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All TV Times are in Eastern Standard Time.
Some of the channels listed are from the NY/CT/MA area.

Many of the TV/Movie Descriptions came from The Cable Guide, TV Guide Online and Click TV.

Upcoming Xena Episodes

For the week of 4/27/98, the Xena: Warrior Princess episode "Vanishing Act" will be shown. <<Xena and Gabrielle (Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor) team up with Autolycus (Bruce Campbell) to infiltrate Tarses of Scyros' castle and recover the stolen statue of Pax. With Jon Brazier.>><<Autolycus's reputation as "king of thieves" is at stake when a 20-foot statue turns up missing---and he didn't steal it. So he vows to steal it back.>> Check out the Bruce Campbell Online X:WP Vanishing Act website!!! <<In this episode, Auto enlists Xena and Gabby to re-claim his crown as the "King of Thieves.">>

For the week of 5/4/98, the Xena: Warrior Princess episode "Sacrifice" will be shown. This is Part 1 of a 2 episode storyline. <<Xena saves Gabrielle's friend Seraphin (Jodie Rimmer) from being sacrificed, then learns that she's willing to die---so that Gabrielle's evil daughter Hope can be reborn. Werfner: Stephen Ure. Ares: Kevin Smith. Lachesis: Micaela Daniel.>><<Callisto (Hudson Leick) returns to resurrect Gabrielle's evil daughter Hope and build an army to conquer the world. Stars Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor and Kevin Smith.>>

For the week of 5/11/98, the Xena: Warrior Princess episode "Sacrifice Part II" will be shown.

For the week of 5/18/98, the Xena: Warrior Princess episode "Is There a Doctor in the House" will be repeated from the 1st Season!!! This is MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE EPISODE!!! I LOVE this one!!! Xena shows her doctoring skills and almost looses Gabrielle...Who Renee O'Connor deserves MAJOR Kudos for her scene!!! She did such a convincing job in this one that it gave me goosebumps the 1st time I saw it!!! : ) Also, Ephany has her son Xenan in this one!!! This is one not to miss Again!!! : )

For the week of 5/25/98, the Xena: Warrior Princess episode "The King of Assassins" will be repeated. <<Gabrielle, Joxer and Autolycus sneak into a palace to thwart an assassination attempt by Joxer's evil lookalike brother, Jett. The intended victim: Cleopatra (Gina Torres). Joxer/Jett: Ted Raimi. Pontius: Jonathon Hendry.>><<Joxer's twin brother's plan to assassinate the visiting Cleopatra is met with resistance from Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor) and Autolycus (Bruce Campbell).<< From the VF Con I found out that This ep. was based on Ted and Bruce's hamming it up at the Cons together. : ) There's a GREAT X:WP "King of Assassanis" webiste at Bruce Campbell Online!!! There's loads of Behind the Scenes pix!!! Most of the photos are of Bruce(as Autolycus and Director), but you can also see Ted Raimi(Joxer/Jett), Renee O'Connor(Gabrielle), and Gina Torres as Cleopatra!!!

Check out the GREAT Behind the Scenes pictures of X:WP at Bruce Campbell Online's TSUNAMI website!!! <<Auto, Xena and Gabby are trapped on a ship that's trapped in a storm - think "Poseidon Adventure.">>

Check out Universal's Xena Episode List for the Official listing of when upcoming Xena episodes will be aired!!!

If you live in Austraila, You should check out The Australian Episode Guide to Xena: Warrior Princess!!!

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Great info on BOTH shows!!!

Upcoming Herk Episodes

For the week of 4/27/98, the Hercules: The Legendary Journeys episode "Twilight" is being shown. <<Herc and his dying mother, Alcmene (Liddy Holloway), recall young Herc's first taste of the horrors of war, when he went off to fight the supposedly evil Parthans. Young Herc: Ian Bohen. Young Iolaus: Dean O'Gorman. Young Jason: Chris Conrad.>><<Hercules (Kevin Sorbo) reminisces about his first battle against the Parthans as he comforts his dying mother, Alcmene, and confronts his father, Zeus (Roy Dotrice). With Michael Hurst.>>

For the week of 5/4/98, the Hercules: The Legendary Journeys episode "Top God" is being shown. <<Zeus' proposal for Hercules (Kevin Sorbo) to join him as a god on Mount Olympus brings up memories of the warrior's first brush with divine immortality. With Michael Hurst and Roy Dotrice.>><<As Herc ponders an offer from Zeus (Roy Dotrice) to give up his mortality and become a full god, he recalls childhood experiences with godliness. Young Hercules: Ian Bohen. Apollo: Scott Michaelson. Ariadne: Charmaine Guest. Young Jason: Chris Conrad.>>

For the week of 5/11/98, the Hercules: The Legendary Journeys episode "Reunions" is being shown.

For the week of 5/18/98, the Hercules: The Legendary Journeys episode "Web of Desire" is being repeated. <<Hercules, Iolaus and a beautiful pirate (Gina Torres) seek refuge from a storm in a cavern. Bad luck---it's home to a killer cocoon. Arachne: Josephine Davison. Paxxon: Craig Ancell. Cercetes: Hemi Rudolph. Bromius: Doug McCaulay. Monicles: Derek Judge.>> I didn't care for this one too much (especially where I don't like spiders... :) This is the 1st ep. that Gina Torres was in and she's GREAT as Nebula!!!

For the week of 5/25/98, the Hercules: The Legendary Journeys episode "If I Had a Hammer" is being repeated. This one has Corey Everson as Atalanta in it who Fashions a statue of Hercules and Her wish for the "Perfect Man" is granted and the statue of Herk comes to life...but not as she expected... : ) It's a pretty good episode which also stars Robert Trebor as Salmoneus, so it's 1 not to miss again!!! : )

Check out some GREAT Behind the Scenes pictures of the H:LJ episode: My Fair Cupcake at Bruce Campbell Online!!! <<This episode is the follow up to "Men in Pink." Curvy kitten, "Cupcake" and Auto renite and the smoldering begins!>>

Check out Universal's Hercules Episode List for the Official listing of when upcoming Hercules episodes will be aired!!!

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Xena/Herk Info

Thanks to Lisa for letting me know that "Sci-Fi Entertainment is replacing Sci-Fi Buzz beginning May 1. The Sci-Fi Entertainment episode #102 is shown on the Sci-Fi Channel on May 8(8AM, 6:30PM), 9(3AM), 10(9AM). <<Segments include interviews with Lucy Lawless ("Xena: Warrior Princess"); Gary Oldman ("Lost in Space"); and writer Michael Crichton. Also: vintage video games. Hosts: Chase Masterson, Scott Mantz.>>

Info taken from Kathy's Xena Alerts Page: June 5, Xena show on the Home Shopping Network!!!

Xena is on the cover of June's Sci-Fi Entertainment Magazine!!! Check out Sci-Fi Entertainment ONline for a picture of the magazine in which they say "XENA FX: Without the FX folks at Flat Earth, there'd be little zing in Xena". Also check out a 4 page article called: XENA'S ZEITGEIST to read "How Executive Producer R.J. Stewart and actor Ted Raimi help keep the warrior princess at the zenith of syndicated TV." There's also some Great pix of Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer, and Caesar!!! : )

Check out Matt's New Xena Stuff page to see some pix of the Newest Action Figures to come out sometime this month!!! I CAN'T wait to get a Callisto and Gabrielle doll!!! : )

GREAT NEWS!!! Sharon(Creation) posted that "The USA cable channel will start broadcasting Hercules and Xena 5 days a week in the 6 and 7 PM slots starting August 3. That probably refers to NY and Calif time." I CAN'T wait!!! I guess this means I'll have to get Extended Cable in August though!?! : )

Kudos to Deb "Neuf The Goof" for finding out the scoop on an Upcoming Pepsi Contest that includes some GREAT Xena prizes!!! The best one involves a trip to NZ to check out the set!!! Boy! I gotta start drinking Pepsi!!! : ) Check out a piece of the Pepsi Gameboard and some more info at Neuf's WICKED Wacky Page!!!

Thanks to Beezle for letting us know that Xena and Herk will be in an Upcoming Nintindo 64 Game!!! Check out IGN64.COM for more details!!! : )

A GREAT web site that has HELPED me know the guest-star's names and characters on Xena is The Credits Guide!!! Another GREAT site is BethD's Cast Index!!! It has all the actors from H:LJ in Alphabetical order and Next to their name is the H:LJ episodes they've been in. Another GREAT site is Sorsha's Hercules Credits Page!!! If you want to know a certain H:LJ actor's name by what episode/movie they've been in, this is the place to go. Another GREAT web site that has HELPED me A LOT is the Internet Movie Database!!! You can search for info on anyone and they will give you their Filmography! To make a search for an actor/actress/movie/or TV show, go to the IMDB Search Engine!

Check out Universal's Official Home Page for 'Hercules and Xena The Animated Movie: The Battle for Mount Olympus'!!! There's a link to find out what special money back offers that you can get when you buy the video!!! There's a link where you can watch a preview of the film; the Story of the film is explained; there's various video clips showing Hercules, Xena, Gabrielle, and Iolaus; there's audio clips from the movie and EVEN hear a piece of the song that Lucy sang called, 'What Do I Do Now?'; there's a Behind the Scenes link that shows actual pictures of the Drawing process, so that you can see what goes into making an animated movie; and there's also a link that tells about the Tour that took place in Oct/Nov. '97 to promote the movie; and to top it off, there's an Animated Hercules and Xena Solitaire Game!!! See my Games Section for more info on the Solitare Game... Overall, a Great Site!!! : )

Make sure to check out the Xena Print Media Alerts website for the latest info on what Magazines/Books are out there!!! Check out XENA MEDIA REVIEW (XMR) for past articles on Everything Xena!!! : )

Check out Whoosh!, the Journal of the International Association of Xena Studies!!! There you will find essays, articles, commentaries, and various analyses of the television show Xena: Warrior Princess (XWP). This month Brett interviews Maggie Hickerson, Script Coordinator. Thanks to Kym for letting me know that "April is an all BITTER SUITE issue. May is a regular issue. And then June is the all-Gabrielle issue and an issue about Fanfic in October." I did an interview with Jay Laga'aia (Draco) that will be in an Upcoming issue of Whoosh! Check out MY VF Con. Report from Oct. '97 in Whoosh's on the Road section!!! Also, you can check out my VF Con Pages starting with Page 1!!! : )

Many Thanks to Kathy Doerr of Xena/Lucy Lawless Resource Central for getting me interested in putting my Tube Watch Reports into a website!!! She did the HTML for the first few and put them on her site. Her site is so GREAT and she has helped me so MUCH!!! You'll have to check it out!!! Now see what you've started Kathy!?! : )

Thanks to Dixie for letting us know that "XENA ONLINE RESOURCES indexes over 1000 Web sites, mailing lists, and other online resources of interest to fans of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS and HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS!!! Here are some of the resource pages you'll find at XOR: Chat rooms and message boards; Classical Mythology sites; Fan Club sites and contact info; Fan Fiction sites; Guest Stars sites; Hercules and Xena sites; Hudson Leick/Callisto sites; International sites; Lucy Lawless/Xena Web sites; Minor Actors sites; News articles about the shows, actors, etc.; Regularly posted Usenet articles; Renee O'Connor/Gabrielle sites; Salmoneus, Iolaus, Ares, and Joxer sites; Snail Mail addresses; Xena/Hercules-related Web Rings; Usenet news group Web-based interfaces; Xena/Hercules Search Engine and the Xena/Hercules Banner Exchange!" MANY THANKS go out to Michael Martinez of XOR(Xena Online Resources), who was GRACIOUS enough to take both Kathy's Xena Resource Central and the older ALWheaties Tube Watch Reports under his wing while Kathy was offline!!!

Check out the THE HISTORY OF XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS is located at: Xena Online Resources !!! They recently had their 1-year anniversary (Jan. 5) and Xena Online Resources had their anniversary on (Jan 12)!!! Congratulations!!! : )

A HUGE THANKS to Mich for doing the HTML of the Nov. 26-Dec. 11th and the Oct. 25th Reports!!! And Thanks to Wesser for providing the space at The Hudson Leick Fan Club!!! And also THANKS to Tom of Tom's Xena Page for helping me out with many of the pictures to help enhance my site!!!

Check out the Hercules Ultimate Guide for a complete listing of Hercules sites to find out just about anything and everything HERCULES!!! It's a REALLY GREAT site!!! : )

Thanks to Bello for letting me know about the TV Guide Online's Daily Dish article for Dec. 1, 1997 that told of the then Upcoming musical X:WP episode "Bitter Suite"!!! The next article about the X:WP "Bitter Suite" episode in TV Guide Online's Daily Dish for Jan. 11, 1998; tells who really sang in the show and who didn't!!! : )

Thanks to Elyse for letting me know that "The Bitter Suite CD will be released on March 24. For more on this (and a pic of the cover!!) you can go to Varese Sarabande's site." That's the address for their homepage. If you go directly to their UPcoming Releases page, then you'll see they have 'The Bitter Suite' CD Listed!!! Also, on their New Releases page; they have the Hercules: Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess Volume 2 Soundtracks...You can see the pictures from both sides of the CD!!! : )

Thanks to Rich for letting me know about the TV Guide Online's Daily Dish article for December 12, 1997 that tells of the missing tracks on the latest Xena: Warrior Princess #2 Soundtrack. Also, Check out TV Guide Online's The Xena Zone!!! You can send someone a postcard with Lucy (Xena) or Kevin (Herk) from their TV Guide cover and MORE!!! : )

Also, Check out the Xena Netforum, the Hercules Netforum, and the EZ Streets Netforum=Hudson (Callisto) Leick's OWN Netforum!!! : )

If you have a Xena or Hercules website, then think about joining the Xenite and Herkulean Webmasters Association!!! It's the "informal association of fannish Webmasters for the shows XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS and HERCULES: THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS. This association was formed to foster cooperation among fannish Webmasters, to help new Webmasters create and enhance useful and interesting Web sites, and to keep fannish Webmasters informed on the issues which concern them with respect to rights and fair use." There's a discussion board, newsletter, Resources and help to all members!!! I just joined and am Member #150!!! : )

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Related/Linked Topics Section

The X:WP episode "Been There Done that" was based on the movie 'Groundhog Day' which is shown on FLIX on May 2(3:45am), 7(2:30pm), on Cinnemax on 5/9(2:45pm), on ENCORE on 5/9(6:15pm), 10(6:45am, 2:15pm), on Cinnemax on 5/12(4:15pm). <<Bill Murray shines as an obnoxious weatherman who finds himself returning to the same 24-hour period over and over. Phil Connors (Murray) travels to Punxsutawney, Pa., to do a story on the resident groundhog's spring prediction. Despising the event, he plans to make a hasty exit as soon as the festivities end, but a blizzard postpones his departure until the next daywhich fails to dawn. Phil wakes to find that it's again Feb. 2---and he's caught in a dizzying loop, reliving the experiences of the day before. Harold Ramis directed the 1993 film. Rita Hanson: Andie MacDowell.>>

"The Trojan War" will be shown on the History Channel on May 2(11AM). <<Achilles and Hector. Paris and Odysseus. Beautiful Helen of Troy. The heroes of Homer's sweeping adventures spring to life in this examination of the ancient war between Greece and Troy.>>

"The Roman Legions" will be shown on the History Channel on May 4(8PM), 5(12am, 4am). <<Their legions were legend as the Roman army marched across the known world trampling its enemies and securing one of history's largest empires. Did this fierce fighting machine with its superior weapons, advanced tactics, and blood lust finally turn on its master and ultimately assist in toppling the empire?>>

"Roman Roads": Paths to Empire. will be shown on the History Channel on May 15(8PM), 16(12am, 4am). <<Built on the backs of conquered countries, the Romans engineered a stone-paved highway system encompassing 50,000 miles and sprawling across three continents. Ironically, their breathtaking feat may have paved the road to their ruin as ancient and new-sprung enemies marched straight to the heart of the empire.>>

"Ancient Rome and Its Mysterious Cities" will be shown on A&E on May 4(7AM). <<Explores the great cities built by the Romans as they conquered the world. How did Romans use the wealth and knowledge of the Greeks and Etruscans to build their cities? And how were they able to keep control of cities in the far reaches of their empire?>>

"The Lost Legions of Rome" will be shown on A&E on May 5(7AM). <<Why did the "invincible" Roman army--the fighting force that conquered the ancient world--eventually crumble? What forces led to its demise? This episode takes a look at the history of the army that was feared even by its own commanders.>>

The PBS Children's show Wishbone will have episode "Hercules Unleashed" shown on May 6(4:30pm on WGBY; 6pm on WEDH+WEDW+WEDN). Check your area for times and channels. <<In "Hercules and the Golden Apples," Wishbone wanders the world searching for the golden apples of the Hesperides.>> This is a CUTE show where a little dog(Wishbone) likes to read and become the characters he reads about and in this one...He plays Hercules!!! : )

"Incredible Monuments of Rome" will be shown on A&E on May 7(7AM). <<A look at the Colosseum, Pantheon, Forum, and other ancient monuments that were often places of ritualistic human sacrifices and torture.>>

"Julius Caesar: Master of the Roman World" will be shown on A&E on May 8(7AM). <<Profile of Julius Caesar who romanced Cleopatra, invented the 12-month calendar, and expanded the boundaries of the empire.>>

The 1978 movie 'Grease' has been Re-released into movie theaters on March 27!!!! I FINALLY got to see Grease!!! It was so GREAT!!! When it first came out 20 years ago...I was still a young girl and it was NEAT to FINALLY see it on the BIG screen!!! Grease will be shown on HBO on May 9(2pm), on HBOFAM on May 11(8:30pm), on HBO on May 12(4pm). Stars: John Travolta + Olivia Newton-John!!! <<Motor Heads, bobby-soxers, beauty-school dropouts and a demure Australian girl romp at 1950's Rydell High. Adapted form the Broadway Show.>> OK, OK...I HAD to put this here for Lucy's sake!!! For those of you who are like me and are having a Grease withdrawal, seeing this movie might help!!! : ) If you want to see pictures of Lucy that my friends and I took...Check out my Grease Page with Lucy Lawless!!! : )

'Where Are They Now: Grease' will be shown on VH1 on May 12(12am). <<The current careers of the cast of ``Grease,'' including Olivia Newton-John, Jeff Conaway and Stockard Channing.>>

Well, where X:WP and H:LJ are filmed in New Zealand...I was GLAD to see this website called: New Zealand on the web!!! Also, Thanks to Beth Gaynor who posted that we can: "Listen to Auckland radio!!! An Auckland pop radio station sends its broadcast over RealAudio on the web. If you have a decent connection speed (mine plays pretty well at 28.8), you can listen to Auckland radio." Check out Beth's site called Rate-A-Xena!!! If you don't have the RealAudio Plugin: Click HERE to get it!!! : )

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Hercules/Xena Online Games

The Adventures of Hercules and Xena: The Journey Continues Online.

Find out about the game!

Thanks to Melissa from The Hercules & Xena Team at Simutronics for writing to me to let me know that "From March 15 until the Grand Opening on April 1, join your fellow fans in exploring the worlds of Hercules and Xena in our special "Sneak Preview" before we make the game widely available on the Internet. You'll find Hercules and Xena: Alliance of Heroes at: http://www.HerculesXena.play.net. The first week is free and it's only $9.95 per month after that. Simutronics, the leading developer of Internet games, brings you the most exciting Internet MUD-style multi-player role-playing game of 1998. Based on the popular GemStone game engine, Hercules and Xena: Alliance of Heroes lets you create your own epic tales. Join with fellow players to defeat magical beasts and seek great treasures as you explore the world. Plus, discover hidden clues about upcoming events in the Hercules and Xena television shows. This is your chance to step into the action." You can also check out the 4/6/98 Real Hollywood Chat with Susan Dodd who is theCo-Producer of Hercules & Xena: Alliance of Heroes!!!

Check out the Animated Hercules and Xena Shockwave Solitaire Game!!! When you win...Hercules says, "No Sweat" and you hear cheers!!! Hercules is the King, Xena the Queen, Gabrielle the Ace and Iolaus the Jack...Be Careful...it's adicting!!! : )

If you don't already have the Shockwave Plugin, you'll need to download it!!!

You'll also need the Shockwave Plugin to play the Xena Online Adventure!!! It's a pretty good game. You become Xena and have to go through 3 levels of game play. The 1st level you are running, avoiding traps and trying to collect little hearts and chakrams; In level 2 you have entered a castle and fight several of Callisto's best warriors; and then in level 3: You Fight CALLISTO to save Gabrielle!!! Some of the cool features are Lucy saying "Let's Go" and the baddie saying, "Walk Away while you still can"!!! It's fun, but you'll have a tough time beating Callisto!!! : )

Check out TV Guide Online's Xena/Hercules FotoFlip Game!!! <<How quickly can you recognize some denizens of this long-ago, faraway land? Hidden behind 10 tile walls are assorted characters from the rollicking, action-packed TV series. See if you can name each character (not the actor!) while turning over the fewest tiles.>> There's some GREAT pictures of our favorites from both Xena and Hercules!!!

Thanks to Felix from Mediadome for letting me know that the Xena VRML Game and site is no longer up and running. Unfortunately, they only had an agreement with Universal for the website to be up for 6 months and the game will not be coming out on CD. So, we're missing out on a GREAT Xena game, but you should still check out Mediadome!!! They have some FUN games based on the latest movies like Lost In Space, Scream 2, Titanic, Wag the Dog, and The Wedding Singer!!! There's also Extreme Sports, Singer Sugar Ray and "Three Decades of Rolling Stone"!!! I've played many of the different ones and 1 of my FAVS is the Titanic one where you can explore the rooms of the Titanic while under the ocean and back in time to exoplore the different rooms to see what it was like!!! : )

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Upcoming/Recent Online Chats

Susan Ward(H:LJ's Psyche) was at the Yahoo chatroom on 4/29 at 8:30pm EST and answered some of MY Questions about Hercules!!! Click HERE to read about it!!! : )

Julie Moran - will be chatting on Real Hollywood on Monday, May 11 @ 7pm PST- 10pm EST!!! Julie is 1 of the Co-anchors on ET(Entertainment Tonight) and she had a guest shot on Xena: Warrior Princess episode "The Bitter Suite" recently. You'll need the Real Audio Plugin to hear the action as it happens!!! : )

HUDSON LEICK(Callisto) will be chatting at Yahoo Chat on Monday, May 11(10pmEST/7pmPST)!!! This is EXCITING!!! I hope to be there!!! : )

Bruce Campbell(Autolycus) will be chatting at Yahoo Chat on Tuesday, May 26(10pmEST/7pmPST)!!! He's so GREAT!!! : )

Check out the 4/14/98 Real Hollywood Chat with Steven Sears!!! The Real Audio portion lasts about 45 minutes...I tried to be there, but was having connection problems: :O Also, check out the 4/7/98 Real Hollywood Chat with Hercules writers - ALEX KURTZMAN & ROBERTO ORCI. The Real Audio portion lasts about 43 minutes.

Check out Robert Trebor(Salmoneus)'s 3/31/98 TV Gen Chat Transcript!!! Also, Check out Ted Raimi(Joxer)'s 3/24/98 TV Gen Chat Transcript!!!

Check out Bruce Campbell (Autolycus)'s 3/25/98 Asylum Chat!!! (Thanks Alex for the URL!!!) You'll need the Real Audio Plugin so you can see and hear the interview!!! This interview lasts about a half hour and Bruce is interviewed by Downtown Julie Brown!!! Also, Check out Bruce's 3/19/98 Real Hollywood Chat Trascript!!! They have the hour long chat saved on Real Audio so you can listen to the entire interview!!! Also, Check out Bruce Campbell's interview at The Celebrity Cafe!!! They also have interviews with other actors, musicians and sports stars!!! : )

Check out Hudson Leick(Callisto)'s 2/19/98 People Online Chat Transcript!!!

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Voting Booth: Sites that let you Vote for your Favorite Stars!!!

People Online is Celebrating their Latest: 3rd Annual Most Beautiful People Poll!!! Go Cast your vote for your Favorite!!! In the past years...Many Xenites + Herkuleans adorned the wall of honor..."Voting will end May 8 and the top ten winners will be announced and featured in a special photo gallery the same day. Just be sure to consider your ballot carefully, since there's only one vote per reader -- and 'bot or multiple votes will be discounted". : )

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