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Late November 29/Early Nov. 30:


Sorry I haven't been around lately as I've been on the road for the last 3 weeks!!! We 1st went to a funeral in Vermont, then back to Connecticut(where I live)...Then to Massachusettes to get my Grandmother as the next morning we were driving to North Carolina, then to Alabama...All together it was a 3,000 mile drive from Connecticut to Alabama and back!!! :O Then we went up to Maine for Thanksgiving!!! Came back home to go to work then was off to New Jersey to see the Creation Convention with Star Trek stars Grace Lee Whitney(Yeoman from the original series), Robert Picardo(the Hologram Doctor from Voyager) AND Mirina Sirtis(Troi from Next Generation)!!! It was GREAT FUN and one of the best highlights was meeting George Strayton who did a Young Hercules Presentation!!! I also WON a signed Young Hercules script!!! Yeah!!! :) I have some news on upcoming info of the shows and will be updating everything soon when I get a chance. Also, For you Young Hercules fans...I was able to pick up Quite a few YH posters and buttons...I'll be letting you know how to get them soon, but it's already WELL AFTER my bedtime... ;)

Take Care!!! : )

Angela aka ALWheaties

Here's a Listing of what's on this Page:

Here's an URGENT Message from Cynthia Hsiung, Producer of Young Hercules:

Hercules, Xena and Young Hercules Fans

Help! Help! Help!

Dear Fans of Hercules, Xena and Young Hercules:

Thank you all for supporting our shows through the years!

We now really need your help to ensure that our shows continue by supporting our newest show, Young Hercules. Young Hercules premiered this past September as the highest rated live-action show on Fox Kids Network, thanks to all of you who are watching. But -- just as Star Trek fell under the unjust hands of Network Executives -- Young Hercules is beginning to witness a similar fate! And just as Star Trek was ultimately saved by the fans, this is why we so need your help now to save Young Hercules!

Please, Please help us in trying to save the show! Here are two ways you, the fans, can help:

Fox Kids Network is having a "TV Takeover" promotion over sweeps - the period from October 31st to November 24th that determines if a show is renewed or not. This promotion will allow viewers to vote for their favorite show by sending in a postcard. Please, Please send in postcards to Fox Kids Network saying that you vote for Young Hercules! Here's how:

Put your name and address on a postcard and write: "I Vote For Young Hercules" Send it to:

Vote for OUR Young Hero Hercules!!!  : )
"I Vote For Young Hercules"
Fox TV Takeover '98
P.O. Box 4050
Beverly Hills, CA 90213

Please make sure you send it between the dates, October 31st and November 24th. To know the results, tune in November 25th to Fox when the shows that are picked will air in the afternoon (you can also win prizes such as a wide screen TV and 1000 people who send in postcards will win Crash Bandicoot: Warped Video Games)

A second way you can help: Please join our letter writing campaign and write a letter saying how much you like Young Hercules and want to see more of it on the air! Address your letters to:

Fox Kids Network - Young Hercules
10960 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90024

On behalf of all of us here at Renaissance Pictures, the Producers of Hercules, Xena and Young Hercules -- my warmest and sincerest thanks !

Cynthia Hsiung, Producer of Young Hercules

Also, Cynthia has written to me to let me know that the show is doing GREAT RATINGS Wise, but it's a Political debate that has the show in Jeopardy...She also mentioned that you can "fax letters here to Renaissance and we will pass them on. Our fax number is 818-866-0223, but you should address the letters to Fox Kids Network c/o Renaissance Pictures."

Also, Whiterose has written to me and found out that the cheapest way to send the postcards so far is to buy prestamped postcards from the Post Office...which run around 20 cents(The cost of postage)...This saves A LOT when having to buy BOTH the cards + Stamps!!! We're working on another way to keep the costs down for you...So, I'll keep you posted. : )

So, Please Join me in writing the to the Above addresses!!! This show is too Great to loose!!!

Take Care,

Angela aka ALWheaties

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Upcoming YH Conventions!!!

From the Desk of Cynthia Hsiung - Producer, Young Hercules
Hey Everyone!

"Young Hercules" is on the convention circuit the month of November 1998. I will be there along with the Head Writers, Eric and Julia Lewald, my Associate Producer, Sam Clark, and our visual effects team including Kevin Blank and Doug Beswick of Flat Earth.

We will be giving a slide presentation and showing an outtakes/bloopers reel. On display will be costumes, props, drawings, photos of the cast, script breakdowns and other behind the scenes materials -- straight from our sets in New Zealand -- including: Zeus' chalice from the episode "Treasure of Zeus," Young Hercules' shiny weapons made by Hephaestus in the episode "Keeping Up With the Jasons," Amazon costumes worn by the actresses themselves, Strife's costume from the episode "Serpent's Tooth," Arges the giant's costume from "Down and Out in Academy Hills," Amazon Bows and Arrows and much, much more !!

Here is where we will be:

Sunday, November 8: Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, California: 9:30am - 5:00pm. Address: 700 West 32nd Street, LA, California

Saturday, November 14: Creation Convention, Jackie Gaughan's Plaza Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada: 12:00noon - 6:00pm, Stage Time TBA. Address: 1 Main Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101. Tel: 702-386-2110

Saturday, November 21 - Sunday, November 22: Creation Convention, Burbank Airport Hilton: 12:00noon - 7:00pm, Stage Time TBA. Address: 2500 Hollywood Way, Burbank, Califoria 91505. Tel: 818-843-6000

Saturday, November 28 - Sunday, November 29: Creation Convention, Meadowlands Hilton, New Jersey: Saturday 10:00am - 3:00pm; Sunday 12:00noon - 6:00pm. Address: 2 Harmon Plaza, Secaucus, New Jersey 07094. Tel: 201-348-6900

For directions and additional information regarding the conventions, please contact the venues themselves. Thanks and we will see you all there !

Regards, Cynthia Hsiung
You Can Check out Creation's Convention Calender for more information all all these Conventions. I'm going to the Nov. 29th one!!! Yeah!!! : )

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Young Hercules Con Reports!!!

This section will hold Young Hercules Con Reports from fellow Fans and 1 from me!!! Yes. That's right, I'm going to be able to go to the last YH Con on Sunday, Nov. 29th!!! This is a Star Trek Con, but according to Cynthia, "we'll have a display and a presentation". I CAN'T WAIT!!! :)

The Following 11/8/98 Report is from Eury & Meg whom have a GREAT website called Chris Conrad aka King Chris!!!

Hiya! We went to the first of the YH Convention appearances today in LA. We were able to meet and talk to Eric Lewald, Head Writer and Supervising Producer, as well as, Cynthia Hsiung, Producer, Gregg Weed, writer and finally George Strayton, who works for Renaissance as Director of Marketing. They were all totally kewl! We found out AWESOME news about January's Herc/Xena Con. Chris and Ryan are scheduled to be there. We also found that Chris will not appear in the final episodes after his coronation ep.

He will be on hiatus to film his movie. They don't know whether or not he will be back for a full second season but they WANT him at least to guest star. They would LOVE it if he could be on full time for another couple of seasons in which they would base more eps in Corinth to show him ruling.

Oh yeah, regarding heights and ages: Ages they were more on the tight-lipped side. Heights: Chris 5'9", Dean 5'8", Ryan 6'1" and STILL growing. Regarding Lillith, they are supposed to feature her in a few more eps in which her character is more clearly defined. (No bouncing between jerk and whiner).

All the trouble that YH is having is due to FOX not Renaissance. They have NO problems with ratings. It is purely an issue of Hollywood Politics.

Many Thanks to Eury & Meg for filling us in!!! : )

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Young Hercules TV Times

Young Hercules is Currently showing Tuesday-Friday afternoons at 3:30pm!!!

Young Hercules used to be on Tuesdays-Fridays at 4:30pm and Saturdays at 9:30am...This is NO LONGER the case. According to Sharon(Creation), "They changed the schedule for the month of Nov. I think it's on at 3:30. Will go back to 4:30 later." I HOPE this is the case as I've heard from Fellow fans who say the earlier time slot is not good for them as many aren't home from school yet...

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Young Hercules Cast Pix and Bios

Young Iolaus, Herk and Jason Check out my Young Hercules Bio Page!!! On this page will be pix of the various characters, the actor's names and little Bios...Included are: Ryan Gosling(Young Herk), Dean O'Gorman(Young Iolaus), Chris Conrad(Young Jason), Jodie Rimmer(Lilith), Kevin Smith(Ares + Bacchus), Meighan Desmond(Discord), Joel Tobeck(Strife), Nathaniel Lees(Chiron), Michael Hurst(Charon).

There's also a Ryan Gosling FoxKids Interview: from Fall 1998's Issue!!!

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Young Hercules Movie + TV Soundtrack!!!

Young Hercules Movie I'm going to be adding more pix and info on the Young Hercules movie soon, but for now...You can buy the Video at Reel or you'd rather get the DVD, You can get the Reel DVD-Keep Case, DVD-Snap Case or DVD-Jewel Case.
Young Herk CD Cover The Young Hercules TV Soundtrack is due to be released on Nov. 17!!! Original score composed by Joseph LoDuca. The CD is going to be from UNI/VARESE SARABANDE, the same company that did the Xena and Hercules CDs. You Can Pre-Order it now through CDNow or!!!

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Young Hercules Message Board

Check out my Young Hercules Message Board!!! It's a place where you can chat about the show, it's stars and anything inbetween!!! I hope you enjoy!!! : )

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Thanks and Credits...

FoxKids Logo Just about ALL the pictures on this site either came from the FoxKids website or the FoxKids Magazine...

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