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I was SO EXCITED to hear that Renee O'Connor would FINALLY be doing a Con. and when I heard that it'd be on MY coast, I HAD to be there!!! I was LUCKY enough to get a front row seat and couldn't wait for the day to arrive!!! They showed a Xena and Gabrielle Music Video of Annie Lennox's "Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves". They took clips from various episodes and put them together to fit the song. VERY COOL!!!

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Most of the pictures on this page have been downsized, so that this page would download faster. Click on each picture to see the picture at full size. These pages are to tell you all about the GREAT time I had at the Creation Valley Forge Convention on Oct. 5, 1997!!!

In this page are snippets of info that was said during the Con. I took pretty good notes and hope that you'll read my full report at the Whoosh! on the Road Section!!!

The Convention pictures were all taken by me and are in order of when they were taken. Please do not use them or anything else on a website without asking for permission first. Thanks!!!

If you were there, you might have seen me. I am a redhead and wore a gray T-shirt that I bought at a comic book store. It had Xena and Gabrielle on the front and Callisto on the back. I also wore my ROC Fan Club badge that says ALWheaties and felt somewhat like a celebrity myself when Retti recognized my name while waiting in line.

One of the BIGGEST highlights was meeting Renee's mom!!! Sandra Wilson (a.k.a. MommaROC) is one of the nicest people I've met!!! I also was Excited to meet Sharon Delany (Creation)!!! We were able to talk for a little while prior to the Con. It was SO GREAT to be able to talk to her face to face after so Many E-mails!!!

Sharon said it would be alright to use this picture of her and MommaROC as long as I disguised her face... : )

I was also able to meet some other Xenites for the first time: Sal-Fan, Brett Rudnick, Beth, Lunacy and the Main Highlight was my good friend Sandra (aka Kansas)!!! We've been E-mail pals for at least a year, so it was GREAT to finally meet!!!

Sharon(Creation) had a slide show and told some Behind the Scenes secrets from Xena and Hercules!!! Slides were shown of X:WP's "The Titans"...Sharon told us that they didn't use Special Effects in this Ep.!!! They filmed the "Titan" up close and had Gabrielle standing several feet away and the camera perceives it as being a Giant and a small girl!!!

Sharon told us that No Special Effects are used in the episodes where Xena takes a drink and shoots fire from her mouth at her enemies...Lucy ACTUALLY DOES IT!!! She drinks milk to line her stomach and inside of her mouth, then takes a mouth full of Kerosene and spits it out over the flame and we see the end result on film!!!

Sharon told us that H:LJ's "And Fancy Free" has Herk Ballroom dancing and that Michael Hurst's role of the Widow Twanky is that of 1 that he did while in NZ for a kid's TV show!!! : )

They had "Stump the Experts" in which Sharon, Sal-Fan and 2 other Audience members were chosen to be panel of 'Experts'. People asked Herk/Xena Questions and if they didn't know the answer, you could win a prize!!! I was able to ask a Question and I WON a script of "The Quest" that also includes an 8x10 picture of Gabrielle and Iolaus(similar to the 1 on the Left)!!! The Question I asked was: What is the Actor's Name that was in Herk and the Lost Kingdom, "Dreamworker" and "Destiny"? They said Daniel Lees, but his real name is Nathaniel Lees!!!(picture on the Right) I was so EXCITED!!!

Here's me and 1 of the Winners of the Xena Costume contest!!! They had the costume contest going on while the Autograph line started. Being in the front row, I was 1 of the first to be able to go up, but missed seeing all the other winners.

Here's my younger sister Jillian, Sandra Wilson(MommaROC=Renee's Mom) and Me!!!

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