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They showed a Music Video Salute to Gabrielle to the tune of Bette Midler's Wind Beneath My Wings...Showing clips from X:WP of how Gabrielle is the "Wind Beneath Xena's Wings". Boy! What a Touching and Heartfelt video!!!

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Most of the pictures on this page have been downsized, so that this page would download faster. Click on each picture to see the picture at full size. These pages are to tell you all about the GREAT time I had at the Creation Valley Forge Convention on Oct. 5, 1997!!!

In this page are snippets of info that was said during the Con. I took pretty good notes and hope that you'll read my full report at the Whoosh! on the Road Section!!!

The Convention pictures were all taken by me and are in order of when they were taken. Please do not use them or anything else on a website without asking for permission first. Thanks!!!

Renee came out to a standing ovation! I was so EXCITED to actually see her in person!!! She looked Quite nervous and not sure what to think of us. Someone yelled out, "I LOVE you Renee"! She laughed and said, "That's my Brother". One thing she said about the crowd cheering for her..."No one in New Zealand is going to Believe This"!!!

"Is this thing working?"...She was asked to do the Xena Rap. She said that if there were anyone under 10 they were to close their ears because she was going to say a 'swear' word. Click HERE to hear the Rap from when she was on the Vibe Talkshow. Renee wrote it herself!!! Download time about 2 minutes…Thanks to MaryD for allowing me to have it here!!!

They were planning on giving Gabrielle a 'shaggy little horse'. She told us that she sometimes has trouble being on her mark and how that donkey Tobias embarrassed her by ALWAYS being on his mark...To the Question on what's it like to be Xena's sidekick, she said, "Tiring"! Lucy calls her 'Gabrielle the pack horse'. If anything has to be carried, she says, "Give it to Gabrielle".

She told us that she is sometimes a 'fly' on the Netforum. She's Always trying New things. She's tried sledging which is riding on a boogie board down a river. "It's really fun and not too dangerous". She's also tried snorkeling, mountain climbing...Many extreme sports and also has gone on many adventures with MommaROC!!!

Someone asked what Gabrielle's favorite food was. She said apples. Some people yelled out nut bread and cherries. She laughed and agreed! She said, "I probably shouldn't be telling you this, but the cherries aren't really cherries. They're grapes with cherry stems in them. That way you don't have to stop to spit out the pit. You're stuck with a mouth full of grapes, but you are able to keep going."

1 of her favorite episodes is "A Day in the Life"; and after 8 takes of getting dead fish thrown at her...she had scales in her hair and stunk! "No one wanted to come near me"! To her dismay, they ended up using the very 1st take afterall...

Someone asked how much of Renee is in Gabrielle? The Amazon Dance she did in "Hooves and Harlots" was a dance her mom used to do and when it aired she got a phone call from MommaROC saying..."Renee!?!" She's more comfortable with Gabrielle now that she's grown up some, but she's uncomfortable with some of the 3rd season episodes and that she didn't agree with Gabrielle's choices. "You have to have a balance in life."

A 5 year old boy wanted to give her the flowers he picked out for her. Everyone cheered so that he could give them to her on stage. During their conversation he said, "Look at my Toe". She misheard this and thought he said, "Lick my Toe" and Laughed out loud!!! It looked like she really enjoyed herself and had A LOT fun with the kids!!!

Someone asked her about Gabrielle's hair color. She asked the audience, "What Am I? I should tell you". Someone yelled out, "Gorgeous!" She laughed and said, "Thanks"! Everyone laughed!!! Someone asked her to do the Porky Pig dance. She agreed as long as we joined her. She showed us how and we all tried our best!!!

Someone gave her a hand made staff and asked her to perform for us. She warned the first 10 rows to watch out. She said that when Gabrielle learned how to use the staff, she was also learning. She kept hitting herself in the beginning, but she has come a long way and is learning new tricks all the time.

To Everyone's surprise...Lucy called to wish her friend 'Ren' Good Luck and to see when she was coming to see her be in Grease in NYC...They were able to put it over the loud speaker so we all could hear their conversation!!! One thing that Lucy said, "Now, Don't hate anybody during the China episode. When Lucy said Goodbye, everyone Cheered and yelled "Bye Lucy"!!!

As I went through the Autograph line, I was So Nervous!!! I was GLAD to actually meet Renee face to face and to be able to shake her hand!!! I just kept talking about a mile a minute and before I left, I apologized as I am not usually like this. She said, "That's OK" and smiled an understanding smile at me, so I didn't feel so bad about the whole thing. Well, not Quite so bad, still a little embarrassing...To the Left, is Renee after she just signed my picture and to the right, is the picture she signed!!!

Here Renee is signing my friend Sandra(aka Kansas)'s picture!!!

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