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Cecrops, Xena and Gabrielle from Lost Mariner Gladius from The Gladiator on Hercules: Legendary Journeys

Tony Todd was REALLY GREAT as Cecrops(Left) on the Xena: Warrior Princess episode "Lost Mariner" and also as Gladius(Right) on the Hercules: The Legendary Journeys episode "Gladiator"!!!

Tony Todd has written to me!!! He let me know some Upcoming dates to some of his movies, but sadly these dates have passed...Unfortuately, due to school projects and CRAZY work schedule...I haven't been able to keep the Updates going on this page as I'd like. Thanks Again Tony for writing!!! I do appreciate the boost!!! You're GREAT!!! : ) Click HERE to read Tony's 2/2/98 AOL Chat!!! He talks about Star Trek, Xena, and movies!!! : )

Tony is on an episode of Law & Order shown on A&E on (TODAY) June 25(11pm), 26(3am). <<Racial tensions explode into violence after a middle-aged Jewish man (guest star Michael Constantine) leaves the scene of an accident involving a 12-year-old African-American boy.>> <<A black minister (Tony Todd) fans the flames of racial intolerance after a hit-and-run in Harlem claims the life of a 12-year-old and the Jewish driver is not indicted. Stone: Michael Moriarty. Briscoe: Jerry Orbach. Van Buren: S. Epatha Merkerson. Logan: Chris Noth. >>

Tony plays Mistress Marla in the movie 'Burnzy's Last Call' shown on June 29(2pm, 11:05pm) on the SUNDAE channel(never heard of this channel, it might be the SUNDANCE Channel, but thought I'd list it in case you all get it.) <<Plot Outline: A downtown Manahattan gin mill plays host to a series of comic vignettes.>>

Tony plays a Demolition workman in the movie '84 Charing Cross Road' shown on HBOF on June 29(11pm), on HBOSIG on July 1(2:30pm). Also starring Anne Bancroft, Anthony Hopkins. <<The correspondence between a London bookseller and his N.Y.C. client blossoms into a 20-year relationship.>> Tony's role is near the end of the movie when Anne Bancroft's character has to move out because they are tearing down her appartment building. It is a charming movie and it was neat to see Tony in it even though it was only a couple minutes! : )

Tony plays Captain Darrow in the movie The Rock shown on Starz! on June 30(9:30pm), on StarzP on July 1(12:30am). <<Being the only person to have ever broken out of Alcratraz, a crafty criminal is forced to assist a impenetrable island prison and stop a disgraced war hero from unleashing a deadly nerve gas on San Francisco.>> Click HERE to read Tony's AOL transcript...he tells some behind the scenes to 'The Rock'!!!

Tony as a Alpha-Hirogen on Star Trek Voyager Tony played a new alien entity called the "Alpha-Hirogen" which is a predatary species in the Repeat of the Star Trek Voyager episode "Prey" shown on shown on UPN(WTXX) on July 1(9pm), 4(7pm). The original episode aired on 2/18/98. <<A member of Species 8472 pursued by the Hirogen, a race of hunters, escapes onto Voyager, where Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) puts it under her protection---to the chagrin of Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan). Alpha Hirogen: Tony Todd.>> Jana also adds: "he is an alien from a hunter species, hunting a creature the Captain decides to protect...he is trussed up in this huge latex suit and his face is covered, so the only way to know him is by his voice...he said he used his Candyman voice..." The ST: V episode just before this one was called "Hunters"...another actor (Tiny Ron) played the "Alpha-Hirogen" and in the "Prey" episode...Tony stepped into the costume!!! He did a GREAT job!!! Check out the Original Press Release about Tony doing Triple Play For "Star Trek". : ) Click HERE to read Tony's AOL transcript...he tells some behind the scenes to working on Star Trek!!!

Tony plays Ben in the movie Night of the Living Dead shown on Cinnemax2 on July 6(7:30pm), shown on TMC(The Movie Channel) on July 6(9PM), 28(10:30PM). <<Prejudice and fear fuel tension among seven people who have barricaded themselves inside a farmhouse to fend off flesh-eating zombies. Director George Romero's protege, Tom Savini, directed this remake of Romero's 1968 classic.>>

Tony plays Sherwood in the movie Sabotage shown on Cinnemax2 on July 7(7:15pm). <<A bodyguard uses his Navy commando training to track the killers of an arms dealer he was hired to protect.>>

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TONY'S GOING TO BE IN A PLAY!!! According to Tony's Official Website...Tony will be in San Diego, California at the LaJolla Playhouse in "Captain's Tiger" from July 9, 1998 to August 9, 1998!!! It'd be GREAT to see Tony in action!!! Don't miss it!!! : )

Tony is going to be at Trekfest on Sept. 12, 1998 which will be in Houston Texas!!!

GREAT NEWS!!! Tony is going to be in the 5th Season Opener for Hercules: The Legendary Journeys!!! I CAN'T wait!!! Tony went back to New Zealand this April to film the episode entitled "Faith"!!! It promises to be a GREAT episode, but there is no word yet as to what character Tony is going to play... : ) Check out Barron's Cecrops Page for info on Tony when he was on Xena!!!

According to the Internet Movie Database...Tony is going to be in an Upcoming TV Movie called 'Babylon 5: A Call to Arms' due to air on January 3, 1999!!! Check out The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5 for the Upcoming B5 movie: "A Call to Arms"!!! This is GREAT NEWS!!! : )

Tony in The Dogwalker Also, Check out The Dogwalker website to learn more about 1 of Tony's latest movies: 'The Dog Walker'!!! : ) It is Now in Post Production!!! The website has behind the scenes info on what it was like to make the movie, and some GREAT Pix of Tony!!! Tony plays Mones in the movie and from his Bio Page, I found out that Tony is planning on starting filming Candy Man 3 in August!!!

In Tony's AOL Chat he mentions that there will be a "Microprose computer game... STARTREK:HONOR GUARD....coming in fourth quarter, featuring Kurn, tons of dialogue and computerized images. It promises to be the biggest computer game yet, it's a first person, Klingon mission game..." Sounds GREAT!!! I CAN'T wait!!! : )

From Tony's Official Biography Page, I found out that Tony has completed seven soon-to-be-released films, including "Butter", "Caught Up", "Stir", "Univers'l", "Shadowbuilder", "Pandora Project", and "Dogwalker". Check out a Great Bio on Tony from the Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh website!!!

IMDB LogoI found out at the Internet Movie Database that Tony plays Covey in the movie 'Shadow Builder', plays Bubba in the movie Stir and that 'Caught Up' is due to be Released in the US on Feb. 27!!! Tony plays Jake Samples in 'Caught Up' and their motto for the movie is: "This game has only two rules. Do or die." Check out Caught Up's Quicktime Movie Trailer!!! Rosanna(Fan Club Prez) also adds, "its working title was "The Real"; Jeffrey Combs, semi-regular of "DS9", is also in it, I believe..." She's right...Jeffery plays a Security Guard in the movie!!! : )

Tony in Wishmaster with 2 other famous baddies Tony played Johnny Valentine in the movie Wishmaster, which also stared Ted Raimi and Robert Englund(Freddy Krueger)!!! <<Trapped in an opal in the 12th Century, a mischievous genie is freed in the 20th Century to wreak havoc by preying on unsuspecting people's hopes and dreams.>> Check out Movie Web for a description of 'Wishmaster' and a Picture of Tony!!! Thanks to Rich for letting me know that American Entertainment interviewed Tony Todd for the movie Wishmaster!!! Check out the article and also check out the full interview!!! For Our International Friends: Finland just had the Wishmaster video premiere on June 3 and Wishmaster will be Premiering in Portugal on June 26!!!

Tony as Agustus Cole from a X-Files cardLook what I found at a Comic Book Store!!! I was picking up my usual supply of Xena goodies when I should happen to see Tony on an X-Files Trading Card for his role of August Cole in the X-Files episode "Sleepless" <<Mulder searches for a Vietnam vet who can project his consciousness into other people's minds.>> I also found another neat card and plan to put it up's of Tony's role in The Crow!!! : )



Thanks to Jana for posting Tony's AOL transcript!!!

STFC Deb: Let's get started, shall we? :)
STFC Deb: Welcome to a special Star Trek Forum chat! Our guest this evening is actor Tony Todd, who has appeared on Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as the Klingon warrior Kurn. He also played the adult Jake Sisko in the acclaimed DS9 episode "The Visitor". Tony's diverse acting career has included starring roles in the horror movies "Candyman," "Candyman II: Farewell to the Flesh," and "Wishmaster," as well as guest appearances on such ...
Anon. AOL chat attendee: When ya comin back east, Tony?
TonyTodd01: Only The shadow knows... Actually I'll be in Ct. over the weekend...unfinished business...
TonyTodd01: Hello Deb...I was just informed to take your censorship only..ok?
TonyTodd01: Thats me ...breaking the rules...
STFC Deb: Okay, Tony. STFC Deebz will offer you some questions. :)
STFC Deb: Let me say one thing...
STFC Deb: Joining Tony onstage tonight are TToddFan, his fan club president and fan liaison; Star Trek Club Host and huge Tony Todd fan, STFC Uhura; STFC Deebz, taking your questions; and your host, STFC Deb. :D
TonyTodd01: Greetings all.... typing as fast as I can...
STFC Deb: Whew! Made it all the way through, no punts. :)
TonyTodd01: Hello CT. Hello Ohio.
STFC Deb: Tony Todd will be answering questions selected from the room, so...
STFC Deebz: Ready for your first question, Tony?
STFC Deebz: From RandeG: Tony, what can you tell us about your upcoming Voyager ep?
TonyTodd01: I'm excited about the upcoming "Voyager" episode, as Rande and Eva know...
TonyTodd01: The show is called "Prey", airs the week of Feb. 18th...I portray a new Alien called "Alpha Hirogen". I'm extremely proud to have appeared on all three modern incarnations of Star Trek...Hope the fans appreciate, yet another extensive makeup show...
STFC Deb: Poor Tony! Believe me, we appreciate it. Ready for another question?
TonyTodd01: Fire away.
STFC Deebz: From Lrdnlson: Tony, what are the differences in the set atmosphere between "Star Trek" and "Xena"?
TonyTodd01: Well, I really enjoy of the perks of working as an actor.
STFC Deb: New Zealand, right?
TonyTodd01: New Zealand is one of my favorite countries....That's where both Hercules and Xena are filmed...The Cecrops episode was exciting for many reasons...primarily the script was tight, and fun...and I got to sail a ship for eight working days ... sunshine and seafood...and doing a show my family could watch. That's important to me...which is why I'm going after tamer characters, that still have teeth, but don't have to kill anyone... :)
STFC Deebz: Here's a question from ProfBartok: Are the Hirogen going to be the new mega enemy on Voyager?
TonyTodd01: I know they're featured in a five episode arc... ues.... sorry...Romulan ale spilling...yes.
STFC Deebz: from EsnPElliot: Is the mindset of this new Voyager alien anything like the klingons?
STFC Deb: Are you featured in all 5?
TonyTodd01: No, they're more singular-minded...obsessed with the game of "Hunting"...they are all portrayed by tall actors and look fearsome.
TonyTodd01: They have very big body parts, brains, etc...and of course rubber suits...
TonyTodd01: Wish us luck.
STFC Deb: Sounds like another fun makeup job.
TonyTodd01: I did get to interact with all aboard the ship.
STFC Deb: Will you be appearing in the entire 5 episode arc?
TonyTodd01: This one took 3-4 hours, with one cigarette break.
TonyTodd01: And once again, very difficult to sit. They actually had to insert a long rubber tubing, in the back area, for air conditioning purposes. Couple blasts of unmonitored studio air, and you don't feel like sitting down...
TonyTodd01: Looks awesome...big guns and all. Its an attempt to foster action, also features species 8742.
TtoddFan: Tony's in 1 of the 5, a very intense episode.
STFC Deb: Looking forward to the episode, Tony!
STFC Deb: Ready for the next question?
TonyTodd01: We have plenty of jpegs, for anyone who visits our web page...we're looking for visitors...send requests to TToddFan...sorry RBK.
TonyTodd01: Yes. And chilling out.
STFC Deebz: from MornKiller: I'm sure I speak for everyone here when I say your performance as Old Jake in "The Visitor" was the greatest.
STFC Deebz: Perhaps you could give your thoughts on this particular role in your repertoire.
TonyTodd01: "Visitor" was hands down, my favorite Star Trek, and or television appearance. For some reason I was more ...
STFC Deb: Tony, do you have the address to your web page?
TtoddFan: Can I offer that info please?
TonyTodd01: ... relaxed and assured during that filming...maybe it was a purging...I had a lot of personal issues that got to resolve themselves...and David Livingston, the director was a gem, a considerate director to work with, as well as Rachel Robinson, et al
STFC Deb: Please do. We'll post it in the forum later. :)
TtoddFan: Tony's page is...
TonyTodd01: Thanks for the address.
STFC Deb: A truly classic episode. Well done.
TonyTodd01: Thanks for all "the Visitor" far the toughest makeup assignment...4-6 hours...for the old age appliances.
STFC Deb: Deebz, next question?
STFC Deb: Really? Worse than the Klingon makeup?
TonyTodd01: Yeah...
STFC Deebz: from NOEL KITTY: Tony is it difficult to switch from character to character in vastly different shows ie "Voyager" to "Xena"?
TonyTodd01: No, playing multiple characters is the joy of acting...that's what I was trained to do...I'm grateful for all the opportunities. For me, it's like playing childhood backyard games, as a somewhat capable and adjusted adult.
TonyTodd01: Keeps me out of trouble... <g>
STFC Deb: LOL! Another question?
STFC Deebz: from QWho15: Tony, Do you think you will return as Kurn on "DS9"?
TonyTodd01: I don't know.
STFC Deb: Would you like to?
TonyTodd01: He lost his memory ...remember? Yes, of course I'd love to have a "chat" with Worf again...
STFC Deb: Next question?
TonyTodd01: Please....
STFC Deebz: from ShoreLeave: What is it like for you to go to the different conventions to meet your fans?
TonyTodd01: I love conventions..any happening this month?
STFC Deb Aren't there always? :)
TonyTodd01: I've just been reminded to re-mention the upcoming Microprose computer game...STARTREK:HONOR GUARD....coming in fourth quarter, featuring Kurn, what's his name...
TtoddFan: Yah!...Kurn lives!!
STFC Uhura: They never should have done that to Kurn ::::shakes head::::
TonyTodd01: No comment.
STFC Deb: Think of it as a writing challenge. They'll bring him back somehow. :)
TonyTodd01: Well, Kurn is making a return in the next game....tons of dialogue and computerized images. It promises to be the biggest computer game yet, it's a first person, Klingon mission game...
STFC Deb: Several of the STFC staff met you last year at ShoreLeave, Tony.
TonyTodd01: We're always interested in Con's...any serious request should be directed to...
STFC Deb: You'll be happy to know, the restraining order is still in effect. :D
TonyTodd01: Hello Shore Leave. People....CT....Miami...Ohio...Baltimore...and the Phillipines
STFC Deb: Ready for another question?
TonyTodd01: Where I shot my first film..."Platoon".
STFC Deebz: from The5thHous: Tony, will you ever do a series in which you star in regularly?
TonyTodd01: Ready for....
TonyTodd01: Well I'm in Hollywood now, auditioning, for a full range of projects...Can't mention them all.
STFC Deb: Weekly series, steady work, no makeup...sounds tempting, Tony. :)
TonyTodd01: But they cover the range from Homicide cops, to shipmates, to fantasy, to spin of the wheel...
TonyTodd01: I can say there are a few surprises in store in the upcoming future...
STFC Deb: No spoilers? :)
TonyTodd01: We've 6-7 features in the can...and two films that I'm scheduled to do this spring, as well as a return to theater, which I stay active with, at least once a year.
TonyTodd01: "Caught Up" which opens Feb. 27th, and "Butter" for HBO in early March....
TtoddFan: "Caught up" will be in area theaters Feb 27. Please check your movie house listings.
STFC Deb: Sounds like you've been busy!
STFC Deebz: The avid trivia player, RebelBorg, seeks to test your trivia knowledge: Maybe Mr. Todd knows if Klingons have last names...and if so...what is Kurn's?
TonyTodd01: I'm not busy enough...I'm a glutton for punishment.
TonyTodd01: I know nothing about Klingons...what are they?
TonyTodd01: No offense....
TtoddFan: LOL!.
STFC Deb: Very funny. You just gave half the members heart attacks. :D
TonyTodd01: Isn't this the Pee-Wee Herman forum...just kidding.
TtoddFan: Dbeez is speechless.....
STFC Deebz: Well...considering I named my dog Kurn....
TonyTodd01: Does your dog know what house he's in....?
STFC Deebz: LOL!!!
STFC Deb: Dog house, natch. :>
STFC Deb: :::pokes Deebz::: Got another question for us?
STFC Deebz: ;>
STFC Deebz: A comment from Speed34997: Tony, no one mentioned your work in "The Rock" -- you were quite good in it. :)
TonyTodd01: I loved working on the "Rock"...three months in SF...great food...boy was it fun sailing to Alcatraz, every morning at five am...
STFC Deb: I sense a little sarcasm, Tony... ;)
TtoddFan: Beat the traffic that way though... <g>
STFC Deb: Running out of time, let's grab a few more questions. :)
STFC Deebz: Folks, your questions have all scrolled off the screen. ;> If we missed your question, please post it again.
TonyTodd01: Yeah, cold waves splashing in your face, putting out needed smokes...looking at actors before they get into combat gear...then waiting for Mr. Connery, Mr.Cage, and Mr. Harris, to join us by helicopter...
STFC Deebz: from MrsSpooky: What was it like working on the X Files?
TonyTodd01: I love X-files....
STFC Deebz: Ready for the next question?
STFC Deb: Tony, please finish your thought. :) Or, not. :D
TonyTodd01: It was three quick nights, sandwiched between "Homicide", and "CandyMan 2", but it was a great character. Augustus Cole. He shows up on playing cards from time to time.
STFC Deb: Deebz, have we got time for another question?
STFC Deb: We've got time for one more question!
STFC Deebz: from WorfsnMog2: Never got any answers to my questions about "The Crow". How was it working with Brandon?
TonyTodd01: I loved working on the "Crow" was disturbing to lose Brandon, on the cusp of his greatest success...I'm sure he'll be missed.
STFC Deb: It was truly a great loss.
TonyTodd01: I hear they're doing a syndicated tv series...producers never stop.
STFC Deb: Tony, any last thoughts before we close up shop?
TonyTodd01: I wanna thank everyone for stopping by, please remember to visit our website...and watch for upcoming projects: "Voyager", "Caught Up", "Butter", "Driven", "Shadowbuilder", "Stir", "Dogwalker" and "Univers'l" ...I'm sure there is something for the bunch.
TonyTodd01: Peace, and Blessings.
STFC Deb: Tony, thanks so much for coming! Much success in all your projects!
TonyTodd01: Thanks. Bye-bye.
STFC Deb: And thank you all for coming! Good night!


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Press Release - 11/97

Tony Todd Completes Triple Play For "Star Trek"

TONY TODD (well known to fans of horror films as "Candyman" and Ben' in "Night of the Living Dead") is also a voyager within and between many science fiction and fantasy television universes, including those of "Star Trek", "X-Files", "Xena", and "Hercules". Whether in episodic television or made-for-tv films (such as "Them" or "Black Fox"), his performances are always dynamic. But never before has he been more challenged than this month, when he creates his third new "Star Trek" universe characterization for the television series, "Voyager".

The new character is 'alpha-Hirogen'. In giving flesh and life to this representative of an alien race of hunters, Todd completes a "Star Trek" triple play. He has been the featured guest star for a new character in all three modern era Trek series. Todd's previous characters were the Klingon warrior, K'urn (brother of Worf) in "Star Trek: the Next Generation" (STNG) and the alternate timeline adult Jake Sisko in the critically acclaimed "Deep Space 9" episode, "The Visitor". This puts Todd in rare company, with only one other actor (James Sloyan) having portrayed a new and different character in each of all three modern era Trek series.

Todd's call to fame will be that he has portrayed three extremely different characters in both temperament and appearance, with all three requiring his ability to emit strong emotions while wearing heavy make-up. The heavy make-up to metamorphize Todd into a Klingon warrior originally required three hours of effort by Paramount's make-up department. Portraying adult Jake Sisko in an alternate time line required Todd to age 50 years during a single television episode, with the appearance of an 80-year-old again requiring nearly three hours. To create this newest character, Todd endured almost seven hours in the makeup artist's chair; then donned an immense costume which added another 50 pounds of weight to his frame.

"But it's worth it", said Todd. "My character is a walking shark ... a predator on planets... a mantis. Yellowish skin.. with reptilian ridges along the creature's facial bone structure... big brain... flattened nose... black shiny eyes. I'm completely covered head to toe, in rubber, for 15-17 hours at a stretch. It's the hottest thing I've ever worn: black and purple alien rubber suit, restrictive movements, and two green lights in my chestplate. Ummmm...."


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