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They showed a Music Video Salute to Hercules to the tune of Bonnie Tyler's 'Holding Out For a Hero'...OK, I know what you're thinking..."Why is this on a Ted Raimi Page!?!" Well, Ted does a GREAT job as Joxer and Joxer is always trying to be a Hero, so... : )

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Most of the pictures on this page have been downsized, so that this page would download faster. Click on each picture to see the picture at full size. These pages are to tell you all about the GREAT time I had at the Creation Valley Forge Convention on Oct. 5, 1997!!!

In this page are snippets of info that was said during the Con. I took pretty good notes and hope that you'll read my full report at the Whoosh! on the Road Section!!!

The Convention pictures were all taken by me and are in order of when they were taken. Please do not use them or anything else on a website without asking for permission first. Thanks!!!

Time for Ted!!! When he came out, he was playing up the Ultimate Stooge act by bumbling and falling A Lot. Once on stage, he said that he knows 2 things about horses: Diddly and Squat. He said if you see Joxer leading the horse and looking back a lot, it's because he's worried the horse is going to bite him or something.

The name Joxer came from a Eugene O'Neill play. Joxer's costume has a pounded pasta strainer in the front and he thinks of it as being like a Fred Flintstone costume. He got to wear leather as his twin brother Jett and actually liked being in a different costume for a change. In an Upcoming episode, he will play Joxer, Jett, and an "Unnamed actor will play Joxer's sister."

Bruce Campbell(aka Autolycus/Right picture) used to babysit Ted when he was little!!! Ted was 12 when the movie Evil Dead came out and it was his feet being stabbed by a pencil and his hands grabbing Bruce from the floor. Earlier, Sharon(Creation) filled us in that X:WP's "Warrior...Priestess...Tramp" was based on Ted and Bruce's hamming it up at the Cons together.

Someone asked him if he wears Boxers or Briefs...Quite red faced, he said Boxers. Later on he said that he wants Joxer to have his own Joxette. Many yelled out..."What About Meg?" He liked that Idea, but said he didn't know if Lucy would go for it.

Ted thinks that Joxer would kick Salmoneus' butt and would kill for Gabrielle. During the X:WP ep. "Callisto", the bit about Joxer coming out with the tiny dagger to go after Gabrielle was Ted's idea, but it took about 10 takes to get it right.

A group sang 'Joxer the Mighty' to him. He was asked to sing and said he would, but only if we said, "Bom, Bom" at the end of the song. We of course obliged!!! He wrote the Song when Josh Becker asked him to come up with something that would irritate Xena and he thought, "What's more irritating than a dumb song?" Click HERE to hear 'Joxer the Mighty'!!! Download time about 4 minutes...Thanks to Lana for allowing me to have it here!!!

Raimi is an Americanized version of his real last name: Rajenvertz which is Dutch and Hungarian. From 18-22, he had vocal training and can play the guitar. He wrote SeaQuest DSV's ep. "Lostland" and many fans told of their love for his character Lt. Tim 0'Neill.

2 members from his Fan Club came on stage to give him a badge. He said, "Look at me! I'm a member of my own Fan Club!!!" Everyone laughed! It looked like he Really liked 1 of the women and even chased after her a little bit as kind of a tease.

Ted would peek from behind the curtain from time to time to check on Renee while she was on stage.

I was so Nervous and Quite EXCITED to be able to go through the Autograph line and meet my favorites face to face!!!

Ted shook my hand and when I tried to talk to him, I got Quite tongue-tied!!! I told him that "I" was HIS favorite...I meant to say that YOU are 1 of my favorites!!! He looked at me kinda funny and smiled...To the left is Ted just after he signed my picture and to the right is the picture he signed!!!

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