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They showed a Music Video Salute to Xena and Hercules to Elton John's 'Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting'!!! It showed various clips from both shows of the different fight, I thought where Gabrielle and Joxer are always fighting, that it should go here!!! : ) Thanks to GabbyGab and Mariner for allowing me to have these 2 Animated Gifs here!!!

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Most of the pictures on this page have been downsized, so that this page would download faster. Click on each picture to see the picture at full size. These pages are to tell you all about the GREAT time I had at the Creation Valley Forge Convention on Oct. 5, 1997!!!

In this page are snippets of info that was said during the Con. I took pretty good notes and hope that you'll read my full report at the Whoosh! on the Road Section!!!

The Convention pictures were all taken by me and are in order of when they were taken. Please do not use them or anything else on a website without asking for permission first. Thanks!!!

Renee said that in 1 scene of "Comedy of Eros", she had to bite Ted's ear a few times. Later in the week, Ted's ear was all black and blue and he didn't want to come near her. To this, Ted came up on stage and said he HAD to set the story straight!!!

Ted went on and on about how Renee injured him by biting on his ear too hard and Renee took a swipe at him as she often does on screen!!! : )

Later on, someone asked if Gabrielle had a crush on Joxer. She said that Gabrielle has a plate full. Ted agreed that Joxer definitely has a crush on Gabrielle and wouldn't dare to think of Xena!!!

Just prior to Ted coming out on stage, somebody asked her about her least favorite scene and someone in the audience said something about kissing Joxer. She laughed and said no...

Earlier, Ted mentioned that he should come out with a Kiwi translation book. 'On your Mark' is a common US filmmaking term, but in NZ they say, 'Are you on your Posey?' "Posey meaning Position, Cosi meaning costume, Breaki meaning Breakfast..." : ) (To the Right is a clip from "Calisto", the 1st appearance of Joxer)

Earlier, Renee told us that she sometimes has a problem with American slang in NZ. She'll tell the Baddie that she'll use her staff and hit him...Bang, Bang, 'Bonk'. She said, "Bonk means something sexual". Now that she's in the States, she finds that she's bringing the NZ slang over here, by asking for a 'white coffee' which is coffee with milk in it. And that in NZ they refer to their boyfriend/girlfriend as partner and when she refers to her boyfriend as her partner, people are confused as to what gender that is.

Later, Sharon(Creation) let us know: "I hope no one minds, but I'm the one who thought of asking Lucy if she would like to call Renee and when we asked her, she loved the idea. There was no phone line installed in that area. Creation had a line put in especially for the call. And I gave Lucy the time and phone number to call. Renee knew the call was coming, but Lucy disguised her voice so effectively, that even Renee was unsure who it was until the yell."

Ted mentioned that Joxer has little 'Hearts' in his eyes when it comes to Gabrielle and that he would kill for her as shown in "Comedy of Eros".

They also talked about how they are friends off the set and like to entertain the New Zealander's with 'American' humor. They did a little impromptu skit about "Mimsi and Harold" (can't remember the names they used) and talking about their kids going to Harvard and Yale...Very dry humor, but they say the New Zealander's love it. That's how they amuse themselves off the set.

Sharon(Creation) let us know: "Ted is the one who thought of visiting Renee on stage and when we told her about what he wanted to do, she didn't just *like* the idea, she *loved* it. It added to the fun she could have on stage cuz they are very good friends and also helped to alleviate her nervousness. She's an actress and this gave her something to play off."

Someone asked Renee to sing 'Joxer the Mighty' where she had sung it in "Comedy of Eros". She said she would, but only if Ted came out and helped her. (I couldn't help but put this picture in... : )

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