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Ryan Gosling

Young Hercules Young Herk on FoxKids Magazine Cover

Ryan Gosling plays Young Herk, the son of Zeus. He currently is enrolled in the academy where he's learning the skills needed to be a GREAT Leader and Warrior...Lessens that will later help him on his Legendary Journeys!!! ; ) On the RIGHT is Ryan on the Cover of The Winter '98 Issue of FoxKids Magazine!!!

Here's the Character Close-up bio on Hercules from the FoxKids Winter '98 Magazine: "Life can be tough when you've never met your father, especially when he's Zeus(you know, the king of the gods). And having Hera, the queen of the gods, angry at you is no picnic. When he's not battling giant monsters, or getting his friends out of trouble, Hercules is busy trying to figure out exactly what it means to be a hero."

Ryan without his Warrior Garb Ryan Gosling

Here's a couple pix of Ryan as himself... : ) I used to REALLY Like Ryan from his last TV show: 'Breaker High'!!! It was about these High Schoolers on a Cruise ship traveling around the world as they had school on the ship. It was a REALLY NEAT show!!! I felt bad that it was cancelled!!! Ryan was REALLY Great playing Sean Hanlon on BH so, it's kinda hard for me to picture him as Young Herk, but I think he's doing a GREAT JOB!!! : )

Ryan's Birthday is November 12!!! According to the IMDB(Internet Movie Data Base): He turns 18 this year!!! Happy Birthday Ryan!!! : )

Click HERE to read Ryan's FoxKids Interview from Fall 1998's Issue.

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Dean O'Gorman

Young Iolaus Young Iolaus

Dean O'Gorman does a GREAT Job playing Young Iolaus, 1 of Young Herk's Best Friends!!! He has has played Young Iolaus in all the Flash-back episodes of H:LJ and a couple other roles as well: He played Iloran in H:LJ's "The Gauntlet" and a blind boy with resentment towards the Amazons in "Prodical Sister". You might also recognize him from X:WP's "Athens City Academy for Performing Bards" in which Dean played Orion/Homer, 1 of Gabby's class mates. : )

The Young Iolaus Bio From the FoxKids TV website says, "A lifelong friend of Hercules, Iolaus is also a former thief. But claiming to have put his petty larceny days behind him, he sometimes falls back into old habits when he's in a bind. Yet even with his shady persona, Iolaus still has the heart of a hero."

Also, Check out Dean's Filmography at the IMDB(Internet Movie Data Base).

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Chris Conrad

Young Jason Chris Conrad does a GREAT Job playing Young Jason, The Future King of Corinth and 1 of Young Herk's Best Friends(and Future Father in Law... ; ) Young Jason's Bio From the Winter '98 FoxKids Magazine says, "Jason may not be the son of a god, but he is the future king of Corinth. The academy is the perfect opportunity for the strong-willed, strong-armed king-in-training. Together with his friends Hercules and Iolaus, he'll go through all the adventure and excitement any student could ask for. The question is, when it comes time for him to assume the throne, will Jason be ready for the responsibility that comes with the crown?"

Also, Check out Chris' Filmography at IMDB(Internet Movie Data Base).

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Young Herk + Young Jason Pix

Young Herk and Young Jason Young Herk and Young Jason

Young Herk and Young Jason are Friends till the end!!!
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Jodie Rimmer

Lilith Jodie Rimmer is GREAT as Lilith: The ONLY Girl Cadet at the Academy who yearns to become a Warrior and later joins the Amazons and finds the respect she's been looking for...You might recognize Jodie from her role as the Hope Worshiping Priestess Seraphin, on X:WP's "Sacrifice I+II". : )

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Kevin Smith

Ares Bacchus

Kevin Smith does such a GREAT Job playing Ares, the God of War(shown Left). Ares is Young Hercules' half brother and he is always trying to cause trouble for him. It's hard to believe, but Kevin also played the Hiddeous Bacchus(shown Right)!!! Bacchus is the ruler over the Half-Vampire Half-Wolf women and once bitten, you are under his spell as First seen in X:WP's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun". It's hard to picture Kevin under all that hiddeous makeup, but it just goes to show what a GREAT actor Kevin is!!! : )

Also, Check out my ALWheaties Report on Kevin Smith Webpage!!! : )

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Meighan Desmond and Joel Tobeck: Discord and Strife

Discord and Strife Meighan Desmond does a GREAT Job playing Discord and Joel Tobeck does a GREAT Job playing Strife!!! These 2 are Double Trouble when Together and are Always causing trouble for Young Herk!!! : )

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Nathaniel Lees

Chiron Nathaniel Lees is GREAT as Chiron, the Centaur Teacher at the Academy!!! You might also recognize him as Nickilo on X:WP's "Destiny" where he healed Xena, but he also played the Evil Manus: Priest to Morpheus on X:WP's "Dreamworker" in which he tryied to get Gabrielle to kill. He played the Blue Priest on 'Hercules and the Lost Kingdom' and reprised this role on H:LJ's "Wedding of Alcmene". He also played Cyrus in the H:LJ ep. "The March to Freedom"(1 of my FAV eps!!!) Nathaniel is a Wonderful actor and truly versatile by being able to play both Good and Evil Characters!!! : )

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Michael Hurst

Charon Welcomes you to Tartarus Michael Hurst is GREAT as Charon, who guides the boat to Tartarus...I'm not sure which YH episode this picture is from, but MANY of you know Michael as the Older Iolaus from Hercules: The Legendary Journeys show!!! : )

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Ryan Gosling FoxKids Interview from Fall 1998's Issue

Ryan Gosling Ryan Gosling! "He's not a Greek hero(half god, half mortal), but he plays one on TV. As Young Hercules, Ryan Gosling gets a chance to flex his acting muscles, find the power within his heart, and wear a really cool costume. FOX KIDS got the scoop on the hunky hero, while he was filming in New Zealand." For the Interview, TFK=Totally Fox Kids and rg=Ryan Gosling... : )

TFK: What was your first acting job? rg: I was on the Mickey Mouse Club. That was great fun. It was like Saturday Night Live for kids. Singing, dancing, skits. Great, now it's out of the bag. Everyone will know that I sing and dance.

TFK: What kind of martial arts training had you done before you started on Young Hercules?
rg: None. I watched a lot of kung fu movies, tons of them. I had a Blockbuster belt! I started training with Doug Wong just before the show. He's the same guy that trained Kevin Sorbo and Lucy Lawless. He taught me a lot about weapons and how to stand and stuff.

TFK: Do you have a girlfriend?
rg: No, I don't have time. I'd have to meet a pretty special girl who would understand my schedule.

TFK: What makes you fall for a girl?
rg: She'd have to be super understanding about the work, that it takes so much out of you that you really don't have time for many other things. She'd have to be someone who was willing to accept that; that's pretty special.

TFK: How do you think you'll recognize Ms. Right?
rg: If she asked me out...

TFK: What does a guy like Hercules eat for lunch?
rg: Well, I eat whatever's on the catering truck. They have this stuff here called kumra. It's a little bit like a sweet potato. They make kumra fries, baked kumra. It's terrific. Really great.

TFK: Have you ever met Xena?
rg: Yeah, I met Lucy. She came to the set with her kids. She gave me good advice about playing the part.

TFK: What's the most exciting thing you've ever done on the show?
rg: Probably being chased by a huge fireball. That was pretty neat. We set off about 25 of them. They were these huge, huge blasts and we were running away from them, and they had the whole back of our heads greased up so we couldn't catch on fire. It was pretty neat.

TFK: What's the wackiest thing that's ever happened to you on any set?
rg: Just yesterday I was covered in mud for the entire day. I had to do this scene where I was pretending to be like my friend, Iolaus. I had a mop on my head and I was rolling around in a pigpen, just covered in mud the whole day, acting with pigs.

TFK: Is it ever dangerous, doing this kind of thing? Do you do your own stunts or do you have stunt people?
rg: I try and do as much as I can, but anything that's too dangerous, they don't let us do.

TFK: What's the weather like in New Zealand?
rg: The seasons are the exact opposite from over there. Right now we're going into winter. It's getting kind of cold and we're running around the forest half naked. It's not as glamorous as you thought. Fiji is right near here, about an hour away. Hopefully we can make a trip out there.

TFK: How do you feel about the costumes you wear on the show?
rg: It's the kind of costume that you really have to like because I don't change, I wear that every day. It's all made out of leather; it's finely woven. They're realy beautiful and intricate. I'm pretty lucky-I have the coolest costume on the set(don't tell anybody I said that).

TFK: Do you have any advice for kids who might want to be actors?
rg: It's something you just have to stick with. It's not something that's going to happen right away. 99% of the business is rejection. Maybe that 1 time or 1% you get work or positive feedback (at least that's my experience). You just have to stick it out. It's a lot of fun and you have to take everything with a grain of salt.

TFK: Why should kids watch Young Hercules?
rg: Because it's going to be fun! It's completely different from anything that's on right now, as for kid's shows go. Come hang out with us!

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