Fergie Fever" "Another is casting her as Lucy Lawless's older sister, Fergana, on Xena: Warrior Princess. I can think of nothing more delightful than seeing her bound across the landscape doing somersaults and war whoops. And imagine the look on Queen Elizabeth's face when she sees Fergie dolled up in a skimpy leather outfit, hollering, "Get a grip, Gabrielle!" My sister typed this up for me, so I didn't want to forget it again. : ) Here's a little fun thing to think about while you're watching X:WP_ How many episodes used "Get a grip!"? I know that it was used in "10 Little Warlords" where Xena(Hudson) said it to Gabrielle, and it was also used in "Comedy of Eros". Any others? Let me know and I'll put it in the next Update. ; )

A GREAT site to find out more about Lucy/Xena is: http://www.xenafan.com/ Another great site is at: http://gab.simplenet.com/xena/#alert Also check out A Day in the Life...(of a Xena Addict) at: http://xena.simplenet.com Check out Jill's Xena Page for lots-o-links: http://funnelweb.utcc.utk.edu/~jtdybka/xena.htm

Thanks to L. Fergus for letting me know about a GREAT website at: http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/8715/LucyLawless.html

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Kevin Sorbo: Let's ALL wish Kevin a HAPPY BIRTHDAY on September 24!!! He turns 39!!! HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY KEVIN!!!

Kull is NOW out in the movie theaters!!! I've been so busy at work and all I haven't had a chance to see it yet. : ( I hope to soon though!!! Kevin stars as Kull in the movie. It was filmed in Slovakia and Croatia. It is bound to be a GREAT movie!!! (How could it not?) <BG!>

Kull is mentioned at: http://www.mania.com/ They say, "The Savage Sword of ... Kull? TV's Hercules, Kevn Sorbo, essays the role of Kull of Atlantis, created by Conan creator Robert E. Howard. With Tia Carrere as the evil witch Akivasha, how bad can it be?

This from E! Online: Everyone's favorite Hercules has arrived. TV strong man and star of this weekend's new "Kull the Conqueror" answers your questions on the Star Boards. http://www.eonline.com/Gossip/Star/index.html?NL.2.35

Kevin will be on the Vibe Talk Show Sept. 5(12am) on WSBK(UPN affiliate) <<Scheduled: actors Kevin Sorbo ("Kull The Conquerer") and Curtis Williams ("The Parent `Hood"), music guest Chaka Khan.>>

Kull will be reviewed by Siskel & Ebert shown on Sept. 7(12:30pm on ABC, 11pm on FOX) check your area for channels and times. <<Scheduled reviews: "Fire Down Below" (Steven Seagal, Kris Kristofferson); "Kull the Conqueror" (Kevin Sorbo, Tia Carrere); "Julian Po" (Christian Slater); "Intimate Relations" (Julie Walters).>>

Kevin plays John Wilson in the movie Slaughter of the Innocents shown on HBO on Sept. 8(2am)!!! <<A son uses his knowledge of computers to help his FBI agent/father stop a serial killer who stalks children.>> I haven't seen this yet and am Excited that it's being re-shown!!! :)

Kevin will be on the Ricki Lake Talk Show on NBC on Sept. 12(3pm) <<Scheduled: actors Kevin Sorbo ("Hercules: The Legendary Journeys") and Tahj Mowry (``Smart Guy'`), rap artist Lil' Kim.>>

Kevin will be on a show called Entertainers on ABC on Sept. 13(3:06AM)<<Actors Kevin Sorbo ("Kull the Conqueror"), Michelle Pfeiffer ("A Thousand Acres"), Steven Seagal ("Fire Down Below"), Kevin Kline ("In & Out"), Chris Tucker ("Money Talks"), Jamie Foxx (TV series "The Jamie Foxx Show"), rapper Coolio.>>

Kevin will be in MAKING OF KULL THE CONQUEROR ON shown on the Sci-Fi Channel on Sept. 6(10:30AM), 7(3PM). (HOSTED BY KEVIN SORBO)

Kevin is in the movie Aspen shown on PLEX on Sept. 19(7:20pm). Also starring: Sam Elliott and Perry King. <<Romance is expected at this international ski resort, but the patrons find murder instead. Made for TV. Part 1>>

It was nice to see Sam Jenkins(Kiran, Serena), at the taping of The View!!! Even though I am Quite jealous_They do make a CUTE couple!!! : )

Olympiana Kevin Sorbo International Fan Club, PO Box 410, Buffalo Center, IA 50424 sorbofanclub@worldnet.att.net hotline 612-452-2926 "Be Strong in a World That's Weak"

A GREAT web site devoted to Kevin/Hercules is at: http://msmoo.simplenet.com/sorbo/sorbo1.htm Also, check out Lady Pegasus' site for REALLY GREAT pix of Kevin!!! at: http://www.geocities.com/~ohno_mrbill/ladyp.htm

Another, Great site for both shows is at: http://herc-and-xena.simplenet.com/ Another web site is Allison's Hercules and Xena Links at: http://members.tripod.com/~Xenallison/index-2.html


Renee O'Connor: GREAT NEWS!!!! FX has started showing NYPD Blue reruns!!!! Renee's appearance in the ep. "Oscar Myer Weiner" was #10 in the series. It aired on FX on Sept. 3 at 9pm. My original guess was the 2nd, not bad if I do say so myself. : ) It will be shown again on Sept. 5(12AM). This is GREAT news to those of us who never saw this ep.!!! I did get to see it on the 3rd. She had only a small part in the middle of the episode. She played Rebecca Sloane, the daughter of a rich family that was murdered. Even though it was a small role, it was GREAT to see her!!! She's TRULY GREAT actress and I'm so GLAD we have her as Gabrielle!!!

Thanks to Sharon(Creation) for posting Renee's upcoming media alerts -9/3 UPDATE (This is Hollywood, folks. Everything subject to change!) Renee will be on Regis and Kathie Lee -- Oct 6 (?) at 9am on ABC!!!

This in from Sharon(Creation): Message from Sandra Wilson, Renee's mom: Walter O'Connor, Renee's father, will be at the San Fran show to meet his daughter's fans. I think he's going to go home one proud papa : )

To find out how ROC Fan Club members can get a special Convention ID Badge: The DEADLINE: REQUEST is 9/15/97 FOR BLANK BADGE; you can also find more info about a picnic(not just for Fan Club members) in the park near the Valley Forge Convention Center, check out: http://members.aol.com/Rocweb/cons.htm#badg This is exciting and I hope to meet MommaROC and many of you there!!! I can't wait until October to FINALLY be able to meet Renee!!! She is so GREAT!!!


Her Fan Club web site has a new look, a GREAT new picture of Renee on the Main Page as well as a NEW message from her!!!: http://members.aol.com/rocweb/index.htm

Another GREAT web site is Room for Renee at: http://www.acs.appstate.edu/~dm9262/oconnor/renee.html Another REALLY GREAT web site is The Ultimate Renee O'Connor Appreciation Page at: http://www.huron.net/~midway/roc/


Melinda Clarke has WOWed us Xenites as her portrayal of Velaska!!! She plays Det. Karen Decker in an episode of Nash Bridges called "Out of Chicago" shown on Sept. 5(10PM) <<Nash and Joe (Don Johnson, Cheech Marin) investigate a triple murder with the assistance of a visiting Chicago detective (Melinda Clarke) -- until it becomes apparent she is out for revenge.>>

Melinda Clarke plays Alex in an episode of Seinfeld shown on NBC ON SepT. 11(9PM). <<Jerry shaves his chest hair; George pretends to be a tourist to bond with a tourism worker; Elaine's former boss steals her million-dollar idea, while Kramer promotes a bus tour about the life of Elaine's current boss.>> She plays Jerry's girlfriend. Thanks to Pandora for reminding me about these!!!

Melinda plays a Cigarette Girl in the movie Mulholland Falls shown on Showtime 2 on Sept. 6(10:45PM), 14(11:05PM), 19(9PM).<<In 1950s L.A., 4 men in a maverick police unit find themselves deeply entrenched in a harlot's murder case that not only endangers their squad leader's marriage and career and threatens national security as well.>> According to Pandora, Melinda is only in the 1st few minutes of the movie and never re-appears later in the movie. I haven't played it yet, but a game based on this movie is at: http://www.hollywood.com/mulholland/main.html

Melinda will host "Making of 'Soldier of Fortune, Inc.'" on Sept. 14 at 4:30pm on WWOR(UPN affiliate). <<This behind-the-scenes look at the new action series includes interviews with producer Jerry Bruckheimer and technical advisor Harry Humphries, a former Navy SEAL. Cast member Melinda Clarke hosts.>>

Melinda will play Margo Vincent in a TV show called Soldier of Fortune due to air in the Fall starting September 22. Also in the cast is Brad Johnson (II) as Major Matthew Quentin Shepherd. He was so GREAT as Ned in the 1993 television series 10."Ned Blessing: The Story of My Life and Times"! I was sorry to see that show cancelled!!! I truly look forward to this new show!!! It is bound to be GREAT!!! Check out a GREAT website for Soldier of Fortune at: http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/Set/4625

The IMDB Plot Summary for "Soldier of Fortune" (1997) is: "In a world where there are no obvious "bad guys", where governments engage in secret wars and illegal activities that threaten the security of every individual and nation on the planet, a group of highly trained covert military operatives have just joined forces to become SOLDIER OF FORTUNE, an elite crime fighting unit. Led by retired Col. Matt Shepherd, SOF goes where our government cannot and will not venture, to protect national and international interests and to maintain the balance of power. Even in the new world order, people are still up to the same old tricks.

A great web site to find out more about Melinda/Velaska is at: http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/~ghouse/ka.htm This is also a great site for other stars from both shows! There is a web site that has several pictures of Melinda from a movie not yet released in America, it is called Spike's exclusive preview of the Killer Tongue at: http://www.hedweb.com/spike/spiketon.htm


Ebonie Smith was GREAT as M'Lila in the X:WP episode "Destiny"!!! She's the ONE who taught Xena all her fighting skills in regards to flips, "putting the pinch on people", and such. Who would think that this young woman was the same actress who played Carrie Murtaugh, the youngest daughter in the Lethal Weapon movies!?! You can check out a MUCH younger Ebonie in the movie Lethal Weapon 2 shown on NBC on Sept. 7(8:30pm). <<L.A. detectives Riggs and Murtaugh(Mel Gibson, Danny Glover) battle a cocaine cartel of South African smugglers.>>All 3 movies are GREAT!!! But this one has to be my favorite of the 3!!!


Nick Kokotakis played Darius, the handsome farmer father who took Xena in when she was injured on XWP's "Chariots of War" played a waiter in the movie The Nutty Professor show on Starz! on Sept. 22(8p), 23(10:15a). Also starring Eddie Murphy, Jada Pinkett. <<Wanting to impress his nubile new assistant, an excessively obese scientist drinks his own liquid invention that transforms him into a thin but obnoxious stud. Remake of the 1963 comedy.>> The best scene that he is in is at the Scream Night Club where he takes the Credit Card from Buddy Love and a student of the Professor says that it was stolen. : )

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Roma Downey was TRULY GREAT as the Amazon Queen Hippolyta in the movie Hercules and the Amazon Women!!! Roma plays Kimberly in the movie Getting Up and Going Home shown on Starz! on Sept. 12(12pm), 25(1:47pm). Also stars Tom Skerritt, Julianne Philips, Blythe Danner. <<One man's search for love leads him through a sexy, confusing exploration of relationships. Made for cable.>>Roma's role in this movie is not so Angelic. She plays Tom Skerritt's mistress. : )

Roma is currently in the weekly series Touched By An Angel shown on CBS on Sunday nights at 8pm as a "social worker" Angel named Monica. From TV Guide Aug. 9-15 on pg. 8 in the Hollywood Grapevine by Mark Schwed: "There's trouble on the set of Touched By an Angel, CBS's biggest hit. Producer Martha Williamson was so uncertain that star angel Roma Downey would show up for her first day of shooting in July that she planned a backup script in which costar Della Reese would take over. Roma did arrive on time, although she was not the happiest of angels, I'm told. She wants more money, but Williamson and CBS want to clip her wings. One way is to bring in more heavenly bodies. This season, look for a Hispanic angel and an angel with Down's syndrome. "It's one part political correctness, one part trying to keep Roma in her place," says a CBS source."

Boy! It sounds like TBAA is having A LOT of problems!!! Makes me wonder why Hudson won't be doing anymore episodes, especially where they're trying to have more angels and less Roma? I personally LOVE Touched By an Angel and TRULY LOVE Roma and feel that she is a VERY talented actress!!! I sure hope this won't be the end of her role on TBAA!!!

This is what the Sept. 6-12 TV Guide said about TBAA on pg. 32, "Touched by an Angel starts September 21. The angel population is expanding with two new recurring characters: a streetwise Hispanic angel (Alexis Cruz) and an angel with Down syndrome (Chris Burke of Life Goes On). Expect to see some stretching for the main charters as well "We're looking to show off the other side of Roma [Downey] and Della [Reese]," says executive producer Martha Williamson, "with some double roles down the line where Roma can play somebody besides Monica." Look for Broadway and beauty-pageant fantasy episodes. The show also handles tougher topics, like blacklisting, cults, and runaways (in an episode written by one of Williamson's assistants, who once worked in a shelter). In a season-opening crossover with Promised Land, Richard Thomas plays Nathaniel's (Eddie Karr) father, a drugged-out Vietnam vet; country star Faith Hill also appears. Bill Smitrovich (Life Goes On) and Besty Brantley (Second Noah are older parents who discover they are going to have a Down syndrome baby and have to decide weather to abort. In a special Christmas episode, Randy Travis appears for the third time as ex-con Wayne.


Tawny Kitaen was GREAT as Hercules' first wife Deianeira!!! Tawny plays Debbie Thompson in the movie Bachelor Party shown on the Encore channel on Sept. 13(12am), 24 (11:30pm), 29(8pm). also starring Tom Hanks and Adrian Zmed <<A man's last night as a swinging single turns into a wild blast that includes a transvestite, a donkey and fire engines.>>

Tawny plays Sara Burgess in the movie Playback shown Showtime on Sept. 9(10:15pm), 16(12:15am), 21(12:45am), 29(3:20am). <<Every corporate giant is out to merge with this hot couple after a videotape of a steamy liaison falls into the wrong hands.>>

A Really Nice Deinera web site is at: http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Academy/1538


Elizabeth Hawthorne played Queen Omphale in the movie Hercules and the Lost Kingdom and she also played the 1st Alcamene(Herk's mom) on a couple episodes with H:LJ. She plays Magda Rhys-Jones in the movie The Frighteners shown on Starz! on Sept. 10(9:45pm), 19(9:45pm). Also stars Michael J. Fox and Trini Alvarado. <<With the help of a trio of friendly ectoplasmic spirits haunting houses, a con man who makes his living "exorcising" his otherworldly pals must do some real ghostbusting when a ghastly reaper of souls terrorizes his town.>>

Elizabeth plays Patricia McCardle in the movie Stephen King's The Tommy Knockers, Part 1 shown on USA on Sept. 13(4pm); Part 2 at 6pm. Also stars Jimmy Smits. <<A small New England town is terrorized by a mysterious force in this Stephen King adaptation. Made for TV.>>

Elizabeth played Mrs. Benton in the movie Alex shown on Starz! on Sept. 13 (12:45p), 21 (6:45a, 6p), 29 (4:30pm). <<A swimmer vies for a spot on New Zealand's Olympic team while dealing with the death of a friend.>> This is a REALLY GOOD movie!!! I really liked it!!! Also in the movie is Alison Bruce who plays a female journalist.

Alison Bruce was really GREAT as Melosa on X:WP!!! Thanks to Mona for pointing out that Alison Bruce also plays Postera in H:LJ "Gladiator"!!! You might recognize Alison from the movie The Rainbow Warrior, which also stars our Beloved Lucy Lawless! Alison plays Leslie Holbrook in the movie! Also in the movie The Rainbow Warrior is: Simon James Prast plays Louis Deschamps and he also played Nemos in the X:WP episode "Cradle of Hope"! Another Xena actor I saw in The Rainbow Warrior is Mark Ferguson! He played Dagnine in "Orphan of War", John Smythe in "Xena Scrolls", but is probably best known for his role of Krykus in "Hooves and Harlots" and "Remember Nothing"! He was also in 2 Herk movies: Hercules in the Underworld as Hades and Hercules and the Circle of Fire as Prometheus! In the movie The Rainbow Warrior he plays Det. Neil Morris! I watched this movie again recently and couldn't help but notice him! He actually questioned Lucy about the bombing. : )


Karen Witter was GREAT as the original Nemisis in H:LJ's "Pride Goeth Before a Brawl!!! Karen plays "1st Young Woman" in the movie Prince of Bel Air shown on PLEX on Sept. 22(1:48pm, 7:19pm). Also starring Mark Harmon, Kirstie Alley. <<A womanizing pool serviceman gives monogamy a try when he becomes involved with an artist. Made for TV.>>


Bruce Campbell is such a GREAT GUY!!! I got an E-mail message from him a while ago!!! In the past I have written to him asking for upcoming info for these reports and he has been more than gracious in sending me some!!! I wrote him again when I came back online and he wrote me back!!! He told be the best site to find out info on him is at: http://www.bccentral.com/ Most of the following info in his section and more can be found on this site.

Bruce plays Brisco in TV series the Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. every Saturday at 10am on TNT. This was a very funny show where the old west was still wild and some of the characters were even wilder. :) Thanks to Jan(BCCentral's fan Club prez.) for the Update on the NEW TIME!!!

Bruce Campbell plays Jake Rodzinski on Homicide: Life on the Street on Lifetime on Sept. 10(11pm). <<When Munch and Russert are stumped in their search for an ex-cop's murderer, the deceased's son (Bruce Campbell), also a cop, conducts his own rogue investigation to bring in a suspect---at any cost. Part 1 of two.>> Homicide: Life on the Street Sept. 11(11pm). <<Conclusion. Kellerman has the unpleasant task of investigating fellow officer Jake Rodzinski (Bruce Campbell) when the man who was acquitted of killing Jake's father turns up dead after the trial.>>

Bruce might be in The Making of Escape From L.A. shown on HBO on Sept. 17(3pm).

Bruce has a cameo in the movie Fargo shown on Showtime on Sept. 7(9:45pm), 19(11:30pm). He used to be on a soap opera called Generations which aired in '83. The bad guys in Fargo happen to be watching this show so we are treated to some clips of a younger Bruce! :) The movie stars Frances McDormand and William H. Marcy. <<A car salesman's plot to kidnap his wife hits a murderous snag when the thugs he hires leave a bloody trail across the snowy Minnesota countryside. Joel and Ethan Coen won the Original Screenplay Oscar, as did McDormand for Actress >>

Bruce has an uncredited cameo as a generic henchman in the movie The Demolitionist shown on TMC(The Movie Channel) on Sept. 13(3:10AM).<<A near-fatal attack convinces a sexy undercover agent to enter a secret experiment that will turn her into a healthy cyborg bent on ridding her futuristic society of all crime.>>

Bruce plays the Surgeon General of Beverly Hills in the movie Escape From L.A. shown on HBO on Sept. 7 (10pm), 12(12:30am), 15(2:40am), 17 (11p). Also stars Kurt Russell. <<After a quake turns the City of Angels into an island inhabited by society's undesirables, a fascist president forces a criminal to enter the wasteland and recover his daughter.>>

Thanks to Jan(BCCentral's Fan Club President) for letting us know that Bruce will be on Sept. 17(9:30pm) on ABC in the ELLEN episode called "Moving On" (3rd part of the "coming out" trilogy when she tells Ed)!!! Bruce plays Ed, the book store manager. << As Ellen prepares to move into her house, she runs into trouble at the bookstore when she learns that Ed (Bruce Campbell) has an aversion to gays. And Paige isn't entirely comfortable, either.>

Bruce wrote the story for the movie The Nutty Nut as Roc Sandstorm!!! See Robert Trebor's section for times.

Also, thanks to Jan for letting us know that Bruce's TIMECOP episode "THE FUTURE, JACK THE FUTURE" shown on ABC on Sept. 29(8pm) - Bruce will be guest starring on TIMECOP, a brand new show from Universal airing on Monday nights at 8:00pm on ABC this Fall. Though Bruce is not in the pilot, his character will be introduced in the SECOND episode and will be a recurring role. The show is based on the movie, TIMECOP, which starred Jean Claude Van Damm and was executive produced by Sam Raimi. However, Sam is NOT involved with the series. The series is being executive produced by Robert Singer, formerly of "Lois & Clark." Logan (T.W. King) and his partner Maddox (Bruce) must go back in time from the year 2007 to find the prototype for the time-travel device because there are glitches showing up in the time-travel process and they have traced the problem back to 1990...

This is what E!Online said about: Timecop ABC, Monday 8:00-9:00 <<Because the challenge of law enforcement wasn't big enough, the Timecops are now policing the whole world all through time. This futuristic elite force--led by Jack Logan (T.W. King)--searches criminals out of the time continuum, potentially changing the course of history for better...or worse. In fact, they probably already know they have little chance of making it past mid-season. On the other hand, it's based on a Van Damme movie, so expectations are low and there's nowhere to go but up. Also starring: Don Stark, Allyson Rice-Taylor, Sebastian Tillinger and Kurt Fuller>> WHAT!?! NOT mention Bruce!?! Well, I for one will be a happy viewer!!! : )

H:LJ "Beanstalk and Bad Eggs" is going to be the Season Premiere airing the week of Sept. 29th!!! X:WP "The King of Assassins" airs the week of Nov. 17th!!! The episode, THE KING OF ASSASSINS, will not only have Bruce reprising his role as the irrepressible "Autolycus," but he will also put on the DIRECTOR'S HAT as well. This monumental event will mark the first time he has directed "himself." "Auto" and "Joxer" (Ted Raimi) will also be together for the first time as Auto gets caught in the middle of Joxer and his evil twin Jett! What a hoot! A mysterious assassin hires Auto to steal a sword which the assassin will later use in a political plot to kill an as yet unknown Queen. Bruce is So GREAT!!! I CAN'T wait to see these!!!

Thanks to Hebea!!! For letting us know that Bruce will be doing an AOL chat Monday, September 29th-Celebrity Circle!!!! (keyword: oldsmobile)

For those outside the US who would like to see Bruce's movie Running Time on the Big Screen can check out: http://www.bccentral.com/uruntime.html Sept. 19 - 25 -- Helsinki, Finland and possibly Umea, Sweden. Still waiting to hear details.

Sept. 26 - Oct. 6--RUNNING TIME will be screened at a theater in Orlando on 10/3 at 9:30pm. Check the site listed in the last paragraph for more details as they become available. CENTRAL FLORIDA FILM & VIDEO FESTIVAL

Oct. 14 -- Five day booking in London at the London Filmmaker's Co-op (their site isn't ready yet, so please check back often)

Oct. 17 - 31 -- Sao Paulo, Brazil. Still waiting on details.

On SEPTEMBER 9th, McHale's Navy will be released on videocassette!!! I saw this movie in the theater and it was GREAT!!! Bruce played Virgil the "skirt-chaser" and in one part of the movie I thought that they were making reference to Bruce's character Autolycus (when they were spying on the bad guys). Bruce is truly GREAT and it was nice to see him on the big screen again!!!

Thanks to Jay for letting us know that TNT will be showing the pilot movie of Adventures of Brisco Couty, Jr. on in October 18(12pm.).

This in from Jan(BCC fan Club President), "Bruce and Josh Becker are considering making some of their Super-8's from the good old days available for sale. They are conducting a survey to determine which films/shorts are the most popular and then they will make a decision as to which ones will become available for sale. Only the shorts/films listed on the survey are available at this time. You can access the form directly by going to http://www.bccentral.com/store/survey.html If you do not have Internet access, please e-mail me at janholbrk@aol.com and I will send you the form which you may then return to me so that I can add it to the tally data.

Bruce is currently in France filming a new movie called THE ICE RINK ("La Patinoire"). The film is a comedy about a moviemaker and his staff who are producing a film on an ice rink. Bruce co-stars as the only American actor or "Yank" in an all French production of a hockey film in which he plays the goalie on a hockey team. Dolores Chaplin is the leading lady. In other words, it's a movie within a movie...or...a movie about making a movie...Since Bruce is the only American in the film, it will be in French with subtitles, so get your reading glasses ready...The film is being directed by Belgian writer/filmmaker Jean-Philippe Toussaint. It is an independent feature geared for Art Houses and headed for the film festival circuit. This in from Jan(BCCentral's fan Club President): Just want to let you know that Bruce is currently in France filming THE ICE RINK and if you have "REALPLAYER" you can actually watch the film being made by going to http://www.lapatinoire.com (The Ice Rink Movie Site). You can also download the script from the site and it's going to be a very funny film. FYI for all you deadites, there is definitely "ASH ABUSE" going on in this movie. Ya gotta love it!

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Ted Raimi plays Lt. Tim O'Neil in the TV show SeaQuest DSV shown on the Sci-Fi channel in July and August, the show airs on Monday-Thursday evenings at 8pm and midnight. Also staring on this show is John D'Aquino(Ulysses on X:WP) as Lt. Benjamin King.

Ted plays a CIA Satellite technician in the movie Patriot Games shown on HBO on Sept. 5(8pm), 17(5:05am). Also stars Harrison Ford, Anne Archer. <<A CIA agent and his family become the targets of a radical Irish terrorist group after he thwarts an assassination attempt in England. Based on Tom Clancy's bestseller.>>

Ted wrote the episode "LOSTLAND" of SEAQUEST DSV shown on Sept. 22(8:01PM), 23(12:01AM) on the Sci-Fi channel.

Ted is in an episode of BayWatch called "ROOKIE OF THE YEAR" shown on USA on Sept. 23(6PM).

What's one of Ted's fears? Horses. Read more about it. Check out a GREAT interview of TED RAIMI by John Walsh at: http://www.tvguide.com/tv/area52/qa/

Thanks to TRIFC maintenance for sending me the URL: http://www.stgenesis.org/~inga/TedRaimi/tedfaq.html This site is a GREAT place to go if you have a question about Ted! Mine was

12.What, pray tell, is a Shemp? A more detailed explanation is available in Raimi-Zine #2. Simply put, "Shemp" is Sam Raimi's term for an extra. There were a dozen actors listed as "Fake Shemp" in the Evil Dead (several of them co-incidentally with the last names of Raimi and Tapert). Josh Becker also credited Shemps in his recent flick Running Time (starring Bruce Campbell). The term dates back to The Three Stooges (if you've seen any of Sam's work, it's fairly obvious that he idolizes these guys) when several Stooge shorts were completed when Shemp was out of commission due to a heart attack using substitute actors with their faces obscured.

Ted will be at an Upcoming Creation Con. I GOT MY TICKET AND IT'S IN THE FRONT ROW!!! I CAN'T wait to meet Ted and Renee!!! See bottom section for convention details. A GREAT web site to find out more info on Ted is: http://www.stgenesis.org/~inga/TedRaimi/


Claire Yarlett was GREAT as Thera in H:LJ's "The Apple"! She plays Jenny in the movie Black Out shown on Cinemax on Sept. 16(3:05am). <<An amnesiac heads to L. A. after his wife is killed and tries to remember what happened before the cops get to him. Also known as Midnight Heat.>>

Claire might be in an episode as of RENEGADE called "BOUNTY HUNTER OF THE YEAR" shown on USA on Sept. 12 at 6PM. This is a clips episode and shows several clips of past episodes and one is of the episode "BONNIE AND CLAIR" which will be shown on USA on Sept. 17(12AM). Claire plays Clair. : )


Jeremy Roberts was GREAT as Thercidese in X:WP episode "Fist Full of Dinars", he also played Derk in an episode of H:LJ "The Mercenary".(Thanks again Titanium!) He plays Scar in the movie Black Out with Claire Yarlett. See Claire's section for times.

Jeremy plays Slick on Peter Gunn shown on PLEX on 5(5pm, 5:30pm), 12(5pm, 5:30pm), 19(5pm, 5:30pm), 26(5pm, 5:30pm)

Jeremy plays Ed McCall in the movie False Arrest shown on Lifetime on Sept. 7(4pm). Also stars Donna Mills and Robert Wagner. <<A woman lives an idyllic life-until her husband's business partner is found dead and the police accuse her of the crime. Full length [4 hours long.]>>

Jeremy might be in The making of Money Train shown on HBO on Sept. 8(12:30pm), 27(6am).

Jeremy plays a Guard in the movie Money Train shown on HBO on Sept. 10(4:20am), 12 (8p), 24(12:15am). Also stars Wesley Snips, Woody Harrelson, Jennifer Lopez. <<2 foster brothers who grew up to be transit cops scheme to steal the money from the subway car that carries the system's revenue.>>

Jeremy plays Gus in the movie the Marrying Man shown on Showtime on Sept. 17(11:45pm) Also stars Alec Baldwin, Kim Basinger. <<Neil Simon wrote this screenplay about a mismatched couple who experience 4 marriages and divorces with each other!>>

Jeremy is in an episode of RENEGADE called "RABBIT REDUX" shown on USA on Oct. 1 at 12AM.


Tim Thomerson plays Pittsburgh Police Sergeant Buddy Zunder in the TV show Sirens shown on USA on Sept. 5(4AM), 12(4AM), 19(4AM), 26(4AM). I really liked this show!!! It aired in '93 and followed 3 rookie female cops as they learned the ropes. Tim's character was tough, but loveable! I was pleasantly surprised to see him in his first appearance on X:WP in the ep. "The Prodical"! Meleager the Mighty is so different from the Sirens role that I remember him for. Just shows what a GREAT actor he is!!! Also, to those of you who are fans of the Aron Spelling show: Pacific Parasades, you will also see Joel Wyner on Sirens as Det. Springer.

Tim plays Jack Deth in the movie Trancers III: Deth Lives on Sept. 7(3:30pm) on the SCIFI channel <<also stars Helen Hunt(Mad About You), Police officer Jack Deth returns to the year 2005 to eradicate the source of a new wave of zombie killers.>>

Tim plays Dr. Lanyon in the movie Jekyll and Hyde...Together Again shown on Sept. 14(3:30am) on the Sci-Fi channel. <<A strait-laced scientist's accidental ingestion of a chemical turns him into a lascivious swinger.>>

Tim plays Malcolm Henthoff in the movie Intimate Stranger shown on TMC(The Movie Channel) on Sept. 20(2:50AM), 29(12:15AM). <<Rocker Deborah Harry (from the group Blondie) plays a phone sex operator who is made to listen to a murder. Then the killer comes looking for her!>>snipped from Showtime Online.

Tim will be at the upcoming Warrior Con in Washington D.C. See at the bottom of this listing for details. A GREAT Tim Thomerson site that has a lot of info on him and even pix from his Baby Ruth commercial as the Blur: http://members.aol.com/timblur/ Another great Tim Thomerson/Meleager the Mighty web site is at: http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/~ghouse/mel.htm This site also has pages on many other stars from both shows!


Joel Tobeck plays Strife on H:LJ and he's also in the movie Peach with Lucy Lawless in which he played the jerk boyfriend Mog!!! He plays Lance in the movie Shrimp on the Barbie shown on Showtime 2 on Sept. 5(2PM), 11(7:45AM), 15(4PM), 16(4:20AM), 27(12:30PM).<<A down-on-his-luck American in Australia agrees to masquerade as an heiress' fiance in exchange for $5,000 to save his faltering restaurant.>> Also in this movie is Cheech Marin and Emma Samms. I saw this movie sometime ago and from what I can remember, it was pretty funny!


Cory Everson is GREAT as Atlanta on H:LJ! Apparently she is very big in the body building competition scene(no pun intended). Among other titles she has won, she was a 6 time winner of Ms. Olympia from '84-'89. Every Monday-Friday morning at 7AM and 11AM on ESPN2, the show Gotta Sweat is <<Gym fitness, free-weight training and aerobics with Cory Everson>> Cory has her own personal web site devoted to personal fitness! If you check out the "Cory In Action" section, you'll see a GREAT picture of Cory arm wrestling Hercules and another picture of her as Atlanta! Check the Home page out at: http://www.coryeverson.com/

Cory plays Kara in the movie Double Impact shown on Sept. 11(10:05pm), 12(2:30am) on TBS <<Jean-Claude Van Damme plays identical twins bent on avenging their parents' murders.>>

Cory plays TV Mallory in the movie Natural Born Killers shown on Cinemax on Sept. 29(1:10am). Also starring Woody Harrelson, Juliette Lewis, Robert Downey Jr. <<Oliver Stone directed and co-wrote this satirical look at contemporary society's fascination with mass murders and their glorification by the media.>>

Cory is also a very TALENTED artist!!! If you would like to view Cory's artwork and possibly buy it, please visit Athlete & Artist at: http://www.athlete-artist.com

A site devoted to her modeling/body building is at: http://www.solace.mh.se/~alpha/ceg/ceg.htm


Tony Todd was really GREAT as Cecrops on the X:WP ep. "Lost Mariner" and also as Gladius on the H:LJ ep. "Gladiator"!!! Tony plays Frog in the movie Bird shown on Cinemax on Sept. 7(3:20am). <<Clint Eastwood directed this biography of alto saxophonist Charlie Parker, who revolutionized jazz while fighting a heroin addiction.>>

Tony plays Sherwood in the movie Sabotage shown on Cinnemax on Sept. 27(10pm). <<Trained in the martial arts, a bodyguard hunts down his employer's killers-only to become ensnared in a deadly war between the FBI, CIA and a terrorist group.>>

Tony plays Aaron Jackson in an episode of 21 Jump Street shown on Sept. 11 at 6pm on FX. <<An escaped killer kidnaps Hanson (Johnny Depp) and the bad-boy film star he's been assigned to protect.>>

Tony Todd plays Matt Rhodes in the Homicide: Life on the Street episode "Nearer My God to Thee" on Sept. 14(11PM) on Lifetime <<Frank clashes with the primary detective in an investigation when Al and his staff examine the death of the city's Good Samaritan award winner.>>

I'm not sure if this info is outdated or not, but in his IMDB bio it says "Tony Todd is (1997) Appears at Hasty Pudding Theater, Cambridge MA, in Cry Me a River". If you know where this theater is, it might be worth looking into!!!


Marley Shelton was really GREAT as Iole in the Action Pack Movie Hercules in the Underworld!!! She plays Tricia Nixon in the movie Nixon shown on Showtime on Sept. 11(11:35pm). Also stars Anthony Hopkins, Joan Allen, Powers Boothe. <<The major events of Nixon's political rise and fall are chronicled, with an emphasis on understanding the man behind the public figure.>>

A GREAT website devoted to her is at: http://members.aol.com/fanforvm/marlee/index.htm

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Robert Trebor plays Buddy in the movie The Nutty Nut shown on TMC(The Movie Channel) on Sept. 12(9:45AM), 29(6:30AM). <<A man escapes a mental institution to find his twin brother who is running for office.>> This is kind of a crazy movie that is similar to Jim Carey's The Mask. It is pretty funny in places and it was FUN see Robert in a different role! Bruce Campbell wrote the story for this movie under the name Roc Sandstorm!

Palindrome Pals: The Official International Robert Trebor Fan Club is found at: http://www.cyberramp.net/~lnmorris They say that "Bob took off for New Zealand on June 10 to film a Hercules episode which also features Cory Everson "Atalanta." I can't wait to see this one!!! They also say that Bob has written one of the stories for Topps Xena comic scheduled for release in August!!! His storyline continues in the Xena #2 comic scheduled for a September release date.

Robert will be at the upcoming Warrior Con and Creation Cons, see the bottom section of this listing for details. A truely funny website devoted to the character Salmoneous can be found at: http://cctr.umkc.edu/user/salbert/salmoneus.html Another Robert Trebor/Salmoneus web site is at: http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/4965/page4.html


Scott Garrison, you either LOVED him or HATED him as Perdicas on X:WP!!! He plays Will Kipp in the TV series Swamp Thing shown on the Sci-Fi channel on Sept. 5(6:30PM), 6(1:30PM), 13(1:30PM), 26(6:30PM), 27(1:30PM).


Teresa Hill was GREAT on H:LJ as Nemesis! She plays Jan in the movie Bio-Dome shown on Showtime on Sept. 7(6am, 4:05pm). Also stars Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin. <<This film from the creative team that produced Dumb and Dumber, gives viewers an inside look at the advanced technologies produced by science and just how easily they can be undone by the shenanigans of two clueless misfits.>> snipped from Showtime online.

Here's the URL for the Teresa Hill Homepage, it also has info on how to get an autographed picture!: http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/7750/


Cynthia Rothrock was GREAT as Enforcer2 on H:LJ!!! She plays Tina in the movie Eye for an Eye shown on HBO on Sept. 15(4:25am). Also stars Sally Field, Kiefer Sutherland, Ed Harris. <<After her daughter's brutal killer is released from jail on a technicality, a vigilante mother(Sally Field) decides to dispense her own brand of justice.>>

Cynthia plays McKay in the movie Guardian Angle shown on TNT on Sept. 12(12pm), 13(12am). <<A bodyguard trained in the martial arts uses her skills to put evildoers in their place.>>

Cynthia plays Nancy Bollins in the movie Angel of Fury shown on TNT on Sept. 13(2:05am). <<The head of security kicks into action when her company's top secret computer becomes the target of a madman.>>

Cynthia plays Tracy Pride in the movie Honor and Glory shown on TNT on Sept. 13(3:35am). <<A martial arts expert battles a ruthless banker who threatens the security of the world by trying to obtain a powerful nuclear weapon.>>


Susan Ward was GREAT as Psyche, wife of Cupid in the Hercules episode "Green Eyed Monster"! She plays Meg Cummings on the soap opera Sunset Beach every weekday at noon on NBC. Here is a quote from the Aug.2-8 TV Guide on pg.38, Soaps section "Familiar Faces on the Sunset Set" In last week's column, NBC Daytime chief Susan Lee painted a rosy future for Sunset Beach. But what about the painful acting by some of its young cast members? "It's been our concern from the beginning," Lee admits. "Some we cast did not have the training and experience we would have liked, and we made the mistake of giving them too much to do. We've pulled back on those who weren't as strong until we can get them more emotionally connected to the audience. We're paying attention to SB focus groups when they talk about comfort level. They like Lesley-Anne Down (Olivia), Leigh Taylor -Young (Elaine), Sam Behrens (Gregory)-actors they've seen for years." On that note, watch for Melrose Place regular Jack Wagner to do a short-term role next month (he'll play a gigolo). NBC is also negotiating a fall return for Barbara Mandrell-so fabulous as the cancer-stricken mom of lifeguard Casey Mitchum (Timothy Adams).


Hudson Leick:

Hudson Leick: Fellow Xenite 1st Fire was truly lucky! and was able to interview Hudson At the Sacramento convention. You will be able to read the transcript of the complete inverview with Hudson in the next issue of the Hudson Leick Newsletter which she notified me that it is now up at Wesser's Hudson Leick Official Fan Club web site at: http://www.hudsonleickfan.com

I came across this GREAT site called Mania at: http://www.mania.com/ Last week they had the message: "Next Week in Mania: Callisto Xena's deadly, but beautiful nemesis is portrayed by actress Hudson Leick. But there's a lot more to this former Melrose Place actor than just a pretty face slashing, sword-wielding warrior. Check back with Mania next week for our exclusive one-on-one with Xena's Callisto!" This week they say, "Mania's Exclusive Interview with Callisto: Callisto, Xena's recurring doppleganger and nemesis, is played by Hudson Leick. What does she see as the future of her character and career?" It is a GREAT interview and has some REALLY GREAT pictures of her!!!

If you've missed anything that Hudson starred in, or have a lot of copies of Hudson's TV shows/Movies: think about helping other Hudson fans at Kevin Saput's Hudson Leick Video Exchange at: http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Set/7006/ I'm listed here, but please know that I am backlogged by requests, so it might take me awhile, but am willing to help out when I can. :

Thanks to FlaLiz for posting a TV GUIDE Online, August 26, 1997 article about Hudson entitled "Callisto LEICK WOW" by John Walsh!!! "When Callisto, Xena's beautiful but evil archenemy, talks about serving people, you start thinking of heads on platters. But apparently, actress Hudson Leick is far more altruistic than her Xena: Warrior Princess alter ego. "I think Mother Teresa is pretty phenomenal," the striking blonde said when asked if she had any heroes. "While I was trekking through Nepal, I met this French woman who had worked with Mother Teresa. She had this light to her that I have rarely seen in my life. I want that." Leick admits there's a side of her that loves creature comforts but, she says, "I want to be of service to other human beings. I want to do something while I'm here." Still, Leick doesn't seem quite ready to devote her life to the poor of Calcutta, considering she gets wiped out by attending Xena fanfests. "Conventions always drain me," she admits. "You're on the whole time, and I want to give everything I can give and I don't know where the line is. The next day I'm exhausted. It's a huge ego rush, but it's a huge responsibility."

This in also from 1st Fire: "On behalf of Hudson, she has asked that I please relay the following information. Hudson wishes to thank all her fans for the support and enthusiasm that they have shown her in recent months. Hudson has asked that anyone who has *NOT* yet written to her requesting a photo, PLEASE HOLD OFF doing so. It seems that she has had so *many* photo requests in the last couple of months that she has quite honestly, completely, run out of pictures. She says that she does have a few photos left that she will be sending out in the next few days, but since Creation now owns the rights to all "Callisto" pictures, and they are selling them, that she may not be able to get anymore "freebies" at this time. She apologizes to those people who have already sent a self addressed stamped envelope requesting a picture, but she just had no idea that there would be this many photo requests. (we could have told her, huh?)

The good news is that new exclusive personalized photos of Hudson will be made available through the fan club for a reasonable price in the very near future. These pictures will be of Hudson and *not* of "Callisto" so we can get as many as we want. : ) I will let everyone know the details as soon as I know. Hudson is currently very busy but she wants everyone to know that she is very excited and looking forward to forming a closer association with her Official Fan Club and Official Fan Club Web Site.

If you are not already a fan club member, and would like to join the Hudson Leick Official Fan Club, as well as be kept up to date on all the latest "Hudson news", please visit the new Hudson Leick Official Fan Club Web Site listed above.

Also, there has been some questions regarding how many Xena/Hercules episodes Hudson will be in next year. Hudson says that she taped one episode of Xena in June and is scheduled to go back to New Zealand for a second episode in November. No Hercules episodes are planned at this time. (bummer...I think we should do something about that...hahaha) Concerning the second "Callisto" episode, to air on Xena this coming up season, Hudson says, "You can dance to it"! :) (sorry, that's all I could get out of her)

I also noticed that there has been some questions about Hudson Leick Official Fan Club membership packages. These are in the works as I type and will include an exclusive personalized photo of Hudson, a biography, filmography and a "classy" membership certificate. These packages will be an *optional* purchase to those people already belonging to the fan club (via the Internet) and available to both Internet and non-Internet fans. Again, I will let everyone know just as soon as they become available.

Hudson is again asking that if you have not changed over to her new mailing address to please do so asap. The new mailing address is:

Hudson Leick Official Fan Club P.O. Box 775 Fair Oaks, CA 95628

WEB SITE OPERATORS: Hudson has requested that her new mailing address be posted on each web site a.s.a.p. Thank You... Also, it has come to Hudson's attention that there has been some speculation about whether, or not, she had done a "Bar None" commercial. Yes, she has! (and was extremely surprised that anyone had even noticed) She says that she has also done a coffee commercial. (she doesn't drink coffee, so she can't remember which brand it was) A Dr Pepper commercial. And a commercial for an Italian named hair care product, (neither of us could figure out how to spell it, sorry) when she was just 16. The hair care commercial was only shown locally, in the N.Y. area, but if *anyone* can find a copy of any of these commercials Hudson would *really* like to see them. Please let me know. Thanks...

If you have any questions please write email me. Debbie-1st Fire<fire.ice-sac@worldnet.att.net> Hudson Leick Official Fan Club Liaison

Thanks Debbie/1st Fire!!! You are doing a GREAT JOB!!!

Thanks to Melissa Meister we know a little more about 2 of Hudson's other commercials: these commercials are about 10 years old...a commercial for a now defunct, Rochester, NY hair salon "Astetica" located on Monroe Ave.; and a commercial for International Coffee in which Hudson played a ballerina.

Thanks to Mich for the following info: Please visit URL [http://www.hudsonleickfan.com/hlap/] and express your appreciation for Hudson! It will only take a couple of minutes for this thoughtful gesture. Let Hudson know we greatly appreciate the *significant* amount of personal time Hudson has devoted towards establishing a wonderful *closer* relationship with the Hudson Leick Fan Club!... Some fans have already done so. It's very quick and easy -- just say what you feel! Michael [mailto:mythquest@hotmail.com] and Nick [mailto:tartan@terror.u-net.com] have both shown excellent initiative providing this special HLOFC web page. And all the messages appearing on this web page will be delivered personally to Hudson by Debbie (our HLOFC Liaison) on Saturday October 4th...Hudson is very charming and extremely gracious. All fans who've been fortunate enough to attend either the Burbank, Fairfield, Sacramento, or Detroit Novi Convention are well aware of Hudson's sincere warmth and approachable courtesy. And Hudson greatly appreciates the warmth and enthusiasm so many fans have expressed. That's why Hudson has established a new closer relationship with her Hudson Leick Official Fan Club (HLOFC). Michael has already written a warm heartfelt message on behalf of the entire HLOFC, expressing our sincere appreciation...However, each fan may also express their *individual* appreciation for Hudson. Hudson is attending her *final* convention for 1997 at Valley Forge, PA on Saturday, October 4th. So please include your appreciation message amongst those delivered *personally* to Hudson on that special day!!! Thanks!

(4) The optional HLOFC membership packages will soon be available! And all HLOFC members will be notified immediately. So please keep all your HLOFC membership registration info accurate & current! The Hudson Leick Official Fan Club membership packages will include -- an exclusive autographed 8x10 color Hudson photo, a biography & filmography both personally updated by Hudson, a classy looking HLOFC membership certificate, a durable solid plastic wallet sized HLOFC membership card (probably bearing Hudson's photo), and a lovely HLOFC convention badge.

(5) There's an extremely interesting Hudson article at URL [http://smash.mgz.com/tv/features/hudsonleick082997.html] and the *outstanding* associated comprehensive Hudson interview at URL [http://smash.mgz.com/tv/features/hudsonleickQA.html] These are a MUST read for all Hudson fans!! :-) You won't be disappointed.

(6) Please HELP continue the Hudson fan tradition of *winning* the popular StatsMaster Actress poll for Hudson! Many popular actresses receive avid fan support at this poll. Voting for Hudson is quick and *easy*. Get your friends to vote too! :-) Just visit URL [http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Set/3048/vote.html]

Hudson on UTV's Who's Hot!!! at: http://www.ultimatetv.com/news/w/a/97/07/29leick.html

The Hudson Leick Crusade at http//www.hudsonleick.com/campaign/crusade.htm has LOTS of links to talk shows, entertainment shows, magazines, and MORE...all to benefit Hudson by trying to het her a s guest on these shows or an article about her, etc.


Danielle Cormack is REALLY GREAT on X:WP as the Amazon Ephiny!!! She also did a GREAT job as the Charteuse Fox on H:LJ!!! This in from Warrior Geek: "It is with mixed emotions that I must announce that Danielle Cormack will NOT be able to attend WarriorCon after all...when she accepted our offer, it was with the understanding that professional committments would come first...we are happy to announce that she has accepted a role in the upcoming series "Amazon High"...we wish her success in this new endeavor, but she will definitely be missed as a WarriorCon Guest of Honour...

Thanks to Paul Garza for posting an article about the Upcoming TV show Amazon High!!! "It is to be created by Universal. Rob Tapert co-wrote the script and Michael Hurst is going to direct.

'Amazon' to ride on 'Xena's' success' by David Walstad from Studio City, Calif. "Determined to milk the success of it's top-rated syndicated hours "Xena: Warrior Princess" and "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" Universal has commissioned a two-hour pilot movie - "Amazon High" - that begins filming in New Zealand, home base of the first two on Sept.15. "A 17-year old high school girl (named Cyane) in 1998 is transported back to the early days of the Amazons, 4,000 B.C. "says R.J. Stewart who co-wrote the script with fellow "Xena" writer producer's Rob Tapert and Liz Friedman. Speaking from "Xena's" studios city offices on Wednesday, Stewart notes casting gets underway next week. In addition to Cyane the three other regulars are female warriors age 17, 28, and 30. Keeping it in the family Michael Hurst {Iolaus on Hercules) who has directed episodes of both "Hercules" and "Xena" will direct, supported by some of the hiatus-idled "Xena" crew. "There's interest right now," says an enthusiastic Stewart. "we will be selling it very, very soon." "Amazon High's" potential launch date and episode length have yet to be determined. Commenting on the genesis and format, he says " What we learned with 'Xena' is having a female lead can be very exciting." "Here we have a cheerleader in the midst of warrior women," says Stewart. In the pilot episode, Stewart says, their men have been wiped out, and the females are on a mission of revenge for them getting killed. "It's a fish out of water concept, yet she (Cyane) fits in. The warrior women and Cyane are going to be battlers of good." Stewart even sees a little of modern gender politics in the "pre-historic" show. "It's taking a traditional male world and making it female. Xena is like Clint Eastwood, but she's female. They're like the Texas Rangers, the Three Musketeers, but they're female," he says."

This in from Bret Rudnick: For those who might be interested, the Official Danielle Cormack fan club is online! We just received some productions stills from her latest motion picture and will be placing those on the fan club website soon. Feel free to visit the extremely primitive but evolving website at: http://members.aol.com/dancorfans/index.html

For those without web access, you can get information by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to: The Official Danielle Cormack Fan Club, 297 Boston Post Road, Suite 141, Wayland, MA 01778


Jay Laga'aia is Really GREAT as Draco on X:WP!!! He also plays Senior Constable Tommy Travita in the Australian TV show called Water Rats. Thanks to Mona for sending me the URL: http://www.cops.aust.com/docs/tv/rats/tommy.html

Jeremy Callaghan was GREAT as Palaemon in the X:WP ep."Blind Faith"!!! He is also in the show Water Rats as Kevin Holloway and you can go to the same website to learn more about him: http://www.cops.aust.com/docs/tv/rats/kevin.html


Karl Urban is the Truly gifted actor that plays Cupid on H:LJ and X:WP!!! He has also played Mael in X:WP's "Altared States" and Julius Caesar in X:WP's "Destiny". In the Universal Chat Rob Tapert said that we would see more of Caesar in a future episode!!! I Can't wait!!! I have received MANY letters asking me to add a section for him, but I don't have too much upcoming info on him where he was only in 1 movie. : ) But, this isn't stopping me from starting a section at least you can have links and if I find anything I'll regularly add it. : )

This in from Warrior Geek: "at this time, we would also like to announce the addition of Karl Urban as a Guest of Honour! Karl is a native New Zealander, and this will be his first ever convention appearance!!! you've seen Karl as "Cupid" (Herc eps, For Him the Bell Tolls, and A Comedy of Eros), "Julius Caesar" (Destiny), and "Maell" the older brother in Altared States, now come meet Karl as himself :-)

Check out Caesar's Palace at: http://www.fortunecity.com/lavendar/uplands/69/index.html


Kevin Smith was so GREAT as Ares on both Xena/Herk and as Iphicles on H:LJ!!! He will be in the upcoming Warrior Con! See below for more info. A GREAT web site to find out more about him is at Zepgirl's Kevin Smith Official Fan Club site at: http://www.inetworld.net/zepgirl2 Another GREAT web site is Lessa's Smithsonian Page at: http://www.geocities.com/~smithsonian/


Michael Hurst is the loveable Iolaus on Hercules: Legendary Journeys!!! He will be in an upcoming Creation Convention. See below for more info. To find out more about him, check out Astraea's Hurst Shrine at: http://www4.ncsu.edu/eos/users/j/jelenat/www/Hurst.html


Jaqueline Collen was GREAT as Penelope in the H:LJ episode "As Darkness Falls"!!! She played a bride to be who was kidnapped by a Centaur who was in love with her. Herk was trying to rescue her, but was blinded by a drink that Lucy Lawless gave him in her role as Lyla. Jaqueline currently plays Maeve in the show Adventures of Sinbad shown on FOX on Sunday mornings at 10am in my area, check for yours. : )

In the Sept. 6-12 TV Guide, on pg. 74, "The Adventures of Sinbad" (premieres week of September 22) If you thought last year's Adventures of Sinbad was silly, you weren't the only one: So did the producers. This year, he's a buffer, slightly badder Sin' (Zen Gesner). Besides losing that dorky headband, he sets sail minus gal pal Maeve, catching the waves instead with a brand-new shipmate, sorceress Bryn (Mariah Shirley). I'm sorry to hear she won't be on the show anymore!!! She was REALLY GREAT as Maeve!!!

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Sept. 8(8AM) The Trojan War. <<Achilles and Hector. Paris and Odysseus. Beautiful Helen of Troy...the heroes of Homer's sweeping adventures spring to life in this examination of the 8-year war between Greece and Troy.>>

Sept. 9(8AM) Caesar's Gallic Wars. <<It was the war that gave Julius Caesar fame, fortune, and a highly trained, loyal army. Caesar's own writings combined with specially filmed location footage tell the fascinating story of the victory over Gaul.

Sept. 10(8AM), 27(11AM) The Greek-Persian Wars. <<During ancient times, Persia coveted Greece and her lands; eventually mistrust erupted into open warfare. In 490 BC, the Greeks won the decisive Battle of Marathon; and, in 449, the Persians gave up all hope of annexing Greece.>>

The movie Goddess of Love is shown on PLEX on Sept. 15(1:39pm). It stars Vanna White as Venus. <<Venus is expelled from Mount Olympus until she finds true love in modern-day L.A. Made for TV.>>

Wishbone will be on PBS on Sept. 18(4:30pm, 6pm). Check your area for time. <<Wishbone imagines he's the mythical Hercules. Samantha: Christie Abbott. Voice of Wishbone: Larry Brantley.>>

The movie The Three Stooges Meet Hercules(1962) is shown on the Family channel on Sept. 19(11pm). <<The slaphappy trio trip into another dimension when they fall into a time machine.>>

Also, thanks to Titanium for letting us know that: Disney released a playstation Hercules game based on the movie and Lucasarts is also putting one out.

Xena and Hercules the Animated Movie is due out on video in the fall!!! The cast from both our favorite shows lend their voices to this film. Thanks to Sandi-J for posting this info, "I wrote to TPTB about hearing that the release of the Animated Herc/Xena movie was to be delayed until January. She asked: Is the animated movie being delayed for release until January due to lack of preorders? This is just a rumor that I've heard. Here is what they say: Yes it is delayed, but it was because of technical difficulties, not for lack of preorders. In fact, we've had a whole huge publicity launch lined up, and have not yet gotten to start, so there were minimal expectations for preorder numbers at this point. Mainly, Rob and the studio decided that the movie simply wasn't ready, needed specific editing, and then remixing. Rather than rush a product to market that didn't live up to the standards of the live action shows, they decided to wait, but the next available retail window wasn't until after the holidays. We're reconfiguring the publicity plans, and I'm sure it'll all go well. January is a great month to release a new tittle, as there is very little new stuff at that time.

Also, Thanks to Venator for posting this info: In this week's issue (Aug. 18) of Video Business, a trade magazine, they have a sidebar in the Marketing section in regards to MCA's upcoming advertising campaign for the Herc/Xena animated movie. The article includes a photo of Kevin Sorbo posing with his arms crossed between two lifesize standees of Xena and Herc from the movie. He is looking over his left shoulder at the Herc one with a half-serious/half-smirk look. The headline reads "Universal mounts an Olympian effort for "Hercules & Xena", and here is the actual article: "Universal Studios Home Video will launch the made-for-video "Hercules & Xena-The Animated Movie: The Battle for Mount Olympus" (Oct. 14, prebook Sept. 22, $19.98) with a multifaceted campaign that will include rebates, TV and print advertising and multiple cross-promotions. The title features the voices of Kevin Sorbo and Lucy Lawless, who play Hercules and Xena in the live-action syndicated hit TV series. To drive the release: Consumers who purchase the video along with "Liar Liar", "Babe", "Apollo 13", "The Nutty Professor", "Casper" or one of four titles in the "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" series can receive a $3.50 rebate by mail. Consumers can receive a $3 rebate on the video when they mail in two proofs of purchase from Tropicana Bursters, a new juice-blend beverage. The rebate offer will be advertised on more than 2 million Bursters packages. To promote "Battle for Mount Olympus", Universal will launch a truck tour that will feature a Hercules & Xena Adventure Museum. The tour will also award a grand-prize trip to Universal Studios Florida or Universal Studios Hollywood in each market it visits. The title will be advertised in all Topps comics during the months of September, October, and November. P.O.P. materials for the video will also be mailed to 2,500 comic-book retailers nationwide. Eight promotional spots focusing on the making of "Battle" will be aired in major markets through October. TV spots will run in the top 50 markets, and a full-page, lunch-menu ad will reach 4 million elementary school students in 8,000 schools.

I know this is a little late, but my sister typed it, so I wanted to include it. : ) From the Aug.9-15 TV Guide, The Family Page, pg. 58, By David Hiltbrand "Pony League" Jonathan Swift, Homer, and Jules Verne aren't names we usually associate with Saturday-morning children's television, but CBS has devised an entertaining way to tackle the classics. Crayola Kids Adventures (Saturdays, 10 A.M./ET) is a series of one-hour specials that uses a juvenile repertory, original pop songs, and a playful attitude to interpret literary legends. It's a kick to watch an all-kids cast put its own spin on grown-up material. For instance, in the initial installment, "The Trojan Horse" (August 9), when the Greeks first set eyes on the mighty warrior Hector, the kids' eyes bug out. "He's huge," exclaims one. "Bet he's over 51/2 feet tall, "ventures another. "I'll bet he shaves," marvels a third. And the battle scenes! When these pint-size, coed armies clash, the Trojan War looks more like an innocent outing of recess. The core cast in these dramas-"The Trojan Horse," "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea"(August 16), and " Tales of Gulliver's Travels" (August 23)-includes Adam Wylie (Picket Fences), Phillip Van Dyke, Molly Orr and Georgie Cranford, who looks like Treat Williams with a lot of freckles. The shows, handsomely produced by Hallmark Entertainment, aren't video Cliffs Notes. Childlike perspectives and modern sensibilities outweigh adherence to the original yarn. But the formula is quite fetching. Maybe they'll do a juvenile version of Moby Dick next. I'd love to see an Ahab with braces.



A GREAT site to check for fan clubs, conventions, and merchandise updates is at the Creation site: http://www.primenet.com/~outback/ MANY stars from both shows are scheduled at various Creation Conventions! I'm EXCITED that I'm going to be able to meet Renee and Ted at the Oct. 5 Con. in Valley Forge PA!!! But, I'm also very SORRY that I'm missing out on meeting Hudson and Robert the day earlier!!!

Also, the Warrior Con on September 12-14, in Washington D.C will have Robert Field("Xena: Warrior Princess" Editor(a.k.a. Avicus)), Karl Urban(Cupid/Caesar.Mael), Michael Levine(Director), Kevin Smith(Ares), Tim Thomerson(Meleager the Mighty), Master Doug Wong (Martial Arts Trainer), Steve Sears aka "Tyldus"(Supervising Producer) and Robert Trebor(Salmoneus)!!! For information about the Warrior Con, the URL is: http://warriorcon.technomancer.com if that doesn't work, use http://www.technomancer.com/~xenacon/index.html

This in from Warrior Geek: I just found out that Steven L. Sears not only managed to track down a Xena I action figure, but he also visited Lucy...when he mentioned our Charity Auction, she volunteered to autograph it :-) she signed it not only on the plastic bubble, but also on the cardboard backing!!! Thanks to both Steven and Lucy for this wonderful donation!!! For an up-to-date listing of all the items in our Charity Auction to benefit the House of Ruth, check out the webpage at: http://warriorcon.technomancer.com/auction.html



Thanks to Sarah who told me: The remaining 4 eps of SG will not be seen(from what I can tell, The Practice is going to be taking our time slot).

At the Universal Chat with Rob: choco123 asks "What are the chances that Spy Game will be renewed for a 2nd season?" Rob_Tapert says "About as good as American Gothic coming back. I'd like to say that Spy Game is another example of a show being on the wrong network. ABC has done nothing to promote Spy Game."

Linden Ashby played Spy Game ex-agent Lorne Cash, he will be a new doctor in the first new fall episode of Melrose Place! I saw a piece on it on Access Hollywood on June 25. He has somewhat of a new look with blonde hair. I almost wouldn't have recognized him. I guess with this piece of news, it is truly official that Spy Game is no more. Thanks to Sarah for this info: Linden will be playing Dr. Brett "Coop" Cooper and will befriend Michael Mancini. I thought that he was honestly going to reprise his role as Charles Reynolds, Jo's ex-hubby.

Linden plays Jack Bryant in the movie Blast along with Tim Thomerson who plays a Police Commissioner. See times in Tim's section.

Linden Ashby might be on Entertainment Tonight on Sept. 5(7PM on NBC, 7:30PM on ABC), 6(1:36AM on NBC). <<Scheduled: a preview of the new season on Melrose Place.>>

Access Hollywood on Sept. 6(1:07AM) on CBS. Possibly Sept. 5 in other markets. <<Scheduled: a preview of the new season of Melrose Place.>>

The (Season Premiere) of Melrose Place ep."A Brand New Day" on Sept. 8(8PM) on FOX. <<Craig and Samantha cope with the aftermath of the fatal car crash; Peter proposes to Taylor after learning of her pregnancy; Matt decides to leave.>>

Allison Smith played Spy Game spy expert Max London, she plays Charlotte in the movie A Reason to Believe shown on TMC(The Movie Channel) on Sept. 16(3:30AM).<<Performers: Allison Smith, Jay Underwood. Friendships are put to the test after a female college student is sexually assaulted at a fraternity party.>>

Allison is in the movie Danielle Steel's Full Circle shown on Lifetime on Sept. 14 (8pm). Also stars Corbin Bernsen and Erika Slezak. <<A girl finds love in the arms of an older, married man.>>

Allison plays Rhonda Glick in the movie ...At First Sight shown on HBO3 on Sept. 6(2:35AM), shown on HBO2 on Sept. 8(10:30PM), 12(4AM).<<Jonathan Silverman stars as a single guy who takes ludicrous advice on love from his best friend.>>

Allison plays Lisa Mae in the movie Wildflower shown on PLEX on Sept. 8(5am, 9pm). Also stars Beau Bridges, Patricia Arquette. <<Two children, struggling to accept their mother's death, discover someone worse off than themselves-an epileptic girl imprisoned in a shed. Made for cable.>>

Allison was in the movie Jerry Maguire, but it is rumored that her entire part was cut out. In any case, the movie is now on Pay Per View, stars Tom Cruise, Cuba Gooding Jr., Renee Zellweger. <<When a successful sports agent has a midnight realization that it's people not money that count in this world, he is promptly fired and left to rebuild his professional and personal life with the only two people who believe in him.>> REQ1/PPV1: Sept. 7 (7am, 2pm), 8(4:30am, 9am, 3:30pm, 10pm), 9(2:30am), 10(12pm, 6:30pm), 11(2am, 7am, 1:30pm, 8pm), 12(2:30am, 11am, 3:30pm), 13(12am), 21(1:30am), 23(12pm, 4:30pm, 9pm), 22(2:30am); REQ4/PPV4: 5(1am, 3:30am), 21(7:30am, 10am, 12:30pm, 3pm, 5:30pm, 8pm, 10:30pm), 22(1am, 3:30am), 26(7:30am, 10am, 12:30pm, 3pm, 5:30pm, 8pm, 10:30pm), 27(1am, 3:30am), 29(7:30am, 10am, 12:30pm, 3pm, 5:30pm, 8pm, 10:30pm), 30(1am, 3:30am).

A GREAT web site devoted to Allison is at: http://www.erols.com/indigo96/allison.html


A BIG WELCOME BACK to Kathy Doerr!!! and Many THANKS to those of you who signed a "Welcome Back!" card for my friend Kathy!!! I truly appreciate it!!!

She told me that she was TRULY SURPRISED and it meant A LOT to her that so many of us did this for her!!! Her site at Xena/Lucy Lawless Resource Central is at: http://home1.gte.net/kpdoerr/xena.htm. My personal favorite site for TV Alerts is at: http://ksp.simplenet.com/xena_alerts.html

I'm so glad you're BACK Kathy!!! And a SPECIAL THANKS for housing my web site and making it so GREAT!!! It is TRULY a WONDERFUL thing and I am so VERY THANKFUL!!!


I hope this helps you all!!! Please feel free to write me with any info not listed, etc. I welcome all the help I can get as it takes me a LONG time to put these reports together and I might have missed something or mistyped something!!! I will answer all letters sooner or later.

Happy Viewing!!!


~~Guardian of the Tube~~ Somewhat High Priestess of TV/Movie Trivia A.Y.E. <BG!>

I wanted to tell you all a little bit about the trip I took to Washington D.C. It was through the Service Station Organization. If you have a youth group that would be interested in doing a service project, find out some info at: http://www.servicestation.org/

In D.C. we did A LOT of different things every day to help a variety of people. The main focus was to help the homeless, but we also helped at a Day Camp for kids and picked up trash along a creek/park area. We worked at a Food Bank, Soup Soup Kitchen, and passed out sack lunches to the homeless in the park near the White House. We did A LOT during the week that we were there and you could personally see the results of the hard work that you did. It was a very rewarding experience, one in which I would like to do again!

I would like to say Hi to: Jennie, Jenny, Melissa, Robin, Celio, Dee, Ruth, Karen, Jillian, Debbie, Michelle, and Pastor Brian whom I truly enjoyed getting to know much better over the week!


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